Snowpiercer and the Machine of Life

The Alien Next Door

Beneath the film’s blatant statement on the emptiness of the pursuit of capital at any cost lies a deeper more subtle exploration on the nature of humanity. Reform and revolution are shibboleths that distinguish liberals from radicals,” explains Aaron Bady Curtis (Chris Evans) of The New Inquiry. While liberals want to reform capitalism, without fundamentally transforming it, radicals want to tear it up from the roots (the root word of “radical” is root!)

A Radical Approach to the Climate Crisis

The Green Changemakers

by Christian Parenti , originally published by Dissent Magazine Several strands of green thinking maintain that capitalism is incapable of a sustainable relationship with non-human nature because, as an economic system, capitalism has a growth imperative while the earth is finite. Capitalism, a system in which privately owned firms must continuously out-produce and out-sell their competitors, may be incapable of accommodating itself to the limits of the natural world.