10 Countries with the Best Quality Tap Water to Drink


What is more, clean water is a major factor for a clean environment too. The water is so clean that half of water coming from the tap in Switzerland hasn’t been treated in any way, and therefore, does not have any chemical aftertaste [1]. The United Kingdom has strict water regulations. The EU drinking water directive and the advice of the World Health Organization are used as the basis for the drinking water regulation.

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Turkey Plans to Introduce Emissions-Based Tax on Motor Vehicles

Green Prophet

ek emphasized to Hürriyet that the goal of the new emissions-based taxes is “not to raise income… [but] to leave a clean environment for future generations.” Furthermore, the new taxes will only apply to cars manufactured after the regulation has been decided and put in place. There are currently 1.6 million automobiles on Istanbul’s roads, according to Embarq Türkiye — and each day, 640 more are registered.

Wither coal (despite all attempts to the contrary)? What's next?

Environmental Economics

electricity generation by coal has been surpassed by natural gas for two reasons: 1) Coal has become more expensive in an absolute sense (at least partially due to regulations), and 2) Natural gas has become much cheaper relative to coal (at least partially due to increased use of new extraction technologies like fracking).  That’s why  American companies continue to invest in cheap, clean renewable energy.

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A Better Future from Farms

The Green Changemakers

AFT is embarking on two forward-looking campaigns to help American farms protect the environment and grow local foods—leading our nation to a healthier future. How we grow our food, fiber and energy on that land—and whether that land stays in agricultural production—deeply influences our environment, our health, our economy and the very fabric of our communities. And they can address environmental issues while providing cost-effective ways to help clean the water and air.

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