It is time for Oklahoma's oil and gas industry to join the fight in saving the Edmond suburb!

Environmental Economics

Fight the good fight: Facing a six-year barrage of increasingly large earthquakes, Oklahoma regulators are effectively ordering the state’s powerful oil-and-gas industry to substantially cut back the underground disposal of industry wastes that have caused the tremors across the state. But they are an equally notable challenge to the industry, which will most likely be able to make the cutbacks only by reducing oil and gas production.

BGreen 2020 A Sustainability Plan for Bridgeport, Connecticut

The Green Changemakers

A Green Collar Institute will train workers and act as an incubator for developing green industries.

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LWCF Funding: A Hidden Gem in the President’s Budget

Conservancy Talk

Outdoor recreation is now a huge industry in this country valued in a just-released study at $646 billion annually to the American economy. This money would purchase land for such projects as National Wildlife Refuges along the Upper Mississippi, the Connecticut River in four New England states, and in the headwaters of Florida’s Everglades.

Collective Arts Brewing: All Together IPA

10,000 Birds

But I figured I’d atone for my current dereliction by briefly highlighting a new bird-themed beer made by Collective Arts Brewing of Hamilton, Ontario to support the hospitality industry during the worldwide public health and economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, over 400 breweries from 29 countries have agreed to participate in the project by brewing the same recipe and donating proceeds to workers in the hospitality industry.

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Green wine? Of course…

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Or that eco-friendly wine and winemaking are becoming mainstream in the wine industry? Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it?

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Six Senses Eco Symposium nets green gains

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Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it?

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Green hospitality going mainstream

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Over the past year, HSMAI has taken note of the abundance of environmental initiatives from numerous brands and destinations within the tourism and hospitality industries,” said Fran Brasseux , executive vp of HSMAI.

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Trip Advisor: green travel really taking off

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hospitality industry alike in 2011. Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it?

How to maximize the value of your frequent flier miles

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A very brief history of green wine Info News Views Our favs Useful resources Travel blogs we like Contact How to maximize the value of your frequent flier miles 16 January 11 · 1 comment F requent flier programs–like the entire airline industry–have recently hit turbulence.

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U.S. Nuclear Power in Decline

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The nuclear industry’s troubles began well before the 1979 accident at Pennsylvania’s Three Mile Island nuclear plant sowed public mistrust of atomic power. Then, spurred on by new tax credits and loan guarantees promised in the 2005 Energy Policy Act—as well as by high prices for natural gas, a competing fuel—the industry has recently had visions of a “nuclear renaissance.” Any industry hopes ride heavily on the success of the Vogtle and Summer projects.

Marx was an efficiency freak?

Environmental Economics

Republicans and the coal industry have criticized the regulations, which use the Clean Air Act as their legal authority, as a “war on coal.” The industry has waged an aggressive legal battle to undo the rules. The interstate air pollution regulation, also known as the “good neighbor” rule , has pitted Rust Belt and Appalachian states like Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky against East Coast states like New York and Connecticut.

Midsummer’s Bird and Some Thoughts on Naming

10,000 Birds

I’ve seen Yellow Warblers in the low shrubs of Western New York pastures, the river valleys of Missoula, and the trees of abandoned industrial sites in New York City. The Yellow Warbler is the first warbler I ever saw, and the most recent. It’s among a handful of species — American Robin, Black-capped Chickadee , the unholy trinity of House Sparrow – Rock Pigeon – European Starling , a few others — that have been everywhere I’ve ever lived.

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What's At Stake: Clean Air and Public Health in our Highest Courts on December 10

Sierra Club Compass

In parts of Connecticut, more than 90 percent of ozone pollution is due to pollutants flowing in from other states. Industries and states and many others are standing together calling for implementation of the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule. so of course the industry is challenging this standard that requires them to stop dumping so much mercury into our air and water.

Monsanto and GMOs: a Model of Greed

The Alien Next Door

Canada and the US are the only two industrialized nations that don’t. On the heels of the recent failure of Proposition 37 in California, I was glad to hear that on June 3, 2013, Connecticut became the first US state to pass mandatory labeling legislation for genetically engineered food ingredients. The compromise law, however, requires that four other states pass similar legislation in order to “trigger” Connecticut’s labeling requirement.

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With this great blog comes great responsibility

Environmental Economics

Industry estimates put the cost of the storm at $7 billion to $10 billion, largely because the hurricane pummeled an unusually wide area of the East Coast. The governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut sought expedited disaster declarations from the federal government on Tuesday, which would pave the way for more federal aid.

Yale startup fakes premium pork


Growing in abundance in Connecticut forests, this student was able to capitalize on the nut by convincing farmers it would make them a better product. The future of the meat industry is faux meat. The exploitation of an animal has little to do with what they’re fed, and what they’re fed has little to do with how much the use of animals destroys our world. . Jennifer Milikowsky launched a startup at Yale following a fellowship with the schools idea incubator.

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How mattress companies are supporting the environment

Green Prophet

Connecticut led the way by enacting “extended producer responsibility” laws for mattresses. In the states with EPR laws (currently Connecticut, Rhode Island, and California), mattress manufacturers have come together to form the Mattress Recycling Council, a nonprofit organization that handles all aspects of mattress disposal. . The hunt for the ultimate (and eco) bed is on! Every year, as many as 15-20 million mattresses are thrown away, filling landfills.

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What Has the Endangered Species Act Ever Done for Us? More Than You Think.

Nature Conservancy - Science

After initial conflict over the endangered species listing, people from the timber industry, environmental community, and state and federal governments decided to set aside their differences and work together to restore the bear. American shad in fishlift in Holyoke Dam on Connecticut River in Holyoke, MA. Courtesy of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. 99% of species protected by the endangered species act have been saved from extinction.

"Proof That a Price on Carbon Works"

Environmental Economics

That system covers emissions from power plants in nine states that include Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. The province’s leaders also said they would phase out the use of coal power plants and impose caps on carbon and methane emissions from Alberta’s oil and gas industry. From the New York Times editorial page: Lawmakers who oppose taking action to lower greenhouse gas emissions by putting a price on carbon often argue that doing so would hurt businesses and consumers.

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Four hoteliers are world's most ethical

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The New York City -based think tank designates 110 companies as having the world’s leading ethics and compliance programs, particularly as compared to their industry peers.

Disaster in the Sundarbans

10,000 Birds

I dreamed of birding the Sundarbans delta – roughly the size of Connecticut or Cyprus – ever since my very dear friends Tim and Hanna Balke told me a story of their visit to these swamps where the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Mehgna rivers converge in the Bengal basin. Still, Bangladesh is considered a rapidly growing market-based economy and one of the world’s leading exporters of fish and seafood, the industry that is likely to be hit by this accident, slowing the country’s growth.

Joint Forces for Solar: “Photovoltaic could become the backbone of the US electricity grid.”

Green (Living) Review

Connecticut is considered to be a relatively small market but shows great innovation in their financing models. Lyle Rawlings, Vice President of the Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Industries Association, as well as Wyldon Fishman, Founder and President of the New York Solar Energy Society chaired the panel discussions. Participants were also unanimous in their agreement that both training and regular further training play a vital role in successfully expanding the domestic industry.

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California May Get Its Emission Standard Afterall

Eco Friendly Daily

The agency also feared that such an action in a large consumer market like California would have forced the entire auto industry to make cars at the efficiency levels. These other states are: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont and Washington.

World Responsible Tourism Day 2010

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Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it?

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Marriott breaks new ground with green hotel prototype

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Marriott is first in the hospitality industry to create such a prototype, in pursuit of its ambitious goal of having 300 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) hotels by 2015.

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Escape to Green Wine Country for Earth Day

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“Earth Day is a great time to think about how California’s wine industry has raised the bar for producing wines that are responsible to the earth and communities,&# says Allison Jordan of the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance.

Yangshuo, China: green lodgings lead the way

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Model for Chinese tourism Yangshuo Village Inn: Moon Hill Village green I left with the strong belief that the Chinese tourism industry can learn much that is valuable and important from Barclay’s sustainable innovation and leadership.

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Fetzer: celebrating 25 years of green winery practices

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The winery was the first to power operations by purchasing and using only renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind and geothermal, including one of the wine industry’s largest solar installations.

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State Farm Insurance Claims "No Fault" in Bankrolling ALEC | PR.

PR Watch

State Farms participation on ALECs insurance committee has put the insurer in a position to benefit from several major pieces of insurance industry model legislation. The most prominent of these, in the auto insurance industry, may be the Consumer Choice Motor Vehicle Insurance Act. The image showing State Farm as a major ALEC donor alonside Koch Industries and others from 1998 was added on 4/23/12. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. Privacy Policy.

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16 eco-friendly Taj Hotels reflag

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Vivanta by Taj, like all Taj properties, will adopt the green best practices monitored by Green Globe , a leading worldwide certifier for the travel and tourism industry.

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Can you eat organic in Puerto Vallarta?

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Visitors may assume industrial agriculture has not invaded developing countries such as Mexico.

Cape May, NJ: green is here to stay

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Diane tells us she welcomes more green practices in the hospitality industry. “It’s The Kulkowitzes have added other eco-friendly features to the inn and restaurant, including an industrial dishwasher that saves 100,000 gallons of water a year, Energy Star light bulbs, low-flow shower heads in all guest rooms, the use of “smart” candles in the dining room, and non-linen tabletops. | Green Garden State |. G reen New Jersey ? Is that an oxymoron?

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Pan Pacific Seattle hotel: model of corporate social responsiblity.

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lodging industry with a full-time, property-level CSR position. Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it?

Travelers prefer green hotels

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Travelocity doesn’t just promote eco-friendly products—the company is also working hard to reduce its own footprint and to promote sustainability within the travel industry.

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Green Siem Reap | Where To Eat Near Angkor Wat | Eco-Friendly.

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Today, Siem Reap has become a bustling mini-metropolis of 120 thousand citizens, with an economy deeply tied to the thriving tourism industry centered around Angkor Wat.

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Dead Zone Redemption

Nature Conservancy - Science

The source of nutrients varies – farms, water treatment plants and industries — but the end result is the same. This year’s Dead Zone — named because the nutrients create algae blooms that deplete the water of oxygen, thus killing off marine life — was nearly the size of Connecticut.

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What Causes Dead Zones

Nature Conservancy - Science

Last year, the bloom covered 17000 km 2 — somewhat larger than the State of Connecticut. Still more nitrogen is lost during the disposal of animal wastes from modern industrialized production of pork and chickens. For the past couple of decades, late summer brings a bloom of algae in the Gulf of Mexico, just off the mouth of the Mississippi River. When the bloom dies, the decomposition of algal biomass consumes all the oxygen dissolved in the water — hypoxia.

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Why travel green: 3 good reasons

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Foods grown in healthy soil (no chemical pesticides or industrial fertilizers) are more healthy.

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Greener pastures on Martha's Vineyard

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Green luxury on the Connecticut coast Florida Keys: 5 great green to do’s Key West: republic of green Florida Keys: a green travel paradise? Our on success at European Union level here in Glenribbeen Eco Lodge has even meant rewards within the tourism industry itself.

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The Green Closet Project: Eco Designers Tara St. James and Auralis Join Forces with Ecover to Promote Smarter, Lower Impact Fashion

Eco Chic

This sobering stat impacts the places I work and live; South Norwalk, Connecticut (I live in a 101-year-old home there) was once the epicenter of hat manufacture in the US, and when you walk down the hill from my house, you can still see the gorgeous old brick buildings where the toppers were once made (they are now mostly condos). Auralis in her studio.

Puerto Vallarta: how to eat organic

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Visitors may assume industrial agriculture has not invaded developing countries such as Mexico.

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Hero Against the Bully: Rachel Parent and GMO Labeling

The Alien Next Door

Mandatory labeling of consumables made from GMO products currently exists throughout the world—with the exception of most of the United States (some states like Connecticut have instituted their own laws) and Canada. Canada,” Parent tells us, “is one of only two industrialized nations in the world that don’t have mandatory GMO labeling. When she was twelve years old, Rachel Parent did a school project on genetically modified foods. It changed her life. That was two years ago.

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Which is Worse: Pedophile Teachers or Insane Gunmen? | Mother.

Mother Jones

But after the shooting deaths of 20 first-graders in Connecticut last month, calls were made to keep classrooms locked. An attorney that is straightforward and dedicated with 34 years of experience in the industry. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics. Environment. Culture. Photo Essays. Blogs Political MoJo. Kevin Drum. Blue Marble. Tom Philpott. Mixed Media. Subscribe. Support.