China’s Commitment to Cleaner Air

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trillion yuan --  about $277 billion -- to the fight against air pollution, in particular the highly dangerous pollutant PM2.5 And while soot levels may have dropped sharply since January, 2013, those levels are still double the national air quality standards the government has set (see chart below). The Sierra Club is eagerly awaiting the announcement of China’s new measures to combat air pollution.   Haze pollution in Beijing. Photo credit: David Barrie.

7 Things to Ban from your Home Right Now if you Want Cleaner Air.

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Conscious Consumerism Family Green Health & Wellness WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Green Featured Today air filters Air Pollution air quality clean air Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) eco-friendly products Environmental Protection agency family For Children green living safe home World Health OrganizationAs the mother of two young children, this research compelled me to scour my house for potential pollutants and root out as many as I could.


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North Omaha Residents Win Major Clean Air and Climate Victory

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This is a big victory in the struggle for clean air, a safe climate, and healthy communities. "OPPD "OPPD has finally answered our calls to clean up our air," said Vernon Muhammad, a father and resident of North Omaha. "My "My children and I will breathe easier knowing that cleaner air is coming." But the 645MW North Omaha coal plant was still pumping out dangerous air pollution. 33 percent clean energy portfolio.

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Can India’s Farmers Deliver Clean Air Along with Good Food?

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Planting Healthy Air: Can Urban Trees Help Clean Up Pollution? A Benefit of the Conservation Reserve Program: Paying Farmers to Grow Clean Water. Delhi’s air pollution is a result of a combination of factors including vehicles and factories spewing smoke, dust from construction and burning of un-collected trash and fuelwood. With nearly a million land holdings burning, a great deal of smoke goes up into the air.

How Environmental Lawyers Help the Community

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Apart from that, they are people who work with air quality , rare animals, and anything related to environmental issues. Air and water quality. Clean technology. They care about the ecosystem and also want humans to breathe cleaner air and have cleaner water.

Fuel Economy Standards Are Essential to Our Health, Environment and Economy

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That is the air pollution control programs of the Clean Air Act. And lead added to gasoline to increase octane and keep engines from knocking settled out of the air to contaminate urban parks and playgrounds, poisoning children’s blood and impairing their cognitive abilities. In 1970, Congress acted to address this threat, adopting the Clean Air Act that required a 75 percent reduction in the emissions from new cars that caused smog and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Naturally Eliminating Odors 

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The commercial air freshener and so called odor eater market is among the most popular and profitable to date. Seriously, no one wants to smell aging trash, mildew or stale air, we much rather smell flowers scents and sweet air. So we rush to the stores and buy these can full of chemicals that promises cleaner air and odor eating properties and we spray our air until we are no longer offended by the yucky smell.

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"Improvements in US Air Pollution"

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Timothy Taylor: The US government passed its first Air Pollution Control Act in 1955, but the major amendments to that law passed in 1970--including the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency to administer the law--greatly expanded the federal and state enforcement efforts. The EPA has published a web report called "Our Nation's Air: Status and Trends through 2015. " These air pollutants are below the national standard, and falling since 1990s.

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Air Purifier Source - Improve the Quality of your Indoor Air

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These pollutants live in indoor air, contributing and creating poor air quality. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to disorders such as headaches, fatigue, nasal congestion, skin disorders, allergies and asthma. Of course, the opposite is true when we constantly breath in high quality indoor air. Clean indoor air has been praised for creating a healthy living environment. Bacteria, pollen, mold, dander and dust mites are all pollutants.

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Supreme Court: One State's Coal Pollution Not Allowed to Make Another State's Families Sick

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In a huge victory for public health, today the Supreme Court issued its opinion in a case considering the EPA's Cross-State Air Pollution rule, which is designed to protect Americans from dangerous air pollution from coal-fired power plants. Air pollution from power plants doesn’t stop at the state line, and without this strong safeguard, communities living downwind from coal plants would have suffered greater exposure to severe health problems.

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Country's Largest Public Power Provider Takes Next Major Step to Move Beyond Coal

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Retiring these coal boilers means less pollution in the air and water in the southeast U.S. According to the Clean Air Task Force, the Colbert coal plant in Alabama alone contributed to 940 asthma attacks, 83 heart attacks, and 57 deaths per year. It's a great move for public health, for clean air and water, and for our climate. Residents, businesses and industries have spoken loud and clear: they want TVA to provide affordable, reliable and clean power.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Writes About the Real Judgment Day


In the article, Schwarzenegger praises the Clean Air Act, and talks about the difference he sees in air quality nowadays as opposed to when he first came to California. “Since January, there have been more than a dozen proposals in Congress to limit enforcement of our clean-air rules, create special-interest loopholes, and attempt to reverse scientific findings,&# writes Schwarzenegger.

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Getting the worm

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said the cleaner air would prevent as many as 34,000 premature deaths, 15,000 nonfatal heart attacks and hundreds of thousands of cases of asthma and other respiratory ailments every year. billion per year in capital investments already under way as a result of CAIR, are improving air quality for over 240 million Americans. CAIR is the Clean Air Interstate Rule, which CSAPR replaces.

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A Big New Milestone Reached in Coal Retirement, Public Health.

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Today, thanks to the hard work of millions of people and dozens of partner organizations, our children, our grandparents, our friends, our neighbors, and so many others are enjoying cleaner air and water -- and U.S. According to the Clean Air Task Force, the 54,000 megawatts of coal that the Beyond Coal campaign and its allies have helped retire so far has resulted in these numbers: 3,900 lives saved. Compass.

Diseases Caused by Air Pollution


But what happens when the air that we inhale to relax or bring our body back into balance contains a lot more than oxygen? Unfortunately, most of the air we breathe is polluted. The horror stories about China’s pervasive air pollution which costs the life of more than one million people every year are shocking and show no signs of improvement. About 9,000 people die prematurely because of air pollution in London alone [2]. CRITERIA AIR POLLUTANTS. Air pollutio

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Put a Face on Climate Change

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More specifically, across audience segments, the health implications of climate change appear to be “both useful and compelling, particularly when mitigation-related actions were paired with specific benefits to health ”—cleaner air to breathe, healthier food to eat, and more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly communities. Solutions are good for our health and the climate, from better food and clean air, to easy ways to get around by foot, bike, and transit.”.

The Oil Industry’s California Playbook

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After millions of dollars of furious Big Oil lobbying , legislators dropped the petroleum requirement from the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act (SB 350). Led by the Western State Petroleum Association (WSPA), the oil industry has fought California’s clean energy efforts tooth and nail. They know that if California shows what a clean energy economy can look like, their doomsday warnings won’t hold water. Jerry Brown by Steve Rhodes used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Sustainable Cleveland, Sustainable Future

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The river burning, the bad air and water pollution in cities like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, LA and all across the country—these all gave rise to the greatest period of environmental progress in U.S. Under President Nixon we got the EPA, The Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act. Take the Clean Air Act, for example. Today, thanks mainly to the Clean Air Act, cars today are 99.5 percent cleaner than they were in 1970.

Don’t Just Complain, Blame, or Worry. Do Something: How You Can Take Action for a Sustainable Planet

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The river burning, the bad air and water pollution in cities like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, LA and all across the country—these challenges gave rise to the greatest period of environmental progress in U.S. Under President Nixon we got the EPA, The Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act. Take the Clean Air Act, for example. Today, thanks mainly to the Clean Air Act, cars are 99.5 percent cleaner than they were in 1970.

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Moving Beyond Coal in 2012: By the Numbers - Compass

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While I could easily think of many inspiring, moving, and unforgettable victories from 2012 that were milestones in transitioning our country from coal to clean energy, I didn't want to write a 20,000 word column. Through landmark pollution standards and a decline in coal power, millions of Americans have cleaner air and water, our children are safer from toxic chemicals, and we've laid the building blocks for averting future climate disasters. Compass.

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Ecosocialism - Going Green For The Common Good.

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This kind of movement could be called “ Ecosocialism “, as it is investing and working towards a cleaner world together, with the end result being better for everyone. This leads to cleaner air and water for everyone on earth. Clean water for all reduces disease, starvation, and water wars. So to those people I ask: Do you not want clean water to drink? Do you not want clean air to breathe?

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