Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find Me an Elm: Restoring America’s Iconic Tree Through Genetics

Nature Conservancy - Science

Marks, a floodplain ecologist for The Nature Conservancy’s Connecticut River program, is leading a research effort to restore populations of elms, once one of the most iconic and beloved trees in the eastern and midwestern United States.

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The Green Closet Project: Eco Designers Tara St. James and Auralis Join Forces with Ecover to Promote Smarter, Lower Impact Fashion

Eco Chic

“We’re joining forces with these designers to make a bigger impact,” says Valorie Luther, who represents Ecover, explaining the genesis of the Green Closet project. Auralis in her studio.

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Governors Applaud New EPA Carbon Pollution Safeguards

Sierra Club Compass

Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy : “It is long past time that we as a nation seriously and systemically confront the danger that carbon pollution poses to the health and well-being of our citizens.

Hawaii's greenest resort

Green Traveler Guides

Think of the eco-impact these mega-properties have. Nontoxic cleaners are used as much as possible, and housekeepers donate deposit bottle-refunds to local charities; pest control is eco-friendly.

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Why travel green: 3 good reasons

Green Traveler Guides

Why spend them in the company of off-gassing petroleum-based furnishings, carpet and wall coverings, toxic chemical cleaners and pesticide residues, and all the other uninvited roommates in the typical hotel room? Who says little changes can’t have a big impact?

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