Cuckoo for Congo

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Yet now it’s been discovered they are all now relatively close, in the Congo rainforest, despite having travelled around 3,000 miles south. Back in August we linked to an article about cuckoos that had GPS transmitters attached to them in England and how they had taken widely divergent paths to get to Africa.

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Meet the Elephant Conservation Heroes of the Congo Basin.

Elephant Journal

Africa congo elephant poaching mariah wilson Silent ForestsSidonie, one of Cameroon’s first female eco-guards, is kinda my hero: Adventure Enlightened Society Right Livelihood Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only. Z ADMIN Green Featured Today Z Arts & Culture Today Only.

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Norway Leads Global Effort to Protect Congo Basin


An agreement between nations in Africa and Europe will set for a comprehensive plan to protect the Congo Basin, the second biggest rainforest in the world. Leading the way is Read More The post Norway Leads Global Effort to Protect Congo Basin appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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Jordanian Company Buys 25% Of Congo Forest

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As such Sanabel will be hoping to get companies to pay them to preserve the forestland in Congo and protect it from deforestation in return for carbon credits which help them meet their carbon reduction targets. Images of Congo forest via bobulix/flickr.

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Isle of Skye, Scotland, 12/21/2010: Since mid-February otter conservation organisation, the International Otter Survival Fund, have been helping missionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo to raise an orphaned Congo Clawless Otter.

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The minute I met them I immediately understood they were in danger,everybody dominates them’ Accessing and using the forests upon which they depend for survival is one of the main challenges faced by local communities in the Congo Basin rainforests, especially for indigenous 'Pygmies'.

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Approximately two-thirds of the total forest area of the Congo Basin’s forests – 115 million hectares – is believed to have suitable soil and climate for growing oil palms. Amongst other examples, Seeds of Destruction details the case of Atama Plantations SARL, which will create the largest oil palm plantation in the Congo Basin at 180,000 hectares and catapult its owners, a Malaysian ‘pipe-coating specialist’ firm, into the top ten global palm oil producers.

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Affleck to Obama: Make the Congo a Priority


Read More The post Affleck to Obama: Make the Congo a Priority appeared first on Ecorazzi. Ben Affleck continues to use the spotlight to focus on the civil violence impacting the Congolese people. Causes News People Top News ben affleck

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TOMS Shoes Talks With Ben Affleck About Eastern Congo Initiative


Ben Affleck is in the hot seat for the latest edition of TOMS Shoes “One for One&# video series, talking about his Eastern Congo Initiative and why supporting the region is so important to him.

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Ben Affleck Discusses Child Survival in the Congo


Ben Affleck calls on leaders and donors to put an end to conflict and embrace peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read More. Causes News People Top News ben affleck

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WATCH: Animated Story of Ben Affleck’s Eastern Congo Initiative


For years actor and director Ben Affleck has been working to help fight violence and poverty through his organization the Eastern Congo Initiative. Read More The post WATCH: Animated Story of Ben Affleck’s Eastern Congo Initiative appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes News People Top News ben affleck

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Javier Bardem Talks Women in the Congo for Mother’s Day


New dad Javier Bardem teamed up with the organization Raise Hope for Congo for Mother’s Day to talk about the sexual violence facing women in that region. Watch the video below and go to Raise Hope for Congo to learn how you can take action to help.

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This is what Happens when we Can’t Look Genocide in the Eye.

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Editor's Picks Enlightened Society Equal Rights Bosnia congo genocide global politics holocause denial Holocaust media politics Rohingya Rwanda Syria YemenJust as we failed to face up to what was happening in the Holocaust, we have continued to bury our heads in the sand.

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Selena Gomez Traveling to the Congo for UNICEF


Selena Gomez is taking a trip to Africa and not just for pleasure, but to help others. Read More. Causes News People Top News selena gomez

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Humans of Humanity: Humans of New York Photographer Goes on World Tour. {Photos}

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Robin Wright’s Pour Les Femmes Pajamas Benefit Women in Distress

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Proceeds from Pour Les Femmes sleepwear —co-founded by House of Cards’ Robin Wright and designer Karen Fowler—benefit women in The Democratic Republic of Congo who have been victims of violence. How much better would you sleep if you knew your pajamas were supporting a woman in need?

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Saving Elephants, One Vial of Scat at a Time

Wend Magazine

After two years in the works, we’re kicking off the Elephant Ivory Project in earnest on Sunday morning when Andy Maser and I fly to Kinshasha, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, with a case of collection vials and the goal of saving a species. Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition!

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Down the Ivory Road | Wend Magazine - iWend

Wend Magazine

We arrived in Kinshasa on Monday exhausted from 36 hours of transit and found the Congo just as hot as we left it two years ago. With Balongelwa’s blessing, we’re heading some 500 miles up the Congo River to Kisangani tomorrow morning. Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition!

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The Green Buzz: Tuesday, January 14

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Tropical forests play a large role in precipitation around the world and in Congo, they’re bolstered by the eating & excreting of the forest elephant. ( Emperor penguins are climbing cliffs to avoid climate change and forest elephants are making it rain in today’s #greennews. Four colonies of iconic emperor penguins were spotted climbing cliffs to avoid increasingly rampant ice melt. Mother Nature Network.

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Agriculture and Water Connect Israel to Africa

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Israel recently launched a mission to Ghana and is considering reopening its embassy in RDC Congo. Business & Politics Food & Health Water agriculture Congo Egypt Ethiopia Israel Netanyahu Nile River Sudan Uganda water

WATCH: Robin Wright Campaigns Against Conflict Minerals


Robin Wright recently visited eastern Congo with the organization Raise Hope for Congo, and is now back and asking companies to quit using conflict minerals. Read More. Causes News People Top News Video robin wright

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Exploring the Uncharted Bird World

10,000 Birds

601-800 sp: Canada, Costa Rica, Panama; Russia; Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo (Brazzaville), Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa; Laos, New Guinea (PNG); Australia.

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“Wild Rwanda – Where to watch birds, primates, and other wildlife”

10,000 Birds

Forget the old news, Rwanda of today is one of Africa’s safest, cleanest and most stable countries. Slightly larger than Wales and about the size of the US state of Maryland, this country’s lure is its 703 bird species and three dozen Albertine Rift endemics among them.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of April 2019)

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But his best of the weekend was easily a bird that he was amazed he could see in Barbados, the long-staying Eurasian Spoonbill that he spotted in its usual hangout, a private impoundment on Congo Road.

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Highschool kids develop algae superfood to feed Africa’s hungry

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Since its original inception, the Tel Aviv high school project has expanded to actual involvement with African countries like Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Republic of the Congo. Algae as superfood?

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Phone Co-op brings first ethical smartphone to UK market

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Working with the Conflict-Free Tin Initiative and the Solutions for Hope Tantalum Project to source minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Fairphone team hopes to provide alternatives for miners in conflict-affected regions where militia have seized many of the valuable mines.

Watch the Fiery Eruption of Mount Nyamulagira

Wend Magazine

Mount Nyamulagira stands in Virunga Park —a 3,000 square mile National Park in eastern Congo known for its incredible biodiversity that includes rare birds, mammals and critically endangered mountain gorillas. If a trip to the Congo isn’t in the cards, the above video of the eruption may suffice. Click here to view the embedded video.

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Philanthropy is a scam

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For example supposed philanthropic projects in Congo involving Bill Gates, Monsanto and Howard Buffet proved to be devastating as local farmers will be forced to use GMO seeds and fertilizers only benefiting private companies.

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Rwanda Dreaming

10,000 Birds

Nyungwe is also a place that offers the best birding in the Albertine Rift Endemic Bird Area, apart from the out-of-bounds sites in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (1). The beginning of the northern summer is a good time (as any) to dream of some of the most biodiverse places on Earth.

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Down the Ivory Road: Into Obenge

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We just arrived this morning and I already want to leave Kisangani, a city of 700,000 in the center of Congo’s jungle. One thing we do know is African elephant numbers are dropping, and a lot of ivory is coming from the Congo.”

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Hear Robin Wright Talk About The Conflict Free Campus Initiative at Georgetown


Robin Wright just got back from the eastern Congo, a trip she took with the organization Raise Hope for Congo. area, at the Raise Hope for Congo website. Now, she’s ready to share her experience and inspire others to help end the use of conflict minerals.

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Green (Living) Review

Having destroyed vast areas of forest in countries such as Indonesia, palm oil companies are now planning to expand in the rainforests of the Congo Basin in Africa. According to a recent RFUK report Seeds of Destruction , 1 million acres of rainforest in the Congo Basin is currently being developed by palm oil producers, and with 284 million acres of suitable soil in the region, developers are actively seeking large sites now.


Green (Living) Review

Having destroyed vast areas of forest in countries including Indonesia, which is home to orangutans, palm oil companies are now planning to expand into the rainforests of the Congo Basin in Africa, home to lowland gorillas and other threatened primates.

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Pochers Caught

Wend Magazine

After hours of heated discussion with the lead trapper, a man with a CITES permit authorizing live collections in a different region of Congo (not the reserve), John called Congo’s wildlife management agency. There was a shootout.

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Rwanda Looks to National Parks as Part of a Peaceful, Hopeful Future

Nature Conservancy - Science

The combination of hairpin turns and ubiquitous fog wreak havoc on the bald tires of the trucks shifting commerce across the Rwanda/Burundi/Democratic Republic of Congo boarders straddled by and accessed through the park.

Poachers Caught

Wend Magazine

After hours of heated discussion with the lead trapper, a man with a CITES permit authorizing live collections in a different region of Congo (not the reserve), John called Congo’s wildlife management agency. There was a shootout.

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Opportunities in Carbon Forestry


Disney is in this space for carbon offsetting in the voluntary carbon market with two projects in Peru and Democratic Republic of Congo. Conservation International Executive VP Jennifer Morris talks about carbon forestry- the upsides, the possibilities, the tenure and the financing.

Child slaves working for the cobalt in your batteries

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An army of children, some just four years old, working in the vast polluted mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where toxic red dust burns their eyes, and they run the risk of skin disease and a deadly lung condition.

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Crested Firebacks

10,000 Birds

Oh, and I guess there is a peacock in the Congo, but that bird is so utterly impossible to find it barely counts as an exception. One of the less talked about draws of visiting Asia for birders is the opportunity to check out some of the many pheasants that lurk there.

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‘Solitaire’: a New Film from Sweetgrass Productions

Wend Magazine

But unlike Conrad’s tale of travel through the dark African continent along the Congo River, Waggoner leads viewers of his film from the shadows into the light. The new film by Nick Waggoner and Sweetgrass Productions is nothing short of stunning.

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Nature’s Nectar Zambia: Socially Conscious Honey & Wax Project


The Lunda people of Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola have been beekeepers for centuries. Deforestation around the world is. happening at an alarming rate.

Avian Quiz – April 15, 2011

10,000 Birds

In descending order, the list starts with those countries with more than 1,000 bird species, so the country is NOT one of these: - Colombia - Peru - Brazil - Indonesia - Ecuador - Bolivia - Venezuela - China - India - Congo, Dem Rep - Kenya - Tanzania - Myanmar - Argentina - Mexico - Uganda 7. Two oceans ANSWER THIS QUESTION: Determine the country, but do not name it. This week’s quiz is geographically GLOBAL in nature.

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Elephant Ivory Project: Team Finds Lots of Elephant Dung, Heads for Home

Wend Magazine

It was a wakeup call, just in case we needed one—we were still in Congo, where you should always expect anything. We’d been in Congo for four weeks, and the end of our expedition was quickly approaching. Lomami River at the village of Obenge.

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