What the Color of our Clothes Say about our Personality.

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Arts & Culture Ecofashion Z ADMIN Entertainment & Culture Featured Today clothes color personality typesWe often choose colors subconsciously, however, and the colors we wear can also enhance or dampen our moods. The colors we wear depend a lot on how we are.

The True Value Behind Buying Sustainable (Yoga) Clothing.

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Why Does American-Made Clothing Cost More?

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Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Ecofashion Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Today Only american american made Bangladesh brand clothing eco rana plaza sustainable fashion USA

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Clothes. ~ Kristin Glenn

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Green clothes hoarder clothing concious consumerism don''t throw away your old clothes eco clothing fair-trade organice cotton green clothing green laundry old clothes organic cotton shopaholic slavery sweatshops what''s in your clothing

How to go green with eco-friendly clothing

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If you thought the trend in clothing was showing your nips, you couldn’t be more wrong. You can choose to go green through your clothing, as well. You can wear more than just a burlap sack, you can actually be quite stylish with eco-friendly clothing. Vintage clothing.

Why our Clothing Donations may be doing More Harm than Good.

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When we donate our clothes, we are buying into a fantasy that we are doing something good. Conscious Consumerism Ecofashion Enlightened Society Family Green Right Livelihood charity donating clothes mindful life textile

Haven Collective: If Soul Mates were Yoga Clothes. {Review}

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I think I may have actually gotten butterflies the first time I saw Haven Collective's clothes. Ecofashion Featured Events Green Yoga haven collective yoga yoga clothes

Ecorazzi Sponsors Charity Clothing Swap in NYC!


Ecorazzi is proudly sponsoring a clothing swap taking place in NYC on Wednesday, May 11th from 4pm-9pm. Which means, looking through your closets for clothes, shoes, belts, hats, etc. Happily with a clothing swap, you get to recycle those items and bring home new ones!

Clothes dryer efficiency tips

Green Living Tips

If you need to use a clothes dryer regularly, here are some efficiency tips that will help reduce environmental impact and save you money

Stella McCartney Launches Eco-Clothing Store In New York


The store will feature Stella’s adult clothing line, but if you want your little one swaddled in eco-fabric you can head upstairs where Saks will also be housing Stella’s children’s clothing line on the second floor. ?Via Live in New York?

Pit Bull Wears Fashionable Clothing to Hide Scars


Diamond, who’s nicknamed “Diva” for her chic clothing, was in and Read More The post Pit Bull Wears Fashionable Clothing to Hide Scars appeared first on Ecorazzi. Diamond, an eight-year-old Pit Bull, has quite the fashion sense.

Clothes pegs and clothespins

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The use of clothes pegs and clothespins (same animal, just different lingo for different countries) is a rarity in some places; particularly those neighborhoods where clotheslines are banned, such as in many parts of the United States.

Fashion revolution! Mom creates clothing you cannot wear “wrong”

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Meet the woman who came up with clothing that can’t be worn wrong. And she did, for her son (shown above with his mom) and for more people than she ever imagined with her newly launched line called Independence Day Clothing. All Images from Independence Day Clothing.

We’re All Naked Under Our Clothes.

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Over the past 57 years, I have both loved and loathed my body, I have embraced what it can do and chafed at its frailties. I have celebrated its achievements and felt betrayed by its all too human limitations. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Health & Wellness Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) anahata body body image chakras His Holiness the Dalai Lama Jeep nudity sanskrit self love sex-positive touch positive Yoga

H&M Launching Eco-Friendly Conscious Clothing Collection

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H&M recently announced their H&M Conscious Collection, which will launch on April 14th in all H&M stores. The line will include clean, white looks for women, men and children. From their press release: “Sustainability is always in fashion at H&M. This April H&M, as part of its focus on sustainability, will introduce Conscious Collection, an ongoing range for women, men and kids, made from environmentally-adapted and greener materials such as organic cotton.

Hanging Clothes in Small Spaces

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The LK471, Foldable 6-tier Shirt Hanger, has got two hooks and can thus also be hung on a clothes rail, such as in a closet, though can also, by use of just one hook, hung over a door or on a coat hook.

Video: MSG in Doritos, Cooking with a Vegan Zombie, How to Compost, Mind Upgrade and Free Organic Clothing!

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Learn what superfoods you should eat everyday, how to compost, what chips to ditch MSG-soaked Doritos for, how to make almond milk, where to get a mind upgrade, and enter to win $50 worth of organic clothing! Giveaway: $50 gift certificate to bgreen apparel , an organic clothing company!

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How We can Use Clothes to Really Boost our Mojo.

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Clothing as tools of happiness is not about cookie-cutter do’s and don’ts, it’s about figuring out what kind of style enhances who you already are and maybe makes you even better. Inspiring (Wow) Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) Z ADMIN Entertainment & Culture Featured Today boldness clothes confidence fashion happiness Nicole Betti self-worth

The Best Yoga Clothes on the Planet, for the Planet. {Review}

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Ecofashion Featured Events Green WAYLON: Today Only Yoga eco fashion inner waves organics organic cotton yoga clothes yoga pantsTurns out, it is actually possible to become a better person just by putting yoga pants on in the morning.

Wear your clothes more than once, Kate

Green (Living) Review

Vivienne Westwood gives Kate Middleton some great fashion advice – wear your clothes more than once by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Kate Middleton should recycle her outfits more, says Dame Vivienne Westwood and Dame Vivienne definitely has a valid point there.

Good Guide: How Good Are Your Clothes Made?

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Homeless Woman In My Ethical Clothing Store Teaches Valuable Lesson. ~ Alok Appadurai

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Green Inspiring (Wow) WAYLON: Today Only abuse China clothing eco fashion homeless love made in america "I don''t buy Made In China," and went on to explain that she thinks "all that cheap stuff made in China is built on suffering and abuse.and I myself have been abused in my life.".

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Alice Cooper Opens Thrift Store Full of His Own Clothing


The legendary singer opened his thrift store, Alice''s Attic, in Phoenix on Sunday and it''s stocked with the hitmaker''s clothing. Read More The post Alice Cooper Opens Thrift Store Full of His Own Clothing appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Fashion News People Top News alice cooper

25% Off Organic Clothing From BGreen Apparel!

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clothing organicMy giveaway of a gift certificate at bgreen apparel was so popular that I reached out to them and asked if they could extend a discount to those who didn't win but still want to buy some organic basics. From today until October 11th they're offering Eco-Vegan Gal readers 25%!

Event: Ecorazzi Sponsored Clothing Swap on May 11th in NYC!


A large scale clothing swap for you to say “Out with the old and in with the new.&#. It’s almost here! This Wednesday join other eco fashionistas (that includes men too) for the perfect spring cleaning event.

When Fat Girls Wear Exercise Clothes. ~ Jessamyn Stanley

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How long will it take major designers of plus-size exercise wear to realize the clothes they produce for curvy bodies tend to be matronly and, to be frank, drab?

Pure Rootz Puts the Preppy in Organic Clothing

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Whereas organic food has been a relatively easy sell to high-end customers, organic clothing has been a little tougher to get going. Organic clothing lines are popping up everywhere, including large superstores such as H&M , bringing the trend to the mainstream.

Ecorazzi Sponsored Charity Clothing Swap a Success!


A charity clothing swap in NYC to benefit HEART , a non profit that teaches kids about human rights, animal protection and environmental ethics. Last Wednesday marked the first of what is now going to be an annual event.

Memories Made of Cloth: A Wardrobe Challenge.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Health & Wellness WAYLON: Editor''s Picks clothing confidence new outfits shopping wardrobe challenge My relationship to shopping has been completely transformed.

The Tailor Project Transforms Clothes and Challenges Consumption

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Imagine having to hear about garment worker’s rights, fast fashion , toxic effluents in waterways , textile waste , pesticides, designers getting screwed somewhere along the line and clothes being made in the U.S. I like beautiful clothing and statement jewelry.

Eco-Friendly, Upcycled Clothes

Eco Friendly Daily

Clothing & Accessories. Eco-Friendly, Upcycled Clothes. There are a lot of people dealing in upcycled fabrics and clothes. There is a large market out there for clothing that is made out of recycled fabrics. Save Money on Kids Clothes. Categories. Garden.

Win Anything You Want From prAna Clothing!


We're launching today a new contest in partnership with prAna, makers of quality yoga, climbing, and lifestyle clothing and accessories. Read More. Contests Featured News

Istanbul’s Top 10 Secondhand Clothing Shops

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Istanbul’s top ten secondhand clothing shops are easily accessible from the city’s main pedestrian drag, Istiklal Avenue, highlighted in blue on the map. But secondhand clothing stores are now on the rise in Istanbul.

Attention NYC Fashionistas: Charity Clothing Swap on May 11th


Read More The post Attention NYC Fashionistas: Charity Clothing Swap on May 11th appeared first on Ecorazzi. Spring is a great time to revamp the closet. Out with the old, and in this case, in with the nearly new.

Grow Your Own Living Clothes with BioCouture During Beirut Design Week

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If you are a designer eager to find more sustainable material choices for your creative inventions, you might want to hit the BioCouture workshop during Beirut Design Week.

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Recycle your Clothes

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Take a bite out of consumer excess by recycling your clothes. It may not be obvious, but every step of the way the clothing industry like any other is contributing to the major problems threatening the planet. Buy recycled clothes.

Confused About Sustainable Fashion? 5 Easy Tips for Buying Ethically.

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I create and manufacture clothing for a living, and talk with customers often about the hard decisions around buying clothes. Questions like “how can you tell if something is sustainable?” and “What does sustainability even mean?” are always part of the conversation.

5 Amazing Fashion Brands that Give Back.

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Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Ecofashion Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Today Only clothes eco fashion ethical clothing lines ethical gifts shopping sustainable fashionBy buying into these brands you’re making a positive impact to someone else’s life.

High-Tech Fashion: 5 Smart Clothes That Fight Pollution

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Our clothing physically protects our bodies and helps us express who we are – but should we expect it to do more? Put together, these are some pretty smart clothes. The post High-Tech Fashion: 5 Smart Clothes That Fight Pollution appeared first on Eco-Chick.

M&S aims to recycle 500,000 clothes in one day

Green (Living) Review

Marks & Spencer is calling on its customers to donate any unwanted or unused clothes to Oxfam. On Thursday March 24, 2011, 367 M&S stores across the UK will be accepting donated clothes and accessories. billion in revenue a year as clothes are thrown out instead of being donated to charity shops. We’re calling on our customers to donate their clothes: it’s an easy way to make a difference and you get a great M&S money-off voucher.”