The Amusing Case of the Gulf Breeze Zoo Canada Geese

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The Canada Goose sits on its nest of pine cones. With so much to look at, you wouldn’t think my eyes would be drawn to a pine cone nest on the ground, complete with a Canada Goose parent shielding her delicate eggs from the nearby antelope species.

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5 great green hotels in Canada

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| Greening in Canada | When it comes to traveling, people who have sustainable lifestyles might think that they have to leave their green practices at home and tolerate an overwhelming amount of wasted resources when staying at a hotel.

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Oh Sweet Canada! Canucks Vote on Best Bird

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The contest: Canada’s national bird. Five candidates made the final cut: Common Loon , Snowy Owl , Gray Jay , Black-capped Chickadee , and of course, Canada Goose , like the specimen above photographed by Daniel D’Auria and posted on Wikimedia Commons.

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Submission Call for "My Canada" Anthology

The Alien Next Door

IOWI has sent out a submission call for its anthology "My Canada", an anthology devoted to stories, poems, articles and images about Canada. Canada’s symbols are influenced by natural, historical and Aboriginal sources. No Canada-bashing.

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The Sandhill Cranes vs. Canada Geese

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On the other hand, the Canada Geese have both safety in numbers and famously aggressive personalities. The post The Sandhill Cranes vs. Canada Geese appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

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Canada’s National Bird: And the Winner Is …

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Those of you who have been waiting with bated breath for the past few months in anticipation can finally exhale: Canada has a new national bird. To attain the top spot, the Gray Jay beat out contenders such as the Common Loon , Snowy Owl , Canada Goose , and Black-capped Chickadee.

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Canada adopts UK’s Green Tourism Programme

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A highly successful, Scotland-based model for certifying sustainable tourism businesses is to be rolled out across Canada. GreenStep Solutions, based in Kelowna, British Columbia, is now the new face of Green Tourism Canada after forming an international partnership with. Canada adopts UK’s Green Tourism Programme is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

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Another Canada Goose Cull

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Nackawic, New Brunswick, Canada will cull up to 250 Canada Geese that are leaving too many droppings on the waterfront. This story broke just in time for Canada Day too… a. Asides

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Ontario: Canada’s green wine country

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It’s high time to visit Canada’s green wine country. Ontario: Canada’s green wine country is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Canada North America Ontario Wine country green wine Green Wine News green wine tourism| Green Wine News |.

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Birding a Flock of Canada Geese

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Canada Geese are a nuisance. It is not the fault of Canada Geese that they have become a trash bird. New York City has famously taken to catching and gassing Canada Geese so it is actually getting difficult to find decent-sized flocks of the birds in Brooklyn and Queens.

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Cooper’s Hawk Eating a Road-Killed Canada Goose

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I had no luck finding any “good” geese or the blackbird, but I was fortunate enough to come upon a Cooper’s Hawk that had found a very big meal to enjoy, a road-killed Canada Goose.

Too Many Canada Geese in the Dakotas?

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They are upping the bag limit to try to keep Canada Geese in check. Asides

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Canada is Sorry. ~ Renée Picard

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Oh, Canada! A Few of My Favourite Things.

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Arts & Culture WAYLON: Today Only Canada Canada Day comedy famous Canadians music tv(PS: Sorry about Nickelback, Celine and the Biebs).

Why We Should Think Twice Before Celebrating Canada Day.

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Every July 1st when Canada Day rolls around, I feel happy and grateful—but also sad.

Chevy Volt Coming to Canada in 2012

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The 2012 Chevrolet Volt electric car will finally be available in seven major markets across Canada this fall, with the starting price of $41,545. “The Chevrolet Volt is an award winner, with leading technology recognized as the only electric vehicle that can meet all your driving needs,” said Kevin Williams, president and managing director at GM Canada. Electric 2012 chevrolet volt canada chevy volt

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Canada’s Heartwarming Message to Stressed Americans.

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Just like a best friend showing up with a hug and a warm vanilla latte, a bouquet of tacos or a bottle of whiskey, Canada is stepping in with a video to remind Americans that we’re loved just as we are—even during this whacked-out election season. Inspiring (Wow) #tellamericaitsgreat 2016 election america Canada pep talk politics tell America it's great the garden

At least no one said 'Canada'

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I randomly take attendance in my Intro class (for exam bonus points).    Today, to record attendance, and for fun, under the guise of 'current events are important,' I asked the class to put their name on a sheet of paper and list three countries in which the U.S. has active military engagements--that is, fighting.    A few random (cherry-picked) responses: South Africa. Denmark. North Korea. Japan. China. Vietnam. Liberia. Africa. Middle East. Lebanon. Seria.

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Air Canada Pilot Diverts Flight to Save Freezing Dog


An Air Canada pilot is being credited with saving a dog’s life by diverting a Toronto-bound flight from Tel-Aviv after the plane’s cargo area suffered a heating malfunction. The pooch in Read More The post Air Canada Pilot Diverts Flight to Save Freezing Dog appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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Quick Take: USA-Canada, Arctic for Good

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and Canada have announced a new partnership dedicated to the protection of one of the world’s most threatened marine areas under climate change: the Arctic. The U.S.

Canada Refuses to Renew Kyoto Agreement

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In the first Kyoto Agreement in 1997, Canada was one of the signers. However, Canada had declared that they are no longer renewing their participation with the Kyoto agreement when the same expires on 2012. Canada has seemingly prioritized economic sustainability. Canada is one of the most polluting nations that produces significant amount of greenhouse gases. Eco News kyoyo agreement canada

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Canada clamps down on criticism of Israel

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Canada, in an affront to free speech, government committee declares that criticism of Israel should be considered anti-Semitic.

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Love Your Lentils Canada competition launches May

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Vote for your favourites, Canada. SASKATOON, SK, May 2, 2013 – Canadian Lentils in partnership with Chef Michael Smith announced today the Love Your Lentils Canada competition, which challenges home chefs and food bloggers to develop and adapt recipes that could become a new favourite for family mealtime. "I love lentils and I''m thrilled that we grow the best in the world right here in Canada!"

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Ontario, Canada, Goes Coal-Free

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Today Ontario, Canada, is showcasing a path for a world working to prevent runaway climate change. Today, Ontario retired their last coal-fired power plant.

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Eyes and Ears: Indigenous Guardians steward Canada’s lands and waters

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The Gitanyow Lax’yip Guardians are one of many Indigenous-led stewardship groups across Canada that are highlighted in TNC Canada’s new Indigenous Guardians Toolkit. That is why TNC Canada has made support of Indigenous Guardians programs central to its conservation strategy.

Canada Engages in Massive Climate Modification Program

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The only thing more disturbing than Canada’s environmental about-face – pushed through by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper during former President George W. However, it is unlikely that the international organization will levy fines or censure Canada, especially if the 100-square- kilometer bloom (6,214 square miles) performs as intended, absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide and then sinking to the bottom of the ocean in imitation of nature’s own carbon sequestration techniques.

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Laura Vandervoort Calls on Canada to #BeCrueltyFree


The Canadian actress joins a long list of celebs, including Kristin Bauer, Leona Lewis and Read More The post Laura Vandervoort Calls on Canada to #BeCrueltyFree appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Canada Bans Gestation Crates for Pregnant Pigs


Canada has taken a step in the kinder direction for pigs this week: they''ve banned the use of gestation crates for pregnant sows. Read More The post Canada Bans Gestation Crates for Pregnant Pigs appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

+91-7232878471 Love problem solution pandit ji in Canada

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+91-7232878471 Love problem solution pandit ji in Canada.

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Anything But Conservative: Environmental Destruction in Canada. ~ Linda V. Lewis

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Canada caribou conservative deforestation democratic environmental destruction land And Canadians, please adopt Newfoundland’s ABC cry in our next election—vote Anything But Conservative!

Pamela Anderson Wants Canada to Change ‘Archaic’ Animal Transport Laws


Pamela Anderson took to her Twitter last night to decry Canada’s animal transport regulations in light of a damning undercover investigation by Mercy for Animals Canada. The animal activist (and Canadian) Read More The post Pamela Anderson Wants Canada to Change ‘Archaic’ Animal Transport Laws appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Canada’s biggest indie hotel chain launches ‘Delta Greens’

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Canada ’s largest independent hotel chain has challenged its 8,000+ employees at its 46 properties is “to rethink everything we do to create positive, long-term environmental change.&# Canada’s biggest indie hotel chain launches ‘Delta Greens’ is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Canada Hotels News Delta HotelsWant to know how Delta Hotels and Resorts ’ new environmental sustainability program is going? You can track it online.

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Rocker Bif Naked Joins the #BeCrueltyFree Canada Campaign


Canadian rock star Bif Naked is the latest celeb to support the #BeCrueltyFree campaign for a federal ban on cosmetics animal testing in Canada. The singer is joining a long list Read More The post Rocker Bif Naked Joins the #BeCrueltyFree Canada Campaign appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Sebamed sun lotion spf 16 approved in canada — key information

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The post Sebamed sun lotion spf 16 approved in canada — key information appeared first on Conservation Hawai‘i. Suddenly stopping any form of octocrylene, including 30 spf fps continuous salt spray, can be constitutionally problematic. In addition, the Peter island is continuous sport sunscreen spf 50 group influence was associated facilities with greater hrqol improvements than the octocrylene group.

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Now Canada Muzzles Climate Science Cheney/Bush-Style

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A student researcher at the University of Toronto has exposed a draconian shut-down of climate science in Canada. This is a first for Canada - an advanced democracy, but a democracy that has the resource-curse of vast oil sands potential.

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Camel Meat Catching on in Canada

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Emiratis are addicted to Canada’s premier doughnut chain, Tim Horton’s. Food & Health camel meat Canada exotic meatsToronto eateries now offer camel burgers and kangaroo kebabs.

Canada’s conservative government is gutting environment protection

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Although Canada’s Conservative Party won only 40% of the popular vote in the last election, it captured an absolute majority of the seats in the House of Commons. Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada, prepared this list of the environmental laws that will be repealed or changed: Canadian Environmental Assessment Act ditched. Parks Canada Agency Act trimmed, staff cut. Six hundred and thirty-eight of the nearly 3,000 Parks Canada workers will be cut.

How the United States & Canada can Avoid Cooking our Planet.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green WAYLON: Editor's Picks Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today Z ADMIN Green Featured Today Canada climate change lobbyists oil politics tobacco U.S.But there are solutions. Scientists say that half of the industrial carbon emissions have been released since 1988. It is clear that such things as.

Canada’s Greensoil Invests in Israel Cleantech

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Greensoil, an investment firm from Canada will fund Israeli agritech companies with a reported $12 million. Cash from Canada will be funding clean technology companies in Israel.

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No, Canada – There is No Ethical Oil

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A Canadian lobbying group is claiming that Canada’s oil is somehow more “ethical” than Saudi Arabian oil because the Saudis don’t just destroy the climate we evolved to live in but also abuse women’s rights.

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Peter Steele “Grampa Gnome” protector of Canada’s Living Water – in time and on time

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The solar-powered home is located deep inside a forest in Powassan, Nipissing –– an area of Canada remote enough to be very uncomfortable to most city people. It makes up about 50% of Canada’s land mass and was created about 2.5

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Morrissey Says The Seal Hunt Makes Canada ‘Fashionably Dead’


In a post titled “This Sorrowful Canada,” which Read More The post Morrissey Says The Seal Hunt Makes Canada ‘Fashionably Dead’ appeared first on Ecorazzi. British rocker and outspoken animal activist Morrissey criticized Canadian Fisheries Minister Gail Shea for not calling a halt to the Canadian seal hunt.

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