Lamplighter Brewing Company: Birds of a Feather

10,000 Birds

Birds of a Feather is made with Mosaic, Citra, and Columbus hops, three of the most popular varieties of the last ten years. These hops are complex enough to stand on their own in a beer – as they have in many examples – but together they produce a rousing tropical bouquet of pineapple, mango, and tangerine, with a northern touch of spruce thrown in for good measure.

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Like licking a carp straight out of the tap

Environmental Economics

Columbus has spent $723,000 to get rid of the rotten taste and smell in drinking water caused by toxic algae at Hoover Reservoir. The algae can produce liver and nerve toxins that threaten people, pets and wildlife. Columbus is just the most-recent city to have to battle the issue with dollars.which is fine for accounting purposes, but such costs have little relationship to the true economic costs of the adverse event. 

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When the negative externality is lost jobs (and churches), higher taxes are ok?

Environmental Economics

I'm using "higher taxes" loosely here, but in the same way that anti-regulatory folks call any price increase a higher tax: American Electric Power, which is based in Columbus, Ohio, is proposing a $1 billion retrofit to allow the plant to continue burning coal and has asked Kentucky regulators to approve a 30 percent increase in electricity rates to pay for the work. This is simply a transfer from consumers to producers

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And then there's always Chlorine as an option.

Environmental Economics

Those are among the recommendations in a report that Columbus-based research giant Battelle released Monday. Algae grew so thick in 2010 that the state warned people not to touch the water or take boats out on the lake for fear of algae-produced liver and nerve toxins. The state’s continuing effort to rid Grand Lake St. Marys of toxic blue-green algae could include testing a new chemical and devices that circulate lake water.

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$30 million super yacht to fuse luxury with hybrid technology


But, things are about to change with Columbus Sport 130’ hybrid, an all new 40 meters super yacht that will fuse luxury with an eco friendly design. the columbus sport 130 hybrid superyacht. the columbus sport 130 hybrid superyacht. the columbus sport 130 hybrid superyacht. Pratima Kalra: Wealthy boating enthusiasts find it hard to reconcile their passion for super yachts while showing their concern for the environment.

Whither hydrogen?

Environmental Economics

2) Producing hydrogen.    The cheapest way to produce hydrogen will be to use the cheapest energy sources.    As energy producers get a better grasp on the technology, hydrogen production will eventually be converted to renewables (solar, nuclear). Cue flash forward music to today's Columbus Dispatch. Cue flashback music. On December 21, 2005, I wrote. By January 1, 2016 more than one major U.S.

Daily Demand and Supply: The future for peanut butter is now

Environmental Economics

Some of the nation’s biggest producers are bumping up prices as they react to one of the worst peanut crops in decades, one that has been exacerbated by extreme weather and a decline in planting. The Columbus-based company has raised the price of its 16-ounce jars of natural peanut butter twice since mid-September, for an increase of 70?cents On September 28, I wrote : Due to drought (supply decrease), peanut butter prices are expected to rise in November.

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Weird Conservation Part 2: The Even Stranger Side of Saving Endangered Species

Nature Conservancy - Science

Meanwhile, a biotech firm is attempting to produce synthetic rhino horn that’s genetically indistinguishable from the real thing. A flamingo checks out it’s reflection at the Columbus Zoo. Nature is weird. But conservation is weirder. Really, really, really, weird. Previously on Cool Green Science , we brought you seven examples of how conservationists have to get a little weird when trying to save endangered or threatened wildlife.

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Desensitizing children to animal exploitation is all too common, but vegan education can help


It happened a year and a half ago in the parking lot of a Lucky’s supermarket in Columbus, Ohio. While typical meat eaters can choose to ignore what goes on to produce animal products, the methodology for raising the killers themselves is one that consists of emotionally abusing children until they finally break. Picture this: there’s a petting zoo in a parking lot on a cool fall day, with all the baby animals to snuggle a child could ever want.

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The Oil Spill That Could Happen Here, Part 1

Sightline Daily

While in Chesapeake Bay, the container ship Columbus America collided with the container ship Neptune Jade near Norfolk, Virginia during a thunderstorm. An estimated 30,000 gallons of heavy fuel oil from the Columbus America spilled into the Bay, closing the main channel into Norfolk and some port facilities until the spill could be contained. The courts found that local oyster beds had been extensively harmed, awarding one oyster producer $1.4

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"Why Dropping the Paris Agreement May not Matter Anyways."

Environmental Economics

  Natural gas is half as carbon intensive as coal and it produces practically none of the other harmful emissions that cause respiratory ailments, so electricity companies have been shifting to natural gas quickly.   In 1990 we produced 0.86 tons of carbon per $1000 of income and today we produce only 0.30. 

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Hall County to Hold Ceremony for Cleaner School Buses, Georgia’s First School System to Fuel with Propane Autogas

Green (Living) Review

and ROUSH CleanTech team up with Hall County to unveil the district’s 20 new propane autogas powered school buses and demonstrate the benefits of this cleaner, less expensive and domestically produced fuel. Hall County to host “Georgians Supporting Georgians for a Greener Community” event, featuring dignitary speeches, key hand-off ceremony and school buses on display.

Heroines for the Planet: Art Activist Asher Jay

Eco Chic

Asher: These passions imbue me with the motivation and inspiration to produce succinct, relatable artworks and fashions that are rich in educational content yet capture the imagination of adults and children alike. Photo of Asher Jay by Anne Doubilet at Discovering Columbus. Lindsay: You’ve produced several campaigns now that realistically portray the fragility of the earth in myriad ways.

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Earth 2100 - global project on reporting from one future!

The Green Changemakers

Date sent: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 12:08:34 +1000 Hello, I'm an associate producer with ABC News in New York City. We are producing a 2-hour documentary special called Earth 2100. Associate Producer ABC News, Long Form Unit 157 Columbus Ave, 4th fl. [link]. To change our future, first we must imagine it.

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Teaching Green: 100 Tips, Tools, & Resources for Every Kind of Classroom

Green Life Smart Life

Watch as Fresco explains how mass-produced bread can help feed the world while also leaving a role for traditionally made breads in the world diet. From the time of Columbus to the present day, see how cultures have impacted the environment and learn about the biological consequences. Incorporating ways to help the environment into your lessons is not only good for the planet, but offers plenty of hands-on activities, lessons, and projects for students.

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The Hi-Tech Gift Economy

The Green Changemakers

In the fair market, the helper experiences a draw and will typically produce average quality help. Get people doing, get them producing things, and the economy heads upward. You do have to have people producingproducing what they can do well, and exchanging for what they need. What is produced goes to those who value it the most. What is produced is made by the organizations that can make it the cheapest.

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What do we appreciate about Whole Foods? | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

Same very upbeat employee vibe at Wholefoods at 97th and Columbus. Emily: Good sushi, cheese selection, terra chips, desserts, their produce (especially the hard to find stuff). Want to stay in touch with elephant? Get 10 free articles a week: subscribe free to our Best of the Week newsletter. or get our popular Daily Wake Up Call. Together, we can make mindful independent reader-created media powerful! Video. Talk Show. Member. Login. Advertise. Event Sponsorship. Our Writers.

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A course in Happiness

The Green Changemakers

Rotten thoughts produce rotten results. Overcoming the limitations of perceived boundaries Columbus, Magellan and other explorers and visionaries, stretched and finally broke through the illusionary boundaries of mankind’s limitations, in particular its limiting system of beliefs. Introduction Abraham Lincoln once said, “Most people are about as happy as they make up their mind to be.” Looking around at most people today it’s obvious they have yet to make up their minds.

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