"Student Calls Professor ‘Mom’, Drops Class"

Environmental Economics

Poor Matty: BOONE, NC — In an incident that students involved are calling “absolute gold” and “oh my god hang on a second I’m dying”, local freshman Matty Bridges reportedly called his Economics professor “mom”. “Oh Within mere hours, classmates noted, Bridges’ name was absent from the class registry, and hallmates have claimed he has yet to emerge from his dorm room closet. “He

Want more Students in Your Yoga Class? ~ Katherine Austin

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As a teacher of yoga for more than 18 years and a studio owner for the last decade, I often hear from other teachers that they are frustrated that they don’t have enough students in their classes. I get it, they want to make a living, and they deserve to—but when you’re paid per person who attends, you are dependent on quantity to drive up your paycheck.

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5 Inspiring Traits of a New Yoga Student.

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This is a moment of appreciation for each courageous soul who begins the yogic journey and shows up to class. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Yoga gratitude inspiration new yoga students yoga class

Bad News for On-Line Classes

Environmental Economics

Online classes are already common in colleges, and, on the whole, the record is not encouraging. These typically have about 25 students and are run by professors who often have little interaction with students.

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"Classes canceled; university closed until noon March 7"

Environmental Economics

From the inbox: All classes are canceled Friday, March 7. This makes an entire week that the university has canceled my MWF 10-10:50 Stats II class. That said, a week of class is a long time. Several years ago the TR morning classes missed two weeks of class.

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Dear Yoga Students: Your Teacher Loves You.

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I imagine that together, we are weaving the fabric of this class. Sometimes it feels like we are making a patchwork quilt, dense with the primary colored energy of your spirit pressing up against your fellow students to make a pattern like stained glass.

What Your Yoga Teacher is Really Thinking at the End of Class.

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When I thank you at the end of class, you think it’s just the natural way to close the session, some words I spill.

What time is it? It's student comments to instructor time

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At the end of each semester, students get the opportunity to provide anonymous evaluation and ratings of their class instructors.  A highly imperfect means of evaluating teaching, the Student Evaluation of Instruction is often the only means we have of getting student feedback. This class was the biggest joke!!! Professor did not give two s s about the class or you. Smart, down to earth, prepared, and engaged with his students.

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10 Sweet & Simple Tips for New Yoga Students.

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Here are 10 simple points to keep in mind as we practice: Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Health & Wellness Yoga beginner yoga yoga class Yoga poses yoga postures. yoga student yoga tips

"Five colleges where students study"

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And I think there are truly only five: A story in today’s Post talks about a generational decline in study time , the number of weekly hours college students devote to actual study. AP Photo/Wisconsin State Journal, Craig Schreiner) Students say they are more efficient than before, and adults say they are busier - - distracted by work, dependent care and long commutes. There are few hot spots to distract Centre students from their studies. “It’s

Yoga Virgin: 6 Tips for Beginning Students & Teachers.

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Whether you are a beginning student or a beginning teacher, rejoice! Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Yoga Yoga Practice asanas ask questions courage energy first time students help it''s ok not to know learning yoga new to yoga new yoga student new yoga teacher poses set the ego aside teacher virgin teaching a class trying yoga we are all students when to practice yoga newbies yoga tips yoga virgin

Letter to a New Yoga Student.

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From my spot tucked away in the back corner I watched the girls in the front row chat and laugh before class and I instantly judged them—so full of themselves in their perfect matching Lululemon and hundred dollar yoga mats with fancy towels.

Taking the Seat of the Student: Can Teachers Allow Themselves to Be Students? ~ Julie Dohrman

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Taking the Seat of the Student: Can Teachers Really Allow Themselves to Be Students? Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Yoga Yoga Practice Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today class ego health wellness respect Sacred student teacher texting training yoga practice

When Yoga Students do their Own Thing: A Teacher’s Perspective.

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Each teacher has their own pet peeve when it comes to yoga student conduct. For me, it’s the student who does her own thing during a led class. Yoga asana class hot yoga independent pet peeve poses students teacher

How to be a Yoga Student.

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The best way to start becoming a student of yoga is by paying attention. After my first classes, my body and mind were telling me how i. Yoga Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today asana how to be a yoga student yoga for beginners yoga workshops

Free Stylin’ Yogis: Is It Okay To Do Your Own Weird Thing In Yoga Class?

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I posed the question to my Facebook friends, who had many and varied responses: WAYLON: Editor''s Picks Yoga Erica Leibrandt sequence student yoga class yoga teacher

A Letter to my Yoga Students—the Beloved & Broken Ones.

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I like to say before classes that I am merely a guide, because I feel the term "teacher" is actually a guise. Health & Wellness Meditation Yoga broken growing mental flexibility potential yoga student yoga teacherI don’t really want to teach you anything—I want to awaken you to your infinite potential.

Thank You, Yoga Students.

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I close each of my classes with a thank you to my students. My students repaired my torn heart. I thank them for giving me the opportunity for continuous learning. It is through their presence and their practice that I become a better teacher. This night, was more than that.

The Class. ~ Evan Upchurch

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Each moment I reminded the students to breathe and block out the external distractions. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Yoga Yoga Practice Yoga Wisdom breathe meditation nervous peaceful practice student teacher teaching youth Their eyes followed every move I made. My presence floated across the room, while an unspoken bond tied me to them. Challenge yourself, but remember you have limits,” I reminded them.

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5 Ways We Know It’s Time to Break Up With Our Yoga Students.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Health & Wellness Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Yoga break up business class student teaching yoga students yoga studio As teachers, how do we know if or when the arrangement has run its course?

16 Ways to Lose Yoga Students & Annoy New Ones.

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Funny Yoga bad yoga teachers class fail students teacher yogi Everyone knows it’s way more fun to just say you’re a yoga teacher than actually teach yoga. I mean, there’s all the sweating and the spandex and the Sanskrit to deal with.

Students say the darndest things

Environmental Economics

Some comments (with commentary) from my end of year anonymous evaluations of my principles of micro class: Category: Are you sure you were both in the same class? With your family stories and sarcasm I had an easy time paying attention in class. The thing I liked best about the class was that it really made me think.  Category:  Other than everything that was graded I really liked your class. It was my favorite class this quarter. 

What My Yoga Students Really Need.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Yoga advice buddhism love suffering teaching yoga classIn the two years since I’ve been teaching private clients, I’ve learned what almost all my clients need, and it’s not what I used to think.

A Grad Student’s Guide to Life on A Budget

Green Prophet

You are not paying off your student loans because you are in school, but you need to save money while you can. You can get the class software for each course from a friend, or you can download this software from a company that charges low prices.

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Tips for Accommodating Pregnant Women in Yoga Class.

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Here are a few pointers to help teachers better nurture pregnant students and make sure that they feel included in class. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Health & Wellness Yoga asana class modification mother parenting poses pregnancy prenatal yoga teaching yoga teacher

Why I Chant in Class.

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I wanted to challenge my students to move together beyond asana and to plant seeds for a deeper exploration of the eight-limbed path. Inspired by a dear mentor who had significant impact on my journey as a teacher, I began chanting in my classroom. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality Yoga chant om practice subvocalization throat chakra vibration wellbeing

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Successful Teachers Take Their Students on a Journey. ~ Katrina Cervantes

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Leading a yoga class is like telling a story or creating an interactive art installation.

Bison Bellows and Bones: Student-Scientists on the Prairie

Nature Conservancy - Science

Michelle Hulke (left) and Mary Joy Sun, student bison researchers from Gustavus Adolphus College, collect bones on the prairie to reassemble a bison skeleton. Ordway Prairie Preserve, students from Gustavus Adolphus College will soon be arriving to follow bison herds for the summer.

Video of the Day: Drunk college students benefit the environment and the economy

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The team entered the video in an annual, nationwide student film contest sponsored by the Professional Recyclers Organization of Penna.     Whodathunk that shirtless college students generate so much economic opportunity

10 Things Yogis Don’t Admit About Yoga Class.

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I love being both a yoga student and a yoga teacher. Adventure Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Free Content to Partners Funny Health & Wellness Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) WAYLON: Today Only Yoga Yoga Practice Yoga Wisdom Z ADMIN Spirituality Special Picks Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today honest stories of yoga class pedicures toenails yoga and bad lyrics.

Welfare reform reinforces growing class prejudice reminiscent of Victorian era

Green (Living) Review

Middle class research participants tended to identify and condemn ‘chav’ culture so as to validate and re-affirm their own superior social position. Working class respondents were more likely to identify and condemn ‘chav’ culture in order to distinguish themselves from it.

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Helping Students to Trust Themselves in Yoga.

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WAYLON: Editor's Picks—Hidden Gems Yoga Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today yoga class yoga instructions yoga modifications yoga teacherEvery yoga teacher has heard this question at some point. You're busy working in a pose, and suddenly someone calls out: "But what should I feel?".

Online classes – a much better Learning expertise

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There were over four million students furthering their education through the utilization of online classes in 2005 which range has been growing by thirtieth each year since. However, this still represents solely tenth of all of the scholars taking part in pedagogy. A minority as compared, however still a big range to reckon with. Several […].

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Kicked Out of Yoga Class?

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So, last month I heard a harrowing tale of a yoga student who was turned away from a yoga class because of a physical challenge. I was shocked and appalled when I heard the story, so I decided to investigate when it was okay to turn a student away from class.

What do college students think about economic issues (and why do they hate Walmart)?

Environmental Economics

In a highly non-scientific exercise, I kicked off my Principles of Food and Resource Economics (Honors) class yesterday by asking the students their opinion on 23 statements about economic situations that I pulled from published (or soon-to-be published) surveys of professional economists.    The 15 student sample consists of students from 1st -year to 4th-year and majors ranging from environmental studies to business to pre-veterinary and more. 

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Every Student Needs a Social Work “Rotation.”

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education WAYLON: Editor's Picks—Hidden Gems Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today Z ADMIN Family Featured Today disadvantaged youth ghetto middle class poor Racism social workStill, in my mind, I couldn’t understand why people in these situations just couldn’t work to better themselves, get jobs that would get them out of their situations, and, as.

The Respectful Student/Teacher Relationship & What Makes a Guru.

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Yoga advice guru instructor studio teacher tips yoga classesWhat is the true role of a yoga teacher?

Tips for Dealing with Difficult Yoga Students. ~ Amy Cushing

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By the time these self-centered students entered my class, I was already seasoned enough to know to whom I should focus my attention the students who do appreciate you. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Free Content to Partners Yoga Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today effective teaching yoga practice yoga students yoga teacher yoga teacher tips yoga teaching

Help! My Yoga Class Just Got Hijacked. ~ Katherine Austin

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You turn around and discover some of the teachers, there for their own practice, are helping or instructing students while you try to teach. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Yoga boundaries co-dependent service student teacher You were teaching and suddenly, you hear voices.

How to Shake Up our Yoga Practice (for Teachers & Students Alike).

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Yoga choosing a yoga class learning practice studios yoga teachersNumber Three: Some teachers swear (really, they do). Yes, teachers are human. They are real. They may say “left” when they meant “right,” or forget the.

When someone in your Yoga class appears to Hate your Guts. ~ Jean Hackett

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I’ve experienced more than a few curdled faces during my four-years-and-counting teaching journey—after all, didn’t I once teach the worst class ever? Yoga Yoga Practice Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today difficult students teacher teaching There’s the guy who looked like he’d made the biggest mistake of his life walking through the studio door.

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Why I Go to Yoga Class in Pyjamas.

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Students in these classes were showing up in really expensive yoga gear, and there I was with rainbows and unicorns on flannel. Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Yoga clothes comfort style

Why am I Paying you to Teach me how to Sit? (& other Frustrations of a Yoga Student).

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Wanting to blend in with the rest of the room, I sat on top of a meditation cushion and waited for the teacher to begin the yoga class. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality breathing Dirga Pranayama meditation monkey mind pranayama savasana Yoga yoga classI fidgeted, rocking side to side, extending my legs, and then crisscrossing them.

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