Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act Symposium in Journal of Economic Perspectives

Environmental Economics

The most recent issue of the Journal of Economic Perspectives features a three-article symposium on the 50th anniversary of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. Third, most recent studies estimate benefits of cleaning up pollution in rivers and lakes that are less than the costs.

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Clean Air Coming Soon!

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The new year is here, and the Environmental Protection Agency is sticking to its resolutions by kicking off 2014 with some major climate action. Today, the Environmental Protection Agency has taken another step forward in protecting American families and environmental health by publishing its proposed standards to limit toxic carbon pollution from new power plants in The Federal Register, the government's official newspaper, starting off a 60-day period for public comment.


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New EPA safeguard would close major Clean Air Act loophole

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In case you missed it, late Friday the Environmental Protection Agency proposed a fix to a Clean Air Act loophole which currently allows facilities in 36 states to dump massive amounts of pollution onto nearby communities. What's more, these facilities doing these massive pollution dumps are often located in low income and communities of color -- communities that have already shouldered the burden of excessive hazardous air and water pollution.

A Big Win for Clean Air in Pennsylvania - and Nationwide!

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According to the Clean Air Task force, pollution from Homer City causes 43 premature deaths every year. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) expects these new standards will especially benefit children, the elderly, and people with asthma. This victory sets an important standard for other clean air fights across the country. This money could be much better spent on clean energy investment for the community. "Some

Kentucky's Coal Challenges -- Public Health, Clean Water, and Clean Air

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  First, some good news: In a victory for clean water and public health, late yesterday a Kentucky circuit court overruled a lax permit that allowed Louisville Gas and Electric (LG&E) to dump large amounts of mercury, arsenic,  and other pollutants into the Ohio River from its Trimble County Generating Station coal-fired plant.   Already, more than 40,000 Kentuckians have sent a message to the EPA telling it to protect their waterways.

Arizona: Fight for Clean Air and Clean Energy Inspires a Family of Activists

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Kathy Mohr-Almeida and her daughter Anna (pictured at the right) - along with millions of others in Arizona and surrounding states - could breathe a little easier if the Environmental Protection Agency steps up to enforce the Clean Air Act protections for Navajo Generating Station, one of the biggest polluters in Arizona. If the air is too dirty to enjoy the most spectacular site on Earth, how long will people continue to visit?" is clean energy.

Clean Air Measures Will Protect Families, Help Move Arizona.

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South Florida Citizens Demand Rubio Support Climate Action » Clean Air Measures Will Protect Families, Help Move Arizona Beyond Coal. Toxic air pollution from the Apache, Coronado, and Cholla coal plants kills dozens and hospitalizes hundreds each year. Now the Environmental Protection Agency has announced plans to raise standards and enforce safeguards that will let Arizona families breathe a little easier. Compass. « Filthy and Over-Budget?

7 Things to Ban from your Home Right Now if you Want Cleaner Air.

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Why I Hate Earth Day: thoughts from an Environmental Hypocrite.

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Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Food Green Inspiring (Wow) Clean Air Act Clean Water Act climate change Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) earth-day Environmental Protection agency factory farming green natural disasters plastic politicsDon’t get me wrong: I’m all for saving the planet. If we don’t do something, we’re screwed.

Amazing Chicago Coal, Clean Air Activist Wins Goldman Environmental Prize

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Every year the Goldman Environmental Prize committee selects an amazing group of winners from around the world to receive what is sometimes called the environmental Nobel prize - and I could not be more thrilled with their pick for North America this year: Kim Wasserman Nieto of Chicago, Illinois. Kim is a phenomenal environmental justice activist and mom from the Little Village neighborhood in Chicago.

GOP Voted Over 100 Times to Stop Environmental Protection This Year

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The GOP is notorious for their reputation on denying climate change and other environmental issues even though the evidence continues to pile up that these are very real concerns. Since January, the GOP has voted at least 110 times to stop any progressive measures to solve environmental problems. Some members of Congress have reported that the Republican party continues to undermine environmental protection.

US EPA Proposes New Clean Air Standards for Particulate Pollution (Soot)


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed new national air quality standards for fine particulate pollution, or soot. On June 14, the U.S. Extensive review including thousands of new scientific studies has shown that exposure to particulate pollution has been linked to a wide range of serious health problems, including premature death.

Top 5 Benefits of Riding Your Bike

Green Home Blog

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a car that travels approximately 12,500 miles per year will generate an incredible 11,450 pounds of carbon monoxide. Tagged: clean air , ecofriendly , going green , outdoors , recycled bike tube wallet. Going Green Green Health clean air ecofriendly going green outdoors recycled bike tube walletTop 5 Benefits of Biking. Get on your bike for better health!

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New EPA Rules for Greenhouse Gases

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released final versions of their new rules for regulating greenhouse gas emissions from what they call “stationary sources,” which includes power plants, refineries and factories. The rules apply the Clean Air Act permit requirements to include six greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydro fluorocarbons, per-fluorocarbons and [.] [ New EPA Rules for Greenhouse Gases from Green Living Ideas ]. The U.S.

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Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air

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Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air. When most people think of air pollution they picture highways full of car exhaust and factories belching smoke, but did you know that the air inside your home can actually be more dangerous? Follow the tips below to help keep the air in your home clean. Test for Air Quality. The first step towards controlling indoor air pollution is to test the air quality in your home. Clean Green. Clean the Carpets.

Five Things Northwest States Should Know About the Federal Clean Power Plan

Sightline Daily

Last fall I described how President Obama’s draft federal Clean Power Plan (CPP) gave Oregon and Washington a chance to leap into a clean energy future. The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan is the progeny of the US Supreme Court’s 2007 holding that the Clean Air Act covers greenhouse gas emissions. The Clean Air Act uses a “ cooperative federalism ” approach; EPA sets goals for each state.

Auto Dealer Industry Files Suit to Block CA Emissions Limits

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Here we go again…now that California has finally gotten a Clean Air Act waiver from Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate emissions from cars and trucks, the auto dealer industry has responded with a lawsuit. Tags: Alt Fuels and Transportation Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers Clean Air Act Clean Air Watch greenhouse gas regulations

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ALEC's Vision of Pre-Empting EPA Coal Ash Regs Passes the House

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House of Representatives passed an amendment on April 18 to the Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2012 (HR 4348) that would effectively pre-empt the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating coal ash, the waste from coal burning plants, as a hazardous waste. Additionally, researchers from the Environmental Integrity Project, Earthjustice, and Sierra Club have documented water contamination from coal ash sites in 186 locations. Skip to Main Content Area.

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Something else is wrong with your Hyundai and Kia

Environmental Economics

Just a few millions: The Justice Department and the Environmental Protection Agency announced today that the Hyundai Motor Company and the Kia Motors Corporation would pay a combined $100 million penalty as part of a settlement for overstating vehicle fuel economy standards on 1.2 million vehicles, a violation of the Clean Air Act. The penalty is the largest ever paid for violation of the Clean Air Act, government officials said.

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New Soot Standard Will Protect Public Health, Environment - Compass

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» New Soot Standard Will Protect Public Health, Environment. That's why I'm so thankful that today the Environmental Protection Agency has announced new air quality standards for soot that will save thousands of lives and billions of dollars. Soot is one of the most deadly forms of air pollution, and these soot limits are especially important for kids, the elderly and people already suffering from respiratory ailments. Compass.

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The environmental record of Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry

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But what does Romney, Bachmann and Perry say about environmental and climate issues? Which might say a lot where he stands political on environmental issues considering Bush’s awful climate record. “Rick Perry has consistently put corporate polluters and other special interests ahead of protecting our natural resources and working to make Texas a leader in the new clean energy economy,&# said David Weinberg, Executive Director of the Texas League of Conservation Voters.

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Coalition of environmental, public health and civil rights organisations fights GOP attack on EPA

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Supporters of clean air and water this week pushed back against a Republican Party proposal to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from doing its job to protect Americans from air pollution. Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, explained, “Coal and oil are polluting our air. It is the Environmental Protection Agency that stands in the way of their unrestrained habits that are making us sick.

2011 54

A novel interpretation of the benefit-cost ratio

Environmental Economics

Gernot Wagner : Clean Air Act of 1970: Benefits-to-costs ratio: 30 to 1. Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990: Benefits-to-costs ratio: 30 to 1. Average across all Environmental Protection Agency rules passed between 2000 and 2010: Benefits-to-costs ratio: 10 to 1. EPA isn’t doing nearly enough to protect us from ourselves. Until then, there are still good environmental policies out there.

2011 148

Help us get to #289,552

Environmental Economics

John and my latest page turner: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: An Encyclopedia is currently #289,553 on Amazon's bestseller list.  environmental movement, Earth Day, the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency, the passage of the landmark 1970 amendments to the Clean Air Act and perhaps most significantly, the passage of the 1972 Clean Water Act (CWA). 

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RFF: Carbon tax impact in Australia

Environmental Economics

As current conversations about controlling power sector emissions in the US focus on regulations under the Clean Air Act, RFF’s Dallas Burtraw , Joshua Linn , Karen Palmer , and Anthony Paul also examine a variety of options that might be taken by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the states. Check this out, mate: New data released last week by the Australian government show that electricity emissions have dropped 7.6

Why didn't I think of that

Environmental Economics

Because I'm not as smart as Dallas Burtraw (The Institutional Blind Spot in Environmental Economics)? Economic approaches are expected to achieve environmental goals at less cost than traditional regulations, but they have yet to find widespread application. The federalist nature of governmental authority assigns to subnational governments much of the implementation of environmental policy and primary authority for planning the infrastructure that affects environmental outcomes.

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SCOTUS Further Weakens EPA Power to Regulate Greenhouse Gases

Green (Living) Review

Ruling issued Monday cuts back already ''soft'' regulatory measures under the Clean Air Act Pollution in Joliet, Illinois (Photo: Eric Schmuttenmaer / Flickr Creative Commons) The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday placed further limits on the Environmental Protection Agency''s already-modest power to regulate power plant and factory emissions of greenhouse gases.

Fuel Economy Standards Are Essential to Our Health, Environment and Economy

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That is the air pollution control programs of the Clean Air Act. And lead added to gasoline to increase octane and keep engines from knocking settled out of the air to contaminate urban parks and playgrounds, poisoning children’s blood and impairing their cognitive abilities. In 1970, Congress acted to address this threat, adopting the Clean Air Act that required a 75 percent reduction in the emissions from new cars that caused smog and carbon monoxide poisoning.

You missed it!

Environmental Economics

The Benefits of Clean Air:  How EPA Values Reductions in Air Pollution. Environmental Protection Agency. EPA has been regulating air pollution for over four decades, and uses cost-benefit analysis to evaluate major regulations, those expected to result in more than $100 million in costs and benefits.  Dr. Bryan Hubbell, U. Friday, November 8, 2:30 p.m. Belk Library and Information Commons Lecture Hall 114. The U.S.

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Another jobs study, because jobs are what we are trying to get out of climate policy?

Environmental Economics

In a world where benefit-cost analysis, not the macroeconomic impact, of environmental is what really matters, the Environmental Policy Institute says that the EPA's climate rule will cost more than advertised (because jobs are costs ): The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions at power plants will end up creating more jobs than it cuts, according to a new analysis of the proposed rule. 

2015 160

The greenest president?* Cast your vote here!

Environmental Economics

Max Aufhammer ( The Future is at Stake ): The past eight years of the Obama presidency have brought monumental change for the better in the environmental and energy arena. I do note a curious absence of Berkeley environmental economists, but maybe Secretary Clinton will deck the halls with Berkeley folks if elected. Bush (Clean Air Act Amendents of 1990 [aka, Acid Rain Program]).

How Environmental Lawyers Help the Community

Green Prophet

You don’t hear that often about environmental lawyers. Environmental lawyers are often mistaken for people who do nothing else but protect natural parks. So, what are environmental lawyers and how do they help out the world? What Is an Environmental Lawyer?

Polluter pays (some) principle

Environmental Economics

In response to city budget deficits:  Saying they need to stop relying on the city’s general fund, Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District officials plan to collect an additional $1.5 The district enforces the federal Clean Air Act in Louisville along with its own regulations. Environmental Protection Agency.   Charging polluters to fund air pollution regulations, in proportion to their pollution, is akin to a Pigouvian tax.

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I predict this story is about the law of unintended consequences

Environmental Economics

Successive governments knew more than 10 years ago that diesel was producing all these harmful pollutants, but they myopically plowed on with their CO2 agenda,” said Simon Birkett, founder of Clean Air in London, a nonprofit group. “It’s It’s been a catastrophe for air pollution, and that’s not too strong a word.   Here's a comparison: The EU limits NO2 to a maximum of 40 micrograms per cubic meter of air. It’s the law of unintended consequences at work.

2014 138

Concord, Mass., Joins Growing Call for National Climate Action


community to call on President Barack Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency to make full use of the Clean Air Act to cut the greenhouse gas pollution that’s drastically changing the climate and increasing extreme weather risk. “President Obama says he’s further deploying the Clean Air Act against global Concord, Mass., has become the 67th U.S.

"Justices Hear Case on Cross-State Pollution Rules"

Environmental Economics

My vote is to overturn the appeals court, based on what the founders meant when they signed the constitution: The Supreme Court heard arguments on Tuesday in a knotty environmental case over how to hold states responsible for air pollution that drifts across their borders and causes harm in downwind states. Still, the questioning suggested that there may well be five votes to sustain the Environmental Protection Agency regulations at issue. “It’s

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Oxnard and Pittsburgh Join List of US Cities Calling for Federal Action on Global Warming


and other cities across the country urging the Obama administration and the Environmental Protection Agency to use the Clean Air Act to reduce carbon and other pollutants to address the increasingly urgent global climate crisis. By passing resolutions, these cities join the Center for Biological Diversity’s national Clean Air Cities campaign. “There is no doubt that the Clean Air Act has saved thousands of lives in our country.

Marx was an efficiency freak?

Environmental Economics

In a major victory for benefit-cost analysis: In a major victory for the Obama administration, the Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate the smog from coal plants that drifts across state lines from 28 Midwestern and Appalachian states to the East Coast. The 6-to-2 ruling bolsters the centerpiece of President Obama’s environmental agenda: a series of new regulations aimed at cutting pollution from coal-fired power plants.

First Day of EPA Carbon Pollution Standard Hearings a Success!

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Denver, and Atlanta Tuesday for the first day of public hearings on the Environmental Protection Agency''s Clean Power Plan. Kids were out and about in force as well, thanks to coalition partner Moms Clean Air Force. Business owners, farmers, parents, clergy, and many more spoke in favor of EPA''s Clean Power Plan. Later in the morning there was clean air rally with Mom''s Clean Air Force, Colorado Mom''s Know Best, Climate Parents, and other groups.

Environmental policy and jobs (sigh)

Environmental Economics

Frank Ackerman argues that environmental protection is very expensive at Real Climate Economics : Does environmental protection destroy jobs? No one wants to endorse dirty air and water in so many words, but hey, we’re just trying to save jobs at a time when millions are out of work. Environmental regulation generally creates jobs, including lots of blue-collar jobs in construction and manufacturing.

A Parent and Faith Leader's Perspective: Why We Need Strong Smog Standards

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As the father of an asthmatic child, and as a person of faith, I'm grateful for the Clean Air Act. Last fall, Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ) complained that, in enforcing the standards of the Clean Air Act, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has "overreached" its authority. It's another bad air quality day where I live, and Aaron is having yet another asthma attack. We should not have to wait decades for clean air.

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Quotes of the day

Environmental Economics

The Hill's E2-Wire : [The head of the Environmental Protection Agency under former President George H.W. Bush, William] Reilly, a Republican, defended EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s clean-air agenda. Bush and Ronald Reagan made major environmental strides.

2011 116

"The staggering economic cost of air pollution"

Environmental Economics

Air pollution caused by energy production in the U.S. Using an up-to-date model and a set of data acquired from the Environmental Protection Agency on emissions from the energy sector, the researchers set about estimating the monetary damages caused by air pollution from energy production between 2002 and 2011. They point to the EPA’s development of the Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) and later its replacement, the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR).