Senate Climate Bill: “Achieving Fast Mitigation” Through Non-CO2 Strategies

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Action on black carbon, methane, HFCs and biochar to avoid abrupt climate change Washington, DC, May 2010 – The Senate climate bill unveiled mid-May 2010 by Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.) contains a section entitled “Achieving Fast Mitigation” to address non-CO2 climate forcers, including black carbon soot, methane, and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Another good reason for targeting non-CO2 climate forcers is that the technology is already available.

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What Is Cap & Trade: Understanding the Waxman-Markley Climate Bill

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But what of global warming? There is a new climate energy bill making its way through the House this week, named after its two sponsors, Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and Ed Markey (D-Mass.) The basic premise of this new climate bill is the attempt to reduce greenhouse gases by instituting a cap and trade program. . Under this bill, companies and manufacturers will be required to obtain a permit per every ton of carbon dioxide they emit each year.

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Grim Greenhouse Gas Milestone Dims Hope for Less Climate Change

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Monitoring stations all over the arctic are reading greenhouse gas concentrations of 400 parts per million – a grim new milestone that dims hope of reversing runaway climate change. Interview: Bracing for a Warmer Planet With Bill McKibben.

Remember when climate cap-and-trade was bipartisan?

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I do and was reminded again this week: Eight years ago, when Mr. Obama ran for president against Senator John McCain of Arizona, both men had essentially the same position on global warming: It is caused by humans, and Congress should enact legislation to cap greenhouse gas emissions and force polluters to buy and trade permits that would slowly lower overall emissions of climate-warming gases.

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The environmental record of Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry

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But what does Romney, Bachmann and Perry say about environmental and climate issues? Below is a quick summary on the three front-runners and just where they stand politically when it comes to the climate and our environment. She is also a climate change denier.

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3 Possible Outcomes of Governor Inslee’s Carbon Order

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Last year, a group of Washington young people petitioned the Department of Ecology to use its existing authority to take action on climate change. Comprehensive climate action requires comprehensive public process.

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Could An All-Wind Energy Future Be in Our Sights

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According to the Global Wind Energy Council, some 37.5 gigawatts of wind power capacity was added to the global energy mix in 2009, an increase of almost a third. The RESs outlined in the House and Senate climate bills call for 20 percent and 15 percent renewables by 2020, respectively. And even those targets are soft, as both bills would allow efficiency measures to be substituted for renewable energy in some cases.

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G8 Recognizes Need to Act on Super Greenhouse Gases, Considers More Aggressive Stance on CO2

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July 2009 – As the Group of Eight began discussions on targets for reducing climate emissions, talk was circulating of a possible commitment to limit warming to 2?C. If the G8 comes to this conclusion, it will be a significant step forward for climate mitigation. These HFCs have global warming potentials of up to 14,800 times greater than CO2.” to support its proposal to phase down HFCs with high global warming potentials. “We Washington, D.C.,

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A Birthday Celebration: Here’s to a Better, Greener Year

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The 90s and early 2000s were plagued by ineffective legislation and in the latter years, a leader who showed little to no support for any real environmental change despite mounting evidence that climate change would have a devastating effect on future generations. Happy Birthday, America. Today you are 202 years old which by today’s standards, that still makes you a toddler among other nations.

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The Other Climate Changers: Why Black Carbon and Ozone Also Matter

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August 2009 – According to an essay published in the September/October issue of Foreign Affairs, reducing emissions of black carbon soot and ground-level ozone would quickly make a considerable dent in the climate change problem and would also contribute to public health and protect crop yields. A provision on black carbon is also included in the Waxman-Markey climate bill. Washington , D.C.,

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Can electric vehicles overtake competing green car technologies?

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by Adam Vaughan 25/02/2009 Everyone from Gordon Brown to Greenpeace backs electric cars as a climate panacea, but are there negative impacts we're missing in the rush to electrification, asks Adam Vaughan The tale of why the Eden Project created an eco car show has lessons for sustainable transport across the UK. Judging from currently available figures, however, EVs are still better news for the climate.

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