Clean Air Coming Soon!

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Carbon pollution standards for new power plants published for public comment. Today, the Environmental Protection Agency has taken another step forward in protecting American families and environmental health by publishing its proposed standards to limit toxic carbon pollution from new power plants in The Federal Register, the government's official newspaper, starting off a 60-day period for public comment. In fact, coal- and gas-fired plants emit more than 2.3

Big Clean Air Victory in Indianapolis

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After a two-year campaign by 50 organizations in the Power Indy Forward Coalition , Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL) has announced its intention to stop burning coal at its downtown Harding Street power plant  in 2016 and close the unlined coal ash lagoons at the plant, located on the city's south side. "Harding " [Note: Coal plants are made up of one or more boilers, or "units" -- Harding Street has three.


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North Omaha Residents Win Major Clean Air and Climate Victory

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In North Omaha, Nebraska, local residents just won a powerful, inspiring victory to move their utility beyond coal. After years of amazing community activism from local parents, business owners, residents, citizen groups, and community leaders, last week the Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve plans to not only phase out the use of coal at its North Omaha coal-fired power plant, but also to ramp up energy efficiency.

Omaha 87

A Big Win for Clean Air in Pennsylvania - and Nationwide!

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Up until now, only one of the coal plant's boilers had any ability to limit sulfur dioxide pollution! According to the Clean Air Task force, pollution from Homer City causes 43 premature deaths every year. What's more, these limits also apply to times when the coal plant is shut down and restarted, which facilities do from time to time (for maintenance, etc.) This victory sets an important standard for other clean air fights across the country.

Exposed: Why the GOP Wants to Eliminate Clean Air Act Provisions [cartoon]

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Otherwise, why on earth would leading Republicans try to make it easier for big polluters to further pollute the air we (their consitituents, and the rest) breathe? From Greenpeace: “Every year, in the US alone, fine particle emissions from power plants are believed to cut short the lives of 30,000 people. Every year, 38,000 heart attacks, 12,000 hospital admissions and an additional 550,000 asthma attacks are a result of power plant pollution.&#.

Clean Air Measures Will Protect Families, Help Move Arizona.

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South Florida Citizens Demand Rubio Support Climate Action » Clean Air Measures Will Protect Families, Help Move Arizona Beyond Coal. Toxic air pollution from the Apache, Coronado, and Cholla coal plants kills dozens and hospitalizes hundreds each year. Health expenses linked to these plants surpass $300 million each year. The safeguards will put in place equipment used in more than 200 other coal plants across the U.S. Compass.

What's At Stake: Clean Air and Public Health in our Highest Courts on December 10

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This Tuesday, December 10, our nation's highest courts will hear two landmark Clean Air Act cases that have big implications for public health. First and foremost, the Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday on the Environmental Protection Agency's Cross-State Air Pollution Rule. They call this the Cross State Air Pollution Rule because it curbs the millions of tons of air pollution that travel downwind and across state lines each year.

Putting pollution controls on Mill Creek power plant to create hundreds of jobs | The Courier-Journal |

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Construction of four new pollution scrubbers at Louisville Gas & Electric’s Mill Creek power plant will create nearly 700 jobs over three years and allow the site to generate electricity more cleanly for decades, company officials said Thursday. With this groundbreaking, we begin a new chapter in this plant’s history,” said Victor Staffieri, the chairman, chief executive officer and president of LG&E and KU Energy.

Power Plant in Ohio to Retire, Not Refuel With Natural Gas

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  Muskingum River Plant, Waterford, OH (Photo: Google Maps ). On the heels of President Obama’s climate action speech, coal-fired power plants will soon be retired, mitigating what’s been a persistent risk to human health and the environment. During his speech, President Obama noted that he believes that transitioning to natural gas is a move toward clean energy, a statement that the Sierra Club’s Beyond Natural Gas campaign believes is false.

Ohio 70

Five Senators Urge President Obama To Address Climate Change with Tough Standards on Carbon From Power Plants

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As the the impacts of climate change grow more severe, the pressure mounts on President Obama to address climate change by curbing the country’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions: coal-fired power plants.  In April, the Obama administration missed a key deadline for finalizing carbon pollution standards from new power plants. Extreme weather is here once again.

Obama Kickstarts Action on Climate Change

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First, it lays the path limiting greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants. electric power plants emit 2.2 Limiting power plant emissions is also a cost-efficient move. Over the past 35 years, the EPA has used the Clean Air Act to effectively reduce pollution that endangers public health and welfare, including vehicle emissions.

Obama 63

Clean Air, Green Earth: This Energy Infographic Will Blow Your Mind

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As this infographic points out, advances in technology have helped increase the use of solar, wind, hydro and geothermal energy production to power our homes. power plants still use coal, and 27 percent use natural gas. Traditional, internal combustion car engines produce a hefty 30 percent of total air pollution in the U.S. However, new technologies are introducing more smarter, fuel efficient engines powered by biofuels, electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cells.

NOAA Calls July Hottest Month Ever

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Electricity, produced by power plants burning coal, oil or natural gas, contributes large quantities of greenhouse gases (GHGs) to the atmosphere. Tagged: clean air , ecofriendly , environmental products , health. SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS Uncategorized clean air ecofriendly environmental products healthNOAA Calls July Hottest Month Ever.

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New EPA Rules for Greenhouse Gases

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released final versions of their new rules for regulating greenhouse gas emissions from what they call “stationary sources,” which includes power plants, refineries and factories. The rules apply the Clean Air Act permit requirements to include six greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydro fluorocarbons, per-fluorocarbons and [.] [ New EPA Rules for Greenhouse Gases from Green Living Ideas ]. The U.S.

2010 43

Visit the Tiny Town Where Big Coal Will Meet Its Fate | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Courtesy Brett VandenHeuvel Last week Beijing saw its infamous smog thicken to unprecedented levels, driven largely by emissions from coal-fired power plants across China. In recent years coal from US mines has stoked more and more of these plants, in effect offshoring the health impacts of burning coal. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics. Environment. Culture. Photo Essays. Blogs Political MoJo. Kevin Drum. Blue Marble. Tom Philpott. Mixed Media.

2013 69

ASSA annual meeting webcasts of interest to environmental economists

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  Brian Murray; John Reilly; Maureen Cropper; Francisco de la Chesnaye International Aspects of Taxing Carbon  Charles McLure The Costs and Consequences of Clean Air Act Regulation of CO2 from Power Plants Dallas Burtraw; Joshua Linn; Karen Palmer; Anthony Paul Discussants: Gilbert Metcalf View Webcast.

SCOTUS Further Weakens EPA Power to Regulate Greenhouse Gases

Green (Living) Review

Ruling issued Monday cuts back already ''soft'' regulatory measures under the Clean Air Act Pollution in Joliet, Illinois (Photo: Eric Schmuttenmaer / Flickr Creative Commons) The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday placed further limits on the Environmental Protection Agency''s already-modest power to regulate power plant and factory emissions of greenhouse gases.

Was the Acid Rain Program as successful as we thought?

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   Since the passage of the Clean Air Act of 1990, the federal government has pursued a variety of policies designed to reduce the level of sulfur dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants and the associated acid rain. To study the cost savings associated with the Acid Rain Program, which allowed such trade, the authors model the cost of abatement for individual coal-fired power plants.

2016 122

Another jobs study, because jobs are what we are trying to get out of climate policy?

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In a world where benefit-cost analysis, not the macroeconomic impact, of environmental is what really matters, the Environmental Policy Institute says that the EPA's climate rule will cost more than advertised (because jobs are costs ): The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions at power plants will end up creating more jobs than it cuts, according to a new analysis of the proposed rule. 

2015 160

Moving Beyond Coal in 2012: By the Numbers - Compass

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While millions of us were touched by the effects of coal pollution -- from contaminated waterways in Appalachia, to kids struggling with asthma near coal-fired power plants, to hurricanes and droughts and wildfires made worse by climate disruption -- thanks to the huge strides made by the grassroots movement that is moving America beyond coal, we have a fighting chance of turning the corner on all of these problems. 13 proposed coal plants abandoned or defeated. • Compass.

2012 64

Supreme Court: One State's Coal Pollution Not Allowed to Make Another State's Families Sick

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In a huge victory for public health, today the Supreme Court issued its opinion in a case considering the EPA's Cross-State Air Pollution rule, which is designed to protect Americans from dangerous air pollution from coal-fired power plants. Air pollution from power plants doesn’t stop at the state line, and without this strong safeguard, communities living downwind from coal plants would have suffered greater exposure to severe health problems.

2014 87

Marx was an efficiency freak?

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In a major victory for benefit-cost analysis: In a major victory for the Obama administration, the Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate the smog from coal plants that drifts across state lines from 28 Midwestern and Appalachian states to the East Coast. The 6-to-2 ruling bolsters the centerpiece of President Obama’s environmental agenda: a series of new regulations aimed at cutting pollution from coal-fired power plants.

Bad logic?

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The NYTimes editorial page uses it and implies that current air quality regulations are inefficient ( Bad Theory, Bad Legislation ): the fundamental premise, that environmental regulation destroys jobs, is simply wrong. Earlier this year, the Economic Policy Institute conducted a study of a proposed rule that would require power plants to reduce emissions of mercury and other airborne toxics.

2011 135

Jeb Bush on Scott Pruitt's EPA

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From an editorial by Jeb Bush on : Our country has been held back over the past eight years because the appropriate balance between federal and state powers has become totally skewed. Because just think about it, you have a power plant in Arkansas that's burning coal irresponsibly or inconsistent with the statue, and it comes over to Oklahoma and Texas.

2016 109

The greenest president?* Cast your vote here!

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We have made significant progress on fuel economy standards, emissions standards for power plants, the introduction of a real social cost of carbon into federal rulemaking, the rapidly increasing penetration of renewables on people’s roofs and on the people’s plains and in their valleys. Bush (Clean Air Act Amendents of 1990 [aka, Acid Rain Program]).

"Prevailing Academic View on Compliance Flexibility under § 111 of the CAA"

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From the inbox (paraphrasing to make it sound like I have already read the discussion paper*): EPA will soon propose its first rules for GHG emissions from existing stationary sources – performance standards for fossil fuel power plants – in September. s authority to use compliance flexibility options under Section 111 of the Clean Air Act in the development of performance standards for greenhouse gas emissions.

2011 116

It sounds like the economists were working hard on EPA's climate rule

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Michael Wara at Common Resources : EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan uses a rarely used section of the Clean Air Act, Section 111(d) to regulate existing fossil-fired EGUs. This part of the Clean Air Act, like the more familiar provisions governing ambient air quality for more traditional pollutants, gives EPA the task of determining an acceptable target for emissions and leaves it to the states to figure out how to achieve that target.

2014 132

"Justices Hear Case on Cross-State Pollution Rules"

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My vote is to overturn the appeals court, based on what the founders meant when they signed the constitution: The Supreme Court heard arguments on Tuesday in a knotty environmental case over how to hold states responsible for air pollution that drifts across their borders and causes harm in downwind states. The appeals court said the agency had exceeded its authority under the Clean Air Act in the way it apportioned the cleanup work among 28 upwind states.

2013 131

New Report: Activists Worldwide Say ‘No’ to Coal

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From India to Germany, the United States to Indonesia, communities are standing up and demanding clean air and clean water. In 2013, one of the biggest steps forward was the large-scale withdrawal of public support for new coal fired power plants overseas. From Germany to China to Australia and beyond, communities are standing up and fighting back against attacks on their air and water.

2013 80

First Day of EPA Carbon Pollution Standard Hearings a Success!

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Denver, and Atlanta Tuesday for the first day of public hearings on the Environmental Protection Agency''s Clean Power Plan. The EPA proposed these first-ever limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants just last month. Kids were out and about in force as well, thanks to coalition partner Moms Clean Air Force. In Atlanta, hundreds marched through the city streets after a powerful rally (the first photo in this blog post is of the Atlanta rally).

"Governments Await Obama’s Move on Carbon to Gauge U.S. Climate Efforts"

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This was in today's emailed headlines from the NYTimes: President Obama is expected to announce on Monday an Environmental Protection Agency regulation to cut carbon pollution from the nation’s fleet of 600 coal-fired power plants, in a speech that government analysts in Beijing, Brussels and beyond will scrutinize to determine how serious the president is about fighting global warming. Which Monday? Yesterday? This coming Monday?

Obama 116

EPA Carbon Standards Give Our Kids a Fighting Chance

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As dire warnings from climate scientists continue to escalate and what were once rare extreme weather events become increasingly common , we at the Sierra Club applaud today''s announcement from the Environmental Protection Agency outlining its proposed protections from dangerous carbon pollution from existing power plants. I want my daughter and all kids to be able to breathe clean air and drink clean water, to enjoy snow days and fishing trips.

2014 87

How the Oil Industry Will Try to Kill Carbon Pricing

Sightline Daily

Governor Inslee has proposed a plan that would cap carbon pollution in Washington and move the state slowly but surely away from fossil fuels—away from what oil and coal companies sell—and onto clean energy. California has capped pollution from power plants and industrial facilities since 2013; when gas and diesel came under the cap this year, most economists estimated it would cost customers about a dime a gallon.

EPA's Proposed Standards for Natural Gas Plants Fail President's Climate Goals

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The president laid out an ambitious vision for a clean-energy future that would generate jobs, promote healthy communities, and set an example for the world. That's why we can't help but question why the Environmental Protection Agency would consider performance standards for new gas fueled power plants that could lock in continued reliance on fossil fuels for decades, and fail to carry out the president's vision. "The question is not whether we need to act.

Are you willing to pay $7 per month to reduce pollution related deaths and asthma incidence?

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I know the title is an ill-formed question, but that's the essence of the question facing federal regulators right now: Proposed federal clean-air rules could have a profound impact on American Electric Power, leading to an increase in electricity bills, the closing or partial closing of 11 power plants and the loss of 600 jobs, the company said. As he sees it, the benefits of cleaner air far outweigh any drawbacks to electric companies. "Less

2011 133

The official Environmental Economics blog analysis of the EPA's climate rules (er, from Common Resources)

Environmental Economics

Nathan Richardson: [Monday], EPA announced proposed performance standards for existing power plants under the Clean Air Act (also known as the existing source performance standards, or ESPS). The big headline is 30% emissions cuts from the power sector relative to 2005 by 2030. In setting states’ targets, EPA assumes existing gas plants can be run more (up to 70% of capacity), displacing coal.

2014 171

Clean Energy: Making Better Economic Sense and Keeping the Heat On During the Polar Vortex

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Clean energy continues to make the news nationwide as solar and wind power continue expanding at an exponential rate. " That's the ruling from a judge in a case about whether Xcel should replace its Minnesota Black Dog coal plant with natural gas or solar. Minnesota's Public Utilities Commission must still approve the plan, but it's great news for clean energy and clean air and water.

2014 Grassroots Anti-Coal Movements To Watch

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Wherever there are coal mines, coal shipping ports, and power plants around the globe, local communities are fighting back against deadly pollution and economic destruction. Pitted against unimaginable wealth and power and too often facing violence and intimidation, these are the people that refuse to be silent. Similarly, the island of Palawan in the Philippines also faces the threat of having two coal-fired power plants built in the region.

2014 61


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I'm missing something here ( Supreme court blocks Obama's limits on power plants ): The Supreme Court on Monday blocked one of the Obama administration’s most ambitious environmental initiatives, an Environmental Protection Agency regulation meant to limit emissions of mercury and other toxic pollutants from coal-fired power plants. The Clean Air Act required the regulation to be “appropriate and necessary.”

2015 157

Our clean energy potential is in the air

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That''s the number of days this year the air was unsafe to breathe in Southern California because of smog. Over the decades we’ve made progress towards cleaning up the nation''s dirtiest, smoggiest air basin, but fossil fuels and air pollution still place a heavy burden on families across the region. million days of school due to dirty air and Southern Californians suffer from more than 120,000 asthma attacks. Our air is bad.

Big Victory for Public Health

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Mill Creek coal plant in Louisville, Kentucky. Circuit upheld limits last month on dangerous emissions of mercury and toxic air pollution from power plants, it was a big victory for clean air, clean water, and the health of our families. Coal-fired power plants are the largest source of these toxic air pollutants and account for almost half of the nation's mercury emissions.

A Tale of Two Policies: House GOP Launches 500th Attack on Environment As President Celebrates Climate Action Anniversary

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 These actions culminated in the recent release of the EPA’s new  Clean Power Plan. Centered around new standards that will clean up carbon pollution from power plants for the first time, the plan is expected to  reduce climate disrupting carbon pollution by 30%  within the next 15 years. It will also create jobs by incentivizing investment into home-grown clean energy. President Obama (Photo: Wikimedia Commons ).

The Social Cost of Carbon: How to Do the Math? -

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Instead, they decided, all of the agencies would use the same baseline of $21 per ton as the standard in monetizing the social costs of the seven-plus billion tons of carbon generated by American power plants, vehicles and factories each year. The research was carried out by Laurie Johnson , chief economist in the climate and clean air program at the Natural Resources Defense Council and Chris Hope of the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School.

2012 179