Come@Me: Don’t Mourn for Extinct Birds

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Mauritius may sound familiar, it was also the home of one of our most famous extinct birds—the Dodo. Is it any wonder that Pink Pigeons were on the brink of extinction when humans intervened? They have a hard enough time with Canada Geese.

314 U.S. Bird Species Threatened — Many with Extinction — by Global Warming

10,000 Birds

It shows that of 588 species assessed, 314 species in the continental United States and Canada will lose half or more of their current ranges by 2080 if global warming continues at its current pace (which is approximately 8 degrees F of warming by the end of the century). Many of those will lose so much range so quickly that extinction seems highly likely. … Extinction is forever. But, in the wider view of things, extinction is necessary. Most species go extinct.

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The Cactus Smuggler: Are Desert Plants Being Loved to Extinction?

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Some of the cacti they had were labeled appendix two, which means they aren’t currently “threatened with extinction but may become so unless trade is closely controlled,” according to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. and Canada.

Endangered Birds: 50th Anniversary for the Class of 1967

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The “ Class of 1967 ” includes 36 species of birds, and they range from those delisted due to recovery to those lost to extinction. Aleutian Canada Goose – Branta canadensis leucopareia (delisted). Eskimo Curlew – Numenius borealis (likely extinct).

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A Remembrance of Birds Past: The Lost Bird Project

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Its mission: to educate about the tragedy of extinction by way of evocative, impossible-to-ignore sculptures. Each bird has been placed at the spot associated with its extinction. Raised among birders, he was once sculpting an abstract duck figure when he happened upon Hope Is the Thing With Feathers , Christopher Cokinos’ elegy for extinct birds. ” … Extinction is forever. But, in the wider view of things, extinction is necessary.


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Original six-part production aims to help save endangered species with expert help and guidance from the WWF Environmental programming on "Our Earth", one of network's five main channels, hopes to instigate change, empower viewer NEW YORK / LONDON (April 2009) - " Extinction Sucks ", the first ever wildlife TV series produced especially for online viewing, debuts April 3rd on Babelgum Web and Mobile. Tags: Extinction Sucks Babelgum

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Cool Green Review: Spine of the Continent, Imperial Dreams

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This month: Get connected to conservation biology in Mary Ellen Hannibal’s The Spine of the Continent and join Tim Gallagher as he risks abduction and worse on the track of a possibly extinct woodpecker in Imperial Dreams.

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Ontario Nature Want to Work with You to Protect the Biodiversity of Canada


According to the report, Canadian Biodiversity: Ecosystem Status and Trends 2010, 20% of frogs, toads and salamanders are at risk of extinction in Canada; over the last three decades, more than 40% of grassland bird populations have been lost; and most northern caribou herds are disappearing, some precipitously.

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Rudolph Versus Bambi: A Conservation Story

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But along the Canada border in northern Idaho and eastern Washington, a struggle is playing out pitting the real-life counterparts of Rudolph (caribou) and Disney’s Bambi (white-tailed deer). They were declared extinct but are now being reintroduced throughout their range.

Saudi to Maintain Energy Hegemony with Postage Stamp-Sized Solar Cells

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Saudi Arabia has no intention of falling out of power when its oil runs out, which is why the kingdom has backed a potentially “game-changing” solar cell project in Canada.

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Why Starving Bald Eagles Are Dropping From the Sky

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Bald Eagles, longtime American symbols of strength and independence, are now fighting for their very survival in Canada due to their main food source, chum salmon, being scarce due to pollution and over fishing.

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The Falcon Thief: A Book Review

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The simple answer is monetary gain, there is a global black market for these items, regardless of the species’ vulnerability for extinction. All those paragraphs describing eagle and falcon nests in far-off, isolated places, far-north Canada, the forests of southern Africa.

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What is the State Bird of Hawaii?

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When Hawaii designated the Nene as the state symbol in 1957 , it was uncertain if the goose would escape extinction. They probably evolved from the Canada Goose, and today sport black faces, white necks, and grayish bodies. Like other geese than evolved in Hawaii but went extinct, the Nene is an herbivore. Ah Hawaii, land of beautiful beaches, surfing, warm weather, and unique birds. Because of its distance to the mainland, Hawaii is home to over 60 species of endemic birds.

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Green (Living) Review

By launching with " Downstream ", Babelgum, the film's Academy Award® nominated director and Emmy-award winning producer Philip Alberstat are expecting the modern day David and Goliath story of "Big Oil" in Alberta, Canada, to draw a new mass audience via the Web. With Canada (not Saudi Arabia) as the U.S.'s On Friday, April 3rd, Babelgum will launch the fun, highly-anticipated action-oriented "Extinction Sucks".

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Rename All Birds Named After White People

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This is the same history of conquest and despoliation which now puts many of these very species in danger of extinction. Zach Schwartz-Weinstein is a writer, teacher, organizer, and birdwatcher who lives in upstate New York.

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10 Reasons Why Species Become Endangered


Basically, “endangered” means that a species is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range. . It is estimated that today 50 percent of the world’s species are at risk of extinction [2]. And in 2011 black rhinos became extinct [6].

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Birding La Brea

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Many are what we’d expect to see today: Mallards and Canada Geese. The heady mixture of extinct and ordinary was a fine brew to spark reflection, even if it did smell of asphalt. Last weekend, I finally fulfilled a dream that has been hidden in my heart since I was a little girl watching Bugs Bunny cartoons – I visited the La Brea tar pits (yes, this is a fairly redundant phrase. No, I don’t care.).

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The Joy of One-eyed Birding

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He worked back when you could still have a reasonable hope of seeing the now-probably-extinct Imperial Woodpecker, which he did, five times, though never in Michoacán.). They breed in northernmost Canada and Alaska, and winter in Patagonia in southernmost South America. or Canada?

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Recovery: Bringing Back Bumble Bees

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Worrying about their extinction is like worrying about the extinction of cattle,” declares native-bee activist and acclaimed wildlife photographer Clay Bolt. and Canada 28 percent are at some risk of extinction. Bees are in big trouble.

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REVOLUTION: Facts & Figures from the Documentary

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Fact : The last time something of this magnitude happened was the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction which took place 65 million years ago, and it is estimated that 75% of all species vanished. Mass extinctions and ocean acidification: biological constraints on geological dilemmas.”

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Accountability of People, Politicians, Corporations and Countries for War Crimes and Climate Crimes

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The present species extinction rate is 100-1,000 times the normal rate. the World), 11 (Europe), 16 (Developed World), 23 (Canada), 27 (the US) and 30 (Australia; or 54 if Australia’s huge Exported CO2 pollution is included). [9, Photo credit: andriux-uk.

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Listening to Falcons: The Peregrines of Tom Cade

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And they were the ones who, at the end of the conference, decided to get together and talk about the possibility of breeding Peregrines in captivity as a way of at least saving the species from extinction.” Author Sherrida Woodley thinks deeply about dearly departed birds.

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Trumpeter Swans: Don’t Shoot Them

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Canada has more than the US. Around the middle of the 20th century they had almost gone extinct. Many years ago, back in the 1970s, I visited my sister, who lived in West Yellowstone, Montana, in the dead of winter. We rented snow mobiles and drove into Yellowstone. That was the only way to get into Yellowstone in the winter (other than walking). You either rented a snowmobile or you took the big giant snowmobile bus (called a snow coach as I recall).

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The Four Biggest Hazards Facing Monarch Butterflies, and How You Can Help

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Are the butterflies facing extinction? Semmens was the lead author on “ Quasi-extinction risk and population targets for the Eastern, migratory population of monarch butterflies ” published recently in the journal Scientific Reports. and southern Canada, monarchs need milkweed.

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Why Red-ruffed Fruitcrow?

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The American tropics surely have their share of orioles, warblers, doves, jays, and other types of birds that birders as far north as Canada or even the Arctic Circle might encounter. This pre-Andean rainforest is one of the few sites where visitors may reliably find the endemic Cauca Guan , once thought extinct and still deemed endangered for its small, fragmented population.

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How Does Deforestation Affect Animals?


Deforestation is one of the leading causes of climate change and species extinction. Canada’s British Columbia is a hotspot for old growth forests that contain some of the most sought-after lumber in the world [6]. Forests cover 31 percent of earth’s land.

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Birders Should Attend the People’s Climate March

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Last week here at 10,000 Birds we did a theme week called “ Extinction Week.” His topic was the report recently issued by the Audubon Society where the organization claimed 314 species of birds in the United States and Canada are threatened by climate change. If 314 species are threatened in the United States and Canada then the numbers world wide must be absolutely staggering.

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The Thing About Colombia

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Colombia wants to go big into the birding travel industry, with appropriate government backing of bird lodges and guides and the infrastructure needed to get people from the US and Canada and Europe right in front of some of the most incredible birds in the tropics.

2016—Year of the Cat?

The Alien Next Door

Although cat cafes have been popping up globally, Canada’s entry into the market has been relatively recent.” TOT is the first cat café in Toronto but not in Canada. Cat Cafes Prowl Across Canada". “ Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself.

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Growth hacking with CROs for impact and ecological businesses

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So with the planet getting warmer from climate change, mass extinction of species and almost every city in the world wanting to ban plastic straws and bags and disposables, we can probably all agree that something super big needs to change.

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Lek at This, Billboard Fins and Shrinking Goats

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Extinction Countdown). “O, Cana…” : Scientists call for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to restore free scientific collaboration and communication for Canada’s scientists. Male sage grouse displaying in a lek.

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Peterson Reference Guide to Owls of North America and the Caribbean: A Book Review by a Lover of Parliaments

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All now extinct. It includes owls found in Canada, the U.S., Topics such as reversed sexual dimorphism by size (RSD), systematics and taxonomy, and extinction of island species are defined and discussed clearly and engagingly. (I It is an outstanding reference source for data and a synthesis of knowledge about the natural history, taxonomy, distribution and conservation status of owls in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands.

Tumultuous Beginning To Climate Summit In South Africa

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Canada has also indicated as such and have stated that they will be leaving the process altogether within a month. Canada fears economic disturbance if they agree to reduce emissions while the United States does not as they are an important trade partner and neighbor.

Tubenose Taxonomy 101

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Ringer And northern storm-petrels, similar in many respects to their southern cousins, breed, well, farther north, even into northern Europe, Japan, and Canada. Tubenose. No, it’s not part of a Shakespearean insult.

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Toward Decolonizing Conservation

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Image credit: Clint Johnson Kendrick/Parks Canada. Osborne/Parks Canada. By 1999, northern abalone were listed as threatened by the Canada’s Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife. Osborne/Parks Canada.

GM In Israeli Food, Lots of It

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It’s mixed with wheat from the US, Canada, Australia and Russia to obtain the baking quality demanded by the public. So it’s hard to know how much GM wheat is in Israeli flour, but safe to say that, since the majority comes from the US and Canada, there is plenty.

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The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and Who Pays for It

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Developed in the post-frontier era, the NAMWC helped put a stop to wanton wildlife destruction in an era where many species were being hunted and trapped ruthlessly to the brink of extinction. Wilderness Act, Endangered Species Act, Clean Air and Water Acts, and similar acts in Canada. Interpretation of these rights must be adaptable to contemporary concerns, such as biodiversity and species extinction.

Peregrine Falcons at the National Wildlife Refuges

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under the 1969 Endangered Species Conservation Act and later transferred to the 1973 Endangered Species Act; then protected with other birds of prey under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act through agreement with Mexico, but not Canada, in 1972 1.

Cannabis made the effects of trauma reminders “disappear” – new Israeli research on PTSD

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In Canada, where he is working, it is legal to use cannabis to self-medicate. The rats then went through extinction procedures for trauma (a conditional psychological procedure similar to exposure therapy in humans, the purpose of which is to cope with post-trauma symptoms).

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Top 10 Endangered Marine Mammals in the World


Their already low numbers are decreasing rapidly, and it is likely that by 2018 the species will go extinct [3]. Intentional culling on the coasts of Alaska and Canada has led to their population dropping by nearly 70% between 1977 and 2007.

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Rudolph Versus Bambi: A Conservation Dilemma

Nature Conservancy - Science

But along the Canada border in northern Idaho and eastern Washington, a struggle is playing out pitting the real-life counterparts of Rudolph (caribou) and Disney’s Bambi (white-tailed deer). They were declared extinct but are now being reintroduced throughout their range.

Polar Bear Birth Rates Decreasing Alongside Sea Ice

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Many species across the globe are facing extinction for a variety of reasons, including deforestation, disease and global warming. Researchers from the University of Alberta in Canada studied the population of polar bears in the Hudson Bay in Canada.

Thousands of chemicals re-screened for safety

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He says that adds up to three or four thousand compounds in Canada, which is low compared to what is in use in the U.S. Photo: Bald eagles became one of the best-known examples of biomagnification when eggshell thinning from DDT helped bring them close to extinction.