How To Make Green Cleaning Products At Home

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How To Make Green Cleaning Products At Home. Clean Green! They’re supposed to keep our homes in tip-top shape, but many commercial cleaning products are really doing anything but. Tagged: Cleaning , environmental products , green cleaning , green living , household products.

Spring Cleaning for our Chakras.

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Green Health & Wellness Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality Anne Lamont cleanse detox donate Gary Zukav give stuff away have a facial help others journaling meditation Pablo Neruda rituals simplify spring spring cleaning writingThink of it as sweeping out the dusty corners of your mind, opening the windows and inviting in a refreshing breeze for tea.

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5 All-Natural House Cleaning Solutions.

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If you’re not pleased with the expensive cleaning solutions that you buy, then maybe it’s time to think out of the box and go for creative alternatives. Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Green Health & Wellness all-natural cleaner cleaning eco family health home House Cleaning life natural organic solutions

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Spring Cleaning Beyond the Closet: 6 Ways to Clear Out our “Life” Junk.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Health & Wellness clean eating emotional clearing emotional junk exercise health life hack meditation ZenWhat about the emotional junk drawer that’s been overflowing for some time now?

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Can Dry Cleaning Be Green?

Living Green & Saving Energy

Dry cleaning uses solvents to remove oily stains and dirt in fabrics that cannot be laundered with soap and water. PERC (perchloroethylene) is the dry-cleaning solvent of choice. According to the EPA, dry cleaning constitutes 80-85% of all PERC used.

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Clean Hands, Clean World Takes Aim at Hand-Washing (Giveaway)


Clean Hands, Clean World wants you to help them select a celebrity spokesperson, and some lucky voters will win eco-prizes! Read More. Contests Environment Featured News People

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12 Ways to Spring Clean our Inner Lives.

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Health & Wellness Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Yoga Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today affirmations decluttering gratitude Mindful living minimalist resolutions spring cleaningI've been getting rid of unwanted thoughts, negative perceptions, old patterns of behaviors, and unhealthy relationships. I've been sorting through my life to clear.

SmarTap e-Shower Cleans You Green

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Soon to market his clean-tech product through two major manufacturers in Europe, Shaltiel says his new e-shower invention doesn’t only help hotel owners improve their bottom line while guests are washing theirs. SmarTap founder Asaf Shaltiel is breaking into the clean-tech market. “We’ve

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Ketura Sun solar park deployed an army of robots to clean their panels in Israel

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Solar parks in the desert face two major challenges: a lot of dust on the photovoltaic panels and not enough water to clean them. It would take up to five days to clean the panels manually and it was hard work that often put cleaners at risk.

Cleaning House, Cleaning Heart: A Tale from in Between.

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Nothing is really shown in its best aspect if it's kept waiting in this in-between-land too long.

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A Dirty Solution to Cleaning the Atmosphere

Nature Conservancy - Science

Soils have twice as much carbon as the atmosphere. Which means there’s a lot of interest in figuring out if soil can hold even more carbon—to help fight climate change. Sequestering carbon in soil is like saving money in your bank account—simple in theory, but challenging in pratice.

Green Future: Google Invests $1 Billion in Clean Energy

Environmental News Network

The Internet juggernaut Google has recently invested $1 billion in green, clean, reusable energy. Google’s Clean Energy. If you haven’t guessed it by now, Google invested specifically in clean wind power — $275 million in Texas resources alone.

Off-Grid, Clean Energy Access For All

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Today, the Sierra Club is releasing a new report –-  Clean Energy Services For All (CES4All)  -- showing that off-grid clean energy is the right tool for the energy access job. It’s time for clean energy access for all.

Gorgeous green-roofed Ostim Eco Park is an incubator for clean tech in Turkey

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A central hub of innovation is great for incubating clean tech breakthroughs. Design clean tech Green design Turkey ONZ Architects OSTIM Eco Park Abu Dhabi has Masdar City , Saudi Arabia has KAUST , and Turkey will soon have the Ostim Eco Park.

Down-to Earth Spring Cleaning Tips.

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Boulder Green Health & Wellness WAYLON: Editor''s Picks beat the rugs declutter intention let go smudge spring cleaning tchotchkes work top to bottom Put a box in each room and methodically go through everything. Minimize the clutter.

Organic Dry Cleaning?

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Lately, while going on the dreaded task, I have noticed a new “green option” in dry cleaning, “organic dry cleaning”. It sounds environmentally friendly, but what does “organic dry cleaning” mean? To my knowledge we don’t farm or eat dry cleaning.

Blücher’s Wallpaper Cleans Sick Buildings

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Pollutants are absorbed from the walls and stored within these open passages, making this the first wallpaper that actually cleans the air. As one side sucks chemical pollutants out of the walls, the other allows clean air to escape into the atmosphere.

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Product Review: Clean+Green Furniture Refresher

The Green Samaritan

With a dog and two boys constantly in and out of the house, especially during summer, there is always something, somewhere that needs to be cleaned, spot treated and/or odor eliminated! Spray Clean+Green on the odor source.

Planting Healthy Air: Can Urban Trees Help Clean Up Pollution?

Nature Conservancy - Science

The professor, who was trained in environmental health, was a bit dismissive of the potential for trees to meaningfully clean the air. Trees, therefore, deserve to be a tool in the toolbox of urban planners as they struggle to clean and cool the air.

Supreme Court’s Stay on Clean Power Plan Won’t Stop Energy Revolution

Conservancy Talk

The Supreme Court’s decision last week to stay President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan may delay implementation of that particular program. Old plants are being retired and increasingly replaced by clean, renewable sources of energy.

Marine Drones Wanted to Clean the Gulf Seas from Plastic

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This Marine Drone could clean up our dirty work. Can a wealthy Saudi fund this prototype to clean our seas? One solution, the Marine Drone Elie Ahovi Industrial Design, could clean up our waste.

Keep Our Environment Clean

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Keep Our Environment Clean. Clean green – keep nasty chemicals out of wastewater by switching to natural soaps and detergents made from citrus, enzymes, or oxygen. Tagged: biodegradable , clean air , Cleaning , compostable , ecofriendly , environmental products , going green , green cleaning , green home , green living , household products , natural , organic , Recycling , water conservation.

Key environmental figure represents Love Clean Streets

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Ian Blackburn(left) Phil Barton (right) Environmental reporting business Love Clean Streets has announced a key industry figure as its first official Ambassador. Love Clean Streets Founder, Ian Blackburn, said: “We are delighted to have Phil on board.

NOMADD robots clean Saudi solar panels without using a drop of water

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Very similar to the robots deployed in Israel to clean solar panels efficiently without water and without manual labor (can you imagine having the job of cleaning these boiling hot panels in the middle of the desert?), Saudi Arabia is a desert country with no freshwater resources.

Clean It Up: 6 Ways to Hit the Reset Button for Your Life.

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It’s something more akin to purging, actually, like early spring cleaning in my house, or something. I’ve been doing a bit of detoxing lately in my mind, in my spirit, and in my physical life. I feel pulled from the very pit of my core to cleanse. To remove myself of all that doesn’t serve me. To minimalize. To start over, again, fresh.

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Alicia Silverstone Leads Clean Hands, Clean World Celeb Poll


Clean Hands, Clean World wants you to help them select a celebrity spokesperson, and some lucky voters will win eco-prizes! Read More. Contests Environment News People Top News alicia silverstone emily deschanel emma watson

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How I Cleaned Up My Lungs in Just 3 Days.

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With good nourishment and a healthy lifestyle it is possible to repair any damage that has been done to lung tissue. Detoxing helps to remove the. Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today antioxidant cleanse detox eating healthy health lifestyle lungs

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4 Easy Homemade Recipes To Clean Your Fruits and Veggies

The Green Samaritan

In those cases, what are the best ways to wash and clean the conventional produce to remove any pesticides but also bacteria as well?

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Clean Energy, Safer Rivers, More Fish

Conservancy Talk

Or put another way—more clean energy, a safer river and more fish. Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive By Investing in Nature. You can follow Mark on Twitter @MarkTercek.

Standing Up for Clean Water When States Won't

Sierra Club Compass

Clean Water Act by allowing their mining sites to contaminate several. "Rather than forcing the mining companies to clean up the impaired streams, WVDEP is trying to redefine the meaning of 'impairment' administratively so that it no longer exists.

5 Ways To Green Your Bedroom

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To get you started, here’s a list of five ways you can keep your bedroom safe, clean, and green. You spend eight hours a night breathing the air in your bedroom, which means you want to keep the air in there as clean as possible. Clean green. 5 Ways To Green Your Bedroom.

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Spring Cleaning: 6 Ways to Declutter Your Closet


Read More The post Spring Cleaning: 6 Ways to Declutter Your Closet appeared first on Ecorazzi. Get to grips with your disorganized, cluttered and overflowing closet this season. Chances are you already have some of spring’s essential looks tucked away… if only you could find them.

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4 Easy Homemade Recipes To Clean Your Fruits and Veggies

The Green Samaritan

Though we may try hard to stick with the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 list when buying fruits and vegetables, there may be times we stray simply due to cost or availability. Gardening Green Living how to clean fruits and vegetables Produce rinse Produce wash vinegar produce rinseIn those cases, what are the. See the full post and more at

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Jacob Karni’s Solar Turns Brown Coal Into Clean Fuel

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The possibility of converting CO2 to fuel in a clean and efficient manner will turn brown coal into a source of environmentally friendly fuel. Greenearth energy looks to Israeli solar tech to make use of Oz’s vast brown coal resources.

Let’s Get Intimate: Anal Sex—Good, Clean Fun. {Adult Q & A}

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Homepages (Gold Tabs)* Adult/NFS Health & Wellness Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) Sexy anal sex ask Astarte cleaning after anal sex communication compassion cystitis dating infections intimacy lets get intimate life love marriage mindfulness pyelonephritis relationships sex sexual health sexuality UTIAnal sex can be amazing, if.

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9 Cleaning Guides to Keep Your Home Green

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Cleaning your house doesn’t need to look like a chemical warfare. You don’t need to use the same cleaning agents that are not only harmful to your health, but are also not environment friendly. The list is long for these natural cleaning ingredients that you can use.

Spring Cleaning for your Body & Mind.

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Enlightened Society Food Health & Wellness Yoga clean eating cleanse diet nutrition seasons spring spring cleanSpring is a great time to hit the reset button both on and off the yoga mat.

Defending Clean Energy in Ohio and Beyond

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If you watched this week''s episode of Showtime''s climate series Years of Living Dangerously , you saw a fantastic piece by America Ferrera called "Against the Wind" that pierced the veil of the fossil fuel industry''s well-funded operation to try and dismantle state clean energy standards.

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Spring Cleaning: Welcome Love with Feng Shui.

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The three most important principal’s for opening your mind, heart and home for love are: Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) feng sui house and home meetmindful spring cleaning

Cleaning the Streets and Creating Art – Amazing Cigarette Butt Artwork

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Additionally, a growing number of creative minded persons have been cleaning the streets of butts in the name of art, below are five amazing examples of cigarette butt art… Cigarette Dress by Designer, Flore Garcia Bour.