Birds of Chile – A Photo Guide

10,000 Birds

Schmitt is a lecturer on Ponant Antarctic cruises who lived in Chile from 2005 to 2015, and helped develop the eBird online birding tool for Chile and the rest of South America. The conclusion is, Birds of Chile – A Photo Guide is a recommended piece of work.

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Birdwatching Santiago de Chile Part-2

10,000 Birds

Continued from: Birdwatching Santiago de Chile – Trip Report. To be continued… Trips La Campana Montemar Reñaca Rio Maipo Santiago de Chile We stayed at the foot hills of La Campana National Park with the hopes to get a look at the Rufous-legged Owl. By the time we had dinner and arrived to our hotel we were so exhausted that it became impossible to go search for this endemic bird.

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Birding Santiago de Chile – Trip Report

10,000 Birds

Farellones – Santiago de Chile. Since we could get cheaper air tickets going through Santiago de Chile we started at this location to pick up some specialties that can be picked up rather easily. To be continued… Trips Argentina Santiago de Chile South America This is a continuation of Birding Argentina – Planning Stage.

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I'm not a scientist but Chile might implement a carbon tax

Environmental Economics

And yet, for environmentalists, a sliver of hope exists in the shape of Chile, one of Latin America’s fastest-growing economies, which last month approved the first carbon tax in South America. Chile’s tax, which targets large factories and the electricity sector, will cover about 55 percent of the nation’s carbon emissions, according to Juan-Pablo Montero, a professor of economics at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, who informally advised the government in favor of the tax.

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How to Snowboard, Skate and Surf Your Way Through Chile

Wend Magazine

In this video Red Bull athlete Spiro Razis proves that you can travel through Chile entirely by board. Click here to view the embedded video. The video captures great footage of Razis boarding on snow, city pavement and water all in one day. His tour starts on snowboard in the mountains of Cajon de Maipo, moves to the streets and skateparks of Santiago and ends in Vina del Mar to catch the afternoon waves—not a bad day.

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6.8 Earthquake Off Coast Of Chile

Sustainability Ninja

earthquake hit central Chile Friday, centered around the same where last year’s magnitude-8.8 Eco News Chile EarthquakeA magnitude-6.8 quake spawned a tsunami and destroyed several coastal villages. This time, there was no risk of a tsunami, and there were no reports of damage or injuries. In the following hours, a dozen aftershocks ranging from magnitude-3.9 to magnitude-6.3

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Lead Now: Chile. ~ Jon Glassberg

Elephant Journal

Overall, Chile provided us with full range of experiences from the streets of Santiago to the Andes Mountains, we got more then we expected and left with a warm feeling in our hearts. Adventure chile climb jon glassberg lead now louder than 11 lt11 paige claassen ve global

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Starre Vartan Called “Queen of Eco Chic” in Chile’s El Mercurio Newspaper

Eco Chic

I am honored to be featured in Chile’s oldest continuously published newspaper, El Mercurio (it’s also the oldest Spanish-language paper in the world!). Worldchanging Women chile Eco-Chick el mercurio Starre Vartan

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Green (Living) Review

A record 19 teams – 76 adventurers – to take on an extreme wilderness course Race to raise awareness of the endangered wilderness in Chilean Patagonia UK team returns to defend their title in 10th anniversary race PUNTA ARENAS, CHILE: Two teams of British eco-adventurers will head into the Patagonian wilderness on Tuesday (Feb 14th) in an extreme endurance environmental multisport race designed to protect one of the most remote parts of the planet.

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Wanderlust Festival to be Held in Chile and Hawaii in 2013 (I’m Excited!!)

Eco Chic

So I was really excited to hear that Wanderlust will not only be back at all its regular locations again this year, but that they are also doing festivals in Hawaii and Chile (info about Chile won’t be available until later this month)! AND Wanderlust Chile will kick off the 2013 season on February 15 – 17, taking the music and yoga phenomenon to South America for the first-time ever. Escapes chile festival hawaii north shore o'ahu surfing wanderlust yoga

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Reforestation Campaign Seeks to Plant 1 Million Trees in Chile's Patagonia


Supported by companies like Coca-Cola and LAN Airlines alongside various branches of the Chilean government and over 65 of Chile's most recognized journalists, personalities, and celebrities, the campaign is the first of its kind in Chile and is slated to recover over 2,000 acres of protected wilderness in 2012 alone

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Chile No Tie Campaign Hopes To Reduce Energy Use

Eco Friendly Daily

Now the country of Chile is attempting to use the same campaign across their country. Now the same controversy is brewing in Chile. However, the nation is sticking to the campaign for the time being and the government hopes to save $10 million in four months this summer in Chile. The energy minister of Chile, Rodrigo Alvarez, spoke of the campaign which is called “In summer, take off your tie.”

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Patagonian Dam Project Stirring Up Controversy In Chile

Eco Friendly Daily

A similar scenario is now playing out in another South American country, Chile. Chile relies largely upon hydropower and foreign fossil fuels for their current energy needs. Recent polls in the country of Chile have found that 61 percent of the population disagrees with the building of the dams. In recent months the Brazilian government has approved a very controversial dam project for the country.

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Top 10 ethical destinations in the developing world

Green Traveler Guides

Argentina Bahamas Central America Chile Costa Rica Dominica Europe Latvia Mauritius News Palau Serbia South Pacific Islands Uruguay Ethical Traveler Green Travel NewsEvery year, Ethical Traveler reviews the policies and practices of the world's developing nations, then selects the ten that are doing the best job of preserving their environment, promoting human rights and creating a sustainable, community-based tourism industry.

World’s 10 best ethical destinations for 2014

Green Traveler Guides

Africa Bahamas Barbados Cape Verde Caribbean Cuba Dominica Egypt Europe Iran Latvia Lithuania Middle East Namibia Oceania Palau South America Uruguay Chile ethical travel Ethical Traveler Green Travel News Mauritius Philippines Reuters

World’s 10 best ethical travel destinations for 2015

Green Traveler Guides

Africa Cape Verde Chile Cuba Dominica Ghana Grenada Lithuania Madagascar Malawi Mauritius Palau Samoa South America The Americas Tonga Vanuatu best developing nations to visit ethical travel ethical travel 2015 Ethical Traveler

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New Year’s resolutions for green travelers

Green Traveler Guides

Africa Alaska Australia Chile Costa Rica Croatia Europe Kenya Masai Mara North America Osa Peninsula Peru South America Sweden United States Croatia truffles Great Ocean Road Green Travel News Kenai Fjords Masai Kuku Group Ranch Reuters River Klaralven Tambopata Torres del Paine PatagoniaTis the season for looking ahead to 2013. Here are eight New Year's resolutions to enrich and broaden the horizons of any green traveler.

TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders now in Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Caribbean

Green Traveler Guides

Argentina Auckland Australia Belize Brazil Canada Caribbean Central America Chile Costa Rica Ecuador Green Travel News Guatemala Mexico New Zealand North America Peru South America The Americas Uruguay Venezuela TripAdvisor GreenLeaders world's largest green hotel program| Green Travel News | Two years after the initial launch of TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders program, it’s now gone under into Australia and New Zealand, reports Green Lodging News.

I Am More Afraid than I Let On.

Elephant Journal

Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Inspiring (Wow) acceptance afraid betrayal bill murray chile coup Evil fear fracking love paranoid terror terrorists trust what about bob zombies Aren''t you?

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“Would you like a plastic bag to hold your already-bagged apricots?”

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green awareness chile eco environment green mindfulness plasticI have to yell for them to throw the lemons into the bag I brought with me. I'm not a loud or insistent person. But I am a loud and insistent denier of plastic bags.

Wildfires Ravage Chilean Rainforest

Sustainability Ninja

The fire, which was started by a tourist who didn’t properly put out a small fire he made with some cardboard, spread quickly throughout Chile’s Torres del Paine national park, a protected Patagonian ecosystem. Eco News chile rainforest fire patagonia wildfireJust less than a week after it started, Chilean President Sebastien Pinera, has announced that the enormous wildfire that has destroyed over 30,000 acres, has been contained.

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6 Peppers to Sweeten & Spice Up Your Summer!

Elephant Journal

Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Food Health & Wellness bell pepper chile healthy jalapeno peppers spicy summer sweet vegan vegetarian With so many different varieties, it would be difficult not to find at least one pepper that hits the spot!

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Bernie Sanders: The Best Candidate for Higher Education.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today Z ADMIN Entertainment & Culture Featured Today 2016 election bernie sanders chile education education costs Feel the Bern free college germany norway student debt unites states collegesCurrently, the United States is $19,014,777,160,000 in debt. Of that, the student debt is.

2016 63

Quick Take: Technology Opens New Doors for Fisheries

Conservancy Talk

During the Seafood Summit, we explored concrete examples of technology and co-management arrangements that are bringing fishermen, seafood buyers, distributors, and non-governmental organizations together in Chile, Indonesia and the United States. Take Chile for example. This week, I joined colleagues and partners at the Seaweb Seafood Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana to discuss sustainable seafood and fisheries.

EcoCamp in Torres del Paine: An Ethical Escape to Patagonia

Eco Chic

When a good friend got married in her hometown of Santiago, Chile, I found myself faced with the opportunity to travel somewhere I had never thought about going before. Torres del Paine lies at the southern tip of the Andes in the Magellanes and Chilean Antarctica Region of Chile. Escapes chile eco camp ecocamp ecohotel ecotourism ecotravel ethical travel Hiking patagonia torres del paine tourism travel wanderlust

EcoCamp in Torres del Paine: An Ethical Escape to Patagonia

Eco Chic

When a good friend got married in her hometown of Santiago, Chile, I found myself faced with the opportunity to travel somewhere I had never thought about going before. Torres del Paine lies at the southern tip of the Andes in the Magellanes and Chilean Antarctica Region of Chile. Escapes Featured chile eco camp ecocamp ecohotel ecotourism ecotravel ethical travel Hiking patagonia torres del paine tourism travel wanderlust

Going Bananas Over Food Miles – Putting the Eco Back in Economics

Green Prophet

It was like one of those weird trivia quizzes, What do these places have in common: Israel, Egypt, Chile and the United States? According to the label on a package of berries I bought in a local store in Ireland, the cherries came from Israel, the strawberries from Egypt, the blueberries from Chile and the raspberries from the United States. Here are the total distances and travel time at a cruising speed of 30 kph: Arica, (nearest port in Chile) to Dublin: 11875 km, 19 days.

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EcoCamp in Torres del Paine: An Ethical Escape to Patagonia

Eco Chic

When a good friend got married in her hometown of Santiago, Chile, I found myself faced with the opportunity to travel somewhere I had never thought about going before. Torres del Paine lies at the southern tip of the Andes in the Magellanes and Chilean Antarctica Region of Chile. Escapes Featured chile eco camp ecocamp ecohotel ecotourism ecotravel ethical travel Hiking patagonia torres del paine tourism travel wanderlust

VOZ: Handmade Fair Fashion for the New Modern Look

Eco Chic

VOZ international designers work intimately with artisans in Mapuche communities in southern Chile, to envision, prototype and finalize the fair trade fashion collections. Fair Fashion chile fair fashion Handmade independent designers New York Fashion Week NYFW voz women Sometimes, runway shows can change your perception of a line of clothing. VOZ (which means voice) is a prime example; the level of detail on many of the pieces is hard to comprehend until you see them in person.

Sanjayan: There’s a Better Way to Communicate about Climate Change

Nature Conservancy - Science

Climate Change Science Communications Chile glacier climate change communication glacier melt Nature Conservancy science Sanjayan Santiago water shortageConservancy Lead Scientist Sanjayan in Kaktovik on the arctic coastal plain inside the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska. Image credit: Sanjayan/TNC. Bob Lalasz directs science communications for The Nature Conservancy.

The bee has been declared the most important living being on the Planet

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Following a meeting at the Royal Geographical Society in London, United Kingdom the Earthwatch Institute declared bees the most important living beings on this Planet, however, according to wildlife experts & scientists many bees have joined the long list of Endangered species.

2020 218

Great Mexican Bird Names

10,000 Birds

I’m not sure that the Eastern Meadowlark really says Tortilla-con-chile, but I love the idea. Tortilla con chile! Tortilla con chile! By the time this post is published, I will be on a short trip to Spain, though not principally for birding purposes. So I decided to make it easy on myself, and follow up on the whole name theme we did a couple of weeks ago.

2019 159

A Modern-Day Parable, Told by the Future

Wend Magazine

It was both written and produced by Dan Riordan and Dana Saint of Gnarly Bay Productions, Inc while on the road in Chile. Click here to view the embedded video. ‘ A Story for Tomorrow ‘ is a beautifully filmed and hypnotically narrated short film about a couple traveling through Chilean Patagonia. More than a travelogue, the short has the feel of a modern-day parable.

2012 205

Karl Marx and the Metabolic Rift Theory

Green Blog

An example of a global metabolic rift and its consequences can be seen in the 19th century trade in guano (bird droppings) and nitrates from Peru and Chile to Europe. So this metabolic rift between town and country resulted in the loss of soil fertility in Great Britain and other nations which in turn led to the global trade of guano and nitrates from Peru and Chile.

2010 69

Puyehue Volcano Eruption Brings Blanket of Ash, Dramatic Electric Storms

Wend Magazine

The Puyehue volcano in southern Chile began erupting Saturday after 50 years of dormancy, and has since displaced more than 4,000 people, stopped air travel almost entirely and blanketed parts of Chile and Argentina with ash (see the above video). Click here to view the embedded video.

2011 154

Solar power becoming world's cheapest form of electricity production, analysts say

Green (Living) Review

In August, an auction to supply electricity in Chile achieved the record low price of $29.10 (£23.30) per megawatt-hour – a record low price and about half the price of a coal competitor. ‘Renewable energy will beat any other technology in most of the world without subsidies’ Solar power is becoming the cheapest way to generate electricity , according to leading analysts.

The Andean Gull

10,000 Birds

This gull inhabits the high Andean plateau of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina at elevations ranging from 3300 to 4400 m (10827 to 14436 feet). Photo by: Chile Satelital. On the series “North American birds with Neotropical Counterparts”, this time I introduce the Andean Gull. Gulls are often referred as “seagulls” due to their general association to the sea or sea shores. The Andean Gull could not be further from this general association.

2015 145

Monkey puzzles: an iconic tree under threat

Green (Living) Review

The monkey puzzle tree is under threat in its native Chile, but UK gardeners can help. Robbie Blackhall-Miles explains how Listen to Robbie Blackhall-Miles talk about monkey puzzles in our new podcast on trees I sat in a state of dismay as I read about the forest fires threatening Chile.

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Blinded by the Light: Hornby’s Storm-Petrels in Lima-Peru

10,000 Birds

The Hornby’s storm-petrel ( Oceanodroma Hornbyi ) is a fairly common bird along the coast of Peru and Chile. There is no doubt they nest somewhere along the cost of Peru and Chile. Featured photo: Alfredo Fernandez. Most, if not all pelagic birding trips in the region record this species, often by the hundreds. But as common as they may be, nobody knows where they nest. The Hornby’s (or ringed) storm-petrel occurs along a relatively narrow band on the Pacific Ocean.

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A Little Trick to make Big Changes in Life more Peaceful.

Elephant Journal

So, before my most recent change—leaving my home in Chile to move back to my childhood home in the states—I was determined to avoid the self-sabotaging chaos of. Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) Travel abroad appreciation gratitude letting go life changes Moving On sadness transition

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Easy, Bonus Birding at Cano Negro, Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

Ironically, thanks to the non-sustainable, land poisoning agriculture seen en route, there is a straight, fast, good road that zooms right on up to Los Chiles, the closest town to Cano Negro. From the Arenal area, it’s a pretty quick hour and a half deal up to Los Chiles. Not to mention, we knew that good bonus birds were awaiting at Los Chiles and Cano Negro anyways. Get those bonus birds at Los Chiles and Cano Negro!

Surfing Footage from 1929 Becomes National Treasure

Wend Magazine

Related posts: How to Snowboard, Skate and Surf Your Way Through Chile. In 1929 surfing pioneer, Lewis Rosenberg, used a strong but light balsa wood to build an 8-foot surfboard he could stand on. He then traveled with his buddies to Newquay in Cornwall, England and used one of the oldest home video cameras–for which he fashioned a waterproof cover–to record his adventures on the waves.

Shorebirds and Gulls of Florida’s Treasure Coast: Where the Tropics Begin

10,000 Birds

During the months of December, January, February, and March, the bird community along Florida’s east coast is similar to that along the coast of Central Peru and North-Central Chile. The composition of the bird community is remarkably similar in the region encompassing Central Peru to Central Chile. But in reality, this may be the same bird community; one that happens to start in this part of Florida and extends south to Central Peru and Chile.