Birds of Cambodia Review

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A holiday in Cambodia? Prior to this Lynx edition – the first ever bird guide devoted specifically to Cambodia, the choice was Robson’s “Birds of South-East Asia” (the updated second, 2014 edition of the 2001 classic). Birds of Cambodia” is a fairly lightweight book of 290 pages.

Ethical, Zero-Waste, Slavery-Free Fashion from Cambodia.

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This Cambodian company is the only completely zero-waste fashion company on the market—and that translates to a ton of benefit for the planet.

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Performance Art Highlights Poor Garment Working Conditions in Cambodia {Video}

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today Activism art awareness Cambodia Conscious Consumer sweatshop video women''s rights

Firefly Accessories adds new Fair Trade fashion accessories from Cambodia

Green (Living) Review

Glasgow, UK, March 1, 2012 : Firefly Accessories announces the addition of new Fair Trade fashion accessories from Cambodia to their online product catalogue. Firefly Accessories adds new line of Fair Trade products to their ecommerce shop.

I Adopted a HeroRat


Resilience Solutions Spiritual Ecopsychology Apopo Cambodia generosity giveaway gratitude HeroRat landmines reparationIn good Hobbit fashion and in gratitude for my life, I like to give something good away on my birthday.

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How One Organization is Helping to Rebuild Cambodia After Genocide. ~ Laura Cococcia

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This is the experience of the young men and women who have been under the training of the EGBOK Mission, an organization that provides hospitality industry skills to underprivileged Cambodia youth, offering [.].

Book Review: ‘My Journey With a Remarkable Tree’ in Cambodia

Green Prophet

My Journey’ is both a travelogue of Ken’s movement with a mission through Cambodia and Vietnam, and a tragic, dispiriting account of the impact human greed has upon the forest and those who have depended on it for their livelihood and well-being for centuries. Ken Finn is a passionate man.

Cambodia’s 2 Wheels 4 School: Art for Bikes!

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In Cambodia, schools are few and far-between. When Richard and Michelle visited Cambodia and noticed this problem, they decided to take action! Featured bikes Cambodia charity

Why Hurt People Hurt People.

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Equal Rights Non New-Agey Spirituality Right Livelihood buddhism Cambodia compassion forgiveness LGBT community Orlando shootings sufferingThere's a saying in Buddhism, "Those who cause suffering are suffering.".

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Eating Bugs in Cambodia & Other Strange Things I’ve Done While Traveling. ~ Kyra Bramble

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I recognize that many of problems I think I have are only really problems inside my own mind, and are based on what I was taught I should want, not what I really need.

Most important (green) travel trends of 2015

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Angkor Wat/Siem Reap Asia Cambodia Canada Indonesia Newfoundland North America Sumba The Americas AboutAsia Fogo Island Inn giving back on vacation Golden Door spa Nihiwatu Pack for a Purpose

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Whenever I see a Sunrise, I Remember how the Buddha achieved Enlightenment.

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Health & Wellness Meditation Buddha's story Cambodia meditation mindfulness not good enough present moment unworthyThe voice that says I'm not _ enough for anything.

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Painting Marathon Fundraiser


All money raised will go to fund this service-learning project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, done in partnership with Transitions Global. [.]. Announcements Arts art intervention naropa university painting phnom penh cambodia service learning sex trafficking survivors

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4 Asian resorts win green honors

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Winners of the HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards are resorts in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Cambodia. Asia Cambodia Chiang Rai India Mallapuram News Resorts Sigiriya Sihanoukville Sri Lanka Tamil Nadu Thailand Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa Green Travel News HICAP Jetwing Vil Uyana Koh Rong Archipelago Mallapuran Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay Reuters Sikanoukville Song Saa Private Island

This Lucky Iron Fish is Saving Lives.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Food Health & Wellness Cambodia Gavin Armstrong health iron iron deficiency Lucky Iron Fish unreasonable institute

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Finding Myself on the Road—How Geographical Journeys help us find our Inner Paths.

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Adventure Inspiring (Wow) Travel Writer's Contest June 1-14 Cambodia exotic landscapes finding ourselves living abroad moving travelLikewise, people grow and find themselves through experiences that allow them to find out what they like but also what they.

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Images of Peace Against the Backdrop of War: Commemorating the Kent State University shootings.

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Mahatma Gandhi On a quiet afternoon, in a small Ohio university campus, students gathered upon a grassy knoll to protest President Nixon’s expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia. “The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.” ?

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Green Siem Reap | Where To Eat Near Angkor Wat | Eco-Friendly.

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2 July 10 · 4 comments | Greening in Cambodia | W hen I last visited Cambodia , in 1995, the country was devastated from years of unspeakably brutal civil war and armed regional conflicts. If I ever get to Cambodia, my first stop will be the Peace Cafe in Siem Reap.

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Purple Buddha Jewelry: Turning Tools of Violence Into Objects of Beauty

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Purple Buddha upcycles historical artifacts (pieces of the Berlin Wall, coins from the British East India Company, pieces of meteorites in Texas) and uses pieces from decommissioned weapons from Cambodia to create incredible jewelry. Why Cambodia?

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“They Have the Right to Live in Dignity”: A Look at Cambodian Women Garment Workers (Video)

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Fair Fashion Cambodia eco fashion Fair Trade women worker's rightsBeyond The Garment Factory’s Floor from savann.oeurm on Vimeo. Sometimes people think that covering and promoting eco fashion is frivolous. This is why it’s not.

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Watch What Happens When Fashion Bloggers Work in a Sweatshop

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Anniken who is one of the three teenagers in the series, used her blog to speak out about what happened in Cambodia and saying that she wanted to meet H&M. Fair Fashion blogger Cambodia cambodian documentary Fashion fast fashion labor netherlands Norway norwegian sweatshop tv

Suffering: This is Life. ~ Paula Shames

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Adventure Arts & Culture Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Cambodia poverty privilege suffering It hurt to see people struggling. It hurt to see people working so hard to get their basic needs met. I felt guilty that I have a life in which my daily problems never include if I was going to have enough money for food, if my drinking water was going to make me sick, if my loved ones would ever have it better than me.

Joy & Pain: This is Life. ~ Paula Shames

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Adventure Arts & Culture Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Cambodia poverty privilege suffering It hurt to see people struggling. It hurt to see people working so hard to get their basic needs met. I felt guilty that I have a life in which my daily problems never include if I was going to have enough money for food, if my drinking water was going to make me sick, if my loved ones would ever have it better than me.

Hunters Now Save Birds

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In Cambodia, an imaginative plan to deter poachers is seeing success. Environment Cambodia conservation ecotourism poachers water birds Old habits die hard. But it still seems to be worth trying to make a change.

Art Therapy Marathon Paintings


The money will support a service-learning project in Cambodia with Transitions Global to help girl victims of sex trafficking. [.]. The Painting Marathon put on by Naropa University’s Art Therapy program was a rousing success. 48 hours of nonstop work by 75 volunteer students, staff and faculty on three large paintings netted over $15,000 in donations. Arts art therapy girl victims Naropa painting pomegranate seeds service learning

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I Hear Vultures Are Making A Comeback

10,000 Birds

Cambodia’s “Vulture Restaurants&# are helping to increase the numbers of three imperiled species of vulture. Populations are trending upward and there is new hope for the carrion eaters still dealing with the ravages of diclofenac, a drug used to treat livestock that vultures then consume, causing their death. Asides

Khmer Rouge separated Cambodian twins re-unite after 42 years

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Unly Son (Son) was hurriedly getting ready to welcome his twin brother, Unly Sat (Tao) and his family to Cambodia after 42 years. Khmer Rouge separated Cambodian twins re-unite after 42 years By: Andrew Jilani On a sweltering hot day in April 2018, Fr. He was constantly on phone with Tao to determine approximate time […].

Why every Woman should Travel Alone.

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I’ve filled my passport with visas and stamps from the jungles of Colombia, to the castles of Slovenia, to the mystical temples of Cambodia. Since then, I haven’t stopped traveling alone. I've experienced the shamans of Peru, the geysers of Iceland, and the national parks of the United States. Adventure Enlightened Society Right Livelihood Travel female traveler healing solo travel strong independent women transformation

I Cleared Out my Bank Account & Gave it All Away.

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I took the very uncharacteristic step of moving to Cambodia to live with my sister, indefinitely. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Green Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) charity generosity giving independence kindness life change mindfulnes paying it forward solo travel travel

5 Reasons Why We Should Travel While We’re Young. ~ Jessica Durivage-Kerridge

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From my travels to Haiti, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras and of course, Costa Rica, one common thread that weaves through all of my journeys is that I have lived a very privileged existence. Adventure Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) compassion giving back service traveling why travel

Cashews, The Shocking Facts

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Vietnam grows cashews but brings most of them in from West Africa’s Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Cambodia, and India. Cashews’ background is so dark that once you know of it, you’ll be asking yourself: is it ethical to eat them?

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A Guide for Technology Selection and Implementation of Urban Organic Waste Utilisation Projects in Cambodi

The Green Changemakers

Policy Report "A Guide for Technology Selection and Implementation of Urban Organic Waste Utilisation Projects in Cambodia" This report describes and analyses the current situation of urban organic waste management in Cambodia through field surveys and interviews.The authors introduce various organic waste utilisation technologies that have been implemented in neighbouring and other developing Asian countries to assist technology selection.In

“The 125 Best Bird Watching Sites in Southeast Asia”

10,000 Birds

This guide describes the 125 best birding sites for both common and rare species, covering Myanmar, Thailand, Laos (officially Lao PDR), Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines and Timor Leste.

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It Takes a Village: How Indian Women Are Saving a Stork

10,000 Birds

It’s also endangered, with populations in India and Cambodia numbering barely around the 1,000 mark. Image by ChanduBandi/Wikimedia Commons. The Greater Adjutant Stork is large, striking, and revered in Hindu mythology.

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Angelina Jolie’s Louis Vuitton Ad Benefits Charity


The 36-year-old was reportedly paid a whopping $10M to star in the campaign, shot in Cambodia by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz. Speculation is that a large chunk of her fee will benefit the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation , which helps community development and conservation in Cambodia.

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Exploring the Uncharted Bird World

10,000 Birds

401-600 sp: Honduras, Guatemala, Guyana, Suriname and French Guyana, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay; the Sahel countries (Africa), Namibia and Botswana; Central Asian countries and Cambodia. Summer is normally the vacation season, for ordinary tourists at least.

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Review of World Foods All Natural Cooking Sauces

Hug a Tree with Me

They are highly influenced by the flavors of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, china and India just to name a few. Perhaps the only downfall of being a clean eater is the fact that we now have to be so conscious of the foods we feed our bodies.

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Keep on Doing the Cool Stuff You are Doing on Climate Change


From turtle preservation in Cambodia, to solar financing in Berlin , from the demonstrations against Keystone XL and divesting of fossil fuel in your organisation it helps make a difference. Thank you all so much for all the great stuff you are doing , and for sharing those stories.

Australia's Great Barrier Reef World Heritage in Jeopardy


On the eve of the World Heritage Committee meeting in Cambodia, the report shows there has been no improvement in managing the impacts of ports and port development along the Great Barrier Reef coast.

Angelina Jolie Plans Sahara Trek with Kids, Camel Needed


Jolie’s six kids, three adopted and three biological, come from very different areas of the world including Cambodia, Ethiopia, Namibia, and France. Maddox, 9, Cambodia. Pax, 7, Cambodia.

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My Yoga Dreams Come True in Thailand. ~ Carrie Stiles

Elephant Journal

I have been on an epic journey deep inside the world’s largest cave’s in Vietnam, participating in permaculture communities in North Thailand, meditating in timeless temples of poetic Luang Prabang and discovering both profound and disturbing treasure-troves of culture and history in Cambodia.

Australia's Great Barrier Reef Headed for the UNESCO Endangered List


In a draft decision released Friday night which is expected to be adopted when UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee meets in Cambodia next month, it will be recommended the Great Barrier Reef be included in the List of World Heritage in

Angelina Jolie Forced to Ban Cricket-Eating at Home


Jolie opened up about her kids bug eating habit on a video shoot in Cambodia for Louis Vuittons Core Values campaign , “My boys love to eat crickets. Angelina Jolie has been forced to ban insects from her home. Not all insects, but specifically crickets.

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