Animal Planet Cancels ‘Call of the Wildman’ in Canada


Animal Planet has abruptly cancelled its “Call of the Wildman” series, just days before a new season was scheduled to air. The network says that the show was cancelled due Read More The post Animal Planet Cancels ‘Call of the Wildman’ in Canada appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Film/TV News People Top News Ernie Brown Jr

How the United States & Canada can Avoid Cooking our Planet.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green WAYLON: Editor's Picks Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today Z ADMIN Green Featured Today Canada climate change lobbyists oil politics tobacco U.S.But there are solutions. Scientists say that half of the industrial carbon emissions have been released since 1988. It is clear that such things as.

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Ontario, Canada, Goes Coal-Free

Sierra Club Compass

Today Ontario, Canada, is showcasing a path for a world working to prevent runaway climate change. Today, Ontario retired their last coal-fired power plant.

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No, Canada – There is No Ethical Oil

Green Prophet

A Canadian lobbying group is claiming that Canada’s oil is somehow more “ethical” than Saudi Arabian oil because the Saudis don’t just destroy the climate we evolved to live in but also abuse women’s rights.

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Peter Steele “Grampa Gnome” protector of Canada’s Living Water – in time and on time

Green Prophet

The solar-powered home is located deep inside a forest in Powassan, Nipissing –– an area of Canada remote enough to be very uncomfortable to most city people. It makes up about 50% of Canada’s land mass and was created about 2.5

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Peter Steel “Grampa Gnome” protector of Canada’s Living Water – in time and on time

Green Prophet

The solar-powered home is located deep inside a forest in Powassan, Nipissing –– an area of Canada remote enough to be very uncomfortable to most city people. It makes up about 50% of Canada’s land mass and was created about 2.5

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Stockholm Fashion Week Canceled—for the Planet

Eco Chic

If the industry should have a chance to survive together with the planet, it must self-disrupt. The post Stockholm Fashion Week Canceled—for the Planet appeared first on Eco-Chick. Photo credit: Johannes Berg/Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce.

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Vancouver, Canada's “Cloud City”

The Alien Next Door

The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Friday, January 30, 2009 Vancouver, Canada’s “Cloud City” Last week an incredible veil of heavy fog blanketed the Lower Mainland and the City of Vancouver.

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One Planet Living - a practical solution

Green (Living) Review

At BioRegional they know that One Planet Living is possible. Working with partners they have developed cost effective working examples of sustainable communities and businesses which show One Planet Living in practice.

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4 Ridiculous Reasons Lone Pine Resources Is Suing Canada Over Fracking Moratorium

Sierra Club Compass

This week, an  electronic copy of a quietly filed lawsuit was unearthed, exposing the fact that oil and gas company Lone Pine Resources is moving forward with a $250-million North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) lawsuit against Canada. Why is Lone Pine suing Canada?

Going naked for the Planet

Green (Living) Review

Going sans clothes for the sake of the Planet by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Man was not made with clothes or fur and clothes were just “invented” as a means to protect us from the elements in inclement weathers and climates. When there is a heatwave, as was for months and months in the summer of 2012 in North America, the cost on the Planet and on people's pockets running air-conditioning and such like is horrendous and simply dressing down to nothing can solve the problem on both counts.

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Recharge Tools Lithium Grass Trimmer/Edger Is Now Available at Wal-Mart Canada

Green (Living) Review

The Recharge Tools brand GTLI-10 Lithium Powered Grass Trimmer/Edger, from Driven by Solar, is now available at Wal-Mart Canada Stores. The Recharge Tools Grass Trimmer /Edger is now available at Wal-Mart retail locations throughout Canada. A greener planet.”

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Entrevue en Français à Radio Canada et BC Book Week!

The Alien Next Door

The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Wednesday, April 29, 2009 Entrevue en Français à Radio Canada et BC Book Week! I love this planet, Earth, and I pray we all take good care of it for our children and their children.

2009 130

What Do The Planet Earth, the Human Brain and Schumann Resonance.

The Alien Next Door

The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Wednesday, October 20, 2010 What Do The Planet Earth, the Human Brain and Schumann Resonance Have in Common? We are a gestalt culmination of light, wave-pulse, matter and motion resonating with this beloved planet Earth.

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This Little Weed is one of the Most Useful Medicines on the Planet

Green (Living) Review

However, this innocuous little weed is one of the most useful medicines on the planet, just begging to be harvested. There are two major types of plantain in BC, Canada: Lance and Broadleaf. You’ve stepped on it, ignored it, and tried to eradicate it from your lawn.

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Rio+20 Fails People and the Planet

Green (Living) Review

Asad Rehman, Head of International Climate, Friends of the Earth EWNI said: "Just like in climate negotiations, the EU dresses up its own economic interests as ambitious new ideas when in reality they came without the political will to make the changes needed to save the people and planet.

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Impact Journalism Day: Global Indigenous youth taking the planet in their hands

Green (Living) Review

"For myself in Australia, I often look to different stories from overseas, particularly around the US and Canada where indigenous communities are sick of waiting around, sick of promises made by governments and are standing up and building solutions themselves."

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Waste Reduction Week in Canada October 21-27, 2013

The Green Changemakers

Built on the theme, Too Good To Waste , this week-long campaign is intended to help us all better appreciate the richness and beauty of our planet and understand the role that waste reduction can play in solving many of our environmental problems. Across Canada it costs more than $1.5

2013 52 Doing Their Part to Protect the Planet

Green (Living) Review

In an effort to protect the planet for future generations while providing quality products, , a comprehensive new website that features only products that are environmentally friendly, has been launched in Fall last year. Green products available for purchase on are carefully selected from manufacturers who have taken steps to reduce the impact of their manufacturing process and products on the planet, including reducing energy use.

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Would You Get Arrested to Save the Planet? Take the poll.

Green Prophet

There are a number of camps of thought on how us humans should go about protecting Planet Earth. Green Prophet’s eco-hero Bill McKibben tells activists to become more confrontational. Is that a safe thing for us in the Middle East? And would you do it? Take the poll.

Making Room for a Planet of Cities

The Green Changemakers

link] Making Room for a Planet of Cities (Policy Focus Report) Author(s): Angel, Shlomo, with Jason Parent, Daniel L. Blei Publication Date: January 2011 76 pages; Inventory ID PF027; English; ISBN 978-1-55844-212-2 Making Room for a Planet of Cities 6.09

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Watermark: the Meaning of Water.

The Alien Next Door

In Canada we are never far from places where one can see how the land looks without our presence. billion humans inhabit the planet. Canada borders the Great Lakes, which contain 21 percent of the world’s fresh surface water,” writes Burtynsky.

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System change not climate change

Green (Living) Review

But most importantly, what can be done instead to actually stop the murder of our Planet? Thus system change that is required for the world to become a better place where people and the Planet count and not (just) money.

The Alien Next Door - Untitled Article

The Alien Next Door

And what can they do together for humanity and the planet? Derek Newman-Still of Speculating Canada challenges author and ecologist Nina Munteanu with awesome questions on the nature of speculative fiction and the literature of the strange and fantastic.

2012 130

So this is Christmas

10,000 Birds

Only the planets are visible at noon, the sky too light for the brightest stars. Birds Arctic Canada Galapagos night starsA couple of days ago, my end of the world started to tip back towards the Sun.

2012 174

Green Muslim Blogger Muaz Nasir Says Spiritual Connection With Nature Is Key (INTERVIEW)

Green Prophet

We speak to Muaz Nasir about his faith-focused environmental work in Canada and why the Muslim community can’t afford to sideline climate change. Religion Canada Green Muslims Islam and environment Muslims tar sands

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Jordan Plunges Itself into a Giant Pit of Oil Shale Hell

Green Prophet

The Worldwatch Institute sited a Rand Corporation report which shows that an oil shale production level of 100,000 barrels a day will emit 10 million tons of GHGs into the atmosphere, seriously imperiling our already-hot planet.

2012 96

The Keystone Pipeline -a 1500 Mile Fuse to the Biggest Carbon Bomb on the Continent -Triggering the Final Overheating of Our Planet. Take Action To Stop it


Trans Canada is one of the largest companies involved in tar sands exploration has proposed a 1661 mile extension of the Keystone Pipeline from Alberta in Canada to the US oil refineries. This is the letter from James Hanson, Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, David Suzuki and others who set out with real clarity the need to stop one of the environmentally devastating projects on earth.

Why Starving Bald Eagles Are Dropping From the Sky

Green Prophet

Bald Eagles, longtime American symbols of strength and independence, are now fighting for their very survival in Canada due to their main food source, chum salmon, being scarce due to pollution and over fishing.

2011 102

Global warming could end the tradition of ice hockey in Canada


Global warming could end the tradition of ice hockey in Canada. Well, a practical example in this regard, would be the gradual shortening of Canadas outdoor skating season, due to warm winter temperatures. Warming threatens ice hockey in Canada Picture Gallery Warming threatens ice hockey in Canada Warming threatens ice hockey in Canada. In relation to this, Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky said: It is hard to imagine a Canada without outdoor hockey.

Galactic Party at the Lord Nelson Hotel!

The Alien Next Door

Imagine a royal palace on an alien planet in a galaxy far far away…add hundreds of bizarre and wonderfully costumed aliens from all over the universe and you have Hal-Con at the Lord Nelson Hotel. What Do The Planet Earth, the Human Brain and Schu.

2010 130

“The Fiction Writer: Get Published, Write Now!” By Nina Munteanu

The Alien Next Door

soft-launched today at Pixl Press in Canada (with subsequent print launch scheduled later in the United States and the world through Starfire World Syndicate). I love this planet, Earth, and I pray we all take good care of it for our children and their children.

2008 130

What to do with hand-me-downs?

Green Life Smart Life

and Goodwill’s partnered to create A Care Tag for Our Planet , a new initiative that aims to put billions of pounds of unwanted clothing to good use instead of into landfill. This initiative uses our global voice to empower hundreds of millions of consumers around the world to join us by providing simple and actionable ways to help care for our planet.”. “ Levi Strauss & Co.

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Moscow Arctic Forum promises peaceful exploitation, silent on risks

Green Blog

During the end of September the “Arctic nations&# – Canada, Russia, Norway, the United States and Denmark – met in Moscow to agree on territorial claims. The Arctic is thought to contain 25% of the planet’s undiscovered oil and gas, about 200 billion barrels of oil.

2010 81


Green (Living) Review

By launching with " Downstream ", Babelgum, the film's Academy Award® nominated director and Emmy-award winning producer Philip Alberstat are expecting the modern day David and Goliath story of "Big Oil" in Alberta, Canada, to draw a new mass audience via the Web. Downstream' is a story of humanity and the real environmental issues facing our planet. With Canada (not Saudi Arabia) as the U.S.'s Tags: Canada Tar Sands Oil Sands Alberta Downstream Babelgum

2009 100

The greatest Astroturf of all time – Ethical oil

Green Blog

Much of the fossil fuels consumed in America (oil, gas and coal) comes from North of the border, as Canada compete with Venezuela for the title of America’s leading source of energy imports (and thus the primary source of America’s carbon addiction). In addition much of the Uranium that powers America (and Canada’s) nuclear reactors comes from Canadian mines. Northern Canada is also home to many large open cast mines for various minerals. toe for Canada against 7 for the US).

Nat Geo Goes On Tour, Through The UAE

Green Prophet

National Geographic Magazine is one of the most exciting magazines on the planet. To date, the National Geographic Society has awarded 9,000 research grants that enable scientists to continue uncovering our planet’s sacred wonders.

UAE 70

Accountability of People, Politicians, Corporations and Countries for War Crimes and Climate Crimes

Green Blog

the World), 11 (Europe), 16 (Developed World), 23 (Canada), 27 (the US) and 30 (Australia; or 54 if Australia’s huge Exported CO2 pollution is included). [9, Photo credit: andriux-uk.

2009 64

Why Surf? Why NOT to Surf!

Eco Chic

After a 9 year break in Canada because of the illegal war in Vietnam ( didn’t want to shoot anyone or get his ass shot off) he moved to Sydney, Australia and has surfed the Maldives 5 times, Java any number of times and the east coast of Australia constantly.

2009 71

Julie Czerneda Launches Turn of Light at Bakka Books

The Alien Next Door

I traded smiles and stories with fellow SF Canada colleagues, Derwin Mak, Claire Eamer, Peter Halasz and many others. Julie’s work showcases her reverence and respect for the diversity of life on this planet. Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE.

2013 185

The 701 Long-eared Owl of Kikinda

10,000 Birds

You may have read about them in the Wall Street Journal , the BBC Wildlife Magazine , or perhaps watched them on BBC, who filmed them here twice, for the Planet Earth II in 2015 and for the One Planet in 2018.

2018 236

This new vegan recipe app is making us hungry


Popular eco-outlet One Green Planet has launched a new vegan recipe app called Food Monster , and it’s scary how good it looks. The future of food is here — and it’s vegan,” Nil Zacharias, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of One Green Planet, said in the statement.

2016 70

10 Examples of Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources


But since then, we have crossed the threshold of the sustainable resource management, and began using more resources than one planet Earth can possibly provide. planet Earths available to sustain our needs. We are using resources as if we had two planets, not one.

2018 85