What is a “Nonessential Experimental” California Condor?

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Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) recently proposed reintroducing California Condors in the Pacific Northwest. Of course, the California Condor is listed as “endangered” under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and it has been famously subject to some of the most ambitious conservation efforts (including litigation ) ever undertaken for a bird. But this potential population of California Condors will be a “nonessential experimental” group. The U.S.

Bird Litigation: “Standing” and the California Gnatcatcher

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The coastal subspecies of California Gnatcatcher ( Polioptila californica californica ) can be found in sage scrub that was once abundant from Ventura County to northern Baja California. range largely consists of valuable real estate along the Southern California coast and urban development around San Diego and Los Angeles has eliminated much of its habitat. The post Bird Litigation: “Standing” and the California Gnatcatcher appeared first on 10,000 Birds.


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A couple of California firsts.

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The reserve at San Joaquin had already been very generous to me, so I was delighted to add to my California list in such style. New to California, indeed new to my North America list, was a Red-necked Phalarope , Phalaropus lobatus. The post A couple of California firsts. My sightings of Greater Roadrunners have often proved to be eccentric and unpredictable.

2019 131

Birding California: A Regional Primer

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However, I am here to make the case for birding California. Northeastern California. This lovely corner of California is vast, beautiful, sparsely populated, and very wild. Northwestern California. American Dipper can be found in much of California, but either side of the Sierras provide many opportunities to track down this charismatic bird. Northern California pelagics (Monterey Bay north to Humboldt County).

Contemplating California Condors

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The newest bird on the brink to capture her fertile imagination is the California Condor, on which she graciously shares her research and ruminations: Sometimes as a writer you recognize there’s been something overlooked in your midst—something quietly abiding. For me, a bird called the California Condor has taken over more of my thoughts lately, and I decided it was time to see one before giving a presentation about it to the Rachel Carson Commemoration at the National Aviary in May.

Northern Flicker Intergrade in California

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But we are seeing them in California. Birds California Intergrade Northern Flicker woodpeckers The Northern Flicker ( Colaptes auratus ) is the third largest woodpecker in North America if you count the Ivory-billed Woodpecker. It is smaller than the Pileated Woodpecker. This is a male red-shafted Northern Flicker I spotted at Lema Ranch a few years ago. You can see that the male of the species has a bright red mustache not present on the female.

California Quail, The California State Bird: Now Forming Coveys

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The California Quail ( Callipepla californica ) is the California state bird, inhabiting scrub, broken chaparral and woodland edges primarily in California, Oregon, Washington and Baja California. In California, coveys break up and pairs begin forming in February or March, followed by nest building and egg laying in May or June. California Quail will chose to run from danger rather than fly but they will flush if forced and take flight to the nearest cover.

Bird Litigation: Hindsight and the California Condor

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As many birders know, the last wild California Condors were captured by the U.S. FWS began releasing captive-bred condors from the program into the wild in the early 1990s, with considerable success: once down to 22 birds, there are now approximately 275 wild condors in California, Arizona, Utah, and Baja California, as well as 165 in captivity. Both parties — FWS and Audubon — wanted the same thing: preservation of the California Condor.

The California Thrasher, A California Endemic

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The California Thrasher ( Toxostoma redivivum ) is endemic to coastal and foothill areas of California, extending into adjacent areas of northwest Baja California. Yup, another California native and a sweet songster to boot! The local list serve, Shasta Birders , posted a sighting of California Thrashers so I thought I’d see what I could find. Birds california California Thrasher West Coast

California’s Autumn Seas

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For whatever reason, however, yesterday on my way to work my mind wasn’t with our upcoming spring, but with September’s in California. I saw a wagtail there once, which was exceptionally cool for California (I’m told). California Sea Lions porpoised through the clear water. Birding bats California Farallon Islands seabirds whales Autumn, or fall, as Americans persist in calling it, is not a season I am experiencing at the moment.

California Peregrines Victims of Their Own Success?

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In a move that’s sure to stir controversy far beyond the borders of California, federal officials have announced that h enceforth, fledgling Peregrine Falcons won’t be relocated from nests built on bridges in the state. The move, which seems limited to just California, is meant to protect endangered shorebirds which have become favorite meals of the raptors. News California Conservation endangered species Peregrine Falcon

Back in Southern California

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Though I have made several trips to southern California over the eight years I have been birding almost every trip has been in December or January. My novice birding skills and the heat of midsummer meant that I missed a bunch of likely birds and didn’t really appreciate the awesomeness that is birding southern California in breeding season. Southern California in summer is where it is at.

California Audubon Names Burrowing Owl Bird of the Year

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After all, California Audubon’s site states that “This is a conservation award. These Burrowing Owl photos were taken at a rare breeding site in Vacaville California. One way we can do that is by voting for the Burrowing Owl as the California Audubon Bird of the Year in 2013. Conservation burrowing owls California Audubon Bird of the Year owls How does that sound for a headline? This is totally doable!

Poll Results: California’s Drought

Environmental Economics

Only one economic expert ( a co-editor of the AER ) from the IGM forum disagreed: Californians would be better off on average if all final users in the state paid the same price for water — adjusted for quality, place and time — even if, as a result, some food prices rose sharply and some farms failed. via www.igmchicago.org

Osprey Love in Northern California

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Living in Northern California offers nature lovers many opportunities to view wildlife in there native habitat. Most of the Osprey breeding in North America are migratory, only Florida, the Caribbean and Baja California host non-migratory breeders 1. Living near the Sacramento River and its many lakes and tributaries makes it even more likely to see the incredible fish hawk or sea eagle we call the Osprey ( Pandion haliaetus ). Click on photos for full sized images.

Red-crowned Parrots at Irvine Regional Park, Orange County, California

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Southern California is loaded with parrots. Red-crowned Parrot in Irvine Regional Park Despite the number of species involved only one, the Red-crowned Parrot , is considered countable by the California Bird Records Committee. After all, if a bird is established in suburban Orange County, for it to inhabit “all geographically contiguous suitable habitat” it would have to be everywhere in suburban southern California, which is a huge swath of territory.

California Common Ringed Plover

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The first recorded Common Ringed Plover in California is being seen by so many birders that it has broken into the mainstream media. The article says that this sighting, in Davis, California, is only the fourth record in the lower 48 states, which seems low to me. There is more about the bird on PEEPS. Asides

Tricolored Blackbird in Trouble in California

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More than 99% of the population of Tricolored Blackbirds ( Agelaius tricolor ) live within the state of California and form the largest colonies of any North American passerine bird 1. A summary of the 2013 California statewide reportstates: The 2014 Statewide Survey was held from April 18-20, 2014. The California population estimate derived from the Survey was 145,000 birds. Thus, the number of tricolors in California continues a rapid decline.

California Dreaming

Green Earth Journey

The Mamas and Papas- California Dreaming Labels: Random, Video

Allegedly Artsy Bird Photos from Southern California

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Here are some allegedly “artsy” shots (and maybe some legitimately artsy shots) of some of the birds I have seen since arriving in southern California nearly a week ago. … Birds California photographyWhen I am out in the field birding I often can’t resist taking pictures of birds even when I know that the light is such that I am not going to get a very good image.

Rufous Hummingbird Male in Northern California

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According to Macauley Library’s migration map the overwhelming breeding activity for this species occurs north of the state of California. I guess we will find out as the eBird maps change in the future, but until then, here is another photo of one of the males hanging out here in Northern California. The Rufous Hummingbird ( Selasphorus rufus ) visits my home every year about this time. Of course the males come first to establish territory.

2018 102

Soon to be an Armchair ABA Tick – Nutmeg Mannikin in California

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As of 27 August 2013 the California Bird Records Committee has voted to add the introduced Nutmeg Mannikin to the state checklist. Or, as Seagull Steve puts it : The dreaded Nutmeg Mannikin has been added to California’s official state list by the California Bird Records Committee (aka Bird Police). This one was spotted back on 1 January 2011 at Upper Newport Bay in Orange County, California, the first place I ever encountered Nutmeg Mannikins. Finally!

Preliminary CBC Birding in Northern California

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We conduct four Christmas Bird Counts in our part of Northern California, the first of which is the Fall River Christmas Bird Count coming up in just about two weeks. Did I forget to mention seeing California Quail ( Callipepla californica ) … and Black-billed Magpie ( Pica pica ) on the way into the lake? In contemplation of this event, my Audubon chapter scheduled an outing to Fall River and McArthur (location of the previously posted Snow Bunting – see map ).

Highlining from Yosemite to California

Wend Magazine

This film, Highlining California , looks altogether nerve-wracking, inspirational and beautiful. From the Highlining California site : Highlining was first seen in 1984, in Yosemite National Park, California, only a couple years after slacklining itself was discovered in the same park. During summer of 2009, a group of five young slackliners met in California for 36 days to discover some of the greatest lines in the history of highlining.

Field Research: Water Conservation in California

Environmental Economics

Spending a few days visiting family in Southern California.    Went to Catalina Island for the day today.    First I took a quick tour of the island.   Then I observed the extent of the water shortage on the island:     Finally I observed the economic solution to the water shortage.      They charged $0.50 for water at lunch.   So I ordered beer

California Bans Ivory


California Governor Jerry Brown signed state assembly bill AB 96 into law yesterday, which officially bans the sale of virtually all elephant ivory and rhino horn in the state. Though Read More The post California Bans Ivory appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

California mandates solar panels on all new homes

Environmental Economics

If you want to build a new home in California, you will have to build one with rooftop solar, according to a new mandate from the California Energy Commission.    Both of them know a lot about energy and environmental economics, and about California's electricity markets in particular.  Home prices have soared in California, and housing stock has failed to keep up with demand.

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California Kelp Contaminated by Fukushima Radiation

Sustainability Ninja

Ocean fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan last year made it all the way to the California coast line, according to information recently released from scientists at CSU. ” Eco News radiation kelp californiaKelp samples were collected off Orange County, Santa Cruz and other coastal areas after the 2011 accident and the samples all contained radioactive iodine.

Tundra Swans In The California Central Valley

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Birding Birds California swans Tundra SwansNow you know why the most numerous and widespread of the two swan species in North America used to be known as the Whistling Swan. The North American Tundra Swan ( Cygnus columbianus columbianus ) migrates in flocks of family groups… leaving their Arctic breeding grounds in late September and arriving in their wintering grounds in November and December 1 (click on photos for full sized images).

BREAKING NEWS: California Oil Spill update

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The US Coast Guard said that as of 12am PDT the recent oil spill off of the coast of California (18 miles west of Santa Barbara) that resulted from a pipeline failure in to a storm drain, had reached approximately 20,000 gallons of crude oil and covered nearly 9 miles of ocean. More updates to follow — Agricultural News Agriculture Eco News california california oil spill featured oil oil spill Refugio Beach Refugio Beach oil spill spill

The Lesser Goldfinch: A Common California Species

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The male (seen below) has a black cap and, in Washington, Oregon, California, and Baja California, nearly all males have green backs. This spunky little finch is the smallest member of the North American genus Carduelis. I caught this male pictured above harassing a female Ruby-crowned Kinglet as she was bathing in the water feature. Unlike the more common American Goldfinch, the Lesser Goldfinch’s ( Spinus psaltria ) plumage does not change color during breeding season.

Common Resources: Climate Policy in California

Environmental Economics

Dallas Burtraw: I recently testified before a California Senate Select Committee on the state’s climate policies about California’s interactions in the development of policy across the country and internationally. California is not alone. But California is the leader in designing climate policy. California’s leadership is accelerating the erosion of climate gridlock at the international level.

California Rice Farmers Helping Birds

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million federal grant, farmers in California’s Glenn and Colusa Counties will be managing the water levels of their fields to provide ideal habitat for birds. Thanks to a $2.68 Sounds like a great initiative for the birds and for the farmers ! Asides

Vermilion Flycatcher in Colusa County California

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The Vermilion Flycatcher ( Pyrocephalus rubinus ) is usually found near the US – Mexican border but we were fortunate this year to find an adult male in northern California! Click on photos for full sized images.

Twitching the Summer Tanager in Northern California

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As I discovered chatting with my fellow birders at the Sycamore Grove Campground, this male Summer Tanager would be a record for Tehama County California. I was able to get a few shots of him eating one of the berries off the tree… Not having much time to bird lately and due to the fact that daytime temps have been in the triple digits for several weeks in Northern California recently, it was good to get out with fellow birders and enjoy the avifauna.

Where California goes, so goes.Coke?

Environmental Economics

are changing the way they make the caramel coloring used in their sodas as a result of a California law that mandates drinks containing a certain level of carcinogens come with a cancer warning label. They've already been made for drinks sold in California. said all its caramel coloring now meet the new California standard. Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo Inc.

Black-backed Woodpeckers and Forest Fires in California and the West

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To protect this woodpecker and the post-fire ecosystems it depends on throughout California, in September 2010 the Center for Biological Diversity and the John Muir Project petitioned to list the bird under the California Endangered Species Act, earning it “candidate” status in the state, which does offer some protections for the bird. A Conservation Strategy for the Black-backed Woodpecker (Picoides arcticus) in California. Point Reyes Station, California.

California Bans Plastic Bags! WooHoo!!!

Eco Chic

I only moved to California 5 weeks ago, and already, I’m rubbing off on the state. But seriously, this evening, governor Jerry Brown announced a plastic bag ban for the ENTIRE state —and check your maps, California is HUGE! CONGRATULATIONS CALIFORNIA! California joins cities including Seattle, Chicago, Austin, and Washington, D.C. The post California Bans Plastic Bags! Ecology California garbage gyre plastic bag ban Pollution Reusable Bags waste

California Passes Sweeping Ivory Ban


In the hopes of discouraging illegal poaching, California has effectively banned the sale of nearly all ivory and rhinoceros products. Though California made it illegal Read More The post California Passes Sweeping Ivory Ban appeared first on Ecorazzi. Finally, some good news for elephants! Animals Causes News Top News

California wine country: 10 great places to hike, bike and sip

Green Traveler Guides

| Eco-Active In The Vines | Now that the harvest rush is winding down, it’s the perfect season for green wine lovers to savor the good weather and fall vineyard landscapes with a hike or bike ride in California wine country. All of California’s dozens of wine regions offer hiking and biking opportunities, […] California wine country: 10 great places to hike, bike and sip is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

California To Ban Shark Finning

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A measure to ban the practice of shark finning has achieved final passage on a bipartisan vote in the state of California. The new law will ban the sale, purchase or possession in California of shark fins, which are consistently used in Chinese cooking. The bill, which was approved by the California Assembly earlier this year, would take effect on January 1, 2013. Eco News shark fin ban california shark finning

Ban 122

Spiritual Drought in California.

Elephant Journal

California has chosen to create a segmented wasteland disguised as ingenuity that is entirely driven by the mind. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) San Francisco Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today Z ADMIN Green Featured Today California drought silicon silicon valley spirituality technology water

"On Campus Quads in California, 'Brown Is the New Green'"

Environmental Economics

Perhaps it’s a sign of how dire the drought has gotten in California: Water-saving projects long on the drawing board, despite being cheap and easy, are finally coming to campuses. Last month at the University of California at Davis, workers rerouted recycled sewer water to the chiller plant, which supplies air conditioning. Shouldn't the headline be more like green ($) is the new green?