Cloud of Pet Coke Dust Blows over Detroit River

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Video surfaced this week of a big nasty cloud of pet coke dust blowing off a huge pile of the petroleum by-product that sits along the edge of the Detroit River in Detroit.

Environmental Justice Activists Look to Close Big Polluter's Loopholes

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These concerned citizens were in Washington to talk to the Obama administration about updates to the so-called "startup, shutdown, malfunction" rule for industrial facilities, including coal plants and refineries.

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Overwhelming Support for Climate Action at EPA Listening Sessions

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When we arrived in Chicago, I took to the stage to help rally the 500-person crowd ( video here ), calling on the EPA to put forward strong, just standards for the number one source of the pollution that is wreaking havoc with our climate - power plants. Coal Coal-Director Health

Michael Brune's Testimony on Keystone XL to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

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A report last week from Carbon Tracker found that Keystone XL would spur additional production of roughly 500,000 barrels per day, the emissions equivalent of building 46 new coal plants. Huge petcoke piles from refining processes have begun to appear in cities like Chicago and Detroit.

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Big Clean Energy News Just Keeps Coming: "Solar is Most Economical Option," Says Energy CEO

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On the heels of last week's release of carbon pollution safeguards from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which requires future power plants to deal with their climate-disrupting carbon pollution, news is rolling in from across the U.S. Coal Coal-Director Energy Solutions Health