Guilt: the 5-letter Word for a Conscience.

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Hijab-Friendly Ensemble From Fashion Conscience

Green Prophet

Here is a fine selection of core wardrobe pieces I dug from the store Fashion Conscience. All items are from Fashion conscience except the v-neck cardigan, which is available from Monsoon.

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TreeHouse is like Home Depot with a green conscience

Green (Living) Review

Stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot often don’t live up their promise of “home improvement.”

Clean hands, clean conscience

Eco Friendly Daily

A long time ago humans discovered that hygiene is one of the keys to good health. People started to realize that being clean usually meant not getting sick and it was observed that doctors had a much higher rate of patient deaths when they did not wash their hands.

6 Groundbreaking Art Projects With an Eco-Conscience

Green Prophet

Art has a way of jarring our perspective. Here are 6 groundbreaking projects that are changing the way people in the Middle East relate to their environment.

No, you can’t drink cow’s milk with a clear conscience


The NZ Farmer side of Stuff wants to clear your conscience so you can go on drinking cow’s milk. Cows need the wide open eyes of those who are no longer able to turn off their conscience long enough to choke back the corrupt secretions being marketed to us. Careful, it could make you choke on your almond milk.

Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide. ~ Serra Lynn Smick

Elephant Journal

As Yogi Bajhan says, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around.” We are multidimensional beings composed of human self, and divine Self.

A Clear Beer Conscience: Organic Beer

Eco Friendly Daily

During university, I worked at a liquor store part-time. Maybe it was my limited budget at the time, maybe it was my disdain for eco-friendly mass-consumerism, maybe it was my ardently traditionalist beer tastes, but I was pretty skeptical of the organic beer in our cooler. After all, my love of beer dates back to my childhood when the warm, toasty smells of my Dad’s home-brew used to permeate our kitchen.

A Boy Named Sue: Eco Fashion Boutique That’s Cool with a Conscience

Eco Chic

A Boy Named Sue is a new eco boutique based in Hong Kong that has a ‘stupidly simple’ premise: That all the clothes they sell are ‘Cool with a Conscience.’ Isabell de Hellerin Tux Jumpsuit.

Unclog Your Drains

Green Earth Journey

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Dear Head: Get out of my F ing way, so I can Choose Love. {Adult Language}

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Adult/NFS Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) Writer's Contest June 1-14 Z ADMIN Love Featured Today adult language broken heart choices conscience dating deeper truth love relationships“You think you have it all sorted do you? Oh that's very sweet. But you are now going to attract someone who's going to show you all your core wounds and, sorry to tell you, i.

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This Will Help to Stop Eating Fish (For a While at Least). ~ Yaisa Nio

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Product Review- Tom's Natural Toothpaste

Green Earth Journey

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How To Make Your Own Liquid or Gel Soap

Green Earth Journey

Tags: ivory liquid gel eco friendly make your own eco conscience essential oils all natural soap simple how to easy earth glycerin

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White Roofs

Green Earth Journey

Tags: global warming blog benefits white roofs paint environment eco conscience green

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Sea Find Designs

Green Earth Journey

Tags: etsy blog sea find seafinddesigns movement beach glass eco conscience green

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Jesse Danger

Green Earth Journey

Tags: recycled metal blog Jesse Danger elegant gifts jewelry men conscience green women etsy independent handmade environment seller

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Product Review - Parent's Choice Organic Wipes

Green Earth Journey

Tags: movement sensitive skin organic cotton green blog baby wipes parent's choice naturally derived fibers eco baby conscience

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Why Green Roof?

Green Earth Journey

Tags: blog nature roof heating plants cooling living environment eco conscience home green

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What To Look For in Eco-Friendly Products

Living Green & Saving Energy

While many consumers and CEOs would argue that it’s important to be environmentally conscience, it can be hard to tell which companies are actually committed to being green and which are just saying they do to look great.

Prevent a Landfill Dump: Ways to Make Your Products Last Longer

Living Green & Saving Energy

Your conscience and the environment will thank you. Landfill dumping means several acres of land are deemed useless for other purposes. How do you prevent landfill dumping? Resist the urge to throw your products away by taking good care of them.

Story and Metaphor in Art Form: How Writing and Painting Whisper.

The Alien Next Door

The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Sunday, March 8, 2009 Story and Metaphor in Art Form: How Writing and Painting Whisper or Shout Their Truths God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains; it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world —C.S. Lewis A few days ago I painted on a canvas for the first time in over twenty years…okay, thirty years. It was a thrilling experience but also refreshing and freeing to use a different medium to express myself and tap into that place—that force—that resides inside us and speaks to us: God in Art and Art in God. Part of the thrill was that I was being coached by one of the coolest painters I know: Teresa Young , master painter (see my previous post on her “ emotional landscapes ”). What’s interesting is that while she instructed me on some of the painting methods, it struck us both how many similarities existed in composition, technique and structure between visual art and storytelling. Take direction, for instance. A fiction writer uses plot and subplots to move a story and its characters through a textured and colored tapestry of theme. According to Teresa, every painting flows, often directionally (like many photographs) from the lower left to upper right, leading the eye from one place to another, exploring a theme, idea or emotion. Plot is motion. So is the paint brush. You think only writers tell stories. Well, look again at visual art. Every work of art expresses an artist’s feelings, thoughts and emotions ; an artist’s story. We are all stories, after all, and we all have many stories inside us. The writer’s medium is the word; the painter’s is the visual image. Isn’t it a truism that a picture is worth a thousand words? The range and type of story varies equally in both media. For instance, writing ranges from poetry or poetic prose (e.g., Ulysses by James Joyce) that requires substantial interpretation to allegory (obvious symbols) or creative non-fiction (like this blog post) whose artistry lies mostly in its composition and reporting style. Paintings also display a range from the poetry of abstract or surrealistic art (e.g., the surrealism of Salvadore Dali or the “ emotional landscapes ” of Teresa Young), which requires more interpretation, to realistic “photographic” art whose interpretation lies more in its composition (e.g., the detailed realism of Tomislav Tikulin ). The “language” that writers and painters use finds its parallels in form, structure and intent. For example, let’s take metaphor. The writer uses one concept or image to evoke the feeling of another; “raining cats and dogs” for instance. The painter can evoke the feeling of one medium with another, achieving the same effect as metaphor—producing a stronger more compelling image through oblique metaphor and another perspective. For instance, a painter using acrylics may evoke the tone and emotion of a watercolor by using soft brushstrokes or another medium (e.g., using a sponge or cloth to apply the paint) and lighter softer colors to achieve that signature wash. A story’s depth is achieved through animating three-dimensional characters that reflect a multi-layered theme. A painting’s depth works through the dance of light, shadow s and textures and the use of techniques like fading and detail. Chiaroscuro in story and in painting play on contrast, perspective and the interplay of light and color to pull the viewer and reader deep into the artwork. Painters echo elements from one part of a painting to another to make it cohesive and provide a “complete” piece that is ultimately satisfying to the viewer. Painters do this by using repeated elements like shapes, curves, and color schemes to get the same flow, or using a faded version of a similar image elsewhere. Techniques that writers use to achieve the same echoing effects for a satisfying story include parallel plotting, mirrored plots, framing (particularly of story promise with climax and dénouement), and themed beginnings and endings. You’ve heard of writer’s block? There’s also painter’s block; the painter staring at the white canvas, paint brush poised to make that first stroke. Luckily, there’s something called painting-over the dry; not unlike editing a paragraph using the control-shift “x” and “v” key on the computer. Writers continually revise their first drafts, cutting out extraneous exposition and adding thematic details. The writer’s revision process is all about fine-tuning, simplifying and polishing. Painters also “edit” their art through similar means. We even use similar language for both media: “polishing”, “adding color”, “making it flow”, “adding texture”, etc. Every artist is a reporter of life and truth; every artist chooses the medium that best expresses his or her art. I started out in the visual arts. I was all ready to pursue a fine arts degree in university to become a commercial artist. Then, right on registration day, I opted out of art altogether and went into the science program. Heck, I went all the way to getting a Masters of Science degree, taught university science courses and consulted in the environment. Now, here I am writing science fiction. Cool, how we choose our path… Labels: art , art in God , emotional landscapes , God in art , writing , writing and painting , writing stories Stumble It! science-fiction posted by SF Girl @ 3:04 AM 8 Comments 8 Comments: At March 8, 2009 10:40 AM , Jean-Luc Picard said. Expression is what art is all about. It allows feelings to be brought forth like a writer. One can help the other. At March 9, 2009 12:27 AM , SF Girl said. Well said, Jean-Luc. Its all about expression. of the truth. :) I also agree that one helps the other. How many of us practice several forms of art? Surely, on some level they are all just dialects of the same language or different languages of overall communication.And just as a multilinguist can better communicate between cultures, so can an artist who expresses her art through several media bridges philosophies to report a more universal truth. Hmmm. does that make sense in some profound way or was it the tawny port singing to me? At March 9, 2009 2:18 PM , Princess Haiku said. This is a beautifully written discussion, Nina. At March 9, 2009 3:04 PM , SF Girl said. Thank you, Princess! I appreciate that, particularly from you, as you are a gifted artist of several forms. I wonder how many we can master before we lose or dilute the "message" of our soul? Or is that possible? If our souls are truly "connected" perhaps the possibilities for expression are infinite, only limited by our own perception. Or is it my tawny port singing to me again? There are an awful lot of art forms out there. for instance, music (from percussion to orchestra), the myriad of visual arts (from webdesign and photography to 3-D animation and sculpting), and writing from poetry to non-fiction. At March 11, 2009 8:33 PM , Donna Farley said. Your posts get better and better, Nina! :-) I too abandoned the visual arts on the threshold of post-secondary education. I went instead to a hodge-podge of history, language, archeology and mythology that continues to serve me well.but how nice it is to have the opportunity to go and revisit that earlier enthusiasm! At March 12, 2009 12:08 AM , SF Girl said. Indeed it is, Donna! And it all does serve one well too, doesnt it? Ones path, no matter how convoluted, is always an interesting one of discovery and so never a loss. At June 9, 2010 2:25 PM , Toulouse LeTrek said. So, Nina, when are your writing workshop DVDs coming out? At June 9, 2010 2:27 PM , SF Girl said. Soon, Toulouse, my friend. soon. I'll let you -- and the world -- know when it's closer to launch date. Thanks for the interest! You can go to for the latest on it. Post a Comment Subscribe to Post Comments [ Atom ] << Home About Me Name: SF Girl Location: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada Im your alien next really.thats what my neighbours tell me and who am I to gainsay them. Lets look at the evidence: when my brother told me that my parents found me in the field behind my house, I set him straight: Im really from Mars, I said, just visiting this planet to study humans and report back to the mother ship. He must have told EVERYONE because people keep asking me where the mother ship is. When I grew up, I became a scientist AND a story teller; either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your point of view of these two :-D. I love garlic and chocolate (and not always together). I enjoy walking in the rain and the smell of the earth after a rainstorm. I love the two equinox seasons and the crazy danse of fall leaves in the wind. I love this planet, Earth, and I pray we all take good care of it for our children and their children. View my complete profile Previous Posts Travelling Rays of Golden Light Author’s Retreat…Changing the World with Your Mind. What’s BMI and Why Should I Care? Margaret Atwood’s Wise Words About Debt & Altruism. The “Aha” of the “Aha From a Science Fiction Write. Treacherous Ice Storms in Kentucky—What is Gaia Sa. Vancouver, Canada’s “Cloud City” Nina Goes to Victoria, British Columbia.And Sign. Or What’s a Heaven For? Writer’s Contracts and Mor. The Fractal Wonders of Cern—Searching for the Elus. Subscribe to Posts [ Atom ] Subscribe in a reader Awards whats this? 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I am Nature: Missing God. {Poem}

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be content in houses and offices with your conscience drifting. You never intended.To Adventure Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Green Health & Wellness Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Yoga conscious living drifting nature we are nature

Can I keep it?

10,000 Birds

Let me assure you that I have no doubts about how much they contribute to individual birds and to the ravaged conscience of modern man. So I will wrestle with my conscience about including the owl on my list and for momentarily doubting the great work of rehabilitators everywhere.

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EasyJet, Easy Conscience?


The UK's Grauniad is reporting today that low cost flight pioneer, EasyJet, is developing a new 'ecoJet' which it claims will have 50% less emissions per km than current 'planes. As I've said before, it would be great if a technofix could be found for flying as this appears to be the most intractable part of our carbon footprint.

Nothing Is Real, Yet There Is A Reality

Elephant Journal

Just as ‘being true to the conscience’ is just a saying. There is reality. There is definitely something alive and running, on and conscious. Conscious is just a word. It is in the deconstruction of such narratives, of words and stories, that reveal reality in such an un-ludicrous way. Just the way it is. That […].

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Maybe Karma is This.

Elephant Journal

The word karma is now often used as an encouragement to leave a tip at our local coffee shop, a reminder not to litter and an overall guide to keep our conscience in check.

How we can all Stand (& Pray) with Standing Rock.

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We cannot, in good conscience, look away, eat our leftover turkey, watch our football and sleep in our warm beds without remembering those struggling at Standing Rock and countless other. Enlightened Society Equal Rights Inspiring (Wow) WAYLON: Today Only Activism Dakota Access Pipeline DAPL Native American quotes prayer protest Sioux Standing Rock water protectors wisdom quotes

Vegan Cuisine to Glassware, ‘Oscar Night’ Has Gone ‘Green’


The largest, star-studded event in Hollywood has an environmental conscience. The Oscars have gone green, - not green with envy - but rather “eco-green.” Read More The post Vegan Cuisine to Glassware, ‘Oscar Night’ Has Gone ‘Green’ appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment Film/TV News Top News ed begley jr

Attention Naomi and Nicole: Syria Was the Spark That Lit the World on Fire

Elephant Journal

“The conscience of the Syrian Revolution,” as he is called, wrote the forward […]. Hi Naomi and Nicole, This is a excerpt from my book, The Holocausts We All Deny, so please try to make that clear in a note before the article starts. Some of my audience for articles on Syria are major players in the debate.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: climate change is not science fiction

Green (Living) Review

Terminator star calls global warming a ‘battle in the real world’ that’s bigger than any movie, at the first summit of conscience for the climate in Paris Arnold Schwarzenegger has been chosen by the French government to join Nobel prizewinners, philosophers, UN secretary generals, spiritual leaders and theologians to make the moral case for the world to act urgently on climate change. Talking at the world’s first summit of conscience for the climate on Tuesday – ahead of the crucial UN climate change meeting in the city in December – the Terminator star and former California governor declared the science debate over, saying planetary catastrophe could only be avoided with ethical action: “I’ve starred in a lot of science fiction movies and, let me tell you something, climate change is not science fiction, this is a battle in the real world, it is impacting us right now. “I believe the science is in. The debate is over and the time for action is now,” he told an invited audience of intellectuals and spiritual leaders from all faiths. “This is bigger than any movie, this is the challenge of our time. And it is our responsibility to leave this world a better place than we found it, but right now we are failing future generations.” Read more here. Arnold Schwarzenegger climate change science

The Low-Blow that led to a Spiritual High.

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I do sort of hope you had a sh*tty night’s sleep, tossing and turning in the restlessness that comes from a guilty conscience. I wish you no ill will. But beyond that, I suffer no grievances toward you. Enlightened Society Non New-Agey Spirituality Yoga ahimsa asteya Eight-fold Path enlightened life-lessons low-blow rich chick stealing theft yamas and niyamas

This April, Buy One Get One Tree with Chaco

Wend Magazine

So, if you’re not yet a ‘Chaconian’, consider stepping into a nearby retailer and becoming one by buying a pair of Chacos–you’ll walk out with happier feet and a happy conscience, knowing you’ve just helped plant a tree.

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An Outopia for Pigeons: a Comedy about Salvation

10,000 Birds

Nevertheless, I cannot in good conscience keep this play from you, my beloved readers. This is not a review proper, because — full disclosure — playwright Justin Maxwell is a friend of mine and a somewhat better friend of my boyfriend. I never would want to be accused of log-rolling.

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8 Reasons Why the World Will Never Hear an Apology from Brock Turner.

Elephant Journal

“There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience.” ~ Anonymous Unlike Brock Turner, I ascribe to the old school wisdom that says we should take responsibility for our actions, make sincere apologies for our wrongdoings and make amends to those we have harmed.

What Gianforte’s Election means for the Republican Party.

Elephant Journal

In the name of expediency, they are willing to muffle their consciences, discard morality, part ways with all manner of tradition and custom, and, apparently, elect violent criminals. The Republican Party has reached a point where there is nothing more shameful and unacceptable, in their minds, than being a liberal.

The 4th Annual 5Point Film Festival–Less Than Two Weeks Away!

Wend Magazine

The 5Point Film Festival began in 2007 as a way to–through film–celebrate and inspire adventure of all kinds while promoting recreation with a conscience. Click here to view the embedded video. As its fourth annual event draws nearer, event founder, Julie Kennedy, comments on what the 5Point Festival is, and has become.

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Economist's View: "The Pope & the Market"

Environmental Economics

Progress has been slow because countries have shown “failure of conscience and responsibility” (Paragraph 169). But the growing peril of climate change and many other environmental problems arises primarily not from unethical individual behavior such as consumerism or cowardice, bad conscience or excessive profiteering. Mark Thoma: William D.

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Liberal or literal?

10,000 Birds

Oh, the exquisite agony of finding a glorious bird and having to wrestle one’s conscience before including it as a lifer. This week brings the quandary of whether suspect provenance should disqualify a bird from my life-list.

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Where To Get a Heritage Turkey

Sustainability Ninja

Enjoy your dinner with a clear conscience this year! Organic turkey is a far, far better choice this Thanksgiving, especially compared to the antibiotic-laden turkeys available at your local big box chain grocery store. In fact, those pale, plastic wrapped meatsicles can hardly be called birds. For the true sustainable Thanksgiving dinner, you must find yourself a heritage turkey.

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Why it’s great that Elephant is “Wrong,” sometimes. And, “Elephant Should be Free!”

Elephant Journal

“People who would consider it a bizarre breach of conduct to expect anyone to give them a haircut or a can of soda at no cost will ask you, with a straight face and a clear conscience, whether you wouldn’t be willing to write an essay or draw an illustration for them for nothing.”

Anderson Valley Brewing Company: Huge Arker

10,000 Birds

But I’m not sure I can recommend this pairing in good conscience.

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How I Got Ill on a Vegan Diet and Why I Ended Up Listening to My Body


But even if that weren’t the case, I’d still be vegan, because instead of listening to my body I prefer to listen to my conscience. And my conscience tells me that using animals when I don’t need to is morally wrong. I’d been vegan for six and a half years when it happened.

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