New Study Shows Mathematical Models Helped Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 in Colorado

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Colorado researchers have published new findings in Emerging Infectious Diseases that take a first look at the use of SARS-CoV-2 mathematical modeling to inform early statewide policies enacted to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic in Colorado.

Extreme Heat, Dry Summers Main Cause of Tree Death in Colorado’s Subalpine Forests

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Even in the absence of bark beetle outbreaks and wildfire, trees in Colorado subalpine forests are dying at increasing rates from warmer and drier summer conditions, found recent CU Boulder research. Extreme Heat, Dry Summers Main Cause of Tree Death in Colorado’s Subalpine Forests


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Colorado College is now carbon neutral – and they didn’t buy their way out

Green Prophet

Colorado College has achieved carbon neutrality, a goal it set in 2009 when it committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2020. Colorado College stands out among other schools that have reached carbon neutrality in an important way. Act carbon credits carbon neutral Colorado Education

Colorado passes embodied carbon legislation


Go here to read the rest: Colorado passes embodied carbon legislation. The most important climate solution you’ve never heard of. Business Green better-reflect for-alternative most-important should-simply the-social under

Could desalination play a role in the future of the Colorado River?


As Colorado River supply dwindles, the U.S. See original here: Could desalination play a role in the future of the Colorado River? Business Green are-looking colorado colorado-river for-ideas ideas-on-how jordan supply-dwindles their-ownand Mexico are looking to Israel and Jordan for ideas on how to help quench their own shared border.

The Colorado River Basin: What’s wrong and what’s needed to make it right


If we don’t fix what is broken for the Colorado River, we will feel the bite of climate change and resultant economic, business, social and ecosystem impacts at a scale exceeding the American dust bowl of the 1930s. Original post: The Colorado River Basin: What’s wrong and what’s needed to make it right. Business Eco Green 1930s bite broken-for climate change coast colorado colorado-river ecosystem-impacts feel-the-bite north sketched-out

Backyard farms growing trend in Southern Colorado

Green (Living) Review

COLORADO SPRINGS - It's becoming more common than ever to have chickens and even goats as your next door neighbors. As families become more focused on knowing where their food comes from, the practice of urban farming is a growing trend in Southern Colorado. Nipp lives in a typical neighborhood on Colorado Springs' east side, but behind her six foot fence is not your typical backyard.

Hope on the Prairie: The Black-Footed Ferret Returns to Colorado

Nature Conservancy - Science

Once believed extinct, black-footed ferrets are now returning to native habitat in Colorado and other states. By Matt Moorhead, The Nature Conservancy’s Southeast Colorado Project Director . Take, for instance, my recent experience helping reintroduce black-footed ferrets to their historic home on eastern Colorado’s prairie. It’s likely that ferrets have been absent from eastern Colorado for more than 100 years. A black-footed ferret awaits release in Colorado.

Colorado’s biggest hotel gets 4 Green Key rating

Green Traveler Guides

Colorado’s biggest hotel gets 4 Green Key rating is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Certification Colorado Denver Hotels News North America United States Green Key Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel| Green Travel News |. S heraton Denver Downtown has won a 4 Green Key Rating through the Green Key Eco-Rating Program , recognizing the hotel for protecting the environment through wide-ranging policies and practices.

Colorado Communities to Come Together for Flood Recovery

Sierra Club Compass

Last month, historic flooding slammed Colorado, and the effects and loss are still being felt.   As communities continue to pick up the pieces , several groups, including the Sierra Club, will be hosting "Colorado Flood Recovery Weekend" this weekend across the state, marking an opportunity for volunteers and communities to offer a hand during this time of crisis.

Colorado Air Quality Rules a Step in the Right Direction

Sierra Club Compass

Photo by Sarah White, courtesy of Conservation Colorado. By Catherine Collentine, Sierra Club Beyond Natural Gas Campaign Representative, Colorado. On February 23, Colorado's Department of Public Health and Environment Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) finalized a set of air quality regulations that make Colorado the first state in the nation to regulate methane emissions statewide.

Solar Financing Finally Reaches Colorado Non-Profits

Green (Living) Review

Thanks to a new program, developed by Colorado-based solar integrator Bella Energy, non-profit solar financing has finally reached Colorado. Former Director of Colorado Interfaith Power and Light, Diane Dandeneau, developed Community Solar Partners to help Coloradans, who had no solar financing programs available, afford the switch to solar. Specializing in mid to large scale solar electric systems, Bella Energy is one of Colorado's largest solar energy companies.

Trail use by outdoor enthusiasts is driving out an elk herd in Colorado


Not so much for an elk herd near Vail, Colorado. The herd makes its home between 7,000 and 11,000 feet on hills and at the top of the Colorado Rockies. Related: Glenwood Springs, Colorado set to run on 100% renewable energy “Very few elk, not even many tracks,” the researchers noted. In Colorado , a hot-spot for outdoor fun and trail use, visitation to the elk area has more than doubled since 2009; reports say about 170,000 people visit per year.

New Year’s Resolutions at Colorado’s Green Breweries

Green Living Ideas

Colorado breweries are at the forefront of the green revolution, essentially leading the way toward creating products with renewable energy. In Colorado, two major brewing companies each made announcements of green improvements to [.] [ New Year’s Resolutions at Colorado’s Green Breweries from Green Living Ideas ]. Tags: Beer Bicycles Solar Energy/PV Colorado's Green Breweries Fat Tire New Belgium Odell photovoltaic photovoltaic systems

Chef Mark Reinfeld opens a vegan culinary school in Colorado


Now, he’s opening a brick-and-mortar vegan culinary school this fall ( pandemic permitting) in Boulder, Colorado. See more here: Chef Mark Reinfeld opens a vegan culinary school in Colorado. If you’re interested in vegan food, you may already be familiar with Chef Mark Reinfeld. He was the founding chef at the Blossoming Lotus restaurants in Hawaii and Portland, Oregon, has authored eight cookbooks and was inducted into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame in 2017.

Colorado RE Power Generation Company – Cool Energy, Inc. – Achieves Record Performance Numbers

Green (Living) Review

a clean energy power equipment company with headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, set new records for its advanced Stirling Engine technology that recovers waste heat and exhaust from commercial sources. Cool Energy CEO Sam Weaver (standing) reviews record efficiency numbers for the SolarHeart Stirling Engine system that converts waste heat to electricity at the Boulder, Colorado lab. Environmental Protection Agency and the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office.

Colorados Electric Pass Lodge will be powered entirely by renewable energy


Designed by Colorado-based 4240 Architecture in collaboration with interior design firm River + Lime , the all-electric condominiums were created as part of the Snowmass Base Village, a LEED -certified, $600 million resort development at the base of Snowmass Ski Area. Colorados Electric Pass Lodge will be powered entirely by renewable energy.

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Colorado Flooding Poses Environmental Threat to Fracking Sites

Living In a Toxic World

This video, of the recent flooding in Colorado, shows just how vulnerable natural gas and oil extraction sites are. Check out the Organic Grocery List or Book Store. You Tube toxins environmental damage water pollution

In Hawaii and Colorado, governments and the private sector electrify transportation


Excerpt from: In Hawaii and Colorado, governments and the private sector electrify transportation. An innovation lab on mobility helps projects move from point A to point B. Business Green cities climate change cynics electric vehicles electrification electromobility innovation-lab leadership optimists-seem winning-out

2019 28

Health-conscious travelers near half of U.S. market

Green Traveler Guides

Big Island of Hawaii Coeur d''Alene Colorado Colorado Springs Florida Green Travel News Idaho North America Palm Beach San Diego The Americas United States Virginia Warrenton Airlie Breakers Palm Beach Broadmoor Coeur d''Alene Resort Global Wellness Tourism Congress Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel del Coronado Institute for Healthy Destination Accreditation Mauna Kea Resort wellness travel

Simply Pure: Organic, Vegan, Gluten-free, Sugar-free Medical Marijuana Food in Colorado

Eco-Vegan Girl

That's why I am impressed by a company that makes organic, vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free medical marijuana products in Colorado - something I've never heard of existing, except in personal kitchens. Simply Pure is currently available only to Colorado residents (there are over 130,000 with medical marijuana cards), but they're working on expanding to other states with similar laws - I imagine California is first on their list. Marijuana is a delicate and controversial subject.

US can’t meet climate goals while spending billions on gas infrastructure


Business Green bite broken-for but-instead climate change coast colorado colorado-river Eco ecosystem-impacts feel-the-bite fossil-fuel north sketched-outOur fossil fuel infrastructure is failing, but instead of maintaining it, the U.S. should be dismantling it. View original post here: US can’t meet climate goals while spending billions on gas infrastructure.

Yup, these are our readers

Environmental Economics

From an anonymous reader in Colorado: Subject: Other disincentives in Colorado. Message: Re: Today's post about the Colorado initiative and taxes [link added

11 Steps to Encourage Water Conservation in Your Community


In 2009, the Cherry Creek 3 townhome community in Colorado used 37 million gallons of water… The post 11 Steps to Encourage Water Conservation in Your Community appeared first on Earth911. Eco appeared-first colorado earth911 encourage-water first-on-earth911 inspire & motivate million-gallons townhome-community

2009 28

Animal welfare expert Temple Grandin: Creative problem-solving takes visual minds


Instrumental in designing more humane practices for McDonald’s, the Colorado State university professor chats about the promise of regenerative agriculture and the state of sustainability in slaughterhouses. Business Green about-the-promise and-the animal-welfare chats-about colorado colorado-state corporate strategy designing-more greenbiz 20 humane-practices regenerative agriculture state the-promise university-professor

2020 28

How companies can source down more sustainably


Business Green about-the-promise and-the animal-welfare apparel colorado colorado-state down-are greenbiz 20 key-sustainability regenerative agriculture the-promise university-professorThe key sustainability concerns related to down are around animal welfare. See more here: How companies can source down more sustainably.

2020 28

Drought Calls for Watering Restrictions in the Western U.S.

Cool Green Science

[Editor''s Note: The following is a guest post by John Sanderson, The Nature Conservancy''s director of conservation science in Colorado.]. Today is also the day when residents of Fort Collins, Colorado , where I live, begin watering restrictions. Because his water supplier knows that even once-mighty waterways like the Colorado River are in trouble, and the supplier wants to avoid that fate for the Great Lakes.

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Mountain Lion at Phantom Canyon Preserve

Nature Conservancy - Science

A mountain lion makes an appearance at Phantom Canyon Preserve in Colorado. From the Field Wildlife Mammal Watching Traveling Naturalist

How Fire Today Will Impact Water Tomorrow

Environmental News Network

In 2020, Colorado battled the four largest wildfires in its history, leaving residents anxious for another intense wildfire season this year. How Fire Today Will Impact Water Tomorrow

Overcoming the Water Wars

Cool Green Science

Provisions of the treaty allowed for the release, beginning in late March, of an historic pulse of water through the Colorado River from Lake Mead. In all, some 104,000 acre-feet moving downstream over a period of weeks – that will revive the Colorado River delta in Mexico – where water has not flowed regularly since 1960 – restoring its ecosystem, at least temporarily. Water Conservation colorado river Colorado River pulse flow Fresh Water Water conservation water policy

War 61

All-electric affordable housing in Aspen to run on solar energy


A new, 53,000-square-foot building in Aspen is set to become one of the first multi-family structures run entirely off of electricity and solar energy in Colorado

Boulder, Colo.: this green hotel & spa wastes not

Green Traveler Guides

S t Julien Hotel & Spa , in downtown Boulder, Colorado, says it has reached 70 percent of its goal of becoming a “zero waste property.” For example: The Spa at St Julien maintains an organic garden at the hotel that provides fresh herbs for its treatments, and all treatments feature Colorado’s indigenous plants and elements. Colorado’s biggest hotel gets 4 Green Key rating UPDATE: Cavallo Point Lodge now offers integrative medicine.

2011 118

Rare Earth Elements and Old Mines Spell Trouble for Western Water Supplies

Environmental News Network

Rare earth elements are finding their way into Colorado water supplies, driven by changes in climate, finds a new study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

World Water Day 2020: The role of innovation in creating abundance


We are now beyond business-as-usual approaches for water, which is critical for watersheds such as the Colorado River Basin. Business Green and-aligning approaches-for business-strategy climate change colorado-river deal-with digitalization helps-companies novel such-as-theRead the rest here: World Water Day 2020: The role of innovation in creating abundance.

2020 28

Water scarcity: A growing risk for companies and investors


And with Lake Mead , the key reservoir on the Colorado River, at its lowest level, the state is preparing for “painful” water restrictions. Business Eco Green california city colorado consumer country home phoenix russia source summer united water

More people are using bike share programs, but the gender gap persists


Business Green about-the-promise and-the animal-welfare apparel colorado-state greenbiz 20 key-sustainability regenerative agriculture regularly-bicycle the-promise transportation united states university-professor

2020 36

Why stakeholders are raising the pressure on US business leaders to address climate


Business Green affordable housing annual-survey cleantech colorado edf ellen ellen-weinreb impact-from includes-four leadership pollution prevention talent show unilever years-headhunter

Protecting Water: The Pulse of Our Civilization

Cool Green Science

Beginning in the Grand Canyon, Sanjayan attempts to kayak down the Colorado River to its delta just south of the Mexico border. Imagine—the mighty Colorado doesn’t regularly reach its destination—the Sea of Cortez—and hasn’t in over half a century. My organization, the Nature Conservancy, was proud to be part of the team that developed this collaborative commitment to save the Colorado River.

2015 65

The Green Buzz: Thursday, September 26

Cool Green Science

More than 37,000 gallons of oil spilled in the wake of the Colorado floods , and there’s a scramble to clean it up. ( It keeps happening, so we’re going to continue to talk poaching in today’s green news. More than 80 elephants were killed when poachers used cyanide to poison their water hole. ( BBC News ). Ancient fish fossil found in China shows the first face on an animal ! National Geographic ).

2013 59

Can a new wave of laser and aerial imagery technologies slash methane emissions?


Along Colorado’s Front Range, researchers are working to develop new ways of detecting methane leaks, using everything from lasers to light aircraft to drones. Business Green a-potent-contributor along-colorado develop-new front industry-billions potent-contributor using-everything while-savingTheir technologies could curb a potent contributor to climate change, while saving industry billions of dollars in lost gas.

2019 28

50 Fish, 50 States: Trout at 11,000 Feet

Nature Conservancy - Science

Fishing for a (formerly) extinct fish in the Colorado Rockies. Fish & Fisheries From the Field Wildlife 50 Fish, 50 States Conservation Science Fish Outdoor Rec

2019 65

Southern NV Water Authority wants to ban useless grass


People are worried that the Colorado River, which supplies 90% of southern Nevada’s water, might not be able to meet demand. The river is admittedly stretched thin, having to supply Arizona, California, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado and Mexico as well. Eco Green a-has-nearly a-record-240 california colorado united states virginia water water-authorityDoes a city that went a record 240 days without rainfall in 2020 really need to water ornamental grass?

The Green Buzz: Thursday, November 7

Cool Green Science

Voters in Colorado tell the fracking industry to back off. Animals Conservation Issues Dams Environmental News Environmental Science Science The Green Buzz beer blackfish Bloomberg CBS News colorado craft brewing fracking Grist market watch Mozambique npr Penobscot River rhino poaching sea world stock market Restored rivers, place-based beer, and “Blackfish” all in today’s green news.

2013 55