Fighting Climate Change: How We Can Have a Positive Impact

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When thinking about the shrinking rainforest, ice caps, and warming temperatures, you might wonder what you can do to reverse climate change. The post Fighting Climate Change: How We Can Have a Positive Impact appeared first on Green Living Guy.

System change not climate change

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But most importantly, what can be done instead to actually stop the murder of our Planet? While “personal solutions” have some effect, even the smallest things, but they will not really change anything unless we are, all together, prepared to change the system. Thus system change that is required for the world to become a better place where people and the Planet count and not (just) money.

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No punches pulled in Climate Change Encyclical

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Pope Francis pulls no punches in Climate Change Encyclical The care of the Planet is at the heart of The Holy Father's attention in this Encyclical “Praised be You, my Lord, for Brother Sun and Sister Moon, for Brother Wind and Sister Water, for Brother Fire; praised be You, my Lord, for our Sister Mother Earth, our common home, which sustains and governs us.” climate change Climate Change Encyclical Holy Father Pope Francis

Copenhagen Consensus 2012: Climate Change

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When it comes to climate change, the experts recommend spending a small amount – roughly $1 billion – to investigate the feasibility of cooling the planet through geo-engineering options. One reason that climate change ranks low in the Copenhagen Consensus exercise is that the benefit-cost analyses conducted for the Copenhagen Consensus were required to use 3% and 5% discount rates. That is, climate policy is not about spending money.

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Beloved climate change scientist Konrad “Koni” Steffen loses life falling through melting glacier

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It looks like climate change actually claimed him as a victim,” a colleague said. ” Professor Steffen contributed to the landmark Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as a lead author on the Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate.

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Landmark Dutch case orders Shell to do more to tackle climate change

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In a landmark climate case, the Dutch oil and gas giant Shell has been ordered to do more to cut its emissions. It is the first case in which activists have turned to the courts to get an energy company to change course.

Polar Vortex ? Climate Change

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this week has generated a lot of questions about climate change. Does the polar vortex disprove the theory of climate change? However, it does highlight the important distinction between weather and climate. The planet is large and complex, and an enormous number of factors, not all of which can even be anticipated, impact weather fluctuations. Climate, on the other hand, refers to long-term, gradual and much more predictable changes.

Becoming a Witness to Climate Change

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For years, I have understood the causes and consequences of climate change – intellectually at least – yet something always nagged at me. Like so many other things that we take on faith or on professional credentials, sometimes talking about climate change felt more ritual than real. David Letterman had invited me on the show and we ended up talking about climate change. I realized it was no longer enough to understand climate change intellectually.

Some costs of climate change adaptation

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And they could be large: In January, the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced grants totaling $1 billion in 13 states to help communities adapt to climate change , by building stronger levees, dams and drainage systems. One of those grants, $48 million for Isle de Jean Charles, is something new: the first allocation of federal tax dollars to move an entire community struggling with the impacts of climate change.

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Mobilize to Stop Planet Fever: A 10-Point Action Plan for System Change Not Climate Change

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So it is, when planet Earth gets a fever. And, if we do not take appropriate measures now to stop this fever from spreading, the forecast is that our planet will be well on its way to anywhere between 2ºC to 6ºC rise in temperature before the end of this century. Under such feverish conditions, life as we know it will dramatically change on planet Earth. climate change green living

5 Diet Tips For A Healthy Planet

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The delicate balance upholding all life on Earth is in danger, and to prevent the worse from befalling all living creatures, there’s the need for major changes. Consumers are now looking past the … Read More 5 Diet Tips For A Healthy Planet.

Cooling homes without warming the planet

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The startup Transaera is using a class of materials called metal organic frameworks, or MOFs, to create air conditioners that could have five times less impact on the climate when compared to traditional ACs....

How BetterHelp Can Help You to Cope with Climate Change Depression

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Climate change can seem depressing. People are starting to wake up to the fact that climate change is here and it’s having a huge impact on the planet. You can learn to cope with the climate change that you’re seeing in the world.

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Champagne Production Threatened In Climate Change

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Wheat and corn harvests are diminishing all over the planet, due to extreme weather changes and pests that thrive in heat. Some Champagne farmers are pruning the vines less drastically, to create a leafier, more favorable micro-climate for the grapes. Food Sustainable agriculture Climate ChangeThe world has been feeling the effects of global warming on food crops for a couple of decades already.

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What's wrong with climate change economics?

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As I wrote, Nordhaus’s blunt piece — “ Why the Global Warming Skeptics Are Wrong ” – is worth reading because, like most mainstream climate economists, he is no climate hawk. A key reason for that, I believe, is a chronic low-balling of future temperature rise and hence future climate impacts and hence future climate damages by the mainstream economic profession. delete rant about economists ignoring more recent climate science].

What Can You Do To Help Save the Planet?

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You may feel like whatever you could do wouldn’t make a difference, but every little bit makes a huge difference to saving the planet. The post What Can You Do To Help Save the Planet? The state of the Earth affects all of its residents.

10 Unexpected Impacts of Climate Change

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You no doubt have heard about these and other effects of climate change. A changing climate will likely change your health, your sports and even what you drink. For Earth Week, we look at some of the unexpected potential effects of climate change, for both people and wildlife. A report published by the Union of Concerned Scientists suggests that climate changes acts like “Miracle-Gro for weeds.” But climate change isn’t off the hook.

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The 14-Year-Old Voice of the Climate Change Generation

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We will be known as the generation, as the people on the planet, that brought forth a healthy, just, sustainable world for every generation to come. … We are the generation of change.” In December, HBO will debut the music video “Be the Change,” by Martinez’ hip-hop group, Voice of Youth. In These Times spoke to Martinez about how to stop climate change. You gave your first speech at a climate change rally when you were 6.

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"Perils of Climate Change Could Swamp Coastal Real Estate"

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Rising sea levels are changing the way people think about waterfront real estate. Though demand remains strong and developers continue to build near the water in many coastal cities, homeowners across the nation are slowly growing wary of buying property in areas most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

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Parents campaign on climate change

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Becoming a parent makes two thirds of people feel more concerned about green issues To mark the launch of Climate Week 2013, parents across to country are pledging to 'Protect the Future' to ensure a sustainable future for their children Parenting organisations and celebrities are backing a new campaign, Climate Week - Protect the Future, for parents to protect their children’s future by helping to prevent climate change.

Extreme weather: Is the climate changing faster than expected?


We’ve been hearing about climate change for decades. Is climate change ramping up? Are we way ahead of models forecast by climate scientists? Daniel Swain, a climate scientist and extreme weather expert at UCLA, says it’s more complicated than that. “I’m But I am increasingly convinced that we’ve underestimated the impacts of some of the changes that were actually fairly well predicted.” The planet has already warmed between 1 and 1.3

Pope Francis’ Climate Change Talking Points

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And he’s talking about climate change—a lot. But Francis is taking on climate change specifically, he’s talking about it in powerful new ways, and he’s going to great lengths to deliver his message far beyond the Catholic Church. Earlier this year, Francis issued an encyclical that defines Church doctrine about climate change. So, how is Francis reshaping the conversation about climate change? Climate & Energy

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There is nothing funny about climate change

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Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned Monday that global warming is likely to become completely irreversible if no successful effort is made to slow down the trend before 2006. "If we wait until 1998 or even 1995 to really start doing something about climate change, our planet's rising temperature will already have set in motion a series of devastating and irreparable long-term consequences. Via The Onion : A new report from the U.N.

Communicating Climate Change and the Scientific Delusional Disorder

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In a New York Times op-ed piece this past Saturday, Naomi Oreskes articulates very well the implications of this communications problem for action on climate change. If we can do a better job explaining this to the rest of society, then the rest of society can do a better job advocating for sensible climate policy. As a scientist, I must remind you that we cannot say for sure if humans are causing a global climate change catastrophe. Mad scientist.

Is the golf industry doing enough to combat climate change?


Is the golf industry doing enough to combat climate change? Professional golfers have started speaking out about the changing climate, leading to some corporate sponsors rethinking strategies and how they can better align. Sports for Climate Action Initiative.

How Can Herbs Help the Planet to Go Green?

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It certainly doesn’t require you to establish solar panels on your rooftop, make home furnishings out of recyclable materials, or use refurbished products to help save the planet. You can take little steps to conserve nature by changing.

Climate change increases pollen and worsens allergies


Climate change is making allergy season even worse, according to a new study. Related: Avoid allergies this spring with these 7 natural remedies The study used attribution science techniques to estimate the degree to which wildfires, rainfall during hurricanes, and other extreme weather events are worse than they’d be if the planet wasn’t getting toastier. “It’s Read the original post: Climate change increases pollen and worsens allergies.

Expect Worst Climate Change Scenario, Researchers Warn

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It’s not easy to predict exactly how increased greenhouse gases in our atmosphere will affect global weather patterns , which is one of the main reasons climate change deniers have been able to sow doubt, but scientists are getting closer all the time and their research reveals that we should expect the worst case scenario in decades to come. Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity (ECS). Cleantech, Science & Technology Climate Change extreme weather global warming NASA

In stopping climate change, time is as important as tech


In stopping climate change, time is as important as tech Jonathan Foley Mon, 03/01/2021 – 01:30 This article originally appeared on the author’s personal blog, and was written in that capacity. The only sure path to stop climate change is to zero out greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible. The more we burn, the warmer the planet gets. To achieve such rapid cuts in emissions, we need to deploy the fastest possible climate solutions.

Storm mappers chase after patterns for climate change

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The symbolic clock was set to 11:57 by a board of atomic scientists featuring 17 Nobel Laureates, who warned that the planet, beset by climate change and nuclear proliferation, faced extraordinary and undeniable threats to its continued existence. “We want to use our algorithm to determine how climate change will affect the frequency and intensity of thunderstorms. Climate change and thunderstorms. Green Tech and Gadgets Climate Change

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Heroines for the Planet: Tea Expert and Climate Change Scientist Selena Ahmed

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I met Ethnobotanist Dr. Selena Ahmed at a tea and climate change event Eco-Chick attended in the fall of 2012. How have these travels changed you? I am fascinated by trying to understand the socio-economic and political factors that variably influence these links to the natural world and, what we can learn as a society towards a sustainable planet. Eco-Chick: How has climate change impacted tea production?

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What does the public think about climate change?

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Mr. Obama devoted an entire paragraph to climate change and energy, and later in the speech he pointed to several public policy issues where “our journey is not complete,” he said. 3 found that 78 percent of respondents said they believed the planet had warmed over the past 100 years, and 49 percent said they thought global warming would be a “very serious” problem for the United States if left unaddressed (31 percent said they thought it would be “somewhat serious”).

"ExxonMobil CEO Relieved It Finally Too Late To Do Anything About Climate Change"

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Good ol' Rex: Saying the multinational oil and gas conglomerate had “really dodged a bullet,” ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson told reporters Wednesday how relieved he was now that it was finally too late to do anything about climate change.

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Will Polar Bears Die Out Because of Climate Change?

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Everyone has heard that polar bears are threatened by climate change. As with most species that are or will be vulnerable to climate change, habitat is key in the case of the polar bear. Climate change is warming the Arctic along with the rest of the planet — and in the Arctic, that means sea ice is melting. The ethics of assisted colonization in the age of anthropogenic climate change. Global Change Biology, 19: 2675–2687.

Climate Change Might Not Get Our Wine

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Many insights came from this excellent profile, but here’s the most exciting: climate change could destroy everything in its wake, but it might not get our wine! And what about drought, which is becoming increasingly inevitable as climate change makes hot days hotter, and dry days drier? Maybe it is pointless to worry all the time about our future in a climatically changed world.

Climate Change, Health, and Population Dynamics: A View from Tanzania

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As people around the world celebrate the remarkable Paris Agreement to address climate change , there’s a genuine opportunity for countries to act on their financial pledges to help the world adapt to climate change – especially people in developing countries who are most vulnerable. One progressive way of helping at-risk people adapt to climate change is to improve their health. Family Planning and Climate Change: A Ground-Level View in Tanzania.

Cloud Invented: Will Solve Climate Change

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I have long covered wonderful, innovative and sometimes wacky inventions to reduce our use of fossil fuels, in order to prevent climate change. But, unfortunately, preventing climate change takes political commitment as well, to invent the policies that efficiently move everyone to alternative technologies that don’t destroy our habitat. As a result, now we are beginning to move into the period of the catastrophic consequences of climate change.

Climate change leads to earliest cherry blossoming on record


Related: Climate change is causing spring to come earlier in national parks Climate change and other factors have affected this event, leading to earlier blooms in the past century. “Evidence, like the timing of cherry blossoms, is one of the historical ‘proxy’ measurements that scientists look at to reconstruct past climate,” climate scientist Michael Mann told the Washington Post. Regional climate change accounts for about 2.2°C


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Climate Change? The price of misjudging the global response to climate change theories could be catastrophe: economic for developed nations and life-threatening for the worlds poorest people. One prevailing scientific view of climate change dominates world policy-making, leading to radical law-making of seismic significance. On March 19, 2011, Climate Change?, Under the full title of Climate Change? Climate Change?

Start the Year Off Right: Take Action on Climate Change Now

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Just before the end of 2017, I had the chance to speak to a group of college students about what they can do to act on climate change. The students of today will likely be the key to addressing the climate challenge. But first, I shared some key points on climate change. Climate change is by far the biggest environmental threat we face. Climate change is a huge challenge to human health, access to food and water, security, and the economy, too.

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UN outlines biodiversity plan to reverse climate change


The plan will also protect at least 30% of the world’s oceans and land to achieve significant climate crisis mitigation by 2030. “Change is coming,” van Havre said. I’m sure they’re going to raise some eyebrows as they present significant change, particularly in the agriculture.” Original post: UN outlines biodiversity plan to reverse climate change. The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (U.N.

Time to donate winnings to climate change as the planet heats up

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What I’ve learned from reading stories about people who have won big on lotteries like Mega888 or in Vegas, better not change your lifestyle, but save a little and then give a lot away. Women from Barefoot College learn technical skills to help advance their lives. In countries like Israel, jackpot winners from the lottery cover their faces with paper bags.

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Building homes that fight against climate change


Even with concerted efforts to curb climate change, it’s clear we are already living through the effects of a warming world. As such, it’s time to get serious about where and how we build our homes to keep our families safe while also lessening our impact on the planet.

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