All purpose green cleaner

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Try this environmentally friendly cleaner recipe kindly contributed by a Green Living Tips reader. Looking for a recipe for a green cleaning fluid you can use on just about anything around the home? It's very cheap, quick and simple to make

A Guide to Enzyme Cleaners

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A Guide to Enzyme Cleaners. What are enzyme cleaners? There are thousands of enzymes involved in everything from the cellular processes in your body to the decomposition of your trash, but enzyme cleaners are made using a few specific enzymes that break down biological substances like fats, oils, proteins, and starches. Enzyme cleaners are non-toxic and biodegradable, meaning they are safe to use in any area of your home.


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Biofriendly’s fuel additive makes dirty fuel burn cleaner

Green Prophet

Until we all own one of these, getting cleaner fuel at the pump should be on your radar. The post Biofriendly’s fuel additive makes dirty fuel burn cleaner appeared first on Green Prophet.

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Cleaner, Greener Air

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From: Pots, Planters & More. How To." Go Green Sustainability Tips

Gtech AirRAM cordless vacuum cleaner – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Suction power does not equal cleaning efficiency Vacuum cleaners have not changed much in the time that they have existed. In fact cleaning power has decreased which suction power – I don't really want to pick up a bowling ball with my vacuum cleaner – has increased and energy consumption. Today's vacuum cleaner is one of the most power hungry domestic appliance that you use in your home, bar, maybe, your cooker, if you cook electric (as I do).

Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air

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Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air. If you find mold, it can be cleaned with soap and water or a non-toxic enzyme cleaner , but be sure to wear a mask while cleaning to prevent inhalation of spores. When most people think of air pollution they picture highways full of car exhaust and factories belching smoke, but did you know that the air inside your home can actually be more dangerous?

Cleaner Cars, Cleaner Air, Lives Saved - Compass

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The Draft National Climate Assessment Report Available for Public Review » Cleaner Cars, Cleaner Air, Lives Saved. This price seems small considering the millions of Americans who will be able to breathe cleaner air as a result of this rule. Cleaner cars. Cleaner air. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Cleaner Cars, Cleaner Air, Lives Saved : Comments. Compass. « New Mexico Chooses More Solar Power | Main. | Get Ready!

DIY Home Remedy: Tea Tree Oil All Purpose Cleaner

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Tea Tree Oil is a great ingredient for all purpose cleaners, it is an awesome disinfectant due to its antifungal and germicidal properties and can effectively lend a hand at keeping floors and countertops sparkly clean. Tea Tree Oil All Purpose Cleaner Ingredients: 2/3 cup of liquid castle soap 20 drops of tea tree oil 10 cups of warm water Directions: Mix all ingredients; water, oil and castle soap in a bucket.

Vinegar Is The Greener Cleaner

Green (Living) Review

When used as a cleaner it eliminates 99% of bacteria, kills 98% of microbes, destroys 82% of molds and makes 80% germs vanish. Sometimes the old staples really are the best choices for products around the house. My grandmother always had a spray bottle of vinegar that she kept for “this and that.” Then today’s “wonder” products surfaced on the market, and they are promoted to clean, shine, disinfect, remove stains and generally do everything better.

Product Review: Green Irene Enzyme Cleaners

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Home About Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Disclosure Contact Product Reviews Monthly Eco-Resolutions Quick Reference Guide Subscribe Product Review: Green Irene Enzyme Cleaners September 22, 2010 As I continue to rid myself of those toxic bad guys still lurking in dark corners of my cabinets, it’s been great to replace with healthier options like good old baking soda and white vinegar and commercial brands like Seventh Generation and Method.

Carpet sweeper vs. vacuum cleaner

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) When it comes to convenience and efficiency, at least as far as electrical energy is concerned, the carpet sweeper, whether manual or rechargeable battery powered, is way superior to the vacuum cleaner, the so-called “Hoover”. a vacuum cleaner is also rather energy hungry and, which is more, wasteful. Most of the energy consumed by your vacuum cleaner is, actually, blown out of its backside, so to speak, as hot air.

Cleaner Tailpipe Standards - It's Time to Act

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The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to propose "Tier 3" cleaner tailpipe standards. These standards would require refineries to produce cleaner-burning gasoline beginning in 2017, and automakers to phase-in advanced pollution control technology to reduce tailpipe pollution beginning in the 2017 model year. Automakers, public health groups, the United Auto Workers, and environmental groups all support cleaner tailpipe standards.

China’s Commitment to Cleaner Air

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As grave as the environmental problems facing many of China’s cities may be, concerted efforts to change industry, the law, and social norms may put China on the path to a cleaner future, one that will protect the lives of its own people.   Haze pollution in Beijing. Photo credit: David Barrie. Just how serious is China about reducing its consumption of coal?

Cleaner Coal

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The main obstacle standing in the way of cleaner coal is, in fact, the power companies themselves. Since the industrial revolution, the word coal has become synonymous with air pollution. London in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was characterized by a dense, noxious fognamed by Sir Henry Antoine des Voeux in 1905 as smog, or smoke and fog. In December 1952, the smog in London got so bad that over 4000 people died in one week due to respiratory illnesses.

Green up your Vehicle with Techron Fuel System Cleaner

Hug a Tree with Me

Easy Ways to Green up your Vehicle: Use Techron Fuel System Cleaner: A clean engine is essential for better performance and longevity. Techron Fuel System Cleaner is an easy to use fuel additive that is more sustainable that the others. To purchase Techron Fuel System Cleaner, you can visit here to Find a Pep Boys Near You This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pep Boys and Techron for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Receive a Healthier and Cleaner House While you Relax

Hug a Tree with Me

Their expert cleaners are all trained, insured and completely trustworthy. Area residents, visit them today, get your instant quote and relax your way to a healthier cleaner house Okay, so all of my Virginia, Baltimore area and Washington DC readers are gonna thank me for this one. First I have a few questions; wouldn’t it be just lovely to come home after a long day at the office and not have to worry about cleaning your house?

Love Thy Street Cleaner, in Beirut

Green Prophet

A do-gooder designer in Beirut launches poster campaign to give respect to street cleaners. I aspire to see the day when we no longer need street cleaners. Until that happens, we need to better appreciate our street cleaners – the Sukleen contracted street cleaners - argues an activist in Beirut, Lebanon. One activist there has posted flyers around the streets for people to acknowledge street cleaners.

EU bans powerful vacuum cleaners under new energy efficiency rules

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Hoover, Samsung and VAX are among the vacuum cleaner manufacturers whose more powerful machines will be banned from sale in the UK as a result of new EU energy efficiency rules that have come into force in September 2014. is urging consumers who prefer high-wattage vacuum cleaners to ''act quickly'' as new machines will be banned from having motors that exceed 1,600W from September 2014, and limited to 900W from 2017.


Green (Living) Review

The vacuum cleaner is one of the highest power consuming appliances a household will own and whilst fuel prices are out of the consumers’ control, long term energy savings can be made by identifying household energy drains, adopting lifestyle changes and investing in energy efficient technologies that will not only save energy but also pounds in the pocket. He comments: “Of all the products in your home, the vacuum cleaner is easily the most wasteful of energy.

Who needs a maid? Houseplants are powerful cleaners.

Green Prophet

Ammonia is an ingredient in floor wax, fertilizers, window cleaners, and air fragrances. The brainiacs at NASA conducted a long-ago study on the impact of common house plants on indoor air pollution. Their findings are as relevant today as when first released in 1989: easily grown indoor gardens can work wonders in filtering airborne toxins. Green up your home and clean up your airways with some easily acquired, low-cost, and energy efficient house plants. Toxic air is not just external.

Natural Drain Cleaner for a Clean, Green Home

Green Living Ideas

The post Natural Drain Cleaner for a Clean, Green Home appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Eco Home Living homemade drain cleaner homemade living natural cleaning natural drain cleaner Did you know that the best way to keep toxins our of our body is to keep them out of the home? Of course, it helps to eat organically and healthfully, but there are literally dozens of chemicals in our homes that make their way into our cells over time. Small doses of these chemicals.

Award Winning Vacuum Cleaner Goes Green

Green (Living) Review

A green vacuum cleaner keeps both your home and the world tidy. It is the best vacuum cleaner we have ever made. Being PVC-free and made from 70% post consumer recycled material, it is an important step in our quest of making 100% sustainable vacuum cleaners,” says Jonas Magnusson, Business Segment Manager, Electrolux Floorcare. The packaging is made from 100% recycled material and the vacuum cleaner comes with s-bag® Green, a dust bag made entirely out of corn starch.

Taking the green consumer to the cleaners

Green (Living) Review

At least the green stores try to do that and in the process insist on taking the customers to the cleaners. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Where we look at green and ethical online stores (an oxymoron on both counts) we see one attempt after the other to fleece the eco conscious shopper.

Vacuum Cleaners Crawl out of the Waters

Green (Living) Review

Next Chapter of Vac from the Sea Initiative Revealed Electrolux has revealed five unique vacuum cleaners that have been made from plastic waste collected from the world’s oceans. Each of the vacuum cleaner demos represents the ocean from which the plastic originates. Today, Electrolux offers Green Range vacuum cleaners with up to 70% post consumer recycled plastic. The Pacific Edition concept vacuum cleaner is made up of the drifting plastic grain that fills our oceans.

Cleaner Cookstoves for a Cooler Planet

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For decades, aid advocates insisted that more efficient stoves using cleaner fuels could eradicate the problem in underdeveloped communities where electricity was unreliable and fuel supplies scarce. Nearly 3 billion people lack safe and efficient cooking gear. It’s time to make the problem in the kitchen sexier. Half the world’s households prepare their meals over open fires or with jerry-rigged cookers fueled by scrap wood, coal, combustible waste and dung.

Obama Administration Moves Forward with Cleaner Tailpipe Standards

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Today, the Obama administration is expected to release new cleaner tailpipe standards that will reduce smog-forming pollution, save lives and improve public health. By lowering the sulfur content of gasoline, the "Tier 3" cleaner tailpipe standards have the potential to cut major contributors to smog-forming ozone and pollution - nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds. Overall, the cleaner tailpipe standards will add $6.1

10 Ideas, Resources and Tips to Live Cleaner, Greener & Healthier in 2015

The Green Samaritan

Yes, it’s that time when we reflect on the past year and look ahead to the coming months with thoughts of new behaviors, goals to be accomplished and a time to begin anew. If you are searching. See the full post and more at Buying Green Environmental habits Green Living Healthy Living Recycling Green New Year''s Resolutions

Cleaner Cars -- It's Time to Act - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

Indias Coal Illusion » Cleaner Cars -- Its Time to Act. Watching the streams of cars drive up Georgia Avenue, I was considering Tier 3 and the low sulfur fuel it would bring almost like a magic wand -- improvement in air quality for everyone, everywhere, once that cleaner fuel hits the pumps. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Cleaner Cars -- Its Time to Act : Comments. Now time has come in order to have a cleaner car instead of polluting car.

10 Green & Good Cleaning Replacements for the Toxic Bad Guy

The Green Samaritan

Green Living Tips green cleaning products homemade cleaners how to make eco-friendly cleaners Method Mrs. Myers Seventh Generation So after I discovered this awful silver cleaning spray polish that has been following me around for years and until recently, was still lurking in the dark corner of my cabinet beneath the kitchen. See the full post and more at

Detox Your Home: Reconsidering Household Cleaners

Green Living Ideas

There are approximately 17,000 chemicals used in the array of common household cleaners found in most homes, only 30% of these are tested for side effects on human health and the environment! Here are a few toxic chemicals found in many household cleaners and their effects on human health: Chlorinated Phenols - found in toilet bowl cleaners, are toxic to the respiratory and circulatory systems. Diethylene Glycol - found in window cleaners, depresses the nervous system.

Product Review: A Cleaner and Greener Sleep with Natural Talalay Latex Pillows

The Green Samaritan

As holidays approach, I am already thinking of family gifts to give that will be unique and something that may not normally be purchased by the receiver. My goal is to avoid the mall at all costs. See the full post and more at Green Living

Benefits of Making Homemade Cleaners. ~ Sarka-Jonae Miller.

Elephant Journal

Benefits of Making Homemade Cleaners. Using green cleaning products is also better for the environment; buying natural cleaning products helps to support green companies , but if cost is an issue people can still participate in eco-friendly cleaning practices by making homemade cleaners. Make homemade cleaners with simple ingredients such as vinegar, club soda and baking soda. Make an all-purpose cleaner by combining: 1/4 cup baking soda.

Cleaner Environment and Cleaner Home in 7 Easy Steps! (Recycling Infographic)

Green Prophet

BetterCleans is a premium house cleaning services company in Milwaukee and as recycling is a hot topic amongst our customers and with plastic waste being such a major issue; we wanted to help make things easier for people to have a cleaner home and a cleaner environment. So, we created a new infographic which shows how in just 7 steps, you can be on your way to recycling more effectively, having a cleaner home and more importantly, a cleaner environment.

Alternate titles: "Haab was right about invasive species," or "Why, oh WHY won't people listen when I write?" or "It's a big fish vacuum cleaner."

Environmental Economics

On April 30, 2012, I wrote : Here is my solution to any aquatic invasive specie problem. Have the. government start a covert marketing campaign designed to convince the. public that the invasive specie is in fact a delicacy. They can even. rename the specie to make it sound appetizing (think Toothfish to. Chilean Sea Bass). But here's the catch. once the public is convinced of the delectable nature of the new exotic seafood, fail to regulate. the fishery.

Cleaning Products: MyCleaningProducts Joins Olympics 2012 Green Dream with Green Cleaners

Green (Living) Review

With its organic-based cleaners, supports the sports event's green dream. Learn More About MyCleaningProducts Unlike most of the home cleaning solutions available today, MCP's cleaners were formulated using natural ingredients. And thankful for its success of being able to supply the public with eco-friendly cleaners, MCP decided to give back to the country by helping build a school for its unfortunate children. The company offers numerous cleaners.

2012 107

10 Ideas, Resources and Tips to Live Cleaner, Greener & Healthier in 2015

The Green Samaritan

Yes, it’s that time when we reflect on the past year and look ahead to the coming months with thoughts of new behaviors, goals to be accomplished and a time to begin anew. If you are searching. See the full post and more at Buying Green Environmental habits Green Living Healthy Living Recycling Green New Year''s Resolutions

Green Cleaners

Living In a Toxic World

Then I spotted a headline "Hospitals warned about 'green' cleaners". Green cleaning products have stormed the marketplace in recent years. I use vinegar , baking soda, tea tree oil and a lot of elbow grease to clean around the house. Read the article for yourself but my interpretation is that greenwashing of products has created the problem to some degree. Products claim to be green, healthy and as effective as the other version without explanation as to what it is.

7 Things to Ban from your Home Right Now if you Want Cleaner Air.

Elephant Journal

As the mother of two young children, this research compelled me to scour my house for potential pollutants and root out as many as I could. I discovered it’s practically impossible to.

Baking Soda: Member of the Green Dream Team

Living Green & Saving Energy

green chemicals how to go green reduce waste saving money sustainability Baking Soda go green save money green cleaners A recent post about baking soda on caught my attention. The article is all about baking soda; in fact, a large number of ways to use baking soda are detailed, and most of these replace other more expensive, more polluting products. Such a simple and inexpensive product, baking soda, offers a lot of ways you […].

2015 149

Non-Profit Group Works Towards Greener, Cleaner Mardi Gras


One particular non-profit group, VerdiGras, is taking it upon themselves to work towards a greener future for one of the largest carnivals around the country. Read More. Causes Environment News Top News

Plans For Cleaner Zam Zam Distribution In Madinah

Green Prophet

Holy water: the Zam Zam well in Makkah will be bottled and distributed in 42 outlets. Officials in Madinah released a statement on plans to install a new Zam Zam water project. Historically preserved as a sacred life source in neighbouring city Makkah, the Zam Zam water well was recently under scientific investigation for arsenic contamination. .

Green Cleaning Moms Receive Aid from MyCleaningProducts; MCP Now Supplies Non-Toxic Rust Remover and Other Cleaners

Green (Living) Review unveiled its non-toxic rust remover, mold remediation products and other cleaners. Portland, OR : To keep a home clean, rust removers and a number of other cleaners are needed. And those were exactly the kind of cleaners that MyCleaningProducts offer. See All of MCP's Cleaning Products MyCleaningProducts is basically an online company that supplies a wide variety of cleaners from a rust remover to a marble cleaner.

Time to Celebrate Fresher Air & Cleaner Water and Protect Landscapes from Fracking

Sierra Club Compass

Landscape in Monterey County, California. By Deb Nardone, Director of Beyond Natural Gas Campaign. Today we celebrate Earth Day -- and envision a future in which the air is not polluted, water is not contaminated, and landscapes are not being destroyed. Fracking causes these negative impacts on our environment, and it directly affects our public health and well-being. But there is hope for a better future that protects our health, environment, and climate.