How Your Weight Affects Your Carbon Footprint

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In subtler ways, it also affects your environmental impact. These minor choices mean you are contributing more to your carbon footprint than had you been fit. These foods contain fewer calories than meats and also carry less of an environmental burden.

How to control the environmental impacts of the internet?

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All of us like to buy broadband plans, and other internet connection without even considering their impact on our environment. Let us get started with impacts and then how we can control them. Alarming Impacts of Internet on Environment. Loon LLC is an Alphabet Inc.

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Carbon Footprints in the Garden

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The Environmental Footprint of Gardening and how to reduce it by Michael Smith (Veshengro) There has been a lot of discussion about carbon footprints – though I prefer to call it environmental footprint, for when we concentrate just on carbon we forget the other impact that we have on the Planet – in the news and elsewhere for some time already, but how does this relate to gardening?

How do your chips stack onto the carbon footprint of gambling?

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Yup, because everything we do has an environmental cost and gambling is something that millions of people do. Despite making huge improvements in recent years, live casinos have become much more efficient and, therefore, much more environmentally friendly. Lower Carbon Footprint.

Your Carbon Footprint at the 2016 Green Festival

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Green festivals incorporate environmental considerations to minimize their negative impacts through reduction of waste, water, and energy, use of fair trade or organic food, incorporating local suppliers and locally sourced products, and providing education about environmental impacts. The post Your Carbon Footprint at the 2016 Green Festival appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

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How to Recycle More and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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What may not be, however, are ways in which you can recycle more and thus, reduce your carbon footprint. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the plastic industry generated over one million tons of soft drink bottles in 2007. The benefits of recycling are self-evident.

52 Ways To Lower Your Carbon Footprint In College

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Everything from recycling, to using a laptop, to breaking out a caulk gun can literally save tons of carbon emissions. To do it right, check out the below 52 ways to lower your carbon footprint in college. Automotive Ways To Lower Your Carbon Footprint In College Go beyond Hybrid driving to find out how to get the most out of your car and the least environmental impact.

Does Eco-Friendly Travel Truly Exist?

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How can we reduce our carbon footprint while still exploring the great unknown? The first rule of sustainable travel is finding ways to move about the local area that are as low-impact as possible. Walking does not require any carbon emissions, gasoline, or manufacturing.

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The Massive Carbon Footprint of Email Spam (And it’s meaty!)

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So it sounded incongruous to hear about its ecological impact. Email has a carbon footprint and spam is just that with another name. Spam mail is probably the most wasteful expenditure of the communication age.

Dubai Launches Arabic Carbon Calculator

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A carbon calculator in Arabic will help Dubai residents track everything from food, travel to energy consumption. The carbon emissions of Gulf nations in the Middle East are notoriously high. tonnes of carbon a year which is a world chart topping figure. The Carbon Calculator.

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High Flyers’ Legroom Generates More Emissions

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Now the World Bank confirms their carbon footprint is about sevenfold that of the average airborne Joe. How to market modern air travel that’s free from environmental migraines? More passengers-per-plane equals lower per capita carbon emissions.

Marriott leads global hotel chains in sustainability

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Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it?

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The Real Environmental Cost of Your Choices

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Everything you do carries some environmental cost. To deny your impact is a dangerous form of environmental isolationism. The best choice in terms of environmental impact is to take your run outside. Buying these products is the sound environmental choice.

Reducing your ENVIRONMENTAL footprint

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Many people refer to it as the “carbonfootprint but I like to take it a little step further an talk about the environmental footprint rather. Carbon is one thing; the environmental impact of our species goes further than any carbon per se. There are a great number of on-line calculators now where you can feed your energy bills, gasoline usage, and such like, in – and out pops your supposed CO2 footprint.

Formula One Is Going Green. Ish.

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Just yesterday we reported on a floating Olympic stadium that could offset the sometimes heavy environmental costs associated with what we almost all love: sport. There is some talk that the new stadiums will be deconstructed and used elsewhere, thereby reducing its environmental footprint.

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Are Women The Globe’s Green Giants?

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A growing body of research shows a split down gender lines when we make environmental choices. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research Press indicates women are more willing than men to pay higher income taxes and gasoline prices when the funds are used to support environmental protection. They’re more concerned about environmental risks to health, particularly on a local level, and give stringer support to environmental crusaders.

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Survey Finds Pet Owners Live the Green Life

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Your observations may have encouraged you to be more environmentally conscious in your choices. Perhaps having a pet made owners more aware of their own environmental impact. Whatever the reason, clearly having a pet has a positive impact on the environment.

Food Carbon Footprint


I've discussed the environmental impact of food before - some people say it is responsible for up a third of our carbon emissions. Tags: carbon footprint food

UPS’s Green Smart Pickup Option

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This new option saves time, miles, and lessens the UPS carbon footprint overall. Other options in the Decision Green program include UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping. This is a way for your business to reduce its environmental impact, just pay five cents more per package and UPS carbon neutral will offset the carbon dioxide emission generated by the transportation of your packages.

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Belu becomes first UK water company to make all plastic bottles from 100% recycled plastic bottles

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GREENWASH ALERT The 100% recycled material used by the British water brand generates 75% less carbon emissions than aluminium and is easily recycled unlike a carton. Using 100% recycled plastic is the lowest carbon footprint option that can be part of a circular economy.

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The Middle East’s Carbon Emissions At A Glance (Infographic)

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Carboun, an organisation which promotes sustainability in the Middle East, has produced its first infographic which does a great job of mapping out the region’s carbon emissions. Indeed, Qatar is number one in world rankings when it comes to carbon emissions per capita.

Is Your Internet Use Destroying The Environment?

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The internet has changed our lives for the good, but think about the ecological impact. With our interaction with the internet being often superficial or surface-based, the environmental impact of the internet can easily be ignored.

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Why Boxed Water is Really Better than Aluminum Cans and Plastic Bottles

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The world has witnessed many amazing environmental benefits this year as Coronavirus pandemic stay-at-home orders resulted in drastic global pollution and carbon emission cuts in a matter of months. Is boxed water better?

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8 Ways to Make Your Home and Business More Sustainable

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Passive house (German: Passivhaus) is a voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building, which reduces the building’s ecological footprint. There are changes we can implement to decrease our consumption and environmental impact.

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Being an Eco-Friendly Volunteer


Any long journey results in carbon emissions , building work can use a lot of plastic, and just think of all of those bottles of water you’ll drink while you work! Carbon footprint. Environmental Conservation

Eco-friendly concrete now mandatory in Dubai

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There are significant environmental problems related to OPC manufacture, transport and usage: Quarrying the raw materials permanently scars the natural landscape. By using these alternative options, you can reduce the carbon footprint of concrete by up to 45 per cent,” he said.

Vegan Race Car Driver Leilani Münter Argues Veganism Is More Important Than Solar Cars


Advocating veganism in contrast to the environmental impact that animal consumption is having on climate change, the self proclaimed “vegan hippie chick” talks about how solar cars don’t have as big an impact as what we eat. .

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Freak: “Conspicuous Conservation” and the Prius Effect

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But are all those Prius owners thinking mainly about better mileage and a smaller carbon footprint, or is there another incentive at work? More broadly: when people make environmentally sound choices, how much are those choices driven by the consumers’ desire to show off their green bona fides? The result is an interesting draft paper called “Conspicuous Conservation: The Prius Effect and WTP [Willingness to Pay] for Environmental Bona Fides.”

SkyTran: World’s First Levitating Transit System Heads to Tel Aviv

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Stations are simple with just a platform and a stairway every quarter of a mile or so, reducing the kind of infrastructure necessary to expand railway transportation and therefore mitigating public transportation’s overall environmental impact.

Is your computer hosting ‘Green’ enough?

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The ‘greening’ of the supply chain will mean that companies will need to understand and be accountable for the environmental performance of every aspect of their business and their own suppliers, and this includes how their computer services are hosted.

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Charcoal or Gas Barbecues – Which is more Eco-Friendy?

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If you are making an effort to live sustainably and reduce your impact on the earth it is important to consider which is the most eco-friendly option. While both use natural resources to generate heat, in their environmental impact they are not created equal. When burned these emit more carbon monoxide than their gas burning counterpart. Real charcoal, also known as “lump charcoal,” does not contain additives and is carbon neutral when burnt.

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Alaska Air to fly 75 commercial flights on fry oil

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These flights signal that sustainable biofuels can provide a viable alternative to conventional fuel and enable airlines to reduce their environmental impact. But industry leaders agree that biofuels represent a critical element in cutting aviation’s carbon footprint.

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Is Oat Milk Ethical? A Breakdown of How Alt-Milks Impact the Earth

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And plenty of us don’t like the impact of cows on our already-burdened planet. Animal agriculture constitutes for one-fourth of our global water footprint. Some better for you—and have a smaller environmental footprint too. CO2: None (could be carbon negative).

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Gaza’s Green Schools Fuse Islamic Architecture and Sustainable Design

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UNRWA has teamed up with architect Mario Cucinella to build solar and geothermal-powered schools using local materials, which combined will slash their overall environmental impact.

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Tire Fire In Kuwait Seen From Space

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As well as shocking stories of animal cruelty , there are rising concerns of childhood obesity and a growing carbon footprint. According to Grist, a fire that size will have huge environmental impacts. “It

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How to Lower Your Electricity Bills in Summer and Winter


Reducing the environmental impact of your energy use. In the United States, 35 percent of annual carbon emissions (5,171 million metric tons in 2016) come from power plants, and this massive electricity consumption makes the U.S. the largest carbon emitter on the planet [20].

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Sustainable Architecture Saudi Style: King Abdullah Financial District

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We have on one end simple earth architecture such as Hassan Fathy’s famous works in Egypt , which requires very little imported materials and have virtually no environmental impact, and then we have the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) designed by Henning Larsen Architects (HLA).

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Crown Paints Lifts The Lid On Major Recycling Scheme To Mark Climate Week

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Amanda Atherton, spokesperson for regeneration charity Groundwork, said: “One of our biggest roles at Groundwork is to help people and businesses to reduce their environmental impact and to make a difference in their local communities.

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Middle East Shipping Lands Prince Charles in Hot Water

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Britain’s Prince Charles lectures long on climate change and the local food movement, but a recent discovery about one of his businesses suggests the title “His Royal Highness” is just a nod to his carbon footprint. .

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Sainsbury to cut140 tonnes from carbon emissions by shrinking toilet roll


Ishan Sidhu: A fundamental approach is followed by Sainsbury’s, the third largest chain of supermarkets in United Kingdom in order to decrease the environmental impact of the transportation of toilet rolls to its stores. Sainsbury’s trims size in bid to reduce environmental impact. Sainsbury’s trims size in bid to reduce environmental impact.

Waste Incineration: Advantages and Disadvantages


Lower carbon footprint. 4 Lower carbon footprint. The bad news is that when organic matter (the combustible part of garbage) is burned, it still emits significant quantities of carbon dioxide, the most common greenhouse gas produced by human activity.

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Let’s Get Sustainable

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This idea might at first sound a little obtuse, but consider the following: each year Earths population grows by about 80 million people , each one of these people will require resources and produce their own carbon footprint.

Tesco inspires ENER-G innovation in combined heat and power technology

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Tesco has inspired innovation in low carbon performance by working with sustainable energy group ENER-G to achieve a step change in combined heat and power (CHP) technology.

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