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Okay, so all of my Virginia, Baltimore area and Washington DC readers are gonna thank me for this one. Their expert cleaners are all trained, insured and completely trustworthy. Area residents, visit them today, get your instant quote and relax your way to a healthier cleaner house First I have a few questions; wouldn’t it be just lovely to come home after a long day at the office and not have to worry about cleaning your house?

Strong Grassroots Activism Helps Defeat Mountaintop Removal Scheme in Virginia

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Last week, the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME) upheld an earlier decision to deny a permit for a mountaintop-removal mine on Ison Rock Ridge in Wise County in southwest Virginia after an appeal by the A&G Coal Corporation. "The people living in the areas affected by surface mining can sleep well tonight knowing that the mountains above them won’t be blown up, and the air they breathe will be a little bit cleaner.


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Ison Rock in Virginia Saved from Mountaintop-Removal Coal Mining, For Now

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Mountain lovers everywhere high-fived today when the news came down that the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy has denied a surface mine permit for the Ison Rock Ridge mine in southwest Virginia. EPA to set a numeric water quality standard under the Clean Water Act to protect streams in Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, and Pennsylvania from pollution caused by mountaintop removal mining.".

A Wind Farm For North Carolina

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While wind turbines are cleaner and make much better neighbors than coal and nuclear power plants, that does not mean that sight-seeing tourist attractions want 350 ft wind turbines popping up along misty mountain ridges where locals make their income from beautiful sunsets and the sights of colorful fall leaves and bursting spring buds. Virginia has approved a 19 windmill farm for the beautiful mountains of Highland County, but construction has not yet begun.

Sheetz Creating E-85 “Clean Fuel Corridor”

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ALTOONA, PA, November 2010: Pennsylvania motorists wishing to use E-85, a cleaner fuel consisting of 85 percent Ethanol, will soon have a more consistent source of fuel as they travel between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. It also reduces emissions and helps with cleaner air.” The company operates more than 380 convenience locations throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina.

Former Coal Miner to Obama: Set Strong Carbon Pollution Limits on Coal Plants

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The following is testimony from Nick Mullins, a former coal miner from Virginia, given Thursday before the Environmental Protection Agency public hearing in Washington, DC, on carbon pollution standards. My name is Nick Mullins and I am a 4th generation former underground coal miner from Southwestern Virginia. We are standing together, in pursuit of a healthier, safer, cleaner future for our children.

Help the Environment by Avoiding These Single-Use Plastics


There are loads of businesses taking the initial stride towards banning plastic straws and replacing them with metal straws, or even paper straws, to push for a cleaner tomorrow. There is an area that spans the distance between Virginia to Cuba called the Great Atlantic Garbage Patch containing what they call “a soup of plastic” in the ocean, which holds up to “26 million plastic fragments per square kilometer [9].” Convenience is easy, but easy doesn’t necessarily mean good.

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Speaking Out for Clean Water Protections

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As a mom who loves to take my little three-year-old daughter swimming, fishing, and boating in the streams and rivers of West Virginia where I live, I know how much is at stake. As the President also noted, these gloom-and-doom scenarios never come to pass, industry adapts and evolves, and we all enjoy cleaner water and air. Today was a great day for clean water.

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Get Ready! The Draft National Climate Assessment Report Available.

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« Cleaner Cars, Cleaner Air, Lives Saved | Main. The areas in orange are 4 projected to be newly suitable habitat for the tick, with this expansion including Illinois, 5 Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and 6 Nebraska by 2080. Compass. Social Bankability, Solar Crowdfunding & Emerging Markets » Get Ready! The Draft National Climate Assessment Report Available for Public Review.

In New Video, Health Executives Urge Colleagues to Develop Sustainable Operations

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Hospitals have responded by engaging in sustainable operations through reducing waste , recycling, environmentally preferred purchasing, green building, substitution of effective alternative cleaners , and purchasing clean energy. Virginia-based Practice Greenhealth has more than 1100 hospital members. Virginia-based Practice Greenhealth has been in existence for three years and has more than 1100 hospital members.

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Natural Gas or Coal: It’s All About the Leak Rate

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Environmental advocates face a dilemma with respect to natural gas — it is cleaner, but about half of our natural gas is now derived from hydraulic fracture (i.e., Aerial view of a giant mining shovel being used for mountain top removal during open pit coal mining in the Appalachian highlands of West Virginia. When it comes to generating electricity, coal is a dirty fuel. It’s dirty to mine, dirty to burn, and dirty to dispose of the ash. ( See my blog ).

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Why We Can't Just Shut Up and Eat Our Cookies?

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By Ivy Main, Sierra Club Virginia Chapter Chair. It's cheap, there's gobs of it, and it burns cleaner than coal, with only half the carbon dioxide emissions. Gas drilling rig near Clearville, Pennsylvania. Photo by Mark Schmerling. I grew up with brothers, so I knew from an early age that the easiest way to make friends with guys was to feed them chocolate chip cookies. I took this strategy with me to college, commandeering the tiny kitchen in our coed dorm.

Coal Ash Dumps Threaten Our Health - Compass

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Four decades ago in Buffalo Creek, West Virginia, 125 people were killed and thousands were left homeless when the Pittston Coal Company’s coal slurry impoundment dam failed and flooded the nearby community with toxic sludge. We have to believe in the potential of new possibilities and fresh perspectives so that we never give up the fight to leave our children with a cleaner world than we received. Compass. « Electric Vehicles Get the Vote in New York City | Main. |

Coal Use Declining Across U.S. Due To Natural Gas

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Adding to the growing natural gas use is the fact that natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel. Companies are experiencing declining coal requests and have subsequently halted extraction in numerous mines, including some in West Virginia and Kentucky, major coal miner states. Coal has been used globally for centuries, helping to assist nations prosper with the cheap fuel source.

Why We Can't Just Shut Up and Eat Our Cookies?

Sierra Club Compass

By Ivy Main, Sierra Club Virginia Chapter Chair. It's cheap, there's gobs of it, and it burns cleaner than coal, with only half the carbon dioxide emissions. Gas drilling rig near Clearville, Pennsylvania. Photo by Mark Schmerling. I grew up with brothers, so I knew from an early age that the easiest way to make friends with guys was to feed them chocolate chip cookies. I took this strategy with me to college, commandeering the tiny kitchen in our coed dorm.

Arbor Day: Earth Day’s Wingman

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A public tree that same age, such as the ones you find along parkways or city street, returns $96 in annual energy savings, storm water runoff reduction, cleaner air, higher property values, and other benefits for every $36 spent on planting, mulching, pruning, and other care. Image: Forest trail at Dolly Sods Wilderness South, West Virginia.

Remember That Catastrophic Natural Gas Leak in California? Yeah, That Could Happen Again

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The oldest wells are concentrated in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia. “As This research is a good example of science to inform science-based policies to reduce risks to the public and the climate as our country transitions to cleaner energy,” said Joe Fargione, director of science for the Conservancy’s North America region. NatureNet Science Update. The largest accidental release of greenhouse gases in U.S.

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Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay

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A bulge in the Potomac across the river from Quantico, Virginia, was pegged as a burial ground. According to Sammy, leaving behind a cleaner park and bay is only part of today’s goal. Ghost Fleet at Mallows Bay ©Rick Stillings/flickr. A Visit to a Proposed National Marine Sanctuary in the Potomac River. Paddling Mallows Bay on a calm day with low, glassy water must be a sublime experience. But today is not one of those days.

A Sustainable Chesapeake: Better Models for Conservation

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MB) Download individual case studies: Developing and Protecting Green Infrastructure: A Regional Approach to Conservation in Southeastern Virginia By Eric J. Hollen Forest Landcare in the Chesapeake Headwaters: Improving Forest Management, Markets, and Ecosystems in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Forest By Sara Murrill, John F. MB) Download individual case studies: Virginia’s State Tax Credit for Land Conservation: Protecting Virginia’s Landscapes With Tax Credit Incentives By Philip M.

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Cargo bikes

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It’s been a hard few months for us fossil-fuel-addicted societies: calamity in the Gulf of Mexico; coal mining disasters in China, West Virginia, and Russia; still-frustrated attempts to win climate and clean-energy policies in Salem, Olympia, and Washington, DC. And they make a tremendous amount of sense for certain applications, such as mail and pizza delivery, grocery runs, and in-town service businesses like house cleaners.

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After Keystone XL: Why the Paris climate summit could be different

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The CEO of Shell, Ben van Beurden, told the meeting that the global energy system is experiencing "a transition from the traditional model based on oil and coal to a progressively cleaner, less carbon-intensive model." West Virginia GOP Senator Shelly Moore Capito admitted as much when she said foreign diplomats "will take away a message from this vote.the general support for the direction he's going is weak at best.".

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Sustainable Cleveland, Sustainable Future

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percent cleaner than they were in 1970. That’s why we can all breathe cleaner air as we enjoy blue skies over our cities. Stormwater runoff in Arlington, Virginia. The 2017 Sustainable Cleveland Summit brought together more than 500 community leaders to help design Cleveland’s sustainable future. Below is the keynote speech Mark gave at the Summit on September 27, 2017.

Can Cities Save the Planet?

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17, 2008, at 6:58 AM ET According to Timothy Beatley, an urban-planning professor at the University of Virginia and the author of Green Urbanism , the per-capita carbon dioxide emissions of American cities are almost twice as high as those of their European counterparts. Scientists are skeptical. Planners are hopeful. The Dutch are pragmatic. By Witold Rybczynski Posted Wednesday, Dec.

Eco Chick’s Totally Unofficial and Entirely Subjective Earth Day Fashion and Beauty Awards

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From Virginia Johnson’s graphic printed scarves, to Talla’s bright floral patterns on silk, there are tons of eco designers working to find more sustainable dyes. How great that one can find local green businesses (restos, dry cleaners, green salons, and more) at (there will be an iPhone application coming in the next month, for now you can search using the web browser).

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Cracking the Egg. | elephant journal

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Along with getting to come up with a groovy name for your child (Virginia Dare Lovelace), this is the greatest temptation of parenthood—that it will raise you up to be a proper adult. My friend’s fantasy life involved ironing, grocery shopping, and cleaning the pink mansion with a miniature, plastic vacuum cleaner. Want to stay in touch with elephant? Get 10 free articles a week: subscribe free to our Best of the Week newsletter. or get our popular Daily Wake Up Call.

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Curitiba – Designing a sustainable city

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Curitiba enjoys Brazil's lowest rate of car use, leading to cleaner air, saving 7 million gallons of fuel a year, and one-quarter per capita less fuel use than other Brazilian cities. Keep on cooperating and you will get a cleaner Curitiba, cleaner and more human. With the closure of the Fresh Kills landfill site, New York is now trucking waste hundreds of miles to remote landfill sites in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

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