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Snowpiercer and the Machine of Life

The Alien Next Door

In a recent interview with io9, Joon-Ho said , “the science fiction genre lends itself perfectly to questions about class struggle, and different types of revolution.” In the beginning, order was prescribed by your ticket: First Class, Economy, and freeloaders like you.

One million jobs at risk?

Environmental Economics

Maximilian Auffhammer at the Energy Institute at Haas blog : Maybe the most significant development is President Trump’s call for a review of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, which were updated under the Obama Administration requiring the auto industry to deliver a fleet average of at least 54.5 The most recent version of the standard regulates vehicles by class (passenger cars vs. light trucks) and within class by footprint (trackwidth times wheelbase).

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Obama Gives Cap and Trade Class: Media Gets an F in Comprehension

Green Living Ideas

The [.] [ Obama Gives Cap and Trade Class: Media Gets an F in Comprehension from Green Living Ideas ]. At a town hall meeting in New Hampshire last week, the president to tried to teach America about how cap and trade works and why we should use it to reduce greenhouse gases. He started by reminding us of how cap and trade has already worked to reduce SOx and NOx pollution.

3 Seconds: “Joe Biden’s reaction to President Obama awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom (with distinction).”

Elephant Journal

President Barack Obama surprises an emotional Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom ( ” President Barack Obama surprises an emotional Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Daily Demand and Supply: Obama’s ‘free’ community college plan to make four-year degrees more expensive

Environmental Economics

Yet four-year colleges and universities depend on larger classes taught to first and second year students to keep cost down,” they wrote in the Post. These larger introductory classes are the flip side of the smaller and more teacher-intensive upper level classes of the final two years. “One of the program’s goals is to break down the financial barriers that keep many students from pursuing a useful certificate or degree.

A nonzero probability of a U.S. carbon tax?

Environmental Economics

No surprise that environmental economist  Joe Aldy  supports President Obama's reelection, but the President's potential openness (maybe) to a carbon tax is surprising: An Obama campaign representative speculated Friday that the White House would consider a carbon emissions tax if Republicans were interested in negotiating — a political circumstance the surrogate cast as highly unlikely. “So

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How the Passive Voice Kills Your Message

Sightline Daily

As I listened to President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night, I admit I was encouraged and moved at times. As Shenker-Osorio explains, when talking about the problem, Obama used a sentence structure that “excludes human actors from the subject position.”

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Mississippi Republicans want to prohibit towns from establishing a minimum wage

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) As President Obama pushes to increase the national minimum wage, Mississippi Republicans are digging in their heels to prevent any similar efforts in their State. Workers are squeezed and pressed more and more losing money in real terms while the capitalists grow richer on the exploitation of the working-class. Mississippi Republicans minimum wage living wage exploitation of the working class GOP

More ridiculous subsidization of green jobs

Environmental Economics

 It crossed my mind that the first class rate is no longer $.44 I could take the gamble of dropping my 44 cent letter in the mail and see if the Obama Administration is willing to subsidize my "green job" (I am an environmental economist)  at 1 cent per letter. Matt Kahn: I sometimes mail out "snail mail"  Anticipating this, I own a large number of 44 cent stamps. 44 and Google informed that it is now 45 cents.  What is an economist to do?

An example where benefit-cost analysis may have mattered

Environmental Economics

Here is a great case study for your classes: The full retreat on the smog standard was the first and most important environmental decision of the presidential campaign season that is now fully under way.

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Bill Clinton - Eco-Vegan Gal: Live healthy, live green

Eco-Vegan Girl

Vegan-Related Recipes Eco-Related Health Calendar Contact Eco-Vegan Dog ENGAGE Productions Wednesday, September 22, 2010 President Clinton Goes Vegetarian To Stay Healthy For His Family First Obama, now Clinton?

Weekend Reading 9/25/15

Sightline Daily

Nick Hanauer and David Rolf are exactly right on about how 30 years of trickle-down economics are choking the middle class and how, in the 21st century, we need to switch to middle-out policies and a new social contract. Welfare saps the will to work and creates a permanent class of takers! Barack Obama Climate Change Green Living Housing Income Inequality Pope FrancisAlan. “To To use a telling phrase of the Rev.

GOP Not in Kansas Anymore | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

None of them expressed great enthusiasm for Obama. " For years, Democrats complained about the fact that so many working class voters had abandoned them on pocketbook issues and instead began voting on social issues. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics.

How to deal with Hate.

Elephant Journal

I have a harder time with Tea Partiers, who like to say “no” and talk about strangling our government by, of and for the people, who talk about the poor and the middle class with contempt. But when I posted our new Thanks Obama hat , or our new Hillary hat …wow.

Want to Tackle Income Inequality? You Need to Go After Capital.

Mother Jones

" Sargent relates this to the current sequester talks: This finding is directly relevant to the current debate, because Obama and Democrats want to offset the sequester in part by closing loopholes enjoyed by the wealthy, such as the one that keeps tax rates on capital gains and dividends low.

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Pet Fish Could Give You Freaky Antibiotic-Resistant Skin Diseases.

Mother Jones

The authors point out in the report that "this is not surprising considering the widespread use of these classes [of antibiotics] in the ornamental fish industry." Obama Administration Says President Can Use Lethal Force Against Americans on US Soil. Skip to Navigation.

Burger with a side of apples - Eco-Vegan Gal: Live healthy, live green

Eco-Vegan Girl

Masters of the Obvious

Environmental Economics

He aimed his message primarily at tens of millions of white working-class Americans who feel left behind in the growing economic prosperity, undercut by the advancement of minorities and women, competition from illegal immigrants at home and cheap workers in other countries. That number is in the ballpark of deportations in the Obama administration. I don't have the time to read all the articles like this one: Last week, Donald J.

Michelle Malkin Complains About the "Lynch Mobs" Going After ALEC

PR Watch

According to Malkin, President Barack Obama is behind the grassroots efforts to push back on ALEC and on Rush Limbaugh for his offensive attacks on law student Sandra Fluke. Malkin lamented, "America has been collectively a slow learner when it comes to [President] Barack Obama."

Yes we can. Yes we did. Yes we can.

Elephant Journal

Get the tongue-in-cheek thanks, Obama elephant hat if so inspired (it’s purple as in we’re all in this together, whether red or blue): ~. “Damn Obama tearing up just talking about his wife. ” ~ President Obama.

Telling the Truth About Education?and About Ed Reform | Mother.

Mother Jones

This is one of the reasons why Obama will face great odds if he tries to sell universal preschool. Obama Administration Says President Can Use Lethal Force Against Americans on US Soil. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics. Environment. Culture. Photo Essays.

Can anyone verify this really happened?

Environmental Economics

Please don't read this post as any indication of my beliefs regarding the President or politics, but rather as a question about an experiment in economics: An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never fai led a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class. That class had insisted that Obama's socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.

How was a young black woman attacked at a Donald Trump rally in 2016?


Growing up in the United States, tales of white supremacy are told a certain way in public social studies classes.

Fish Get Stoned, Too | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

This paper, however, shows that fish respond in a very curious way to benzodiazepines , a class of drugs that includes meds like Klonopin, Xanax, and Valium, and one of the most popularly prescribed and abused drug types in the world. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones.

10 Signs you're a Hipster. | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

The battle in my Pittsburgh neighborhood with hipsterism still lives deeply in classism and becomes evident in monetary resource availability amongst hipsters to buy building – that working class blacks and white couldnt buy – and dropping in resources of interest to only them.

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Today We Have Bipartisan Support for Raising the Minimum Wage.

Mother Jones

In theory, that would be a pretty good deal, but there is nothing to stop Democrats from advocating further increases to the indexed minimum wage every time they feel the need to trot out a little class-warfare artillery, which is about once a week, apparently. In 2012, Barack Obama expressed a willingness to cut benefits yet again by changing the way CPI is calculated. Obama Administration Says President Can Use Lethal Force Against Americans on US Soil. Skip to Navigation.

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Nutty fudgekins!

Environmental Economics

Even the Obama administration seems to discount contingent valuation, choosing to exclude data from this technique in 2014 when issuing a new rule to reduce the number of fish killed by power plants. Paul Glimcher and Michael A.

"How Much Will the Paris Climate Deal Cost the U.S.?"

Environmental Economics

Few political leaders are interested in ordering up deep, painful cuts to emissions in ways that could unleash high electricity prices, stunt industrial growth or prevent impoverished citizens from clawing their way into the middle class. pledge is built around President Barack Obama’s “clean power plan, ” which focuses on steep reductions in carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity sector—mainly coal. Real Time Economics (i.e., WSJ): Now that officials from the U.S.

Talking Points: Middle-Out Economics

Sightline Daily

But Obama didn’t coin the phrase middle-out economics. Liu and Hanauer argue passionately for broad prosperity for America’s middle: “middle-out economics,” they write, “demands a systemic policy focus on the skills, capacities, and income of the middle class.”.

Heroines for the Planet: Green For All’s Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

Eco Chic

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins: I was raised in a working-class neighborhood in California. Phaedra: We applauded President Obama’s State of the Union Address, when he announced he wanted to keep America competitive by investing in clean energy.

"Republicans hope for climate change action"

Environmental Economics

This proposal is textbook good ( PDF ): Hoping to jump-start the debate on climate change, a group of high-profile Republicans that includes three former Cabinet secretaries is calling for a substantial new carbon tax, and then to offset the pain higher prices cause the middle class by returning all money raised to American taxpayers.

Green vs. Green

Environmental Economics

The projects are backed by California’s biggest utilities, top state officials and the Obama administration. I try and read the blog everyday and have pointed it out to other faculty who have their students read it for class.

What Ambre Says About Its Financial Collapse

Sightline Daily

On 2 June 2014 the US Environmental Protection Agency, under President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, proposed their Clean Power Plan to reduce carbon emissions from power plants. Coal protest, Rainforest Action Network, cc.

Little Green Corvette: Four Sweet, Fuel-Efficient Cars at the Detroit.

Mother Jones

In 2010, the Obama administration set higher standards for the immediate future, and finally last fall set the historic long-term goals that automakers are now striving to reach; already, over the last few years emissions from cars have dropped. 2014 Mercedes E-Class: Courtesy NAIAS.

Weekend Reading 1/3/14

Sightline Daily

This time, he’s assessing President Obama, and the conclusions are disturbing: If you want to understand how people will remember the Obama climate legacy, a few facts tell the tale: By the time Obama leaves office, the U.S. But what’s the allure of the class-divided (and stairs-divided) period piece? Bill McKibben has taken to the pages of Rolling Stone again.

Move Over Valentine’s Day: 7 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day Instead.

Elephant Journal

Host a chocolate sampling or attend a class to learn to make chocolate goodies. Oftentimes, culinary classes are available to learn to make your own chocolates, too. Hey, a nice Obama-Biden card could really go a long way to showing how you feel.

A week in Donald Trump Headlines.

Elephant Journal

A final, sad note: Obama: Congress stopped me from helping Trump supporters ( ) Via Reddit: . — Obama in 2014 ( [link] ). ~. It has begun! Editor’s Note: Awareness of good and bad, happy and sad is what we practice in meditation.

Here is Trump’s Actual, Real “Private” To-Do List for the first 100 days.

Elephant Journal

Unleash the Middle Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act, which will cut taxes for middle-class families and simplify the tax brackets in order to streamline the process. Cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum, and order issued by Obama.

The Patriot Tax

Green Blog

I think I see a potential policy here for Obama. Or how about if you bought a house many years ago in a working class suburb and retired? I read an article last week, which suggested that Warren Buffett, America’s richest man WANTS the IRS to charge him more tax. I initially decided that either the summer heat must be getting to me and I’m seeing things or that Mr Buffett had just visited Amsterdam or something! Billionaires arguing about paying more tax!

Everything You Need for the Perfect Valentine’s—or Galentine’s—Day

Eco Chic

Take a cooking class to perfect your spring rolls. Chosen by both President Obama’s designer and featured on Gweynth Paltrow’s site Goop, the Wooden Palate features all kinds of beautiful stuff, handcrafted from wood in Los Angeles.