CO2 emissions: Looks like it's time to look in the mirror

Environmental Economics

power generation for climate change, you're probably living in the past.  transportation has passed power generation for 1st place in the CO2 emissions race : Some of the most common avatars of climate change – hulking power stations and billowing smokestacks – may need a slight update. If you want to blame U.S.   It look like U.S.

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Are CO2 emissions a normal or inferior good?

Environmental Economics

  With regards to CO2 emissions, the distinction is important because the income effect of policies aimed at CO2 reductions may cause unintended consequences if the income effects counter the direct reduction of the policy.  Global carbon dioxide emissions from industry rose about 3 percent in a weak global economy this year, a study released on Monday showed, adding fresh urgency to efforts to control planet-warming gases at U.N.


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World’s largest direct air CO2 capture plant opens?

A Greener Life

Swiss company Climeworks has opened the world’s largest plant that will directly capture CO2 from the atmosphere. Climeworks says that Orca is the world’s first and largest climate-positive direct air carbon capture and storage plant. The Orca direct air carbon capture plant.

Landmark Dutch case orders Shell to do more to tackle climate change

A Greener Life

In a landmark climate case, the Dutch oil and gas giant Shell has been ordered to do more to cut its emissions. Judge Larisa Alwin ordered Shell to reduce its carbon emissions by 45% by 2030 from 2019 levels.

Information Technology Could Rival Aviation in CO2 Emissions

Eco Friendly Daily

As climate talkathons shift from macro to the micro, the information technology industry could soon face the heat over carbon consumptions and greenhouse emissions. No one cared about CO2 over the last 10 years. Here are some facts and figures… The computing industry contributes about 2 percent to global emissions, close to that of the aviation sector. The sector will step-up its carbon emissions by 6 percent per year.

Global CO2 emissions flatlined in 2014 while the economy grew

Green Blog

New data from the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows that global CO2 emissions stalled at about 32 billion tonnes in 2014, the same number as in 2013. It therefore marks the first time in 40 years that such a halt or reduction in emissions wasn’t tied to an economic downturn. This could suggest that climate change mitigating efforts could be having a more noticeable effect than previously thought.

Severe winters and climate change

Green (Living) Review

So, what exactly happened to the global warming that they were talking about – and still do – that was going to end all snowy and cold winters in (southern) Britain and which would the UK, especially the south, to have a climate much like southern Italy? The world's climate is, definitely, in a total mess and in an upheaval and this is also evident by the recent very hot spell in Australian with devastating wild fires followed storms with tons of rain.

How much are plants helping us fight climate change?

Green (Living) Review

New research suggests climate models don''t give plants enough credit for absorbing excess carbon dioxide from the air. But is the discrepancy enough to make a difference in global climate change? And since CO2 emissions from burned fossil fuels are also the main driver of man-made climate change , that raises an obvious question: Are trees saving the world from us? climate change green living plants

CO2 Emissions In MENA Double In 30 Years

Green Prophet

Over the last thirty years, carbon emissions in North Africa and the Middle East have doubled with citizens in the Gulf states producing up to 10 times the amount of CO2 as the average global citizen. Awareness of the dangers of climate change may be on the increase in the Middle East but action to bring down the amount of C02 that is warming the planet sadly isn’t. High Carbon Emission In Gulf Don’t Reflect Rest Of MENA. of its carbon emissions.

Climate change is causing Earth's poles to shift

Green (Living) Review

Because of the extreme accuracy with which scientists can measure the Earth''s pole, this could be a new key indicator for climate change. The axis of our Planet has begun to tilt because of the ice melt in one area and, in fact, the build up of ice on another, as is currently happening in the Antarctic while in the Arctic the ice is, predominately, just melting and a tilt of the axis could really cause mayhem to the Planet''s climate and to all of us.

Latin Nations to Receive Climate Change Help

Eco Friendly Daily

As the effects of climate change become ever more prominent, it is also clear that many of the world’s poorer countries will be the ones to suffer the most, despite having contributed the least to CO2 emissions. The two organizations have signed an agreement to work together to help developing nations manage water resources, combat drought, and measure changes in climate. Climate Change South America

Climate Change Conference

Living In a Toxic World

There is a climate change conference happening in New York City. Any issue as important as climate change needs rigorous debate and a presentation of all the facts. Climate change is not a political issue. Tags: CO2 emissions Climate Change politics pollution It is not what you would expect. The conference, hosted by The Heartland Institute , is called Global Warming: Was it Ever Really a Crisis?

Higher CO2 Levels are Greening the Middle East

Green Prophet

Desertification , water scarcity and food security are among the most important byproducts of rising temperatures due to increased CO2 emissions, but researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) in Australia have found that higher CO2 concentrations are also greening the Middle East. Travel & Nature Climate Change co2 emissions CSIRO desert greening global warming Middle East

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China puts an end to new overseas coal plant projects

A Greener Life

The president of China, Xi Jinping, sought to silence the criticism directed at his country’s climate commitments when he pledged that China would not build any new coal-fired power plants abroad.

Keeping the industrial economy and stopping climate change is an illusion

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) To think we can keep the industrial economy and stop climate change is an illusion. It is simply not possible and stopping climate change at the same time, as they think they can do while growing the economy is more than wishful thinking; it is an illusion. The very notion of stopping and reversing climate change, as the proponents often talk about, is an illusion in itself, as may scientists also begin to agree.

Saudi Turns to Solar, Israel Stuck on Shale

Green Prophet

Incredulously, despite everything that we know about climate change and its inevitable consequences of drought , food insecurity, rising sea levels and widespread ecological change, certain sectors of society stand steadfast by the suicidal notion that developing increasingly dangerous fossil fuels is “good” for us. Cleantech, Science & Technology Climate Energy Climate Change co2 emissions fossil fuels global warming Golan Heights shale oil

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Pollution From North Africa Shuts Down Israeli Airports

Green Prophet

Although natural gas gives off less emissions than oil, it is by no means a “clean energy source.” billion tons a year of CO 2 emissions. Massive gas fields discovered in the Mediterranean are expected to finally admit Israel to the Middle East fossil fuel game – albeit a little late and in the face of climate change. Travel & Nature air pollution Climate Change co2 emissions dust storm Eilat Israel North Africa pollution Tel Aviv

Transport and Climate Change

The Green Changemakers

The transport sector contributes to 23% of energy-related CO2 emissions and is the fastest growing sector in terms of GHG emissions in developing countries. To encourage international action and to slow down this growth, GTZ, Veolia Transport, UITP and TRL have decided to join forces to encourage the recognition that transport can and should play in mitigating GHG emissions. Tags: Transportation Management Climate-change

IPCC: The planet is on red alert

A Greener Life

Just months be fore the crucial UN climate summit, COP26 kicks off in Glasgow, UK in November the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued one of its starkest reports stating that governments have taken too long to take action and we are now paying the price.


When the Tide Turned on Climate Change — And (Almost) No One Noticed

Cool Green Science

It happened during Climate Week 2014 in New York — an event that ended just over six weeks ago, but which is already beginning to seem like a distant, half-recalled dream. And that needs to change if we are to really make progress at Lima in December (site of the next UN Climate Change Conference); at COP21 in Paris; and most importantly, if we are to start to win the war on climate change, the only war worth fighting. Were we asleep?

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Recycling helps us avoid tackling Climate Change

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Climate change and environmental destruction are contentious and disputed topics. In the US, for instance, there is a powerful faction of Republican politicians who flat-out deny that climate change even exists. In Britain, the former Environment Secretary, Owen Patterson, under David Cameron, is also a climate change skeptic, oddly enough. These micro-level changes are theoretically somewhat reducing our environmental crisis.

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Non-CO2 Agents Are Key Targets in Climate Change Fight

Green (Living) Review

I think we sometimes forget that carbon dioxide is only half of what is causing climate change,” said Cynthia Ehmes, head of delegation for the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). The climate challenge is simply too immense to be solved by only addressing half of the problem.” There’s no question that reducing CO2 emissions is absolutely essential and the number one target,” said Durwood Zaelke, President of the Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development.

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British government set out new Climate Change policy

Green (Living) Review

At the same time that I say that I back anyone's right to have and use a car I am also for all to reduce the use of the ICE car and to change to cycling, walking and public mass transit. We just cannot continue to use the motorcar in the way we do and have done over the years but not because of any possible CO2 emissions that may or may not contribute to the climate change but because of the general pollution from car use.

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The fastest way to reduce climate change is to cut down on meat

Green Blog

Authors of a recent climate change analysis, published in the monthly scientific journal Nature Climate Change , says that while the world struggles to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, we have given too little attention to other harmful greenhouse gases – more specifically, greenhouse gases associated with livestock. We clearly need to reduce the burning of fossil fuels to cut CO2 emissions.

Australia’s outrageously deficient carbon tax entrenches climate change inaction

Green Blog

“This is a profoundly dishonest, counterproductive and damaging proposal that fails to seriously tackle man-made climate change.&#. The Gillard Labor Australian Federal Government has announced details of its Carbon Tax -ETS-Ignore Agriculture (CTETSIA) plan by which it ostensibly proposes to “tackle climate change”. A Climate Change Authority will recommend caps for an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and GHG pollution targets.

Councils not to tackle climate change at all, says Lord Lawson

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In the beginning of August 2010 Lord Lawson, aka Nigel Lawson of Margaret Thatcher government fame, stated councils in the UK should do "absolutely nothing" to tackle climate change unless a stringent global deal on reducing carbon emissions is reached through the United Nations, which includes developing as well as developed countries. Local authorities should do absolutely nothing to tackle climate change.

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Protect the Earth: Take action on the other half of Climate Change

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Carbon dioxide may be the primary culprit when it comes to climate change, but it’s still only half of the problem: black carbon soot, ground-level ozone, methane and HFCs (a group of super greenhouse gases with hundreds to thousands the global warming potential of CO2), are some of the non-CO2 gases and pollutants that make up the other half of climate change. C and bring CO2 concentrations back down to safe levels.

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Palau is pioneering a new model of sustainable tourism


If the current COVID-19 crisis has taught us anything, it’s that we must strengthen our nation’s resilience to external threats — the greatest of which is climate change ,” said Kevin Mesebeluu, director of the Palau Bureau of Tourism.

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Recession is good for Climate Change, experts say

Green (Living) Review

billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The answer, according to an economist at Harvard, is the latter: The recession will cause a drop in carbon emissions simply because there won’t be as many industries, homes and vehicles spewing the greenhouse gas into the air. Richard Stavins, the Harvard professor, said in a story in New Jersey’s Star-Ledger that the recession has global implications for climate change, too.

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Combating Climate Change with Landscape Architecture

The Green Changemakers

A recent report from the United Nations Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that “warming of the climate system is unequivocal.” The primary cause of the warming trend is an increasing concentration of greenhouse gases (GHGs), especially carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. The 2007 Assessment Report by the IPCC indicates that GHG emissions increased by 70 percent between 1970 and 2004. GHG emissions come from the transportation sector.

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Make Your Home Eco-friendly by Incorporating These Changes

Green Living Guy

CO2 emissions and single-use plastic are two of the largest sources of pollution in the world. You can make certain small changes in your homes though. Some of these changes are pocket-friendly and they.

Greener aviation: will they help save the planet or are they just pretty concepts?

Green Living Guy

Its popularity and constant use has made it one of the most significant contributors to carbon emissions. of global CO2 emissions are thought to come.

Accept climate change as man made or you are mentally ill

Green (Living) Review

Disagree with man causes climate change and be labeled as mentally ill by Michael Smith This appears to be the message that is being put forth by those that vehemently will only allow the world to believe that the change in climate, once referred to erroneously as global warming, is cause (entirely) by human activities and the farts of cows. All the evidence in history points to this but, oh no, say the “scientists”, it is CO2 and man's activities.

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David Attenborough’s PBS climate special features Greta, not Gore

Green Prophet

On Earth Day, April 22, PBS (America’s Public Broadcasting Service) will premiere a compelling new documentary, Climate Change – The Facts, presenting scientific evidence of the impact of global warming. Science Climate Change Greta Thunberg movie review

Peak energy, climate change, and the collapse of global civilization - The current peak oil crisis

The Green Changemakers

Unconventional oil resources have greater environmental impacts associated with them, including higher CO2 emissions. Systemic collapse will likely result in widespread confusion, fear, human security risks, social break down, changes in geopolitics, conflict, and war. Mitigation and adaptation are the only solutions for climate change. Humanity has already passed the threshold for dangerous anthropogenic interference with the natural climate system.

12 steps to unite to combate Climate Change

The Green Changemakers

Whether you are an individual, an organization, a business or a government, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce your carbon emissions, the total of which is described as your carbon footprint. Telling people you will reduce carbon emissions may seem simplistic, but even simple actions like announcing your commitment to going carbon neutral can be effective, while the simple act of asking for ideas can lead to creative and innovative solutions.

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Just How Green is That Electric Car, Anyway?

Green Living Ideas

With the push to reduce the carbon emissions from transportation, sometimes the newest developments, the latest technology, gets the spotlight. Combating Climate Change and Pollution with Electric Cars. Tags: Electric Cars CO2 emissions coal diesel electric car electric vehicle electrical generation EV fuel efficiency low-carbon

"Climategate" is no Big Deal

Living In a Toxic World

While I was at the grocery store recently I heard two people debating the merits of climate change and how climate scientists allegedly faked data. One of the people sounded like they obtained their opinion from talk radio and was going on and on about how the "phony" data proved that climate change is not real. Oddly enough they managed to convince the other person that climate change is not legitimate nor has a scientific consensus.

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Oil Sands

Living In a Toxic World

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Stop burning fossil fuels now: there is no CO2 'technofix', scientists warn

Green (Living) Review

Researchers have demonstrated that even if a geoengineering solution to CO2 emissions could be found, it wouldn’t be enough to save the oceans German researchers have demonstrated once again that the best way to limit climate change is to stop burning fossil fuels now. climate change fossil fuels geo-engineering

Krugman's Empire of Carbon

Living In a Toxic World

Tags: global warming CO2 emissions air pollution Climate Change globalization

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World deforestation: we’re losing a forest the size of NYC every 2 days!

Green Prophet

Climate change, urbanization, and resource depletion (more mouths to feed, burn wood in stoves for, graze more cattle for) is still happening at a fast an alarming clip, influencing our planet’s ability to store CO2 emissions, and protect diversity. This is an issue of global concern.

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Aguanomics: The climate crisis doesn't end with the Keystone XL

Environmental Economics

NOT "fix" the climate change problem"**. If you want to reduce demand, then you have to raise the price of oil or -- more accurately -- CO2 emissions. climate policy David Zetland: Obama says he will not give a permit for the Keystone XL, a project that I have supported in the past. The end of the Keystone will:*. NOT keep Canadian tar sands from being produced. NOT reduce the number of trains carrying crude with far more risk of accident.

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