The News Just Keeps Getting Worse for West Virginia (and It Doesn't Stop There)

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" For the 300,000 people affected by the coal chemical spill from two weeks ago, I bet that's very reassuring. And it gets worse -- how about this article featuring a former WV coal miner, Joe Stanley, who says : "I watched the coal industry poison our water for years. We know the coal industry is getting away with poisoning our waterways nationwide, and a new study of federal data by the Associated Press shows just that.

Quote of the Day: "The fact is places like Ohio were getting dramatically cleaner anyways"

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From the front page of the Columbus Dispatch : As President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday easing environmental regulations, he said to coal miners standing nearby: "You know what it says, right? The announcement could have mixed effects in Ohio, where cheap natural gas, mechanization and competitive renewable technologies have contributed to an industry-wide move away from coal. "That's

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The myths of sustainable consumption and sustainable growth

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The idea is that, by providing consumers with a choice of products reflecting their new environmental values, the market will self-regulate its way towards a more sustainable future, one in which supermarket shelves are lined with ecologically friendly products, and workers in developing countries are receiving fair wages for their labor. We, plain and simple, need a new system that takes account of the very fact that our non-renewable resources, be this oil, gas, coal, minerals, etc.,

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The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax: Q&A with Jerry Taylor

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First, it is a less expensive, more efficient and more effective policy than the status quo: EPA regulation via the Clean Air Act and a host of green energy subsidies and mandates. And there is no plausible political scenario in which those regulations and subsidies can be rolled back by raw conservative political force. Those two communities are certainly more inclined to embrace market-oriented regulation than the alternative.

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A Month of Disappointments for Coal Exporters

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Miles-long coal train. It’s been a tumultuous month for proponents of massive coal export terminals in BC, Washington, and Oregon. So here’s a synopsis of the month’s biggest stories: Oregon’s denial of the Morrow Pacific coal export project has sent would-be coal exporters into a panic. T his is the kind of thing that keeps coal producers awake at night. ” [Emphasis added.] County Coal’s mystery export project shelved.

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"Trump's energy plan overstates benefits of more drilling"

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Excuse the politics but 't'is the season:  Donald Trump has promised to roll back regulations and unleash an energy revolution in America — but economists have their doubts about the plan. The Republican presidential candidate says he will boost America's economic output, create millions of new jobs, and put coal miners back to work.

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