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Green (Living) Review

Over 4, 000 visitors from around the world will gather in London this week for the biggest energy debate to take place in UK history. Thousands of industry professionals are expected to attend over three days of the European Future Energy Forum at London ExCel Convention Centre. Where is the money coming from in Europe to pay for renewable energy’ will be the question posed to energy ministers, engineering giants and leading bankers of our time.

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A review of the UK’s first Green Film Festival

Green Blog

A closer look on the documentaries The Big Uneasy, Planeat, Gasland, The Pipe and the short film Winds of Change. Our largely meat based diet is the source of considerable environmental damage, from the increased global warming that it produces (a combination of embodied energy in feeding animals plus the CO2 and methane they produce, a cow for example produces about 90 kg’s of methane per year) and the vast “dead zones” in oceans caused by agricultural run off. Winds of Change.

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