The Power of Community

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Cohesive communities are a threat – or at least are as such perceived – to the powers-that-be (but really should not be) and it is for that very reason that such areas, such communities, are always targeted for break up and its residents for dispersal.

Community conservation in action – Rotokare

10,000 Birds

This community based organisation has been working in rural Taranaki, near where I went up the mountain. Mostly we talked about opera and life and stuff. While I have previously praised the efforts of the Department of Conservation and other large conservation organisations, so today let me sing the praises of smaller groups, specifically the Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust.

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Traveling Slow Benefits You, Local Communities and the Environment 

Green Prophet

The best part: while traveling slow gives us a more meaningful experience, it also maximizes benefits for local communities and the environment. It’s about savoring the minutes, not counting them, and living a balanced life in a fast-paced world. Spot me in the photo?

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Community garden concept grows in The Woodland

Green (Living) Review

It is one of two - soon to be three - community gardens in The Woodlands Township that are available for residents to rent as a space to get their hands dirty and grow something fresh for their kitchens. "It's essential to quality of life."

Initiating Sustainability In Your Community

Environmental News Network

Living a “green” life is like eating vegetables. Imagine the challenge of building a sustainable community and warding off all pessimism and indifference. Now, let’s look at your community. Build A Green Community… Online. Add and engage members of your community.

Interest in 'community supported agriculture' grows

Green (Living) Review

August Creek Farm joins the growing list of "community supported agriculture" operations across Illinois targeted to consumer demand for locally grown produce. "It was an interesting period in my life," she said. community supported agriculture CSA growing food

Simply Home: A tiny cohousing community grows in Portland

Green (Living) Review

It appears that a tiny house boom is well underway, and along with it comes a smattering of emerging tiny house communities. Whether they are tiny or otherwise, it takes a lot of work to keep an intentional community together. communities living with less small is beautiful

Power to the People: Community Based Marine Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Atwasi Swabir, Chairman of the Pate Marine Community Conservancy (PMCC), examines an angelfish caught by a spear fisherman off the Kenyan coast. Faza is a small fishing village, where people still lead a traditional way of life and donkeys wander around at will.

Why Redefining our Community is more Important than Ever.

Elephant Journal

My departure from my attorney life in San Francisco came from a piling-on of discontent, not from my personal community, which was and is fantastic, but from the discord of a life not fully lived. Academy Alumni Adventure Elephant Academy Family Health & Wellness Right Livelihood Travel community connection global community.

State Of Texas Tried To Shut Down A Sustainable Community

Green (Living) Review

Earlier this year, the state of Texas brought several SWAT teams to the quiet and peaceful Garden of Eden Community and threatened its existence. Absolutely no drug related violations were found and all inhabitants of the community were unarmed.

Texas 154

Deer Advisor: Help for Communities Grappling with Abundant Deer Populations

Nature Conservancy - Science

The Nature Conservancy and Cornell University have launched Community Deer Advisor , a free online resource for communities seeking information about managing overabundant deer populations. Q: What challenges are deer creating for people and communities?

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Nestlé 'UK's most hydrated community' push

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Nestlé Waters – yes, the very company whose CEO states that water is not a human right but must be a commodity – is running a exclusive retailer competition to find Britain's 'most hydrated community' this August.

Surgeon General's prescription for health: walkable communities

Green (Living) Review

It brings business districts to life and can help reduce air pollution. He is also calling for a redesign of our communities. It's not easy to walk in much of North America; most people now live in suburbs that were designed for cars. Now the US Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Vivek H.

Protecting Northwest Communities from Coal Dust Pollution

Sierra Club Compass

Thousands of railcars loaded with coal are already traveling through communities, and coal rocks and dust are falling and blowing off the cars alongside, and into, the waterways. Coal Coal-Director Health Safe and Healthy CommunitiesPhoto from a coal export public hearing.

Beyond Food: Community Gardens as Places of Connection and Empowerment

Green (Living) Review

Due in part to the current swell of interest in the local food movement, since the early 2000s there has been a remarkable surge in the prevalence of community garden initiatives. Community gardens have been part of American cities since the late-19th century.

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Making local woods work for Community Enterprises

Green (Living) Review

Fifty communities across the UK will receive support to transform unmanaged woodland into opportunities for jobs, leisure, education and services and to improve the health and wellbeing of local people.

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Elderly should do community work or lose pension, said peer

Green (Living) Review

All through their working life those elderly will have paid in to the social security pot in order to receive their pension and it is not a hand-out, in the same way that other social benefits are not, but something that the working person has paid in for.

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In Honor of Pride: 4 Major Struggles the LGBTQIA Community Still Faces.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society Equal Rights Family Inspiring (Wow) Love acceptance gay life gay pride hardship LGBT LGBT community LGBTQIA LGBTQIA community pride pride month queer strugglesLGBTQIA Pride Month events have me reflecting on how important these times are for us.

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Finding Community & Conquering Fear without Losing Balance.

Elephant Journal

Roller Derby changed my life—and I’m not just talking about all the new bruises. Adult/NFS Adventure Arts & Culture Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Inspiring (Wow) WAYLON: Editor's Picks—Hidden Gems balance community conquering derby dolls empowering fear Health & Wellness LA life roller derby Roller skate women

Community Wisdom

The Green Changemakers

By Karin Iona Sundberg Community Wisdom Lesson 1: Deepen connections with others. In community there is more at stake and more opportunity to come together to resolve challenges. Community Wisdom Lesson 2: Deepen connection with spirit. Learn from the wisdom of indigenous cultures; use rhythmic celebrations to infuse the community with a sense of the sacred within everyday life. Vision Work to create a clear, succinct, specific vision for the community.

Serving Your Community

The Green Changemakers

by Madisyn Taylor Being of service to our community is part of being a good citizen of the planet earth. To live harmoniously, we need to be supportive and helpful to all people, creatures, and plant life that share this earth with us. Community Life-style Living-values

Mauka to Makai: Community Conservation from Mountains to Oceans

Conservancy Talk

We were both participating in E Alu Pū , a gathering of indigenous and community-led conservation leaders and practicioners from across the Pacific held in concert with the IUCN’s World Conservation Congress.

Ocean 107

How a Southern Californian Community Organized to Push for Rooftop Solar Jobs

Sierra Club Compass

What if your community was given the opportunity to embark on a path to a sustainable future with good jobs in one the fastest growing industries in the nation? The event drew a huge response, with hundreds of community members from all walks of life taking part.

Yemeni Communities Working Together To Save Water

Green Prophet

Yemen may be water poor but the country has a rich heritage of managing scare water resources effectively through community co-operation. The arid and water scarce environment of Yemen makes life very difficult for the average Yemeni.

Water 104

Why You Should Start a Sustainable Community & Grow your own Food.

Elephant Journal

Bicycle Ecofashion Green Health & Wellness WAYLON: Today Only communal living community consciousness green natural life organic farming organic food permacultureSustainable living is not just about goals of things to accomplish. It is a total lifestyle a way of thinking and doing that is not done in part.

2017 70

Designing a Resilient Community

The Green Changemakers

Students participate in project-based learning over several days as they assess their community''s ability to respond to crises that threaten both natural and human systems. Then they develop ideas for redesigning their community to be more resilient.

Livable Communities

The Green Changemakers

Urban life is at its most vibrant when people from various parts of the world bring together their music, food, cultural systems, and religious expressions. Every community should have housing for the people who work there. Tags: Green Social Community

Why community connection is crucial for wellbeing

Elephant Journal

Did you know there are actually studies that show the most important thing in life is CONNECTION. Feeling connected to other people enhances your body’s ability to heal, it increases your satisfaction in life and positively impacts your overall wellbeing. A recent 75-year study by Harvard proves it. Ancient civilisations have proven it for centuries.

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Community Green Living Tips

Eco Friendly Daily

When it comes environmental impact every little bit, from every little person counts; this is one area of life where each individual can and does make a difference. Gather your neighbors together in the spring to plant a community garden.

Life Coaching Tools

The Green Changemakers

Source: [link] What good is life coaching? Why do I need someone to tell me how to live my life? John Wooden Life coaching is not therapy or counseling, which pairs a mental health professional with a client seeking guidance around mental wellness.

2019 52

Loneliness is Life Threatening: We Can Design Cities to Foster Community

The Green Changemakers

I am talking about how some of the most common forms of urban development – suburban sprawl and vertical high-rise sprawl - cause loneliness, which can lead to depression, chronic inflammation, and life-threatening diseases, including increased risk of cancer.

Every Conversation can Change a Life. {Video}

Elephant Journal

What would transpire is nothing short of remarkable. While his goal was to muster courage and set up a new business, Pat ended up creating a.

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Life is Precious & Fleeting.

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It’s our toolbox of what we do and what we know will help us to rise to the occasion each morning when we’re not feeling like enough—when we’re feeling that human life itself is simultaneously precious and punitive.

2016 108

7 Questions to Ask: Finding a Yoga Community to Enrich our Personal Practice.

Elephant Journal

In my own life and practice, I’ve noticed that the people whose company I enjoy the most are often those I meet at. Yoga class community practice questions students studio teachers

Community Garden Plots: Make the Most of Limited Space

Green Living Ideas

Tomato dreams and hot pepper fantasies unite apartment dwellers and homeowners in community gardens. Yet no matter who you are or what you are growing, everyone has the same options for plot size in community gardens. In some community gardens you can have up to three plots.

From East to West, Good News for Wilderness and Communities Threatened by Coal Projects

Sierra Club Compass

In the past week we've received good news on major proposed coal projects that pose a threat to communities and beautiful places, from both the eastern U.S. The Sunset Trail Roadless Area in Colorado. Photo courtesy of WildEarth Guardians - see more photos here.

Green Israeli Design for Russia’s Nikola-Lenivets Artist Community

Green Prophet

The Tel Aviv-based architecture studio Talmon Biran sent us images of their entry into a recent design competition for the Nikola-Lenivets artist community in Russia’s Kaluga region.

Livable Communities through Urban Forestry

The Green Changemakers

At every age, we all feel more alive and enjoy life more when we are in touch with other living things. Since trees are the cornerstone for biodiversity, we need trees to flourish in order for all other life to flourish. A few trees can encourage social life on the street.

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2012 Champions Community Gardening

Green (Living) Review

For the first time, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and Groundwork have united for the world’s largest annual flower show, to raise awareness of the extraordinary difference community gardeners are making to Britain today.

2012 132

Earth Day Fest 2012 for the Whole Community

Green (Living) Review

A small community of Snohomish, WA considers everybody responsible. A small community of Snohomish, WA considers everybody responsible. Like two main organizers: Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-op opened in 1997 and has been proudly community owned.

2012 151

Council spending cuts threaten work of community reuse groups

Green (Living) Review

We know some councils are cutting back grants to community groups by up to 75% in 2012/13,” he said. Craig conceded that the pure waste management benefits of funding community reuse were slight.

Reuse 151

Tengri Set To Double Numbers of Mongolian Herder Communities Supported through Development of Khangai Noble Yarns

Green (Living) Review

Tengri is working to bring noble yak fibres to the forefront of the fashion and textile industries, helping to preserve natural landscapes, protect wildlife and support the nomadic herders’ way of life.

2016 135

Ecomodo – a new Green community concept

Green (Living) Review

Unlike all those others, and many other names besides the mentioned ones exist, whose concept is of giving things away free via a network, a community, Ecomodo is, basically, a lending bank that uses the community involved as a “tool shed”, as it is the members that lend to other members, and it is not just tools. Our aim is to create a society of socially responsible consumers whilst preserving your quality of life.

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