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The Green Changemakers

Since she learned this word, she has frequently used it in her public speeches including the one in the UN Commission on the Status of Women and the Live 8 concert held in England in 2005, while believing that the value and spirituality of mottainai Japanese traditionally have could transcend culture and national boarders. In addition, a number of corporations use this word in their PR campaigns and green marketing strategies.

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Nuclear Power is NOT the Solution to Our Global Warming Woes

The Green Changemakers

Per unit of carbon dioxide avoided, nuclear power is also the most expensive option. Nuclear power doesn’t emit much if any carbon dioxide, but when you compare the cost of each pound of carbon dioxide avoided from nuclear power to wind power , energy efficiency or cogeneration plants you once again end up with a loser. The high costs of conventional fossil-fuelled plants would go even higher if their large carbon emissions had to be captured.

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