Fracking Concerns Cause Ban In Bulgaria

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However, countries such as France and Bulgaria are not taking the chance. Now amidst considerable pressure from environmentalists and protestors, Bulgaria has banned fracking as well. In addition to France and Bulgaria, Poland is also exploring the use of fracking.

($)+91-9876425548 ($)Wife Practicing Witchcraft on Husband – in Europe Bulgaria

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($)+91-9876425548 ($)Wife Practicing Witchcraft on Husband – in Europe Bulgaria

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Spotlight On an Environmental Crisis: Rila National Park, Bulgaria

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It is in this manner that new EU member, Bulgaria has become the ski destination of choice among the snow bunnies of Europe. The Rila National Park is the largest in Bulgaria, with endemic plant and animal species found nowhere else.

Bulgaria Bans Fracking After Public Protests


Bulgaria has just recently joined Brazil and Nigeria as countries in which oil giant Chevron are experiencing problems. I say this following the announcement that the US oil company has been prohibited from developing shale gas reserves via the process of hydraulic fracturing.

WATCH: Heartwarming Journey of Two Ex-Circus Lions to Africa


Two rescued ex-circus lions from Bulgaria have finally arrived in South Africa, after embarking on an epic journey of more than 10,000 miles.

5 reasons to go skiing in Bansko right now

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Bansko is Bulgaria’s most famous resort with great ski runs and accommodation options. If skiing is your preferred winter sport, then you are most likely looking for a decent resort to practice it at.

Sedom Mountain hides the longest salt cave in the world

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Now, an international expedition led by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU)’s Cave Research Center (CRC), Israel Cave Explorers Club, and Bulgaria’s Sofia Speleo Club, along with 80 cavers from nine countries, has successfully mapped the Malham salt cave in the Dead Sea’s Mount Sedom which, at 10 kilometers long, now bears the title of world’s longest salt cave. .

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Planning and executing birding plans in the times of corona-virus

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First, 800 km of driving from Belgrade through Bulgaria to very NE corner of Greece and the Dadia Forest National Park with its 36 species of diurnal raptors, out of Europe’s 38. “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”

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Music Monday: Room of Wonders

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That’s exactly what Stone did–the culmination of his concept is Room of Wonders, an album that’s carried by the banjo, inspired by music from, as stated on his website’s About page , “Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Bulgaria, Italy and North America.&#

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International Opposition to Fracking

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France and Bulgaria France and Bulgaria are the only countries that have a ban on fracking. Bulgaria banned fracking in January 2012, thwarting Chevron Corporation’s plans to drill in the country. The ban on fracking in Bulgaria began with grassroots opposition.

New report Forecasts Huge Growth in Green Jobs


Middle income economies including Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, Bulgaria could create up to 19 million jobs over 5 years.

Signs of Global Warming or Not?

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Restaurants in Vienna have opened their patios and beaches in Bulgaria are already packed. Europe, like much of the planet, has experienced a much milder winter than normal.

Philanthropy is a scam

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Capitalists are fooling the world with the hoax of Philanthropy Philanthropy is a scam as it allows the (super) rich to influence global affairs and gain political power with no consequences.

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We are Just Money Grubbers

10,000 Birds

They do breed in the Balkans, in Montenegro and Greece where I observed them, as well as in Bulgaria and Romania. Out of just under 200 bird species I observed this year in SE Europe, there are 6 threatened species.

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Is Russia Behind Bulgarian Anti Fracking Protests ?


According a number of East European nations, particularly Poland and Bulgaria, are actively investigating the possibility of establishing hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") operations on their territory to develop an indigenous natural Pity the poor Eastern Europeans.

The Top-5 Birding Hotspots of Serbia

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Unlike the previous hotspots, which lie close to Belgrade, the Kompenzacioni bazen lake (literally “compensation pool”), is in the town of Pirot, close to the border with Bulgaria and about 300 km from Belgrade. “I would certainly recommend Serbia to visiting birders.

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(Re)Fashioning Fiber Exhibit on NOW at Greenspaces, NYC

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WHO: Invited artists and designers include: Abigail Doan, Atefeh Khas (Iran), Brece Honeycutt, Ceca Georgeiva (Bulgaria), Abigail McEnroe, Kaori Yamazaki, Mackenzie Frère (Canada), Matt Pass, Melissa Kirgan, Meiling Chen, Michelle Vitale Loughlin, Renata Mann, Sibyll Kalff (Germany), Tara St.

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Get Cozy! Five Fabulous (and Fair) Fall Knits

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This oversize tunic vest is made with snow-white alpaca wool by hand in Bulgaria. What could be better than a cozy sweater in autumn? Nothing.

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Bottle Pen – Product Review

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It can therefore safely be assumed regardless of the fact that the importers of this pen are based in Europe, Bulgaria it would appear, that the PET recyclables were shipped to China, processed there and then returned to Europe.

Do politicians intentionally keep Roma in ghettos to absorb EU funds?

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said Mihail Georgiev, Chair of Board of Directors, organization "Romani Baht" (Sofia, Bulgaria), recently. By Michael Smith (Veshengro) “I am sick and tired of politicians who intentionally keep Roma in ghettos to absorb EU funds, use money for other purposes, and eventually blame failed integration on Roma's alleged laziness and criminal behavior.” And he is not the only one.

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Nitrogen Fixing Species for Agroforestry Systems

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I am currently working on a regenerative landscape design for a site in Todorovo, Bulgaria.

Sustainable Design from Bastet Noir: Representing Eco Fashion from the Balkans

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Bastet Noir ‘s story began back in 2012 when the founder of the company, Daniela Milosheska, noticed that there was a total lack of online platforms to help to Balkan-region designers (this includes Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Greece, and others) reach the rest of the world.

VisionConsult presents "Village of the Future" for Roma Inclusion

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A region with strong Roma minorities is the Balkans, with countries like Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia featuring a Roma minority approaching 10% of the population or even surpassing this figure.

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Fascists on the ascent

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As a Rom I do not need reminding that the fascist are on the rise as we can see this day in day out in countries such as Hungary, Romani, Bulgaria, etc.,

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Designer conceives of inflatable ETFE-based tennis center


Innovative Tennis Center in Bulgaria. Innovative Tennis Center in Bulgaria. Innovative Tennis Center in Bulgaria. Sonia Renthlei: Bulgarian designer and architect, Matija Djedovic, has conceptualized an innovatively designed tennis complex to be situated in Varna’s Ostrovo in Bulagaria. Called Tennis Complex Varna, the project hopes to become a landmark, known for its inflatable façade made of ETFE.

Lebanon’s Broom Makers Swept Out of Business

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The soft straw was sourced from Egypt, Iraq and Syria while hard straw, which is harder to cut and manipulate and used for cleaning brooms, came from Bulgaria and Hungary.

UK Report Indicates Fracking Needs More Regulations, Not A Ban

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However, countries such as France and Bulgaria are not taking the chance. Now amidst considerable pressure from environmentalists and protestors, Bulgaria has banned fracking as well. Fracking is hydraulic fracturing, a process which has become quite popular in the past few years.

Is the EU about to ship all Gypsies in member states to Russia?

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It is an enormous land” Apparently European governments have concluded that is “neither technically nor economically” feasible “to deport all the Roma to Romania or Bulgaria as was done in the past: the sizes of these countries do not allow that and local nationalists are protesting ever more loudly against” that idea.

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With the success of community-led activism in France, Bulgaria, Australia, the United States and all around the world, I have no doubt that we will keep the frackers from our land.”

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Bosnian Walks 3,600 Miles to Mekkah

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Hadzic spent 314 days walking across Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria and Jordan to get to Mekkah. Senad Hadzic walked for 314 days and crossed six countries from his village in Bosnia to get to Mekkah in time for Hajj.

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Action urged after weedkiller traces found in peoples' urine

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" Urine samples were collected from volunteers in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Malta, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and UK.

Turkey Tells Egypt to Bypass Israel and Cyprus With Long Pipeline to Europe

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Turkish PM Erdogan on recent visit to Egypt; more energy influence at Israel’s expense. AP photo by Maggie Michael and Lee Keeth.

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Nicolas Sarkozy to target Muslim prayers

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Is the man actually still sane? Don't answer that; it was a rhetorical question.

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Avian Flu Rears Ugly Head Again in Israel and the Palestinian Territories

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Recently affected areas are to be found in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Bulgaria, Romania, Nepal and Mongolia. Recently affected areas avian flu areas appear to be in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

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Just How Much Effort Is Europe Making To Reduce Waste Plastic?

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Ireland, Bulgaria and Denmark have introduced a plastic bag tax which has hugely reduced the number of bags used.In The issue of waste plastic is of huge concern globally and in the UK alone, approximately 4.5 million tonnes of plastic enters the waste stream every year.

Air pollution in Europe has high economic and human cost

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Germany and Poland are followed by Romania which has four of the dirtiest facilities; three are located in Bulgaria and the United Kingdom, two are in Greece; and the Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy and Slovakia all have one each.

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10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Solar Energy


For example, in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, 117 apartment owners have joined together to install solar panels on the roof of their block building [13]. #8 Sun, the star of our universe, the life and light giver. Without the heat and energy of the Sun, life on Earth would not be possible.

Welcome to the Blue Heart of Europe

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It is no small coincidence that when the directors of the film version of Chronicles of Narnia were searching for a location to film a dream-like river, they settled on a river in the Balkans.

Will Germany really ban fracking?

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The German government says it will soon move to ban fracking in the country until 2021, which would make it the latest nation (after France and Bulgaria ) to eliminate the destructive natural gas drilling process.

Carbon Emissions Go Down. Fuel Efficiency Improves In European Cars

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The countries with the lowest recorded emissions were Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands and Sweden. Provisional European Union data released on Wednesday brought some good news.

UKIP's right wing tendency

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A political party that openly has members with right-wing links and whose candidates make statements where they claim that the Jews brought the Holocaust onto themselves deserves to be banned, in the same way as the BNP and others of its ilk do.

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Pelican Lake (Greece): Magic Revisited

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The sun rises over the village of Chrysochorafa, by Kerkini Lake in the north of Greece, not far from the triple border with Bulgaria and FYRO Macedonia. Early September morning. Barn Swallows and Eurasian Collared Doves on the wires… I was here for the first time in April this year (find about it here ) and easily made up my mind: this is a place worthy of many returns.

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