China’s Commitment to Cleaner Air

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trillion yuan --  about $277 billion -- to the fight against air pollution, in particular the highly dangerous pollutant PM2.5 The Sierra Club is eagerly awaiting the announcement of China’s new measures to combat air pollution.   Haze pollution in Beijing.

Cleaner Cars, Cleaner Air, Lives Saved - Compass

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The Draft National Climate Assessment Report Available for Public Review » Cleaner Cars, Cleaner Air, Lives Saved. Here at the Sierra Club, we tend to believe that if you have the power to drastically reduce air pollution and save lives, you should use it. Compass.

7 Things to Ban from your Home Right Now if you Want Cleaner Air.

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Conscious Consumerism Family Green Health & Wellness WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Green Featured Today air filters Air Pollution air quality clean air Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) eco-friendly products Environmental Protection agency family For Children green living safe home World Health OrganizationAs the mother of two young children, this research compelled me to scour my house for potential pollutants and root out as many as I could.

Cleaner Tailpipe Standards - It's Time to Act

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Although we've taken many steps to clean up our air over the last few decades, four in ten Americans still live in places where the air is sometimes dangerous to breathe. The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to propose "Tier 3" cleaner tailpipe standards.

Recipes with lemons and limes to get your dirt out!

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The research found that the most acutely hazardous cleaning products are corrosive drain cleaners, oven cleaners, and acidic toilet bowl cleaners, as they contain very aggressive substances to be more effective. Scrub as usual with toilet bowl cleaner.

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Daily Demand and Supply: Tradeoffs

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A poll of Chinese citizens found that 50 percent were willing to trade a better economy for cleaner air, saying that air pollution should be reduced at the expense of economic growth, compared to 24 percent who said pollution was simply the price for growth. From [link].

Quote of the Day: Freedom Fries the Redux

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jobs and more domestic economic growth and cleaner air here at home and around the globe,” said U.S. Ladies and gentleman, an actual press release from the Department of Energy (with EMPHASIS ADDED):  “Increasing export capacity from the Freeport LNG project is critical to spreading freedom gas throughout the world by giving America’s allies a diverse and affordable source of clean energy. Further, more exports of U.S. LNG to the world means more U.S.

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Naturally Eliminating Odors 

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The commercial air freshener and so called odor eater market is among the most popular and profitable to date. Seriously, no one wants to smell aging trash, mildew or stale air, we much rather smell flowers scents and sweet air.

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Developing a sustainable living may require urban agriculture

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And ''greening'' a city makes it a nicer place to live in, with cleaner air and more recreational facilities. "Not so much for air pollution; you can wash that off easily, but pollution of the soil; that needs to be monitored carefully."

Hillary Clinton: We Can Set the Example For Transitioning from Fossil Fuels

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Clean, renewable energy is the choice for cleaner air, cleaner water, a more stable climate, and good-paying jobs. Big news. This week, Hillary Clinton became the most recent high profile supporter for a transition to clean energy.

Air Purifier Source - Improve the Quality of your Indoor Air

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These pollutants live in indoor air, contributing and creating poor air quality. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to disorders such as headaches, fatigue, nasal congestion, skin disorders, allergies and asthma. Of course, the opposite is true when we constantly breath in high quality indoor air. Clean indoor air has been praised for creating a healthy living environment. Bacteria, pollen, mold, dander and dust mites are all pollutants.

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"Improvements in US Air Pollution"

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Timothy Taylor: The US government passed its first Air Pollution Control Act in 1955, but the major amendments to that law passed in 1970--including the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency to administer the law--greatly expanded the federal and state enforcement efforts.

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Put Plants In Your Home To Live Longer

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How about fresh air? Why open windows when air conditioning offers instant relief? Back in 1989, NASA did a joint two-year study with the Associated Landscape Contractors of America on how to clean the air in entirely sealed environments, that is, space ships.

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Save Money on Gas and Reduce Air Pollutants

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There are things you can do as a driver to help you save money on petrol and help pave the way for cleaner air: Turn off your air conditioning. This may be tough in hot temperatures, but turning off your vehicle’s air conditioning can help you save on petrol.

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Solar Energy: Benefit the Environment and Save Money

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Less pollution in the air results in cleaner air for you to breathe, increasing your life expectancy.

?Fuel Economy: How Are We Doing?

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It won’t be long before you unplug your car; drive to the supermarket; plug in; shop; drive back home; and plug in again all while breathing cleaner air. Filed under: Eco Travel Tagged: air quality , climate change , ENERGY EFFICIENT. Fuel Economy: How Are We Doing?

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Are you willing to pay $7 per month to reduce pollution related deaths and asthma incidence?

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I know the title is an ill-formed question, but that's the essence of the question facing federal regulators right now: Proposed federal clean-air rules could have a profound impact on American Electric Power, leading to an increase in electricity bills, the closing or partial closing of 11 power plants and the loss of 600 jobs, the company said. As he sees it, the benefits of cleaner air far outweigh any drawbacks to electric companies. "Less

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Planting Healthy Air: Can Urban Trees Help Clean Up Pollution?

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London, like a lot of cities, struggles with its air quality, especially having too much particulate matter (PM) in the air. The professor, who was trained in environmental health, was a bit dismissive of the potential for trees to meaningfully clean the air.

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Surprising Reasons Why Cities Need More Shade

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How about cleaner air? Trees and bushes planted on sidewalks and road medians absorb and disperse air pollution. Shady trees reduce air pollution. . Walking outdoors under the summer sun can be a trial.

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Sheetz Creating E-85 “Clean Fuel Corridor”

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ALTOONA, PA, November 2010: Pennsylvania motorists wishing to use E-85, a cleaner fuel consisting of 85 percent Ethanol, will soon have a more consistent source of fuel as they travel between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. It also reduces emissions and helps with cleaner air.”

Supreme Court: One State's Coal Pollution Not Allowed to Make Another State's Families Sick

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In a huge victory for public health, today the Supreme Court issued its opinion in a case considering the EPA's Cross-State Air Pollution rule, which is designed to protect Americans from dangerous air pollution from coal-fired power plants.

Local Action to Protect the Environment across the Kyocera Group

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The Easy Cycle Challenge,” held in Reading from May 6 to June 2, encouraged more people to cycle with a fun competition between individuals and local companies which encourages a reduction in vehicle use to deliver cleaner air and safer streets.

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What Are the Health and Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy?


It prevents air pollution. Breathing cleaner air. It prevents air pollution. The amount of pollutants in the air steadily increases every year. Some of the adverse impacts of air pollution on ecosystems are: Decline of biodiversity. Breathing cleaner air.

Big Coal Doesn't Get It

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As thousands rally this week in support of the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan, one thing is clear – people across the country are united in their demand for cleaner air to breathe.

California Diesel Regs Cut Black Carbon Soot in Half

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December 15, 2010 – Cleaner air and significant climate benefits are the result of California laws implemented two decades ago to reduce soot pollution from diesel trucks, according to a new paper published yesterday in Atmospheric Environment. Dirty diesel-burning vehicles are normally guilty of polluting the air with black carbon soot, dark-colored particles that kill and cripple, and cause climate change. “A

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Does California prefer an energy shortage?

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They say that will lead to cleaner air and job growth in the clean-energy sector. USAToday : Gov.

Acting on Climate for the Win

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Settled fuel economy standards that not only lead to cleaner air but save consumers money are being set aside. During March Madness, one is reminded that a winning basketball season is never the product of a single player’s ability.

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Robert Redford Will Be ‘Devastated’ If GOP Limits EPA


Thankfully, that attempt didn’t pass, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief (using slightly cleaner air). A bit lost in the shutdown-threatening budget talks last week was a move by the GOP to include measures that would limit the EPA’s regulatory abilities.

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5 Questions with The Nature Conservancy’s Mark Tercek

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Like many cities, Cleveland is working hard to address big environmental problems: stormwater runoff, heat and air pollution, to name a few. Mark Tercek, president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy, will be the keynote speaker at the 2017 Sustainable Cleveland Summit.

Delaware Needs Clean Car Standards Now

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It's finally fall in Delaware, the air feels fresh and crisp and we have left behind the bad air quality days of summer. DNREC is accepting public comments on its proposal to reduce air pollution with clean car standards.

Fuel Economy Standards Are Essential to Our Health, Environment and Economy

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That is the air pollution control programs of the Clean Air Act. And lead added to gasoline to increase octane and keep engines from knocking settled out of the air to contaminate urban parks and playgrounds, poisoning children’s blood and impairing their cognitive abilities.

North Omaha Residents Win Major Clean Air and Climate Victory

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This is a big victory in the struggle for clean air, a safe climate, and healthy communities. "OPPD "OPPD has finally answered our calls to clean up our air," said Vernon Muhammad, a father and resident of North Omaha. "My

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Banned in the UK: Animal Testing for Household Products


Commercial companies are the ones testing products like detergents, air fresheners, paints, polishers and all manner of household products on animals. It is unacceptable for animals to continue to suffer and die for a new washing up liquid or air freshener.&#.

EPA: Coal Power Plants Must Install Pollution Controls By 2016

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In 1990, the United States Congress granted the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the right to regulate air pollution created by power plants. Now, nearly twelve years later the agency is implementing new rules that will significantly reduce air pollution.

Sainsbury’s sponsors Jubilee Woods Project

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A project which will suitably commemorate HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee and provide a fitting legacy for generations to come, providing recreation, cleaner air and vital habitat for wildlife."

Can India’s Farmers Deliver Clean Air Along with Good Food?

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Planting Healthy Air: Can Urban Trees Help Clean Up Pollution? Delhi’s air pollution is a result of a combination of factors including vehicles and factories spewing smoke, dust from construction and burning of un-collected trash and fuelwood.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Writes About the Real Judgment Day


In the article, Schwarzenegger praises the Clean Air Act, and talks about the difference he sees in air quality nowadays as opposed to when he first came to California.

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Is Green Infrastructure Doomed to Underinvestment, Just Like Our Grey Infrastructure?

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The idea is that trees and other vegetation provide important services that people need: shade on a hot day; slowing the movement of rainwater downhill, filtering it as it passes by; cleaner air as leaves removes toxins; aesthetic beauty that makes our lives better and our property more valuable.

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Republicans for Environmental Progress: An Endangered Species

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For most of modern American history, the two major political parties in America have largely agreed on the desired long-term environmental outcomes for the country: there was a consensus among Republicans and Democrats that it was a good thing to press for cleaner air and water, less toxins in the environment, biodiversity preservation, and mitigation strategies for clean energy and, mostly recently, climate change.

Port of Long Beach -- Putting California communities at risk

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This claim is especially problematic because the leases deal with increasing the exports of two of the most polluting fossil fuels--coal and petcoke--both of which have air, water, and climate change impacts. California leads the nation in solar energy generation.

Country's Largest Public Power Provider Takes Next Major Step to Move Beyond Coal

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Retiring these coal boilers means less pollution in the air and water in the southeast U.S. According to the Clean Air Task Force, the Colbert coal plant in Alabama alone contributed to 940 asthma attacks, 83 heart attacks, and 57 deaths per year.

Low emission Vito Euro 5 taxi will cost less to London cabbies


Mercedes-Benz initiative to help London cabbies deliver cleaner air. This part of London is the worst air quality and 10 percent is the contribution by the black cabs.

Blueair Sense air purifier is energy efficient and effective


Air purifiers are the best way to combat pollution indoors, keeping inhabitants protected from mold spores, smoke and pollen. Swedish architecture firm, Claesson Koivisto Rune, has designed what it calls ‘Sense’ for air purifier manufacturing company, Blueair.