Wither coal (despite all attempts to the contrary)? What's next?

Environmental Economics

That’s why  American companies continue to invest in cheap, clean renewable energy.   However, as Betz and Partridge lay out, such a strategy is likely to result in investments in labor-reducing, efficiency enhancing technologies, and ultimately reduce the labor-force in these regions.  To attract them, lagging regions need to offer a high quality of life and a clean environment.

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Failure of Trans Pacific Partnership good news for American People and the Planet

Green (Living) Review

The roadblocks faced by the TPP are a direct result of members of Congress, labor, environmental, consumer, faith, human rights, health, family farm, civil rights, and progressive online organizations and activists working tirelessly over the last few years to stop an agreement that did not have the best interest of the American people and the environment in mind. trade policy defend workers’ rights and protect the environment.

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Growing Greener Cities - FAO's Programme for Urban and Peri-urban Horticulture

The Green Changemakers

There, the core principles of greener cities can guide urban development that ensures food security, decent work and income, a clean environment and good governance for all citizens. While the urban poor, particularly those arriving from rural areas, have long practised horticulture as a livelihood and survival strategy, in many countries the sector is still largely informal, usually precarious and sometimes illegal.

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A Better Future from Farms

The Green Changemakers

AFT is embarking on two forward-looking campaigns to help American farms protect the environment and grow local foods—leading our nation to a healthier future. How we grow our food, fiber and energy on that land—and whether that land stays in agricultural production—deeply influences our environment, our health, our economy and the very fabric of our communities. And they can address environmental issues while providing cost-effective ways to help clean the water and air.

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Sustainable Agriculture and Industrial Ecology

The Green Changemakers

Forming a whole system view of the interaction among such limits as land and water available for farming, competition for resources, and impacts of climate change is basic to designing a strategy for meeting world demand. Constraints on increasing food and fiber production Designing strategies to break through the following complex set of limits demands the sort of multidisciplinary systems approach that industrial ecology offers. [link] Why "Industrial" Ecology for Farming?

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