Palau is pioneering a new model of sustainable tourism


As is the unfortunate case with many vulnerable travel destinations, the large-scale tourist industry — despite providing the main source of livelihood for its residents — is also responsible for a portion of its carbon emissions and threats to local heritage sites.

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Landmark Dutch case orders Shell to do more to tackle climate change

A Greener Life

In a landmark climate case, the Dutch oil and gas giant Shell has been ordered to do more to cut its emissions. Judge Larisa Alwin ordered Shell to reduce its carbon emissions by 45% by 2030 from 2019 levels.

Six reasons the EU isn’t as green as it claims

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It proposes to make Europe the first continent to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 and the first to deliver a climate law with binding emissions targets. It commits to ‘ a new growth strategy ’ in which economic growth is decoupled from resource use.

Renewables hands-down cheaper than coal, new report

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Replacing the costliest 500 GW of coal with solar PV and onshore wind next year would cut power system costs by up to USD 23 billion every year and reduce annual emissions by around 1.8 gigatons (Gt) of carbon dioxide (CO2), equivalent to 5% of total global CO2 emissions in 2019.

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How climate change can be addressed through executive compensation


Analysis of company public disclosures conducted by Willis Towers Watson shows that while about 11 percent of the top 350 European companies have CO2 emissions linked to their incentive plans, only 2 percent of US S&P 500 companies have it.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to fund nuclear reactor in Wyoming


Related: Fukushima nuclear power plant to release contaminated water into ocean Wyoming Governor Mark Jordan has embraced the project, both for creating energy while reducing CO2 emissions as well as for the hundreds of operation and construction jobs the project promises.

Saudi Arabia building world’s largest green hydrogen plant at Neom

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I think that would lower more emissions than putting up a massively inefficient and expensive hydrogen generation facility. A rendering of Neom, an intentional futuristic city breaking ground on the Red Sea of Saudi Arabia.

Best Practice for Green City Planning

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Hamburg’s green strategies and new initiatives have made it a best practice model for other cities to follow. Across the Atlantic, New York is currently developing its own strategies and initiatives to meet the sustainability challenges of an ever-growing metropolis and on December 1, 2011 representatives of Hamburg and New York City have come together to discuss their strategies and visions of green city planning.

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UN New Urban Agenda: President Markkula calls for binding targets

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From now on, thanks to the EU urban agenda, legislation, governance, funding and implementation strategies will be assessed and streamlined so that citizens can feel that the effective cooperation of all actors allows for real improvement in their quality of life."

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Over Polluted Qatar Hosts UN Climate Conference

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This month’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP18) will be hosted by Qatar, the tiny peninsula nation in the Persian Gulf that holds the world record for per capita CO2 emissions. increase in carbon dioxide (CO2). Qatar has held the emissions world record for two decades. Stratospheric emissions are likely due to high energy consumption by natural gas processing, water desalination , and electricity production to support ubiquitous air conditioning.

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Renewable energy investment matchmaking platform launched

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The Global Renewables Outlook examines building blocks of an energy system along with investment strategies and policy frameworks needed to manage the transition. It explores ways to cut global CO2 emissions by at least 70 per cent by 2050.

Bill Gates at TED2010: We Need Energy Miracles

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Titled “Innovating to Zero,&# Gates touches on our need to strive towards zero CO2 emissions. Unlike other climate talks, which tend to either be full of hubris or broad reaching statements, Gates presented several clear ideas and equations for strategies that could potentially lead us to this goal. Of all the speeches and talks I’ve heard on climate change, Bill Gates’ recent TED2010 talk was the most pragmatic and thoughtful.

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G8 Recognizes Need to Act on Super Greenhouse Gases, Considers More Aggressive Stance on CO2

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July 2009 – As the Group of Eight began discussions on targets for reducing climate emissions, talk was circulating of a possible commitment to limit warming to 2?C. The only way to meet these goals however, will be to pursue fast and big cuts in both CO2 emissions, which are causing half of the warming, and non-CO2 emissions which are causing the other half. C scenario to stabilize CO2 at 450 ppm. Washington, D.C.,

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Copenhagen – Beyond Green

The Green Changemakers

The study documents that Copenhagen’s green city strategy has not only brought great reductions in the CO2 emissions, decreased pollution, created several green jobs and produced annual growth rates of an impressive 12 percent in the green sector. The city of Copenhagen is well known for being a green city.

Shams 1: World’s Largest Concentrated Solar Plant Goes Live

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Now that it is live, it is expected to generate sufficient energy to power 20,000 homes and divert 170,000 tons of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere each year. Probably more than any other Gulf nation, the United Arab Emirates has employed an aggressive strategy to scale up its renewable energy portfolio. The Shams 1 Concentrated Solar Plant (CSP) in Abu Dhabi is the largest of its kind in the world and it has finally gone live.

Oil and Gas Company Climate Commitments Are Encouraging—But They Need to Do More

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Shell’s ambitious “Sky” scenario outlines the potential for “net zero” CO2 emissions by 2070. And because methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, continued use of natural gas will also require that methane emissions in the production and transport of natural gas be tightly controlled. to end flaring and are adopting practices such as green completions that rein in methane emissions.

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Sun shines on Sainsbury’s as it cuts CO2 and energy bills

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Sainsbury’s recently reached a significant milestone in its investment in renewable energy as it strives to cut CO2 emissions and reduce energy bills. These will help reduce Sainsbury’s total CO 2 emissions by an estimated 9,785 tonnes per year as it retains its status as the largest multi-roof solar panel operator in Europe. They are helping us cut carbon emissions and energy bills and achieve the environmental targets we set ourselves in our stretching 20x20 Plan.

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Chicago gives green light to "smart" signal system

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According to its research, traffic-smoothing strategies that "reduce the number and intensity of acceleration and deceleration events"—which is exactly what the new traffic technology purports to do—could reduce CO2 emissions by seven to 12 percent. In a time when resources are limited and efficiency is highly valued, engineers around the world are finding ways of not just reducing carbon emissions, but lowering costs for consumers as well.

Growth in electric vehicles sales central to closing emissions gap

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New frontier of vehicle design represents significant opportunity for the energy sector Electric vehicles play a central role in policy or technology portfolios designed to lower emissions Electric vehicles (EVs) will need to increase their combined market share to 16% by 2020 to achieve the aggressive fuel economy standards set by regulators, according to new research by the World Energy Council.

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Non-CO2 Agents Are Key Targets in Climate Change Fight

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FSM co-hosted the side event on “Targeting Non-CO2 Climate Forcers for Fast Mitigation to Complement CO2 Cuts” along with Sweden , and has also submitted a proposal to the UNFCCC for a Programme of Work for rapid climate mitigation. There’s no question that reducing CO2 emissions is absolutely essential and the number one target,” said Durwood Zaelke, President of the Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development.

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French cities to test ban on gas guzzlers

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In 2012 city officials will begin to set restrictions on dirty gas guzzlers that emit an high amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometer. "An official within the Parisian mayor’s office, Denis Baupin, identified older diesel-engined cars and sport-utility vehicles as specific targets of the emissions limit. "I’m These policies include a regulation on CO2 emissions from newly manufactured passenger cars that will take effect in 2012 as well.

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Israeli Cleantech Benefits from Australian Climate Legislation

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It is currently negotiating a $25 million grant for exploration and development of the geothermal project under Australia’s Energy Technology Innovation Strategy. And lastly, in June it licensed a revolutionary technology developed by the commercial arm of Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science, that converts CO2 emissions to fuel. OPEC Countries Seek “Developing Nation” Funds to Capture CO2.

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Protect the Earth: Take action on the other half of Climate Change

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Carbon dioxide may be the primary culprit when it comes to climate change, but it’s still only half of the problem: black carbon soot, ground-level ozone, methane and HFCs (a group of super greenhouse gases with hundreds to thousands the global warming potential of CO2), are some of the non-CO2 gases and pollutants that make up the other half of climate change. C and bring CO2 concentrations back down to safe levels.

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Devoteam Publishes its Annual European Green IT Survey for 2012

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On distance working, 64% of respondents use audio conferencing and 53% video conferencing – a most encouraging result given that the WWF has found that 50% of organisations’ CO2 emissions come from business travelling. Importantly, Green IT is no longer perceived as a cost reduction initiative, but more than ever one where development strategy and corporate responsibility align closely.”

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BWEA Welcomes Europe's largest onshore Windfarm coming online and securing extension

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BWEA's Director of Programme Strategy Chris Tomlinson called on the UK Government at Whitehall and Holyrood to ensure that the planning system is fit for purpose at both local and national level saying: "The superb achievement of having the largest onshore windfarm in Europe, providing power for hundreds of thousands of homes, shows what can be achieved when strong political leadership is shown.

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Localism Bill: gamechanger for the renewable energy sector

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With nearly 270 wind farms in planning onshore, totalling over 7 gigawatts (sufficient to power 4 million homes per annum), the Association has identified proposals on local referendums , predetermination , neighbourhood planning , pre application consultations, abolition of regional spatial strategies and the community infrastructure levy as being of particular importance.

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Scientists to U.S. Congressional Committee: Time for Serious Action on Black Carbon

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March 2010 – Black carbon soot, produced from incomplete combustion of diesel fuel and biomass, is one of the largest contributors to climate change apart from CO2, as well as a danger to public health, and should be a prime target of policymakers according to scientists and experts testifying at today’s hearing of the U.S. Effectively, BC reduction may provide a possible mechanism for buying time to develop and implement effective steps for reducing CO2 emissions,” said Dr. V.

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Runaway Warming Ahead, According to Ancient Climate Records

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They complement efforts to cut CO2 under any climate treaty. F) when concentrations of CO2 were at the levels that will be reached by 2100 under business-as-usual trends. Current emissions have warmed the Planet about 0.76?C. Molina’s fast-action strategies recognize that climate change is not one problem but a package of related problems, caused by a variety of factors. Downstream emissions of HFCs are included in the Kyoto Protocol.)

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Watch for ADM to pioneer biofuels, more carbon capture projects


“The greenhouse gas emissions we’ll save will be the equivalent of those from charging every single smartphone on the planet 250 times.” The new commitments do not yet cover Scope 3 emissions, although that it is a forthcoming priority for the company, she said.

What is a carbon footprint?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A carbon footprint is “the total set of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event or product”. Too many people, and agencies, only consider CO2 and other GHGs in the equation and forget that there is a lot more to it, thus “environmental footprint” is a much better terms. But measurement must then include more than just emissions. To put it very simply – the more we buy the more emissions will be caused on our behalf.

10,000 Improved Cookstoves – The Beginning of Eradicating Open Fire Cooking in Mexico

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According to the Mexican government, each year these cooking practices cause 18,000 premature deaths, over 20 million tons of wood to be burnt, and contribute to large amounts of CO2 emissions. EcoZoom cookstoves remove harmful smoke from the house, combust more efficiently to create less harmful emissions and reduce fuel use by up to 70%, while cooking traditional foods using traditional fuel.

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The Other Climate Changers: Why Black Carbon and Ozone Also Matter

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August 2009 – According to an essay published in the September/October issue of Foreign Affairs, reducing emissions of black carbon soot and ground-level ozone would quickly make a considerable dent in the climate change problem and would also contribute to public health and protect crop yields. The fact that reducing black carbon and ozone by 50 percent could offset the warming effect of up to three decades worth of CO2 emissions makes this a critical strategy to pursue.”

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British government set out new Climate Change policy

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by Micheal Smith (Veshengro) The British government on July 15, 2009 announced its Renewable Energy Strategy (RES) and the Low Carbon Transition Policy. We just cannot continue to use the motorcar in the way we do and have done over the years but not because of any possible CO2 emissions that may or may not contribute to the climate change but because of the general pollution from car use.

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Non-CO2 Pollutants Are Promising Target in Cancun, Could Delay Warming by Several Decades

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The scientific case for such a strategy was laid out today, on the eve of the UN climate negotiations in Cancun, in an Op Ed in The New York Times ( [link] ) by Professor Veerabhadran Ramanathan, from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, and his colleague, Professor David Victor. For example, reducing emissions from open cooking and diesel vehicles could save many of the 1.9

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There will be a full studio set-up and an edit suite, which will demonstrate how organizations can achieve emissions reductions. Green ICT strategies to reduce business travel related carbon emissions’ by Richard West of Dreamtek and ‘Web conferencing as the leading tool for virtual meetings and eLearning as an alternative to business travel’ by Will Cawthorne of Adobe System.

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One Hundred-Day Countdown to WILD9

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WILD9’s central theme, Wilderness and Climate Change, underscores the critical role of wilderness as carbon sinks absorbing CO2 emissions, and as a key component of global strategy to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Its working strategy combines the establishment of alliances with government, non-profit and corporate partners with the promotion of a conservation culture through publications and films in a search of conservation solutions through specific action.

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Nation Calls For New Approach To Affordable, Attainable Housing

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Welsh’s strategy includes rehabilitating the existing inventory of vacant and foreclosed houses to create healthy, green affordable homes. 10) This is equivalent to deferring the CO2 emissions from 1,979 gallons of unleaded gasoline. The organization and its innovative model received an award from the National Housing Conference for “Pioneering Housing Strategies.”

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Big freeze highlights problem of UK's cold homes

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Making the UK's homes energy efficient is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to slash carbon emissions - we need to cut C02 from housing by 42 per cent this decade to help avoid dangerous climate change, warns the environmental campaigning charity. Much is being made of the targets of cutting CO2 emissions but the way we are going in this field in the UK we will not arrive there, as far as housing stocks are concerned.

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China To Benefit From Emerging Global Electric Vehicle Demand, Though Challenges Remain

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BEIJING, CHINA, April 2011 : Driven by four global megatrends—reducing CO2 emissions, oil concerns, growing congestion, and rapid technology advances—countries worldwide are focusing strongly on vehicle electrification with China emerging as an important test-bed for innovation, according to a new study financed by the World Bank.

Why IKEA is investing in sustainable mobility


The furniture giant is starting with a sustainable mobility strategy in urban areas, which has several dimensions, Hultberg explained. All the while, transportation emissions have risen around the world in the past few years to over 24 percent of global CO2 emissions. The company plans to make 100 percent of its last-mile deliveries be zero-emission by 2025.

Desert plants fed with saltwater produce amazing new biofuel for Boeing and Etihad

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In 2012, the world’s airlines transported three billion people, emitting 689 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. While the aviation industry only contributed two per cent of the world’s total CO2 emissions, its environmental impact is significant enough, and fossil fuels sufficiently infinite, that major airlines such as Boeing and Etihad are concerned to find new sources of clean energy.

The textile companies creating material change


The MCI is a key component of Textile Exchange’s Corporate Fiber & Materials Benchmark program, which enables participating companies to measure, manage and integrate a preferred fiber and materials strategy into their business. With the Climate+ strategy goal of 45 percent reduced CO2 emissions from textile fiber and material production by 2030, Textile Exchange is the driving force for urgent climate action.

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Is Desalination a Solution to Water Shortages?

Eco Friendly Daily

Traditional water supply strategies have relied heavily on drawing water from dams. Desalination causes an increase in CO2 emissions, but you can use alternative energy sources like wind to minimize such gasses. Only 3% of Earth’s water is viable for human use, and this amount is rapidly diminishing. Global warming, melting ice caps, worldwide droughts, and human population growth are causing this precious resource to evaporate before our very eyes.

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