Kiribati Seeks Move To Fiji If Climate Change Makes Nation Inhospitable

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According to the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, world sea levels will rise between 7 and 23 inches by the year 2100. The continuing struggle to put a global plan in place regarding climate change is putting these nations at risk alongside the globe as a whole. The coral atoll nation of Tuvalu, located in the Pacific, is considered in significant danger of being eliminated by rising seas and increased storms. Climate Change Environment

Ten Ways to Save the World

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Solution Search is a contest to uncover innovative ways that people around the world are already adapting to the impacts of climate change. Increasing reef resilience and fish populations to mitigate sea level rise and preserve livelihoods in Tuvalu. Isn’t it amazing how competition – from the US Open to baseball’s World Series to American Idol – draws people in? Be they participants or spectators, when a prize is on the line, people take action.

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Can the energy efforts of a drowning paradise prompt worldwide response?

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Tuvalu is a coral island in the Pacific located mid-way between Hawaii and Australia that has over 2,000 years of history and today is home to approximately 12,000 inhabitants. As the island has become increasingly aware of the detrimental effects of global warming and climate changes, it has refocused its energy efforts, taking advantage of its natural resources (wind and sun), in hopes of prompting a global movement.

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Tiny Pacific Nation Commits To Fighting Global Warming

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Tuvalu is a small Southern Pacific nation, consisting of only 12,000 people. Stated one individual: “The plight of Tuvalu versus the rising tide vividly represents the worst early consequence of climate change. For Tuvalu, after 3,000 years of history, the success of U.N. climate talks in Copenhagen this December may well be a matter of national survival.”. and Tokyo Electric Power Company have already assisted Tuvalu in their goals.

New Zealand Territory Meets All Electricity Needs Through Solar

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Island nations around the globe have been making great strides in attempting to do their part in reducing climate change. These island nations generally emit very little greenhouse gas emissions but their very livelihoods and islands are threatened with the worst effects of climate change, particularly rising seas. Tuvalu, a small Southern Pacific nation of only 12,000 people, has committed to using only renewable energy by the year 2020.

Solution Search: Local Projects Inspire Global Action

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Take your pick: climate change, deforestation, water security, overfishing — the list of problems goes on. It’s why I was delighted to attend last week’s Solution Search: Adapting to a Changing Climate awards here in Arlington, Virginia. The Nature Conservancy partnered with Rare for the 2013 Solution Search, which called for innovative ways people around the world are adapting to the impacts of climate change. They are, in short, changing the world.

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Filmmaker Craig Rosebraugh Pursues Trail of Environmental Destruction, Illness and Death in Examination of the Fossil Fuel Industry


From the Gulf Coast to the tiny nation of Tuvalu, from Nigeria and Uganda to Peru and Alaska, filmmaker and political activist Craig Rosebraugh documents the impact of an industry that continually puts profits before people, wages a campaign of lies designed to thwart measures to combat climate change, uses its clout to minimize infringing regulations and undermines the political process in the U.S. What happens when an industry has too much power?

Japan’s Aid Across Asia

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Other natural disaster recovery programs are in the works for Tuvalu – a Pacific Island that is already losing land and resources to rising sea levels. This decision can be seen as a gesture to prioritize the environment in light of Japan’s responsibility to host the Group of Eight conference this year, where they pledge to make climate change the most important topic on the agenda. Image from New York Times, shot by Chang W Lee).

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Big Fish, Not Reef Fish

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The Nature Conservancy is leading a project in countries that are part of the Parties to Nauru Agreement (PNA), which brings together nine Pacific island countries – Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Island, Kiribati, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Tuvalu – ­to work together to manage 50 percent of the world’s tuna source. Even though I live near the ocean, I am not a fishermen.

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Renewables 2014 Global Status Report Highlights Another Year of Impressive Renewable Energy Growth

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"Renewables are one of the most important tools in this century for social, economic, and environmental progress," says Alexander Ochs, director of climate and energy at Worldwatch. For example, Djibouti, Scotland, and the small-island state of Tuvalu all aim to derive 100 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Worldwatch Institute researchers contribute to leading global study on renewable energy development Washington, D.C.

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