Coal Mining Costing West Virginia $97.5 Million

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Despite the PR campaigns by the coal lobby that imply that the state relies on coal income, an analysis by The West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy finds that actually coal cost the state of West Virginia more than it took in. The [.] [ Coal Mining Costing West Virginia $97.5 million coal coal mining costs West Virginia

Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Poisons Appalachia's Waterways

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I remember the first time I saw a mountaintop-removal coal mining site - Kayford Mountain in southern West Virginia. Their lives are never the same when a mountaintop-removal coal mine starts blasting.

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The News Just Keeps Getting Worse for West Virginia (and It Doesn't Stop There)

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Earlier this week, my West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin said the following about whether people should be drinking the water in Charleston and downstream: "It's your decision.I'm I don't know, your guess is as good as mine."

One Volunteer's Story of the West Virginia Elk River Chemical Spill

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Running alongside the Little Coal River in Boone County, West Virginia is the sleepy town of Van. Dustin, the son of a coal miner, grew up at the foot of Cook Mountain, named for an ancestor of his, in a place called James Creek Hollow.

Agencies Dodge Responsibility for Human Cost of Mountaintop-Removal Coal Mining

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This week, we got some disappointing news - a judge ruled that the Army Corps of Engineers isn't responsible for considering the health effects of coal pollution when it issues permits to fill valleys with rubble from mountaintop-removal coal mines. Coal Coal-Director Healt

Two More Victories in the Fight Against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

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While the fight to end mountaintop removal coal mining is still far from over, we are celebrating today's ruling by the U.S. Circuit on a massive mountaintop removal project, the Spruce Mine. 1 mine in Logan County, West Virginia.

Activist Profile: National Christian Denomination Stands Against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

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One of the best parts of my work is that I get to be inspired, every day, by the stories of people who are taking action – and taking leadership – to rein in coal pollution and move America to clean energy. Coal Coal-Director Energy Solutions Health Safe and Healthy Communities

Coal Chemical Spill Contaminates Water for 300,000 West Virginians

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On Thursday night, a chemical spill on the Elk River in West Virginia, just two miles above the Elk River water treatment plant near Charleston, contaminated drinking water for more than 300,000 residents in central and southern West Virginia.

Standing Up for Clean Water When States Won't

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Now, years later, you can't even let your own kids or grandkids play in those same waterways because of pollution from a nearby mountaintop-removal coal mine. to protect West Virginia waterways from. mountaintop-removal-mining-based water pollution.

An example of why environmental valuation is needed

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The headline says "mountaintop removal for coal hurts water quality and harms fish." Luckily, the article actually gives an idea of the magnitude: In West Virginia’s Appalachian mountains, fish are vanishing. A  new government study  traces the decline in abundance to  mountaintop removal , the controversial coal mining practice of clear cutting trees from mountains before blowing off their tops with explosives.

"A Curious Plan to Fight Climate Change"

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Until that day in April, Mr. Clarke, 61, had never been in a coal mine. Patriot sold not only the troubled Federal mine to Mr. Clarke, but also several other mines that were no longer in operation, including a sprawling surface mine carved from the top of a mountain in southern West Virginia. Mr. Clarke’s new company agreed to clean up the shuttered mines and reclaim the land that had been ravaged.

New Spate of Coal Bills in Congress Threaten Air, Water, and Public Health

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This week, Senator Mitch McConnell unveiled legislation that would force the Environmental Protection Agency to speed up its permitting process for new coal mines instead of taking the needed time to review these proposed projects for potential polluting runoff.

Volunteer Profile: Getting Water to WV Residents - Fighting to Keep WV Water Clean

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Jen-Osha, her staff and a band of volunteers spend their time raising awareness about the dangers of mountaintop removal coal mining, promoting local arts and engaging in educational programs for youth in West Virginia.

Kentucky's Coal Challenges -- Public Health, Clean Water, and Clean Air

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This week's column focuses on some big coal-related news items out of the Bluegrass State, where some inspiring Beyond Coal activists are making waves. " We're hoping that doesn't continue a trend of pro-coal decisions on mountaintop-removal coal mining.

Coal Ash Bill Fails to Protect Public Health

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A coal ash/slurry impoundment at a mountaintop removal coal mine in West Virginia. House of Representatives against a recently-introduced bill that fails to substantively protect children and vulnerable communities from exposure to hazardous chemicals in coal ash.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Others March to Save Historic Mountain from Mining


Any greenie will tell you that mountaintop removal mining is a bad idea. In 1921, a battle took place at Blair Mountain between 10,000 coal miners and the mine operators. For many of them, the mine means more jobs that are desperately needed.

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Celebrating the 1,000th Sierra Club Solar Home

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It's been more than two years since my husband and I installed solar panels on the roof of our home in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. I love knowing that our home is more powered by the sun, and less by dirty coal mined by blowing up the beautiful mountains in Appalachia.

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2014 Grassroots Anti-Coal Movements To Watch

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Wherever there are coal mines, coal shipping ports, and power plants around the globe, local communities are fighting back against deadly pollution and economic destruction. This year, the danger coal poses to local communities has never been more apparent.

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David Keeps Winning: 10 Recent Victories That Will Give You Hope for the Planet

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  Each one of these campaigns represents a major victory for local families, who point to these coal projects as threats to the safety of their kids and communities. coal plants, are now retired or slated to retire. West Virginia: In late August, the D.C.

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Singing Against Mountaintop Removal

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Mountaintop removal is a cheap way to extract coal from mountains. This method of coal mining isn’t new and has been happening in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee for quite some time.

Will Mountaintop Removal be a Thing of the Past?

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Mountaintop mining (MTM) is a process similar to strip mining, which is used to extract coal from mountains. West Virginia is a common hotspot for MTM, but when those natural landscapes and resources are gone, what location is the U.S.

New Study Offers First Comprehensive Picture of Appalachian Energy Development

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Coal trucks rumble over mountain roads. An open-pit coal mine. Each wind farm, gas well, or coal mine is considered individually, one at a time.

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Coal Use Declining Across U.S. Due To Natural Gas

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Coal has been used globally for centuries, helping to assist nations prosper with the cheap fuel source. Unfortunately coal is also responsible for a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide pollutants.

Natural Gas or Coal: It’s All About the Leak Rate

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When it comes to generating electricity, coal is a dirty fuel. It’s dirty to mine, dirty to burn, and dirty to dispose of the ash. ( But, until recently coal was the cheapest fuel for electric power, so it has been widely used across the U.S.

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2014 Grassroots Anti-Coal Movements To Watch

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Wherever there are coal mines, coal shipping ports, and power plants around the globe, local communities are fighting back against deadly pollution and economic destruction. Today, the Sierra Club released our fourth annual report on some of the world’s major, ongoing grassroots coal fights around the world. This year, the danger coal poses to local communities has never been more apparent. Coal India International

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Massive Crowds Turning Out to Oppose Coal Exports - Compass

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This Sierra Clubbers DIY Car » Massive Crowds Turning Out to Oppose Coal Exports. " That's what a former West Virginian, who now lives in Oregon, told federal officials this week at one of the many recent blockbuster public hearings on coal exports. Coal-Director.

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Would-be Coal Exporters Scheme To Avoid Paying Worker Benefits

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Amid all the “jobs, jobs” cheers from Northwest coal export proponents, two of the biggest players in the debate have embarked on a scheme to weasel out of paying retirement and health benefits to their workers. In a nutshell, Peabody Energy and Arch Coal spun off companies that became Patriot Coal, saddled them with as much of their worker-benefit and environmental liability as they could get away with, and then watched as Patriot went bust. This is appalling.

Ontario Cares Aboot Coal | Mother Jones

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Ontario Cares Aboot Coal. 17, 2013 10:06 AM PST Tweet Ontarios coal-fired Lambton Generating Station is scheduled to close this year. Will Colleges Kick Coal out of Their Stockings? House Passes Extra-Terrible Pro-Coal Bill Before Heading Home Good work, Congress!

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It’s been a hard few months for us fossil-fuel-addicted societies: calamity in the Gulf of Mexico; coal mining disasters in China, West Virginia, and Russia; still-frustrated attempts to win climate and clean-energy policies in Salem, Olympia, and Washington, DC.

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World Water Crisis

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Read more: [link] Melissa Farlow / Blue Planet Run Next Back Dirty Water Foul-smelling water mixed with coal had been running from Kenny Stroud's faucet for more than a decade before clean tap water was finally provided by the city of Rawl, West Virginia.

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