Gokarna Forest Resort: Kathmandu’s green sanctuary

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In part, it’s because some previous initiatives haven’t flourished as hoped; in part because new management is still assessing how to integrate green more deeply into their DNA. Greener greens—and fairways. | Nepal Eco Luxury |.

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Kathmandu: hunt for the green heart

Green Traveler Guides

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Getting started with “Green Living”

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) When you talk about "green living", some people think about living in the woods having to grow or kill everything you eat and make everything you use but this is not, actually, the case, and self-sufficiency, total self-sufficiency, is not possible, in fact. Green living simply includes doing things to help the environment be viable for future generations and does not mean even the attempt of total self-reliance.