Spoon-billed Sandpiper at Tiaozini, Jiangsu, China

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Spoon-billed Sandpiper at Tiaozini, Jiangsu, China. The Spoon-billed Sandpiper is probably the most iconic bird species in China – to the point that some bird guides I know are quite tired of looking for it. Birding Conservation China spoon-billed sandpiper

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China Now the Leading Global Market for Solar Panels


It’s already the world’s leader in making solar panels, so perhaps it shouldn’t come as a shock that China is now also the globe’s biggest market for the energy saving Read More The post China Now the Leading Global Market for Solar Panels appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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China’s Business Leaders Are Stepping Up to Address Global Conservation Challenges

Conservancy Talk

China’s economic growth over the last few decades has been extraordinary. China’s economic success is a very positive development in many respects of course. Fortunately, China is now benefiting from new and important philanthropic initiatives.

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China just got serious about global warming. Now we’re really out of excuses.

Green (Living) Review

China announced it was moving forward with plans for a massive, nationwide cap-and-trade program intended to help combat global warming. Here’s why China is doing this now, and what we know about the plan so far.

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China’s Pollution Problems Continue

Sustainability Ninja

Days of heavy smog enveloping much of Northern China has pollution at more than 20 times what is considered safe levels today, despite China’s government promising it’s citizen a better plan to combat environmental issues. For years, China has been plagued by heavy air pollution as a result of excessive use of coal to generate electricity to power their booming economy in additional to seeing a large increase to the amount of cars on the road. & Industry China pollution

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The China vs U.S. Coal Debate: Who is cleaner?

Environmental Economics

The Center for American Progress says China is kicking the U.S. a$$ in the great coal race : The result is a report — authored by Melanie Hart, Luke Bassett, and Blaine Johnson — that offers the clearest picture yet of the big picture on coal in China. In short, while the US dithers along in a cosmically stupid dispute over whether science is real, China is tackling climate change with all guns blazing.

Great News for Elephants after Major Announcement from China.

Elephant Journal

Animal Rights Conscious Consumerism Enlightened Society Right Livelihood #jointheherd African elephant deaths China announces ban on ivory trade elephant conservationists global market for ivory ivory trade ivory trading poaching of elephants Wild Aid WWF China Year of the ElephantIt’s a game changer and could be the pivotal turning point that brings elephants back from the brink of extinction.

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Why China Wants Methanol from the Northwest

Sightline Daily

” The proposed Northwest facilities would load their finished methanol product onto Panamax -sized ships bound for Dalian , China. Industry analysts predict an unprecedented increase in global methanol production owing to a fairly new refining technology.

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A price floor on gas and diesel in China

Environmental Economics

Barely a month after world leaders signed a sweeping agreement to reduce carbon emissions, the global commitment to renewable energy sources faces its first big test as the price of oil collapses.

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"U.S. and China Reach Climate Accord After Months of Talks"

Environmental Economics

Another thing on my "to do" list: A climate deal between China and the United States, the world’s No. 2 carbon polluters, is viewed as essential to concluding a new global accord. China’s pledge to reach peak carbon emissions by 2030, if not sooner, is even more remarkable. To reach that goal, Mr. Xi pledged that so-called clean energy sources, like solar power and windmills, would account for 20 percent of China’s total energy production by 2030.

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China and U.S. Pledge to End the Ivory Trade


President Obama and President Xi Jinping of China announced today they are working together to end the global trade of ivory. A White House press release on Friday confirmed the Read More The post China and U.S.

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China’s Pollution And Us

Eco Friendly Daily

With the 2008 Summer Olympic Games starting up tomorrow, there is a great deal of emphasis on the pollution in China. Many in North America decry the pollution in China, but they do not realize that their pollution is our problem in more ways than one.

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Three thoughts better kept to myself on cap-and-trade in China

Environmental Economics

I read the headlines last week and didn't get towards the bottom, but the second half is the most interesting (after the " " below): President Xi Jinping of China will make a landmark commitment on Friday to start a national program in 2017 that will limit and put a price on greenhouse gas emissions, Obama administration officials said Thursday. Now, however, China appears poised to enact the same climate change policy that Mr. Obama failed to move through Congress.

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Is China's Pollution Testing the People's Patience?

Sierra Club Compass

In a recent speech in Beijing, Zhao Penggao, an official in the powerful National Development and Resource Commission, announced that China is considering setting binding limits on the levels of particulate matter 2.5

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Human Rights in China. and the global trade

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The more we look at China the more we must come to the conclusion that we, the so-called “free” world, should stop doing business with them, period. The latest in the saga is now that all SMS messages in China are being screened and subscribers cut off if the government censors do not like the contents of the message. We have allowed China to take over too in many places, such as the USA and Canada.

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Thick Green Algea Covers China’s Eastern Coastline

Wend Magazine

If you haven’t seen the pictures yet, you’re in a for an eyebrow-raising moment when you see the massive amount of green algae that’s covering China’s eastern coastline. Via: Global Post ]. Watermelons in China Explode Due to Chemical Growth Accelerators. Click here to view the embedded video.

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"China Says It May Implement a Carbon Tax"

Environmental Economics

Apologies to Mark Thoma for completely ripping off his post : China may implement a (modest) carbon tax: Taxing Carbon, by Vikas Bajaj, NY Times : Long considered the biggest holdout. in climate change negotiations, China said this week that the country would. China’s plan will not make a serious dent in global warming, though the tax may.

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Israel to Build $1.3 Billion Solar Project… for China??

Green Prophet

A coal utility in Israel and the global leader in solar panel production form a joint project. Everybody knows that China is the world leader in cheap solar. By contrast, Israel has barely begun to tap the global solar market.

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China Faces Significant Precipitation Due To Global Warming

Eco Friendly Daily

In 2011 global carbon dioxide emissions rose by 3.2 China continued to be the top emissions producer, with a 9.3 Despite increasing their energy efficiency, China continues to see considerable rises in carbon emissions.

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China Looks To Stop Global Monitoring Of Beijing Pollution

Eco Friendly Daily

The pollution wreaking havoc in Beijing, China was center-stage when the Olympics were held in the city. In 2009 China overtook the U.S. In 1997 China only had 1 million vehicles on the road, but they only took two years to go from three to four million a few years later.

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Report on Red Knots in China

10,000 Birds

The report was produced by Global Flyway Network. Or, to be more specific, a report (link is a PDF) on migratory Red Knots using the rapidly disappearing mudflats at Bohai Bay on the Yellow Sea about 190 km southeast of Beijing. Asides

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DGrade’s Hipster Trash Clothing is Made Cheap in China

Green Prophet

Which was all very exciting, until we learned that their clothes are made in China. Cotton also contributes up to 1% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. But we have to question how much of this results from cheap labor in China.

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Exclusive: Humane Society International On the Dog Meat Trade In China


You might remember the huge global outcry against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival this past June. Read More The post Exclusive: Humane Society International On the Dog Meat Trade In China appeared first on Ecorazzi.

One Billion Trees: Expanding Global Forest Conservation

Conservancy Talk

On April 25 we launched the expansion of the program to include large-scale forest restoration projects in the southeastern United States and China , and expanded the work in Brazil. This initial phase of expansion will include four projects in the US, two in China and two in Brazil.

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A Thirst For Growth: Fueling China’s Urban Expansion

Conservancy Talk

If you haven’t guessed, you’re China. This has led to overall global spending of more than $500 billion a year on water infrastructure — a figure that is projected to rise to $1 trillion by 2020. So, you’re China. The following post originally appeared on UMB’s Future Cities.

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Blowback: China’s Cross-Pacific Pollution

Sightline Daily

Factory Smokestack, China by Adam Cohn, flickr used under CC CREATIVECOMMONS.ORG licenses In the last 20 years, we’ve learned more and more about air pollution from Asia that blows across the Pacific Ocean and falls out of the atmosphere here in the Northwest.

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Global Carbon Emissions at Record High

Sustainability Ninja

Global carbon emissions have reached a record 10 billion tons, which is a huge increase of almost 50% in the last twenty years. The study by the Global Carbon Project says a slowdown in emissions during the 2008-09 global financial crisis wasn’t enough to make a positive impact, and the gain in 2011 followed a 6% jump in 2010. “The global financial crisis was an opportunity to move the global economy away from a high-emissions trajectory.

China To Benefit From Emerging Global Electric Vehicle Demand, Though Challenges Remain

Green (Living) Review

BEIJING, CHINA, April 2011 : Driven by four global megatrends—reducing CO2 emissions, oil concerns, growing congestion, and rapid technology advances—countries worldwide are focusing strongly on vehicle electrification with China emerging as an important test-bed for innovation, according to a new study financed by the World Bank. The study estimates that global sales of plug-in vehicle will likely comprise 10 percent of new vehicle sales by 2020.

No Dream Too Big for China’s Mother River

Conservancy Talk

A thousand miles later, when meeting the East China Sea at Shanghai, the average flow has quadrupled.). Engineers and builders in China labor with intense purpose. At that time emerging economies will account for two-thirds of global hydropower capacity. Michael A.

Coal, Mortality, and Protests in China

Sierra Club Compass

Since 2001, when Beijing won the right to host the 2008 Olympic Games, China's air quality has been the subject of significant international attention. Images of China's thick, smog-filled skies were on every news station's feature and every newspaper's front page.

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Global Wind Day

Wind Power Ninja

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) is declaring June 15th as “Global Wind Day” to help in the promotion of wind energy all around the planet. In the United States, Global Wind Day comes at a time when the nation is surging forward in wind and renewable energy development,” said AWEA CEO Denise Bode,“but we risk losing this momentum and tens of thousands of jobs if Congress does not adopt a strong national renewable energy standard, or RES.

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Colbert Tackles Global Warming, Hilariously!

Eco Chic

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Vietnam Surpasses Hong Kong in Global Shark Fin Trade


Hong Kong has long been the hub for the global shark fin trade, but recent reports show that Vietnam has now surpassed mainland China as a re-export market. Last year, Read More The post Vietnam Surpasses Hong Kong in Global Shark Fin Trade appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Inaugural Ecobuild China hailed a success

Green (Living) Review

More than 15,000 visitors attend the first ever Ecobuild China Event provided unparalleled opportunity to network, gain best practice advice and debate the most prevalent issues in the market Featuring more than 15,000 visitors and 127 exhibitors, the inaugural Ecobuild China which took place from 9 to 12 April 2012 in Shanghai has secured its position as the region’s meeting place for the sustainable built environment industry. How can China contribute to a global concern?’

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Tunisian Teacher Cycles to China for Wetland Conservation

Green Prophet

Seven months ago, a Tunisian university teacher decided to travel from Tunisia to China on his bike to help raise awareness of the human and environmental value of wetlands. Arafet Ben Marzou, left Tunisia around seven months ago on what will be a ten month journey to China.

Chinese Crested Tern at Nanhui, Shanghai

10,000 Birds

Birding Birds Conservation China critically threatened species Shanghai ternsOn Sunday morning, I was just lazily working on another post for 10,000 Birds – the (probably not much anticipated) part two of the most common birds in Shanghai.

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Palm oil biofuels push up global food prices

Green Prophet

The rally was in part prompted by rising crude oil prices, which encouraged Brazil’s sugar mills to use more sugarcane supplies to produce ethanol, leading to reduced sugar availability in the global market. percent, driven mainly by wheat prices amid accelerating import demand from China and logistical problems in France due to continued protests in the country. Palm tree seeds Adjamé Market, Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

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Qoros Electric Vehicle: China and Israel Partner with USA

Green Prophet

a 50:50 joint venture between Israel Corp and China’s Chery Automobile Co. This is more the case in Europe than it is in China, where coal is still the dominant fuel source despite a burst of renewable energy plants throughout the nation.).

Air pollution means global warming more catastrophic: new research

Green Prophet

For a while now, the scientific community has known that global warming is caused by manmade emissions in the form of greenhouse gases and global cooling by air pollution in the form of aerosols. You don’t really want to breathe in Tehran. The air pollution is so bad.

2019 65

Quick Take: World Economic Forum Ranks Water Top Global Risk

Conservancy Talk

This week, the World Economic Forum’s annual risk report ranked water crises as the top global risk by impact – as noted by nearly 1,000 leaders in politics, business and organizations around the world. Their challenges are shifting the global agenda. Global Solutions

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China Announces Intention To Reduce Carbon Intensity

Eco Friendly Daily

A similar announcement has also been made by the leaders of China. China’s Premier Wen Jaibao announced recently his intention to attend the conference in Copenhagen. In addition, China has also followed suit by announcing their own intention to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

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China Aims For 100 GW of Wind Power By 2020

Wind Power Ninja

The total wind power generating capacity in China is currently 12,000 MW, but the nation, which is growing at the most rapid rate among all the countries in the world, wants to raise it to 20,000 MW by next year. China expects to have an annual wind power growth rate of 20 percent, according to Fang Junshi, head of the coal department of the National Energy Administration. ” Wind Power News china wind power

Wind power continues to beat nuclear energy in China

Green Blog

China has been the world’s largest consumer of energy since 2009 when the country surpassed the US. The majority of the energy which is produced and consumed in China comes from dirty fossil fuels. Not even in China. Last year, China’s nuclear capacity reached 20,000 megawatts.