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Environmental Economics

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2015 160

My class was cancelled

Environmental Economics

From the inbox: All classes that meet before 11 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 22 have been cancelled. Because road conditions may vary throughout the county, individuals should use their own judgment regarding travel to campus. Be alert for ice on sidewalks, stairs and parking lots. I teach MWF 10-10:50 (Econ and Bus Stats II -- a new prep that I'm halfway excited about; who knew that the normal distribution was so interesting

2014 131

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My class went online Friday

Environmental Economics

2015 143

Here's one for your stats class

Environmental Economics

The Onion  (I think this may be in response to the WHO's report on meat causing cancer ): Saying the effects were almost immediate and largely unavoidable, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture released a report Tuesday linking red meat to contentedly patting one’s belly.

2015 155

"Student Calls Professor ‘Mom’, Drops Class"

Environmental Economics

Within mere hours, classmates noted, Bridges’ name was absent from the class registry, and hallmates have claimed he has yet to emerge from his dorm room closet. “He Poor Matty: BOONE, NC — In an incident that students involved are calling “absolute gold” and “oh my god hang on a second I’m dying”, local freshman Matty Bridges reportedly called his Economics professor “mom”. “Oh Oh god, ok so he had a question while we were going through the PowerPoint, right?

2015 143

How can anyone working class vote Conservatives?

Green (Living) Review

The Labour Party, founded, originally, as a socialist party, has become social-democrat, and even, as far as so-called “New Labour” and its outcrops are concerned, neo-liberal, and thus an enemy of the working class themselves. And a very crucial element in those Tory victories was the working class vote. Working class Tories. Ever since working class people won the right to vote a large number of workers have voted for the Conservatives.

2017 138

Labour has deserted the working class

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) RMT general secretary Bob Crow has accused Labour of deserting the working class and called for a new political party rooted in the trade unions after Ed Miliband promised Labour would cap benefits spending if elected to office. The Labour Party rose out of the trade unions and the movements of the working class but, since Blair, has been stabbing the working class in the back.

2013 126

"Classes canceled; university closed until noon March 7"

Environmental Economics

From the inbox: All classes are canceled Friday, March 7. This makes an entire week that the university has canceled my MWF 10-10:50 Stats II class. That said, a week of class is a long time. Several years ago the TR morning classes missed two weeks of class. The only things I can think of is to have (a) some extra class days built in to the academic calendar or (b) have all classes with web content.

2014 152

Bad News for On-Line Classes

Environmental Economics

Online classes are already common in colleges, and, on the whole, the record is not encouraging. Over all, the center has produced nine studies covering hundreds of thousands of classes in two states, Washington and Virginia. Worse still, low-performing students who may be just barely hanging on in traditional classes tend to fall even further behind in online courses.

2013 122

Austerity a cover for class war against the poor

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Austerity is being used as a cover-story for class war against the poor Austerity and deficit reduction are being used as a cover-story for conducting class war against the poor as simultaneous reductions in taxes on the wealthy and cuts to spending on social security amount to a redistribution of wealth away from the poor to the rich. Thus it can be called nothing else but class war, or maybe we could even go as far to call it warfare on the poor.

2016 141

Kindness 101 - Online Class with Steve Hartman

The Green Changemakers

Link: [link]. Education Holistic Education Kindness

2020 52

The Party – the working class movement – is always right

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The slogan “The Party is always right” was misinterpreted and thus misused to mean that everything that the party of the working class – the communist party – did could not be questioned as it was always right. Comrade Lenin himself warned against the notion of the party knowing always best at all times, against this notion of infallibility, when he urged self-criticism and the acceptance of criticism by the working class.

2017 122

Welfare reform reinforces growing class prejudice reminiscent of Victorian era

Green (Living) Review

Middle class research participants tended to identify and condemn ‘chav’ culture so as to validate and re-affirm their own superior social position. Working class respondents were more likely to identify and condemn ‘chav’ culture in order to distinguish themselves from it. The evidence presented here is based on 90 interviews which were conducted with participants from a variety of different social classes and ethnic backgrounds.

Reform 136

A Roadmap for Best of Class Circular Partnerships


A Roadmap for Best of Class Circular Partnerships How can companies navigate internal and external roadblocks in order to unlock circular advancement? Read more from the original source: A Roadmap for Best of Class Circular Partnerships. Business Eco Green a-broad-range chief-creative class-circular closed-loop corporate csr discussion holly-secon while-appealing

Meat is becoming the food of the lower classes

Green (Living) Review

One of the reasons for meat abstinence among the upper classes are the many scandals surrounding meat. The eating habits of the upper classes, for example, are undergoing radical changes: In the old times the higher their social status was the more meat the consumed. Those with a high disposable income and those who have degrees eat the lowest amount of meat while among the lower classes eat more cutlets and sausages.

2013 138

Trending now: Business Class airfare sale!

Green Traveler Guides

M ost major airlines have just announced excellent sales on Business Class tickets from the U.S. Plus, paid Business Class tickets award a 150 percent bonus in miles to use for awards and the “elite qualifying miles&# which determine your frequent flyer status. We hate to be the Grinch, but it’s only because business travelers—the ones who buy most of the pricey Business Class tickets—like to stay home during the holidays. | Europe Holiday Discounts |.

2011 116

The Transition Movement and the Working Class

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Attracting the working class Transition Towns and the Transition Movement as a whole suffer from an image problem in that the ordinary man and woman in the street seem to see it as something only for the better of middle and upper classes; for those “who can afford it”, and those in predominately rural settings. The Green Movement and the Transition Movement have so far, in the main, been unable to touch the working class and this must change.

Here's a reporter who needs to take my class

Environmental Economics

Everybody thinks they understand demand and supply until they try to write it. A new report shows gas prices are just 35 cents away from setting a new record high. Researchers say prices could soon reach the record of $4.11 a gallon that was set in July, 2008. On Monday, the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline was $3.77, according to Triple A Motor Club. The average for diesel fuel is $4.09 a gallon.

2011 135

We had a Thursday night football game on ESPNU so my 10 am Friday class went online

Environmental Economics

2015 155

Labour Party and Trade Unions are no longer the friends of the working class

Green (Living) Review

Labour Party and Trade Unions are no loger the friends of the working class in Britain nor Trade Unions and Social-Democratic parties elsewhere by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Jeremy Corbyn likes to make himself out to be a socialist but his actions have shown something entirely different. Social-democracy is not in the interest of the working class and will not liberate the workers from their existence as wage slaves.

2016 122

A taste of survival; Class teaches children how people from the past lived in the outdoors

Green (Living) Review

The nature center’s Heritage Survival Class started Monday and ends today. In the class, children ages 10-12 participated in a number of basic camping activities. Executive Director Larry Dolphin’s voice could be heard, describing the different berries and wild grapes to a group of children at the Jay C. Hormel Nature Center. When the children began asking if they could eat the wild grapes, nature center director Larry Dolphin responded with a smile, “They won’t be ready today.”

2014 130

Green-Wrapped Offices to Transform Turkish Working Class Neighborhood

Green Prophet

A working class neighborhood currently populated by a series of drab concrete buildings, Ka??thane Whether or not a 100,000 square meter office complex could possibly come with even a net environmental benefit is debatable, but the fact that a design wrapped in green won an international competition for such a complex signals a potential shift in Turkey’s urban planning. thane has undergone a dramatic transformation since the 1970s.

2013 77

Middle class selling family silver to make ends meet

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The British middle class is selling the family silver, literally, to make ends meet, taking advantage of the high price for scrap silver. What this fact of the sale of silver by the middle classes does, however, show clearly are at least two things. According to jewelers up and down the country people are beating a steady path to their doors with all manner of silver objects to be sold for scrap.

2012 109

Fiji Water Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Greenwashing

Green (Living) Review

Fiji Water claims to be natural artesian water from the Fiji Islands distributed worldwide By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Fiji, probably the least favorite in an already disliked industry, is the target of a class action lawsuit alleging the company has profited from greenwashing.

Fiji 118

Blue Carbon, Cocoa Agroforestry, & Bioacoustics: Meet the The 2017 Science Impact Project Class

Nature Conservancy - Science

At the same time, each class of conservation science leaders participates in a series of targeted trainings in topics as diverse as storytelling, leadership, donor fundraising, and key scientific skills. Conservation needs innovative science, but it also needs articulate scientists who can convey the full impact of their work to a wide variety of audiences.

2017 60

On the Hunt for Organic Cooking Classes

Green Life Smart Life

Last night my girlfriends and I attended a cooking class at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a girls night out and what made it even better was that the class was ”5 Ingredients or Less”! The experience was obviously a success (for me) because this morning I started seeking out more cooking classes. This time, I thought I’d investigate local organic cooking classes and seminars.

Hops 101 and Foraging Classes Added to Spring Learning Festival in Chautauqua County, NY

Green (Living) Review

Two workshops have been added to the third annual Chautauqua in June learning festival – Hops Production in the Lake Erie Region and Fungi, Foraging and Feasting. Both are popular subjects expanding upon the growing farm-to-table movement while showcasing the rich agricultural heritage found in Chautauqua County, NY.

2013 138

Environmentalism classed as a ‘belief’ in UK

Green (Living) Review

You don not have to be crazy to be an environmentalist, but (according to an employment tribunal in London) it helps. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 prohibit discrimination in the workplace by reason of any religion or belief. The regulations were amended in 2007, so that “belief” now means “any religious or philosophical belief”. Tim Nicholson, who had been head of sustainability at Grainger Plc, was made redundant.

2009 100

Camera Traps, Reef Restoration & Satellite Imagery: Meet the 2015 Science Impact Project Class

Nature Conservancy - Science

The 2015 class of SIP participants includes scientists from Africa, Oceania, and North and South America tackling conservation problems as diverse as artisanal fisheries management, sustainable agriculture, and tropical deforestation. Conservation needs innovative science, but it also needs articulate scientists who can convey the full impact of their work to a wide variety of audiences.

2016 64

Fourth Grade Class in North Carolina Goes Solar

Sierra Club Compass

Earlier this spring you may have read about a fourth grade class in Durham, North Carolina, that had its own Kickstarter campaign so they could make their classroom solar-powered. Well they met their goal, and now the Department of Energy has a fantastic video of how the class did it, and they caught the moment they turned the light on for the first time since becoming solar-powered.

Handmade Earthen Hookah Pipe Adds Class to Middle East Past Time

Green Prophet

This earthen Hookah from the Netherlands adds class to the popular past time. Everywhere in the Middle East, in cities or rural villages, you will inevitably find people sucking on tall, usually cheaply made shisha pipes made from glass.

Mercedes Benz E-Class gets a hybrid makeover


Sonia Renthlei: Mercedes Benz’s E-Class sedan was given a green makeover with Protean Electric and Brabus coming together to transform the executive car into a hybrid. The modified E-Class was showcased at the SAE World Congress of 2012 in Detroit and debuted in Frankfurt. The engineers at Protean and Brabus had their work cut out for the E-Class.

Lebanon’s 275 Mile Mountain Trail is a World Class Hiking Destination

Green Prophet

When he ventured into the mountains to relive fond childhood hiking memories, he was astounded to discover a world class trail system that transects 75 towns and villages and 275 miles of breathtaking mountain scenery. Lebanon boasts one of the world’s most sophisticated hiking trail networks, which traverses 75 towns and villages. . A few years ago, John Keyrouz fled the fast lane in Los Angeles and returned to Lebanon.

The real reason behind austerity

Green (Living) Review

The aim of the neo-liberals, on whose dung heap those ideas have grown, is to make the poor ever poorer and also put the middle class into the poor bracket, wherever possible, while the elite gets richer by the minute. austerity child poverty middle class neoliberalism politics poverty working class

2018 126

Want to start your own weatherization business in NE? NESEA offers a class

Green Life Smart Life

Tagged: MassGREEN Initiative , NESEA Building Energy , NESEA classes March 2010 , starting a weatherization business. Tags: Energy Green Green Building MassGREEN Initiative NESEA Building Energy NESEA classes March 2010 starting a weatherization business The residential weatherization industry is expected to grow dramatically as utility programs and government incentives make it more affordable for homeowners to make their houses more energy efficient.

2010 46

Going green just got easier for Class B/C commercial buildings


Original post: Going green just got easier for Class B/C commercial buildings. They can achieve 6 percent higher net operating incomes and $11 per square foot higher property values by investing in efficiency. Business Green buildings built environment circular economy circular packaging Eco greenbiz 20 incomes-and paper-- per-square percent-higher pioneer-community rise rocky mountain institute

The Rise of Creative Class

The Green Changemakers

CHANGETHIS A Creative Manifesto: Why the Place You Choose to Live is the Most Important Decision of Your Life The creative class – innovative knowledge workers in all sectors of the economy - will rule the 21st century. In an interview with EurActiv, Richard Florida, author of 'The Rise of the Creative Class', said European countries are battling to attract and retain innovative people. Cities and the Creative Class.

2010 40

Take a Class in Conscious Commerce with Eco-Chick’s Founder!

Eco Chic

I’m teaching classes on both subjects at FA360 on an ongoing basis. Check out the descriptions below— registration is open for classes starting this week through Sunday. The post Take a Class in Conscious Commerce with Eco-Chick’s Founder! Interested in learning how to blog? Want to take your idea of founding a new company (or growing an existing one) in a mission-based direction and doing Conscious Commerce?

2014 55

Mercedes-Benz G-Class now available in its electric avatar, specially for Dutch Defense forces


Dattatreya Mandal: Exhibiting the core essence of ‘boxy’ styling and body on frame construction, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class epitomizes robustness with its entire propensity. Hence, they have decided to tread the ‘green’ path by developing a low emission, electric variant of the G-Class, christened aptly as the ‘G-Electric’ Experimental Electrified Mercedes Monster.

2012 58

Gift loved ones with classes that teach and build nature skills


Here are our top suggestions for nature courses and classes for the whole family, and be sure to check locally for nature courses near you. Wilderness survival classes will teach all of that and more. Gift loved ones with classes that teach and build nature skills. Rather than gifting a material object this holiday season, opt to give an “experience” gift.

2019 28

New York allows students to miss class for the climate strike


But they must provide parental consent, per their school’s attendance protocols, to be formally excused from class. Excerpt from: New York allows students to miss class for the climate strike. Tomorrow, on September 20, a global climate strike is scheduled to bring awareness about the need for transformative action against the growing climate crisis. The strike will take place three days before the United Nations Climate Summit in New York City.

Borneo Natives Win Class Action Suit Against Malaysian Oil Palm Giant

Green (Living) Review

Controversial IOI group loses 12-year legal battle as Sarawak court declares its land leases "null and void" MIRI, SARAWAK/MALAYSIA, April 2010: More than twelve years after going to court, the Kayan native community of Long Teran Kanan on the Tinjar river in the Malaysian part of Borneo have won an important legal battle against the Sarawak state government and IOI Pelita, a subsidiary of the controversial Malaysian oil palm producer IOI.

2010 116

Holiday giveaway: cooking classes with Melissa Costello

Eco-Vegan Girl

I'm giving away a free cooking class with Melissa, who is a chef and certified wellness coach. This giveaway is just in time for a class she's teaching tomorrow, November 19th. Time: 7-9pm Location: Santa Monica (If you can't make the class tomorrow, you can choose to take another class in the future.) How to enter: You must live in Los Angeles to take the class Comment below and tell me how you would benefit from cooking classes and why Melissa's appeal to you.