What Does It Mean to Go Green?

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What Does it Mean to “Go Green”? Going green – it’s a phrase that’s becoming more and more common as people start to realize the enormity of the environmental challenges we all face. Can going green really make a difference? Here at Greenhome.com we think the answer is yes, and we want to help you understand what it means to be green and the impact your eco-friendly choices can have.

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Creating a green home with oil silos


Green Products. Green Homes. Green Living. Green Tips. Home Appliances. Eco Friendly. Creating a green home with oil silos. PinkCloud has designed an innovative and eco friendly Oil Silo Home, which reuses existing empty oil silos, redefining their purpose altogether. Not only would it be easy to assemble and disassemble an Oil Silo Home, it will indeed be durable and strong for supporting the house.

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VOCS: A Guide to Volatile Organic Compounds

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Instead, liquids like paints, cleaning supplies, glues, and pesticides and construction materials like insulation and pressed wood release gases when they’re just sitting around your home. Perchloroethylene (aka perc) : Perchloroethylene is a chemical commonly used for dry-cleaning that can remain on clothes even after they’ve been taken home. There are a number of easy steps you can take to reduce your exposer to VOCs: • Keep dangerous products out of your home.