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Power plants are responsible for much of our country's air pollution. These dangerous emissions make their way into our air, food, and bodies, threatening the health of our children and communities. Carbon pollution standards for new power plants published for public comment.

The greenest president?* Cast your vote here!

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Max Aufhammer ( The Future is at Stake ): The past eight years of the Obama presidency have brought monumental change for the better in the environmental and energy arena. President Obama will go into the history books as the first African American president. I would argue that he will be remembered by many future generations as the Greenest president this country has ever had. Bush (Clean Air Act Amendents of 1990 [aka, Acid Rain Program]).

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Fuel Economy Standards Are Essential to Our Health, Environment and Economy

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Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune. That is the air pollution control programs of the Clean Air Act. Nobody thought about carbon dioxide when the Clean Air Act was adopted in 1970.

Obama Kickstarts Action on Climate Change

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Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy and co-author of Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive By Investing in Nature. ” With those words this afternoon, President Obama took an important step toward turning his pledges on climate change into reality.

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President Obama’s UC Irvine Speech Paints Hopeful Future for our Climate

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President Barack Obama delivered a commencement speech Saturday to graduates at UC Irvine highlighting the need for climate action. President Obama did not let climate deniers go unshamed.

A Tale of Two Policies: House GOP Launches 500th Attack on Environment As President Celebrates Climate Action Anniversary

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President Obama (Photo: Wikimedia Commons ). This week marks the one year anniversary of President Barack Obama’s historic speech at Georgetown University, where he outlined his ambitious plan to tackle the climate crisis.

Five Things Northwest States Should Know About the Federal Clean Power Plan

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Last fall I described how President Obama’s draft federal Clean Power Plan (CPP) gave Oregon and Washington a chance to leap into a clean energy future. The Clean Air Act uses a “ cooperative federalism ” approach; EPA sets goals for each state.

EPA's Proposed Standards for Natural Gas Plants Fail President's Climate Goals

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" Those were President Obama's words during his landmark climate speech this past summer at Georgetown University. The president laid out an ambitious vision for a clean-energy future that would generate jobs, promote healthy communities, and set an example for the world. Failure to use this once-in-a-generation opportunity to require the natural gas industry to use existing pollution control technology will undermine the president’s environmental legacy.

Five Senators Urge President Obama To Address Climate Change with Tough Standards on Carbon From Power Plants

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As the the impacts of climate change grow more severe, the pressure mounts on President Obama to address climate change by curbing the country’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions: coal-fired power plants.  Extreme weather is here once again.

Grassroots Activists Across the Globe Condemn World Bank President’s Continued Support of Tata Mundra Coal Plant

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This means we must start making serious investments in clean, off-grid renewable energy that we can deploy today, without poisoning the air and water, instead of continuing to support centralized coal projects while waiting on costly grid extensions that may never happen.

Celebrating a Historic Call to Action on Climate - Does Your Rep Have the President’s Back?

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 President Obama finally came out with a plan to use the power of the administration to address climate disruption and to start making the real reductions in carbon emissions that we need to stave off the very worst impacts of climate change.

The environmental record of Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry

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Many political commentators have likened Perry and his cowboy-like rhetoric and style to the former President George W. You end up polluting and putting just as much CO2 in the air because the big energy users go there.

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Biggest US climate rally ever calls for the President to reject the Keystone pipeline project

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The rally, intended as a show of force and unity for the environmental movement in the US, called on President Obama to move “Forward on Climate” and to stop the Keystone pipeline project. President Obama holds in his hand a pen and the power to deliver on his promise of hope for our children.

ASSA annual meeting webcasts of interest to environmental economists

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Here are two webcasts from the 2014 AEA meeting that I hope to watch this week: Discounting for the Long Run Presiding: Nicholas Stern Declining Discount Rates Maureen Cropper; Mark C.

Prisoner's delimma?

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Nathan Richardson: Though President Obama is apparently set for a major address on climate tomorrow, US policy faces an uncertain future. Removing EPA’s authority without any new policy is also possible, but less likely given the President’s veto.

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Republicans Out to Destroy Nature Again

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If in 2016 the Republicans hold on to the House and Senate and manage to take the Presidency the damage that will be done to our environment will be disastrous. This year there’s been a concerted campaign in Congress to hobble major regulations that safeguard animals, land, air, and water. And, if you support conservation, clean air and water, not letting species go extinct, and the importance of science, then don’t vote for the evil bastards in the Republican Party.

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Actors Criticize Obama’s Environmental Failures


Actors Adrian Grenier and Robert Redford openly criticized President Obama this week, after the president, under pressure from Republicans, dropped an EPA plan for tougher rules on smog-causing emissions.

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To Drill, or Not to Drill? That’s the Wrong Question.

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Rich with archeological importance, this area is in the path of light, noise, and air pollution from oil and gas extraction. The Bears Ears National Monument (a protected public lands designation given to sitting presidents under the Antiquities Act) recently lost 1.1

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Obama's Climate Legacy and the Keystone XL Pipeline - Compass

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« New Campaign Calls for Climate, Clean Energy Leadership from President Obama | Main. In the years to come, daily decisions on thousands of issues will be compressed into one or two that will come to define President Obama—and our time. Compass.

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To The Next U.S. President: 100 Words for 100 Days

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president will face a nation in economic chaos, a people suffering from deepening political divisions, and a planet in desperate need of leadership on a whole host of extremely critical issues. The first hundred days of a new administration are the honeymoon, the period in which the president can present a new vision for the nation and begin to advance a new agenda. Barnstorming a world without borders, the President can begin America’s journey toward a bright green future.

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First Day of EPA Carbon Pollution Standard Hearings a Success!

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Denver, and Atlanta Tuesday for the first day of public hearings on the Environmental Protection Agency''s Clean Power Plan. Kids were out and about in force as well, thanks to coalition partner Moms Clean Air Force. Green Latino president Mark Magaña speaks at the DC rally.

Concord, Mass., Joins Growing Call for National Climate Action


community to call on President Barack Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency to make full use of the Clean Air Act to cut the greenhouse gas pollution that’s drastically changing the climate and increasing extreme weather risk. Concord, Mass.,

"The Trump Administration and Climate"

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1) The Clean Power Plan. The Clean Power Plan, enacted by EPA under the Clean Air Act, is the most significant federal carbon-reduction measure to date. 2) The Clean Air Act. An alternative (or additional) approach is to strip climate change authority out of the Clean Air Act entirely. 

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A Parent and Faith Leader's Perspective: Why We Need Strong Smog Standards

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As the father of an asthmatic child, and as a person of faith, I'm grateful for the Clean Air Act. It's another bad air quality day where I live, and Aaron is having yet another asthma attack. We should not have to wait decades for clean air.

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This article at Vox summarizes everything that I've been trying to say at this blog for the past 10 years (and have been too apoplectic to say during the past year)

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David Roberts: President Donald Trump’s administration has been on a deregulatory bender, particularly when it comes to environmental regulations. Don’t people in coal regions deserve clean air and water? As of January, the New York Times counted 67 environmental rules on the chopping block under Trump. This is not one of Trump’s idiosyncrasies, though.

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EPA: Extinct Protection Agency?

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President Trump is making good on his promise to take a sledgehammer to the agency. An advance copy of EPA’s budget for fiscal 2018, obtained by the National Association of Clean Air Agencies, indicates the administration will proceed with its effort to reduce current funding by more than 31 percent, to $5.65 Ken Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group, echoed the exasperation of many in the environmental community. I guess the last line is the bright side

The benefits of environmental regulations cannot be simply willed away (and why I'm too slow to be an Ivy-Leaguer)

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  In 1981, President Reagan signed Executive Order 12291 requiring both the costs and benefits of any new major regulation be considered prior to federal implementation.    For the decade prior to Executive Order 12291, federal and state environmental regulators struggled to find cost effective ways to implement environmental regulations imposed by the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts of the early 1970’s. 

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Bolivia Prepares to Give Mother Nature Legal Rights

Wend Magazine

The country, governed by Latin America’s first indigenous president, Evo Morales, plans to establish 11 laws for Earth. Bolivia is in the process of passing La Ley De la Madre Tierra (The Law of Mother Earth), which would give nature similar rights as those granted to human beings.

"The Paris Agreement under Trump and the Merits of an Economy-Wide Carbon Tax"

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Marc Hafstead and Yunguang Chen: The election of Donald Trump has cast significant uncertainty over the future of the Paris Agreement to combat global climate change, as the president-elect actively campaigned to pull the United States from the international accord. Under this agreement, which officially went into force in November 2016, the United States (under President Obama’s leadership) pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 26–28 percent relative to 2005 levels by 2025.

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Combating Climate Change Over Tea at Harney and Sons

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Left to right: Adam Markham, President, Clean Air-Cool Planet; Selena Ahmed, Tea and Climate Change Scientist, Tufts University; Mike Harney, Vice President, Harney & Sons; Terry Kellogg, CEO, 1% for the Planet.

"Pruitt blasts Europe, Merkel for ‘hypocrisy’ on climate" [part 4]

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this , this and this ): Pruitt argued that the media's focus on climate change has distracted from the work he is doing at the EPA on everything from air pollution to regulating dangerous chemicals. "We’ve Under the president's new budget, the EPA is cut 31 percent, that is more than any other agency. And I want to put up some of the cuts that are included in the president's budget.

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Marx was an efficiency freak?

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The 6-to-2 ruling bolsters the centerpiece of President Obama’s environmental agenda: a series of new regulations aimed at cutting pollution from coal-fired power plants. Republicans and the coal industry have criticized the regulations, which use the Clean Air Act as their legal authority, as a “war on coal.” The 6-2 decision makes clear that CSAPR’s provisions fully conform with the Clean Air Act and should be implemented as directed.

Opportunity cost

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President Obama has a political and philosophical incentive to restrain their enthusiasm. He had urged, for example, changing the Clean Air Act to require that national clean air standards pass a cost-benefit test – a change in the law long sought by big corporate polluters who understood this meant a weakening of the law in the real world. As a result, many millions of Americans will be breathing dirty air longer.

"A Forgotten Legacy of George H. W. Bush"

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Bush assumed the presidency in 1989. On that visit, the 41st president committed to address the acid-rain problem. The result was an important amendment to the Clean Air Act in 1990, and a new U.S.-Canada Canada air-quality agreement in 1991. David Frum in The Atlantic  re: Acid Rain and " the grand policy experiment ": The Reagan administration resisted any rapid response to the problem.

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Children’s Health on the Line as EPA Updates Smog Pollution Levels

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Environmental Protection Agency on air quality standards gave its recommendation on an acceptable range for protecting public health from smog pollution. The good news is the announcement means we’re one step closer to stronger protections from this dangerous air pollution.

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"Governments Await Obama’s Move on Carbon to Gauge U.S. Climate Efforts"

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This was in today's emailed headlines from the NYTimes: President Obama is expected to announce on Monday an Environmental Protection Agency regulation to cut carbon pollution from the nation’s fleet of 600 coal-fired power plants, in a speech that government analysts in Beijing, Brussels and beyond will scrutinize to determine how serious the president is about fighting global warming. Which Monday? Yesterday? This coming Monday?

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Climate Brothers (this would be a great show on HGTV. sell your flood prone home at a bargain price or raise it and keep living there)

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By the late 1970s, when an increasing number of scientists were raising the threat of global warming, Bill wrote a paper proposing a tax on industries and businesses based on the amount of carbon they emitted into the air. Here the work of Bob comes in: Mr. Obama tried but failed to push a carbon-pricing bill through Congress in his first term, which is why he has turned to Bob’s section of the Clean Air Act as the legal underpinning for the regulation due out in June.

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Quotes of the day

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The Hill's E2-Wire : [The head of the Environmental Protection Agency under former President George H.W. Bush, William] Reilly, a Republican, defended EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s clean-air agenda. These rules are grounded in the best available science, and what’s more, given the priority we all hold for the economy, they will result in job creation as companies acquire and install pollution controls,” he said.

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What are the Health Costs of Israeli Energy Security?

Green Prophet

We are afraid to breathe the air,” said Rachel Toaff-Rosenstein, a veterinarian from Zichron Yaakov.

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Are you willing to pay $7 per month to reduce pollution related deaths and asthma incidence?

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I know the title is an ill-formed question, but that's the essence of the question facing federal regulators right now: Proposed federal clean-air rules could have a profound impact on American Electric Power, leading to an increase in electricity bills, the closing or partial closing of 11 power plants and the loss of 600 jobs, the company said. As he sees it, the benefits of cleaner air far outweigh any drawbacks to electric companies. "Less

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Putting pollution controls on Mill Creek power plant to create hundreds of jobs | The Courier-Journal |

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Construction of four new pollution scrubbers at Louisville Gas & Electric’s Mill Creek power plant will create nearly 700 jobs over three years and allow the site to generate electricity more cleanly for decades, company officials said Thursday. With this groundbreaking, we begin a new chapter in this plant’s history,” said Victor Staffieri, the chairman, chief executive officer and president of LG&E and KU Energy.

Country's Largest Public Power Provider Takes Next Major Step to Move Beyond Coal

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Retiring these coal boilers means less pollution in the air and water in the southeast U.S. According to the Clean Air Task Force, the Colbert coal plant in Alabama alone contributed to 940 asthma attacks, 83 heart attacks, and 57 deaths per year.

New Report: Activists Worldwide Say ‘No’ to Coal

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From India to Germany, the United States to Indonesia, communities are standing up and demanding clean air and clean water. From Germany to China to Australia and beyond, communities are standing up and fighting back against attacks on their air and water.

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