Climate Change - Youth Guide to Action

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Download the Climate Change Guide to Action In English (PDF, 2.2 MB) Link source - Taking IT global Climate change is any shift in weather patterns lasting at least 30 years. Most scientists agree, climate change is happening today in the form of manmade global warming.

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Critters on Camera, Demon Oil and Uber Efficiency

Nature Conservancy - Science

Climate Change. An interactive explores how climate change could change the holiday meal. Accommodation, then catastrophe : The tipping points in evolutionary adaptation to climate change. The rich-poor gap in climate preparedness.

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Wet Commute Forecast for London

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Energy charity Practical Action publishes London 2100 Tube Map To Show Effects of Climate Change December 7th 2010 - Development charity Practical Action has released an alternative tube map that highlights the impact climate change and rising sea levels could have on the capital. If climate change talks scheduled to begin in Cancun this week are not successful, it could lead to a 4C rise in global temperatures by the end of the century.

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In Search of Green Peace in the Middle East (INTERVIEW)

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Now it is hoped a new interpretation of the conservation principle will help protect the region’s dwindling resources by tapping into cultural norms and histories, then radically updating them for a world struggling with climate change.

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From Conflict to Peacebuilding: The role of natural resources and the environment

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Other conflicts, including those in Darfur and the Middle East, have involved control of scarce resources such as fertile land and water. Get the Paper Download (PDF - 1.2 MB) » Richard Matthew , Oli Brown , David Jensen, UNEP, 2009.

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Is water the new oil?It's the world's most precious commodity, yet many of us take it for granted. But that's all about to change. Special report by

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But that's all about to change. When Neolithic men and women arrived 11,500 years ago, things were very different: the climate was cooler and wetter; the landscape was covered in vegetation including wild figs, legumes and cereals, and there would have been wild goats and ibex for meat.

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