What Is Your Carbon Footprint?

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What Is Your Carbon Footprint? This drastic change in our earth’s climate is caused by greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), methane (CH 4 ), and ozone (O 3 ), that trap sunlight in the atmosphere and heat the earth below. What Is a Carbon Footprint? The term carbon footprint refers to the amount of greenhouse gas released by a person or community. There are a number of website that allow you to estimate your personal carbon footprint.

What Is Your Carbon Footprint?

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What is YOUR Carbon Footprint? This drastic change in our earth’s climate is caused by greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), methane (CH 4 ), and ozone (O 3 ), that trap sunlight in the atmosphere and heat the earth below. What Is a Carbon Footprint? The term carbon footprint refers to the amount of greenhouse gas released by a person or community. There are a number of website that allow you to estimate your personal carbon footprint.

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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There are many simple ways to reduce the footprint you leave on the planet. Learn how to reduce your footprint in each consumption category–carbon, food, housing, and goods and services—but don’t stop there. Reduce your Carbon Footprint Use cleaner transport Walk, bike, or take public transit whenever possible. Make sure your walls and ceilings are insulated, and consider double-pane windows. Insulate your water heater.

Stunning Resort In Abu Dhabi Desert Will Celebrate Bedouin Architecture

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The windows and door frames also hearken the longstanding Bedouin tradition on which the UAE is based, while also provided thermal insulation. Architecture & Urban carbon footprint Eco-architecture Energy Efficiency green design Hassan Fathy sustainable materials tourism

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Fast and Frugal Tips for Greener Living This Winter

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INSULATE THE HOUSE. Insulate, caulk and basically seal any crevice, nook, gap, crack or shaft that may allow cold to enter your home. Insulate entrances to your home to ensure that heat does not escape and the cold does not get in. Go Green Green Building Green Technology Holiday Science &Technology Sustainability Weather Carbon Footprint Conservation energy Green Tips By: Emily Harper, Guest Contributor.

Top 5 Ways to Chill out this Summer with ENERGY STAR

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Consider adding attic insulation so less heat radiates down into your house from your hot attic. Sealing air leaks and improving your homes insulation could save you up to $200 a year in cooling/heating costs (or about 10 percent of your annual energy bill). So get a contractor to test your ducts, seal them, and insulate them so you’re not paying for cool air you don’t get to use. Plan & Renovate: Improve insulation between your attic and roof.

10 Ways to Use Electricity more Sustainably

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10 Ways to Use Electricity more Sustainably: Insulate the home: Insulating the home can reduce your carbon footprint while also saving you money on your electricity bill. Insulate your home by filling in all your air leaks, updating your windows and doors, and also by planting shady-trees and hanging energy efficient blackout curtains throughout the home.

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Being an Eco-Friendly Volunteer


Any long journey results in carbon emissions , building work can use a lot of plastic, and just think of all of those bottles of water you’ll drink while you work! Carbon footprint. Going overseas is so exciting, and more so when your journey is for a volunteering experience.

Make Small Changes to Help the Environment

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For instance, you can use energy-saving bulbs, make sure you turn lights off when you are not using the room, invest in energy-efficient appliances and heating, and make sure your home is properly insulated. However, whenever it may be possible to forget about using the car and walk to where you need to go you can cut back on your carbon footprint by doing so. Helping the environment is something that many people would love to do.

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How to Lower Your Electricity Bills in Summer and Winter


Insulation. Install a heat trap on the water heater tank and put an insulating blanket over it [10]. Insulation. Do you have enough insulation in your home? Most people don’t, and if you contact an insulation technician to arrange an inspection they may uncover multiple cracks, crevices, holes and missing pieces that compromise the integrity of your current insulation envelope. the largest carbon emitter on the planet [20].

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Coffee Cup That is Compostable in 90 Days


LosAngeles-based green company Repurpose Compostables has launched an insulated coffee cup at Bed Bath & Beyond that is made from corn and uses soy based inks, making it non-toxic and compostable in 90 days. The plant-based cups require 65% less Co2 to produce so they help lower your carbon footprint.

Tips to Become Greener at Home

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Another thing you should consider is to get insulation for doors and windows. You can purchase insulation products at very affordable prices online, which means you can make a big difference to the heat levels in your home as well as helping the environment.

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Top 8 Reasons For Considering A Garden Building

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Pick a building that has double-glazing and extra insulation so that you have less heating and cooling demands, and you manage to keep your energy bill low. Low Carbon Footprint Self-Employment Ideas.

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Reducing Electricity Use in Your Home

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Reducing electricity consumption can also help shrink your carbon footprint and make your home a more eco-friendly place. You can do this by adding insulation to your home, installing a smart thermostat, or simply by turning down the temperature a few degrees in the winter. Doing so is not only great for your bottom line, but it also reduces your carbon footprint and fossil fuel dependency.

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It's. Energy Awareness Week!


Good stuff, although I'm a little baffled about the difference between Women's Day and Men's Day - do the sexes have wildly different carbon footprints? Tags: insulation carbon footprint cycling holiday food energy awareness week After shamefully letting Green Blog Day pass me by last Monday, I'm determined to try to keep abreast of all these days, weeks, millenia etc of environmental action.

Alaska Air to fly 75 commercial flights on fry oil

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They will enable us to fly cleaner, foster job growth in a new industry, and can insulate airlines from the volatile price swings of conventional fuel to help make air travel more economical. But industry leaders agree that biofuels represent a critical element in cutting aviation’s carbon footprint. | Green Travel News |.

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First Pictures of the New Siemens Headquarters at Masdar City

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Let it be known that we have begun to reach a point – given the scale of energy, climate, and natural resource issues – where we consider any massive expenditure of brand new materials and energy unsustainable, but we do have to give Sheppard Robson credit for reducing the Siemen’s Headquarter’s footprint to a fraction of what something of this scale could have.

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Sustainable Architecture Saudi Style: King Abdullah Financial District

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The various retail, financial, residential, and cultural facilities will have green roofs that provide insulation and smart lighting solutions that will further ensure that energy use is kept to a minimum. Facades will include building integrated solar cells and the cladding material will be sourced locally — according to World Architecture News — so that the project’s carbon footprint will be less onerous.

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Going Green: How to Make Your Los Angeles Property More Eco-Friendly

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If you’re serious about decreasing your energy bills and want to reduce your carbon footprint, installing a smart meter is a no-brainer. Insulate Your Home. A great way to do this is by investing in insulation, which can help trap in the heat, meaning you do not need to burn energy reheating your home all the time. There are lots of areas that can and should be insulated, such as your living area, kitchen, and attic.

6 ways to make your apartment greener

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If you can make minor upgrades here, your overall carbon footprint will be drastically reduced. Insulate the windows in your bedroom, check your fridge seals regularly to make sure they’re not damaged, use a dishwasher ( instead of washing by hand) , get a low-flow showerhead, and install a dual-flush toilet. Going green has gone decidedly mainstream now.

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OK, now what?


How am I going to cut my carbon footprint by 10%? Well first off, I'm going to finish measuring my carbon footprint using the Carbon Detox method - a project abandoned three quarters of the way through. At that point my calculated footprint was 18% lower than the UK average and I was assuming my general shopping was average, which it isn't, so I need to some more research and analysis. Tags: carbon footprint 10:10 So I've signed up to 10:10.

How to meet your 10:10 commitment


If you've signed up to 10:10, here's some guidance on how significant different actions are to the average UK citizen's carbon footprint. Insulate the loft from 150mm to 300mm 13.0 Insulate your cavity walls 8.7 Insulate hot water tank 1.0 The numbers have been extracted and extrapolated from Carbon Detox and How To Live A Low Carbon Life (see right hand side). Tags: carbon footprint 10:10

Eco Friendly Rickshaw coined as Eclipse


Surbhi Sharma: With the increasing congestion on roads and the resulting carbon footprint, we need next generation vehicles which are environment friendly too. It has a light weight structure with a curvy top woven in an insulated fabric. Usage of ecofriendly materials like recyclable polyethylene can help in production of environment friendly automobiles. One such invention of a pedicab is being coined as Eclipse.

5 unusual ways to build your dream home

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The construction industry can be seen to have a large carbon footprint. As a result, hempcrete is a lightweight insulating material which weighs 80-85% less than standard concrete. As with concrete, you will still need an internal structure to your building because the material itself isn’t recommended for load bearing but it is one of the best insulating materials you could choose for your home. .

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An Estidama Compliant Eco Dwelling for Next Generation Arabs (PHOTOS)

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Water is heated using solar energy, windows prevent thermal loss and superior insulation also ensures that no energy seeps out of the home. In Abu Dhabi, where almost 100 percent of residential energy is subsidized for local Emiratis, it behooves the government to ensure that its own projects, like the 400 unit project in Al Ain and a 448 unit project in Al Silaa, utilize even more solar energy and greater water conservation techniques to ensure an even smaller carbon footprint.

MDW Architecture takes sustainable building to new heights


With buildings and occupants leaving large carbon footprints all over the place, it is up to architects to rethink building designs. The project is a sustainable one that involves insulation, solar energy and as many natural building materials as possible. The Loft building is so well insulated that it needs less than 15kW of power per sq meter every year to heat. Sonia Renthlei: Green designs have been entering the architectural realm like never before.

Top 20 Home Improvement Sites: GreenLivingIdeas Makes The List!

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By cutting your carbon footprint, it feels good, but it also means you are a primary beneficiary financially, too. Home insulation: what you need to know. Home improvement comes in many forms. Here at GreenLivingIdeas, we aim to deliver good quality ideas for greening (which we definitely believe means improving!) your home. Greening your home has a plethora of benefits. First, you pay less in utilities.

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Huge eco-friendly luxury living project coming to Cairo

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The smart building will ensure a 50 percent energy saving and a significant reduction in carbon footprint. The green roof is also a measure to compensate for the high density of the construction and will be an insulation coat above the residences to reduce the urban warming. Luxury usually comes at a high price, not only financially but environmentally too.

The Low Carbon Energy Company offers Green Deal clarity

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Green deal has caused confusion, but offers opportunities to many THE Low Carbon Energy Company has announced that it is offering guidance to tenants, homeowners and businesses who are trying to understand the complexities of the government’s Green Deal. Ged Ennis, Operations Director of The Low Carbon Energy Company, said: “The Green Deal will allow you to make energy-saving improvements to your home or business without having to pay all the costs up front.”

8 High Energy-Consuming Appliances: Learn How to Save Energy

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Following are the consequences that occur due to high energy consumption: Carbon Footprints: Increase in the emissions levels of carbon dioxide and methane. Carbon footprints are the sum of all the emissions through various activities in a given time. There was a gradual increase in methane and carbon dioxide levels due to the careless utilization of electricity. Get double or triple pane windows with low-E argon-filled glass and insulate it well.

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Innovative Idea: Eco-Houses Inspired By Lego Bricks

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The modular blocks are lightweight single units made from naturally cut timber, local Black Forest pine and insulation materials including wood chips, clay, mussel shells and pea shingle gravel. Another hurrah for reduced carbon footprint. HIB says that the insulation used achieves energy-efficiency levels 40 percent higher than those attained using standard insulation materials. It’s quite easy to put together a Lego house.

When will the Middle East wake up to green roofs?

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French environmental activists sought to mandate full coverage by green roofs for all new buildings, but the ruling allows commercial owners the option to install solar panels, which offer the additional benefit of generating distributed renewable energy – further lessening the carbon footprint for new construction. Vive la France!

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Buildings-in-a-Bag Can Instantly Aid Middle East Refugees

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That’s a tiny carbon footprint. The units have excellent thermal properties, and are structurally capable of being covered with sand or earth for added insulation. Groundbreaking “Concrete Cloth” allows ancient building material to be used in a totally new way. Concrete Cloth is a pioneering “building-in-a-bag” that requires only water and air for construction: it was named material of the year in the 2011 Material ConneXions MEDIUM Awards.

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6 Ways to Make Your Conference Go “Green”

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International events with attendees and speakers from around the world often leave an enormous carbon footprint before they even begin, mostly due to guests’ air travel. The event had to also provide several units of temporary housing, which wasted energy due to poor insulation and the use of oil heaters. Picking a venue where attendees can stay that is close to public transportation makes additional means of transportation unnecessary, reducing costs and Carbon emissions.

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Will Qatar’s Passivhaus Baytna experiment perform in intense heat?

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In the 1990’s, two German researchers developed specifications for a building whose thermal mass and super insulation could protect its interior from a harsh external climate. Although GSAS guidelines make this building greatly more efficient than most Qatari homes, researchers predict that this house will consume 50% more energy and water and 50% more carbon dioxide emissions compared with Passivhaus.

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Carry your home on your travels with portable solar abodes


It is made from steel, aluminum and recycled material, and even has a thermoplastic insulation system. The fully functional eco friendly home isn’t just a space saver; it attempts to minimize carbon footprint by generating its own electricity and incorporating insulation. It even features its own thermoplastic insulation system for those cold winter months.

13 Principles of Sustainable Architecture From Nader Khalili Student

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Passive design, digging into the earth, and insulating a home well will work wonders, as will Islamic design techniques such as the Mashrabiya screen, which beats the heat at the same time as it promotes natural ventilation. This creates an unnecessarily high carbon footprint and also reduces the level of control you have over how those materials are harvested. But they also serve important environmental services – including sucking the globe’s carbon.

Ban the bag? Catch a Grip!


of our carbon footprint (less if you're as rich as Mr Jones and spend your life jetting around the world). What's in them is far more important - our grocery shopping accounts for between 20% and 33% of our footprint , depending on how you count it. Tags: plastic bags carbon footprint energy food The humble carrier bag has had a bad time of it recently.

Ideal Home Show gives ‘Coronation Street’ House an Ideal Refit

Green (Living) Review

The new-look home will showcases a range of affordable eco-friendly technologies such as home insulation, double glazing, solar thermal panels for hot water, PV panels for the generation of electricity, energy efficient boiler systems and rainwater harvesting.

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Derwenthorpe energy centre unveiled

Green (Living) Review

From conception, one of the key objectives for the developers was to achieve extremely high environmental sustainable standards with low carbon emissions achieving Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 and 5. Individual properties are connected to the Energy Centre via a pre-fabricated steel insulated heat mains system. The biomass energy centre will initially provide community heating to 65 new build homes, which will be extended to 540 homes over the coming years.

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Innovative green company debuts single use clear cups for cold beverages and high-heat tolerant cutlery made from plants—not petroleum, helping consumers lower their carbon footprint www.repurposecompostables.com Los Angeles, CA, April 2012 : Repurpose® Compostables, creators of premium, eco-friendly food service products, based in Los Angeles, is pleased to announce the release of their plant based, clear cups for cold beverages and heat resistant cutlery.

13 Green Building Tips From Nader Khalili Student

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Passive design, digging into the earth, and insulating a home well will work wonders, as will Islamic design techniques such as the Mashrabiya screen, which beats the heat at the same time as it promotes natural ventilation. This creates an unnecessarily high carbon footprint and also reduces the level of control you have over how those materials are harvested. But they also serve important environmental services – including sucking the globe’s carbon.

Four Home Energy Inefficiencies You Can Remedy This Weekend for $100 or Less

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In particular, there are four quick and cost-effective ways to green a home and begin saving immediately on energy costs and the household’s overall carbon footprint. Wrap the Water Heater in an Insulated Blanket. Turning a standard home into one with a much smaller carbon footprint isn’t all about wind-powered energy, solar panels , and recycled building materials.

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