Governors Applaud New EPA Carbon Pollution Safeguards

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Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (Photo: Office of Governor Patrick)   From New Hampshire to California to Hawai’i to Montana, Governors across the country are applauding the Environmental Protection Agency’s first-ever standards to clean up climate disruption carbon pollution.

First Day of EPA Carbon Pollution Standard Hearings a Success!

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The EPA proposed these first-ever limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants just last month. crowds gathered to speak out in favor of the carbon pollution standard, packing the hearing all day. Green Latino president Mark Magaña speaks at the DC rally.

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Rejecting Keystone Means Less Tar Sands Extraction, Less Carbon Pollution

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  On June 2nd, Goldman Sachs published a research report, titled "Getting Oil Out of Canada: Heavy Oil Diffs Expected to Stay Wide and Volatile," stating that without Keystone XL, tar sands expansion, and therefore the carbon pollution that comes with it, would be dramatically reduced.

New Poll: Americans Ready for Action on Carbon Pollution

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On Tuesday, the Sierra Club released a new poll with Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research showing that seven-in-ten Americans favor the Environmental Protection Agency putting limits on the amount of carbon pollution that power plants can release. Public hearing in Washington, D.C.,

"How Stringent Are the US EPA’s Proposed Carbon Pollution Standards for New Power Plants?"

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In March 2012, the EPA announced a proposed carbon pollution standard for new power plants. Then in September 2013, the EPA withdrew the proposal upon issuing a revision as part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan. No coal-fired units would come close to the emission targets unless there are future innovations in carbon capture and storage. Matthew J. Kotchen and Erin T.

C'mon Chamber! - 5 Utilities That Rejected Attacks on Carbon Pollution Safeguards

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The much-anticipated safeguards to clean up carbon pollution from existing power plants have finally been announced , and just as expected, both support and opposition for the protections is all over the airwaves. As for the actual utilities affected by the rule, many aren’t singing the Chamber’s tune and are instead beating back false attacks and welcoming this cornerstone initiative of the President’s Climate Action Plan.

President Obama Announces New Truck Efficiency Standards

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In a speech today in Maryland, President Obama directed his administration to move forward with standards to make our tractor trailers and commercial vehicles more efficient. carbon pollution nearly 10 percent.

Obama Kickstarts Action on Climate Change

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Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy and co-author of Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive By Investing in Nature. ” With those words this afternoon, President Obama took an important step toward turning his pledges on climate change into reality.

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Five Senators Urge President Obama To Address Climate Change with Tough Standards on Carbon From Power Plants

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As the the impacts of climate change grow more severe, the pressure mounts on President Obama to address climate change by curbing the country’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions: coal-fired power plants.  Extreme weather is here once again.

The Pipeline, the President, and Climate Common Sense

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And our national interest will be served only if this project does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution.”  million metric tons of carbon pollution per year. That’s a lot of carbon pollution.

Sierra Club to President Obama on Keystone XL and Canada: Let's Not Make a Deal

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Here's the text of the letter: September 24, 2013 President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20500 Dear Mr. President, I applaud your commitment to fighting climate change. And when the lost carbon sequestration potential of Canada's 1.2

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Congressional Voices Say Keystone XL Fails President’s Climate Test

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The letter also says that that Keystone XL will fail to meet President Obama's climate test: in his climate speech last month, the President declared he would base the Keystone XL decision on whether the project will "significantly exacerbate the climate problem."

Can Keystone XL pass the President’s climate test?

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This is the question that climate policy analysts, scientists, and activists have been toiling over, in great detail, since President Obama unexpectedly mentioned Keystone XL in his Climate Action Plan speech this past summer -- and even before. Spoiler alert: the answer is no.

A Tale of Two Policies: House GOP Launches 500th Attack on Environment As President Celebrates Climate Action Anniversary

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President Obama (Photo: Wikimedia Commons ). This week marks the one year anniversary of President Barack Obama’s historic speech at Georgetown University, where he outlined his ambitious plan to tackle the climate crisis.

EPA's Proposed Standards for Natural Gas Plants Fail President's Climate Goals

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" Those were President Obama's words during his landmark climate speech this past summer at Georgetown University. That speech marked a new, aggressive commitment to addressing the climate crisis by using climate pollution as a yardstick for major energy and environment decisions. The president laid out an ambitious vision for a clean-energy future that would generate jobs, promote healthy communities, and set an example for the world.

Hope for Youth: President Obama Tackles Climate Head-On

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Today, President Barack Obama announced his administration's next steps for building a legacy of action to fight the climate crisis. Student and youth climate leaders have been waiting for the president to take decisive action like this.

Celebrating a Historic Call to Action on Climate - Does Your Rep Have the President’s Back?

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 President Obama finally came out with a plan to use the power of the administration to address climate disruption and to start making the real reductions in carbon emissions that we need to stave off the very worst impacts of climate change.

Biggest US climate rally ever calls for the President to reject the Keystone pipeline project

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The rally, intended as a show of force and unity for the environmental movement in the US, called on President Obama to move “Forward on Climate” and to stop the Keystone pipeline project. President Obama holds in his hand a pen and the power to deliver on his promise of hope for our children.

Clean Air Coming Soon!

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Carbon pollution standards for new power plants published for public comment. Power plants are responsible for much of our country's air pollution. billion metric tons of carbon pollution, the main contributor to climate disruption.

Obama's Best Chance to Lead on Climate: Reject Keystone XL.

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In the first press conference of his second term, President Obama addressed a question about climate change with the following : "I am a firm believer that climate change is real, that it is impacted by human behavior and carbon emissions. Carbon Neutral Digest. Compass.

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Supreme Court Denies Polluters' Challenge to EPA Finding that Greenhouse Gases Endanger Public Health

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Supreme Court denied legal petitions from polluters and states that challenged the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) historic finding that greenhouse gases endanger public health and welfare. Climate change will only worsen that pollution. Today the U.S.

Georgia Activists Greet Obama, Keep the Pressure On - Compass

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It's hard to catch a president whose travel schedule is always up in the air. But that didn't discourage Georgia activists from greeting President Obama during a recent last-minute stop in Atlanta. But will the president back up his words with action? Compass.

"EPA’s Clean Power Plan Blocked by Supreme Court"

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RFF on the issues: On Tuesday, the US Supreme Court granted a stay blocking the Environmental Protection Agency from requiring states to submit plans for major reductions in carbon emissions from electric power plants. The stay marks a setback for President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which aims to reduce carbon pollution from the power sector by 30 percent from 2005 levels.

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Oil companies are planning on a carbon tax

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Here is the article without all of the crazy political stuff: More than two dozen of the nation’s biggest corporations, including the five major oil companies, are planning their future growth on the expectation that the government will force them to pay a price for carbon pollution as a way to control global warming. Companies do not know what form a future carbon price would take. Coal, which produces twice the carbon pollution of natural gas, would be a loser.

Corruption Allegations, Monster Mine Madness, and the US Ex Im.

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Despite President Obama's commitment to tackle climate change, the U.S. Export-Import Bank (Exim) President Fred Hochberg continues to underwrite some of the world's largest and most destructive fossil fuel ventures. Carbon Neutral Digest. Compass.

Today We Take Part in Civil Disobedience for the Climate - Compass

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Allison Chin is the Sierra Club President. We are demanding serious action on climate disruption from our elected leaders -- especially President Obama. Our goal today is to both challenge and support President Obama.  Carbon Neutral Digest. Compass.

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Another big broken window

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Over the past several decades, power plants have curtailed their emissions of harmful pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide, soot and mercury. But power plants have continued to pump unlimited amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, with disastrous consequences.

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Automakers Back Call for Fuel Economy Standards - Compass

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During his first term as President, Barack Obama took historic steps to mitigate the climate crisis our planet is facing. miles per gallon and cut vehicle carbon emissions in half by 2025. Carbon Neutral Digest. Compass.

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EPA Carbon Standards Give Our Kids a Fighting Chance

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These standards won''t just take a big bite out of climate disruption, they’ll also help us tackle other serious power plant pollution that threatens our health, air and water - pollutants including soot, smog, and mercury.

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Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end

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We'd sing and dance, Forever and a day: President Obama reminded Republicans Tuesday that cap-and-trade has GOP roots in a rare public reference to the embattled environmental policy. The first president to talk about cap-and-trade was George H.W. Cap-and-trade was originally proposed by conservatives and Republicans as a market-based solution to solving environmental problems,” Obama said during a fiery speech at a luncheon hosted by The Associated Press.

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Quote of the day

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Coal’s status as a major source of carbon pollution linked to climate change persuaded the trustees to remove companies “whose principal business is coal” from their investment portfolio, the university said.    As a global institution, Stanford “knows the havoc that climate change creates around our planet,” Bill McKibben, the president and co-founder of the environmental group, said in a statement.

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"Governments Await Obama’s Move on Carbon to Gauge U.S. Climate Efforts"

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This was in today's emailed headlines from the NYTimes: President Obama is expected to announce on Monday an Environmental Protection Agency regulation to cut carbon pollution from the nation’s fleet of 600 coal-fired power plants, in a speech that government analysts in Beijing, Brussels and beyond will scrutinize to determine how serious the president is about fighting global warming. Which Monday? Yesterday? This coming Monday?

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New Climate Protection Standards and Walmart Moms on Strike: Coincidence or Timely Convergence?

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Like the long overdue carbon pollution standards coming out the same week moms go on strike against Walmart in dozens of cities across the country. As AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka points out , Retailers like Walmart are the root cause of income inequality.

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Climate Brothers (this would be a great show on HGTV. sell your flood prone home at a bargain price or raise it and keep living there)

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By the late 1970s, when an increasing number of scientists were raising the threat of global warming, Bill wrote a paper proposing a tax on industries and businesses based on the amount of carbon they emitted into the air. Already, more than 30 countries have passed carbon-pricing laws.

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Climate change policy on steroids

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President Obama on Tuesday ordered the development of tough new fuel standards for the nation’s fleet of heavy-duty trucks as part of what aides say will be an increasingly muscular and unilateral campaign to tackle climate change through the use of the president’s executive power. Cumulatively, experts said the à la carte approach should enable Mr. Obama to meet his target of cutting carbon pollution in the United States by 17 percent from 2005 levels by 2020.

Local Communities Defy Southeast Asia’s Largest Proposed Coal Plant in Indonesia

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million tons of carbon pollution and hundreds of pounds of toxic mercury into the air each year. In fact, as the largest proposed coal plant in Southeast Asia, this single project would emit more carbon pollution than the entire nation of Myanmar.

What Obama's Climate Announcement Means for Coal and Clean Energy

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A crowd rallied in support of President Obama''s climate plan outside his speech today at Georgetown University. These safeguards have been more than a decade in the making, and are a huge milestone in the fight to curb carbon pollution.

Horse before cart

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Benefit estimation becomes politically important, get ready for "junk science" attacks: Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Republicans told administration officials they’re “troubled” by a recent change to the way agencies calculate benefits from carbon regulations.

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NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s Lose-Lose Move for New Jersey

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On Monday, Christie again took the path of big polluters by pulling New Jersey out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) - an innovative and proven program in which northeastern states are working together to reduce carbon pollution while boosting the clean energy economy.

Securing a Positive Climate Legacy

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Using publicly available data already gathered by federal agencies, the report, Dirty Fuels, Clean Futures (PDF) , calculates the potential carbon dioxide emissions from dirty fuel development proposals.

I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony

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Their position is at striking odds with the longstanding argument, advanced by the coal industry and others, that policies to curb carbon emissions are more economically harmful than the impact of climate change.

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What the New Power Plant Carbon Standard Means for Coal

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In the words of our Vice-President, this is a BFD. On Friday, September 20, the Environmental Protection Agency released draft carbon pollution standards for new power plants. has to deal with its carbon pollution.

New Energy Efficiency Standards Announced

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Earlier this summer in his climate plan speech, President Obama spoke of new energy efficiency rules to cut down our emissions. This is equivalent to nearly one-half of the carbon pollution from the entire U.S.