3 Easy DIY Cleaning Products: Save Money & the Planet!

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Family Green Health & Wellness cleaning products diy cleaners diy cleaning products eco-friendly cleaning supplies green cleaning supplies homemade cleaners non-toxic cleaning suppliesMy garbage disposal always has a funky smell—I can't wait to try #3 to change that!

Cleaning Products: MyCleaningProducts Joins Olympics 2012 Green Dream with Green Cleaners

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Miami, FL : The Summer Olympic Games 2012 and green cleaning products have something in common. That is the commitment to help build a more sustainable planet. Particularly, it does so by providing green cleaning products. Learn More About MyCleaningProducts Unlike most of the home cleaning solutions available today, MCP's cleaners were formulated using natural ingredients. Given here are just some of MCP's green cleaning products.

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Green Cleaning Products That Work Great and are Good for the Planet

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I When talking with people about green cleaning products, I am oftern asked “do they really work?&#. With all the reports on greenwashing and skepticism about true green products (See recent MSN article on greenwashing), it’s hard to know what products to trust, and which ones will do the job. Tags: Uncategorized Green Cleaning

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Green Cleaning- Good For the Health of You and the Planet

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While there are many green practices worth adopting, switching to green cleaning products is one of those actions I advocate for both as a way of helping the environment but also of protecting our own health. Why Switch to Green Cleaning Products? A Safer Home Each day, families are put to risk by household cleaning products found throughout [.].

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Gyms Go Green for a Healthier Planet

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If you are concerned about your body, you should be concerned about the health of the planet too. That’s the message a lot of new age gyms are giving out. Now, it’s not only about eco-consciousness, but modern gym owners are realizing that green practices can boost their profits too.

Making the air you breathe purer

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We’re constantly seeing never ending headlines warning us on how the planet is changing because of the increasing amount of pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, which brings multiple health problems along with it. The post Making the air you breathe purer appeared first on About My Planet.

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Save the Planet - Starting With Your Little Corner of It

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Save the Planet - Starting With Your Little Corner of It [link] Goucher has embarked on a far-reaching campaign to promote environmental sustainability throughout our academic and co-curricular programs. Use products containing the least amount of bleaches, dyes, and fragrances. Reuse cleaning solvents such as acetone and alcohol for initial cleaning of dirty glassware, using fresh solvent for the final rinse only. Clean brushes with lavender oil instead of turpentine.

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Greening up your Spring Cleaning

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A couple of years ago after being fed up buying bottles of “green” window cleaner that never offered a larger sized re-fill version–I started making a few of my own cleaning products for everyday use around the house. Since then I have enjoyed a home free of that stinky cleaning product smell-which absolutely nauseates me just thinking about it, and keeps my lean budget a little meatier. Happy cleaning!!

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Join Village Green Network Premium Membership Club and Save on Healthy Living Products 20% off until 6/30

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It is no secret, eating real food and living a healthier life can get expensive, even though we are starting to care more about what we put into their bodies and how they treat the planet, the world is still largely synthetic.

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Guest Post - Ideas for a Clean and Environmentally Friendly Home

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Choosing cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and removing toxic ones will ensure a fresh home with clean air. Using so-called 'green' products will make it easier on the environment, and you will make your contribution to the overall saving of our planet.

10 Future Green Job Opportunities

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics describes green employment as working in companies or industries that preserve natural resources, reduce environmental footprints, create environmentally friendly products or offer eco-friendly services. Lean, Green, Fighting for Clean. As more information emerges regarding our exposure to a toxic slew of cleaning products that seem to be slowly diseasing or even killing us over time, people are demanding more green solutions.

Pledge 4 Plastics

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The bottles can come from every room in the home whatever the color, shape or size, and include fizzy drinks, water, squash, sauces, cooking oils, washing up liquid, shampoos, conditioners, fabric conditioners, household cleaning products, bleaches, detergents, garden and car products. That is even better for the Planet than recycling.

Filter It: Clean Your Water Right

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Filter It: Clean Your Water Right. In addition, drinking filtered tap water can save an enormous amount of unnecessary waste that bottled water continues to reap on and from our planet.

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Boys and Girls Club “Be Great, Be Green” Contest Finalists: Saving the World, and ADORABLE!

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Project Name: Clean Kids/Fresh Air Initiative. Hopefully these kids learned what a scam a lot of the stuff (especially toxic cleaning products) are; expensive and unhealthy! Tags: Animals X Celebrating X Issues X Planet X community kids local environment

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Do Your Cookies and Shampoo Contain "Deforestation "?


Palm oil is currently used in thousands of products we use every day , from baked goods to cleaning products to shampoo. Unfortunately, all that palm oil is being produced at a tremendous expense to our planet's tropical forests.

10 Ways to Prevent Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution


Our continuous existence depends on the clean air and yet our activities are constantly releasing extremely toxic particles that contaminate our atmosphere. Recycle & buy recycled products. Consume less & choose sustainable products. Use natural products.

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Clean Green

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Nobody enjoys cleaning and the companies that produce all the chemical-based quick-clean products under your sink are counting on it. Cleaning products regularly account for about ten percent of Poison Control Centre visits.

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Avoiding the common mistakes often made buying eco products

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) When you decide to go green and want to buy environmentally friendly products, there are some common mistakes that you must avoid at all costs. The bad thing about going green is that it is getting so popular that everyone is jumping onto the band wagon, so to speak, and that you always have those items that can fool you into thinking that they are environmentally friendly and eco products, when in fact they are not.

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Solar Panel Maintenance and Cleaning: What You Need to Know


Of course, you should enjoy the feeling of having done the right thing, generating clean, renewable energy and helping the planet move towards a sustainable future. Why do solar panels need cleaning and maintenance? How much more productive are solar panels when they are clean?

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Cape May, NJ: green is here to stay

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They also use as many green cleaning products as possible. We try to select earth-friendly, fair-trade products whenever possible,” Pam says, “and we feel good about making choices that support our overall commitment to the planet.”. | Green Garden State |.

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Earth Friendly Products Eliminates Over 600,000 Tons of Carbon Dioxide Pollution

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Garden Grove, CA : Earth Friendly Products ( www.ecos.com ), a leader in manufacturing award-winning, eco-friendly cleaning products, has succeeded in using 100% renewable energy in each of its five plants during the entire manufacturing process. The energy success is the latest in a wave of ongoing responsibility initiatives the company has mandated to continue to lead the green cleaning product industry ahead of the curve.

Now Showing: the Norovirus!

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Closer to home, and even more disturbing in its dystopian take on air pollution now and in the near future, consider the Chinese businessman who is making a fortune selling cans of clean air reportedly harvested in the mountains of Tibet.

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JW Marriott Hong Kong: healthy green luxury

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Example: Room maids and maintenance workers are not only told that new non-toxic cleaning agents have environmental benefits and are much safer for everyday use in their jobs, they are also clearly shown that they do the job just as well as the harsh chemical stuff.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: What Do the Three Rs Mean?


Reversing the trend of accelerating garbage accumulation is essential to the planet’s future, and reducing, reusing and recycling offers a comprehensive answer to an increasingly perplexing problem. Waste production is a choice rather than a necessity [1].

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Uses for empty plastic containers in your garden

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Plastic buckets : The buckets that I am talking about here are those in which various products come for the catering trade, whether it be mayonnaise, oil, or marinated herrings. as in fact with much of the waste products that I come across. A win-win situation for you and the Planet.

The 'Green' Help, MyCleaningProducts.com Offers a Cleaning Regimen That Infuses Wellness

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Online green cleaning company MyCleaningProducts.com introduced to the public its line of eco-friendly cleaners. Made of natural ingredients from Peru, the company promises consumers a cleaning regimen that effectively cleans and promotes wellness.

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Going Green: How to Make Your Los Angeles Property More Eco-Friendly

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Would we be kinder to the planet? Many people from across the globe are becoming more aware of the environment we live in and what we can do to help save the planet. Embrace Natural Cleaning Products. Another great idea to try out is purchasing recycled products only.

Green Cleaning Moms Receive Aid from MyCleaningProducts; MCP Now Supplies Non-Toxic Rust Remover and Other Cleaners

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MyCleaningProducts.com unveiled its non-toxic rust remover, mold remediation products and other cleaners. The company aims to help the public incorporate 'green-ness' and wellness with cleaning through its cleaning regimen. Portland, OR : To keep a home clean, rust removers and a number of other cleaners are needed. Without them, cleaning is surely a hard work. That's because instead of using chemicals in the products, the company uses green ingredients.

Well Dressed: Livia Firth’s Eco Age and the Observer Honor Stylish, Sustainable Fashion

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Sustainable style guru and Eco-Chick Heroine for the Planet Livia Firth will have a hand in choosing the Observer Ethical Awards ‘ first sustainable fashion champion for 2013!

EARTH DAY every day

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Simply stop using pesticides and use chemical free cleaning products: The Internet and books of the right kind are full of instructions and recipes as to doing just that. The two first ones keep you healthy and fit at the same time while saving you money and doing good for the Planet.

Ten Easy Ways to Green Your Business

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Taking your small business green isn’t just a great way to help the planet – it can also lower costs by making your office more efficient and by cutting down on wasted resources. Also make sure to buy recyclable office products like paper, pens, plates, and cups and to recycle old electronics like computers and printers. Clean green. Keep your office free of dangerous volatile organic compounds, bleach fumes, and other toxic chemicals by using green cleaning products.

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Green Britannia

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Eight out of ten Brits now actively environmentally friendly Over half recycle every day But one in five of are still doing nothing to help the planet New research has shown that the eco message seems to have finally hit home with the majority of the nation. More than half of us (57%) are now regularly using eco-friendly products and almost a quarter of us are recycling on a monthly basis.

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Ed Begley, Jr. Launches Begley’s Earth Responsible Products

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New Line of Plant-Based, Sustainable and Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products Performs Equal to or Better than Non-Green Counterparts Los Alamitos, CA, January 2012 : Ed Begley, Jr., environmentalist, actor, and author, today launched Begley’s Earth Responsible Products, a line of eco-friendly household products with natural, non-toxic formulas, that are equal to, or more effective than, their non-green alternatives. To purchase products, please visit [link].

10 Ways The Green Industry Can Benefit From Commercial Cleaning Trends

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Commercial cleaning is a massive multi-billion dollar industry with a great potential for growth. Cleaning trends are a correlated measure of where the industry is going and why. For instance, two of the most notable trends today are Secure Cleaning and Smart Cleaning Devices.

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Top 5 New Year’s Eco Resolutions For 2011

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Whether you call them resolutions , goals, or lifestyle changes, they are adjustments you can take to make 2011 easier on the planet. Make Good Consumer Choices – Buy eco-friendly cleaning products. Here are the Top 5 New Year’s Eco Resolutions For 2011: Stop Buying/Using Plastic Water Bottles – Plastic water bottles maybe convenient but they are at no way eco-friendly.

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Green safari, Kenya: luxury under canvas

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The tented suites come with personal butlers, are antique-filled, have polished wooden floors and real bathrooms; from their decks you overlook the genuine Animal Planet, the game-filled sweep of the Masai Mara.

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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There are many simple ways to reduce the footprint you leave on the planet. Clean or replace dirty air conditioner filters as recommended to keep the A/C operating at peak efficiency. Reduce your Housing Footprint Choose sustainable building materials, furnishings, and cleaning products. Use biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products. Buy recycled products, particularly those labeled "post-consumer waste."

Why travel green: 3 good reasons

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Like a big mighty river, we can clean ourselves of toxins and other nasty things … up to a point. It’s totally documented that people in green buildings are happier, more productive, and are sick less often. Reason #2: It’s best for the planet.

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Benefits of Making Homemade Cleaners. ~ Sarka-Jonae Miller.

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Synthetic household products contain harmful chemicals that react with ozone from the air, creating toxins like formaldehyde. Natural products for cleaning are therefore better for health. Natural Products for Cleaning and Disinfecting.

Mother (Earth)'s Day: how to be eco-friendly on May 9th

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Look for products with minimal packaging and make organic and local your top priority. May 9th is Mother's Day, so why not do something that will benefit both your mom and Mother Earth?

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Green Tips While At Work

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Getting environmentally conscious is a good thing, after all we all need to put our best foot forward in order to save our planet. Sure you want a clean office, doesn’t everyone. But in you endeavor for cleanliness don’t purchase or use toxic cleaning products. Try and use organic cleaning solutions. So practically everyone is going green these days – no matter where they are. And if they aren’t then they sure should be!!

How to Create a Healthy Kitchen

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Many of us spend at least some of our day in the kitchen making food, eating food and then cleaning up all the messes. At every step of the way we have a chance to make cleaner, greener choices for our bodies and for the planet. Cleaning Supplies.

Get Lazy with Josh Dorfman’s New Book (and TV Show on Sundance!)

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What was it about the particular environmental problems inherent in furniture production made you want to tackle it? You can’t really make that same claim yet in other product categories. I’m also a spokesperson for Green Works natural cleaning products.

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