Turkey Plans to Introduce Emissions-Based Tax on Motor Vehicles

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But since 1990, overall greenhouse gas emissions in the EU have decreased — unlike Turkey, where they doubled between 1990 and 2009. ek emphasized to Hürriyet that the goal of the new emissions-based taxes is “not to raise income… [but] to leave a clean environment for future generations.” Turkey Avoiding Greenhouse Gas Reduction Despite Rapid Increases in Emissions, New Report Finds. There are currently 1.6

Why Is Family Farming Better for the Environment?


While family farming differs greatly across regions – for instance in Europe 60 percent of the largest family farms span over 100 plus hectares compared to very modest land holdings of less than one hectare in developing regions – they play important part in the transition towards sustainable development [2]. Why are small family farms important for the environment and sustainable future? 9 Decrease of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and climate change mitigation.

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Wither coal (despite all attempts to the contrary)? What's next?

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The important corollary to the Hotelling rule regarding transition to alternative fuel sources is: As the price of the depletable resource rises and/or the price of the alternative resource decreases, incentives are created to switch between the resources.  As old coal plants continue to retire and be replaced by cheaper renewables and natural gas, their share of the US electricity supply will continue to plummet, and coal will become a fossil fuel in every sense of the word.

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