Brighter Planet Launches #earthtweet Tweet-a-Thon

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— Environmental Start-up and Partners Turn Twitterers into Climate Change Advocates — Middlebury, VT – Brighter Planet , a Vermont-based environmental start-up, launches this week #earthtweet , an online campaign to raise awareness of the fight against climate change. We believe many people are doing good things to combat climate change and wanted to cut through the noise and allow them to organize and converse in real time,” said Patti Prairie, CEO of Brighter Planet.

My Carbon Footprint has Been Eliminated for the Day!

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Brighter Planet is getting into the holiday spirit! Yay, I'm carbon neutral for a day! Do you want to be carbon neutral for a day? The first 25 people who click here [link] will get their carbon footprint deleted for one day!!

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With Wind Energy At Its Back

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The Philadelphia International Airport has won the admiration of environmentally-minded citizens everywhere for its efforts to minimize its carbon footprint. Last March, the airport announced its most ambitious project yet: a $216,514 wind energy program that would allegedly offset more than 14 million pounds of carbon dioxide. As a result of this purchase, PIA claims to have offset 8% of its carbon use, but the actual number is closer to 1%.

Plastic Cards: Physical Impact on the Enviornment

Eco Friendly Daily

TruCert, a British consulting firm reports that the carbon footprint of manufacturing and shipping physical credit cards has an impact of about 21,000 tons of CO2 emissions. While that carbon footprint seems fiscally manageable for a rich industry, the physical cards decaying in landfills or polluting the air in incinerators carries additional environmental damage. Everyone needs a credit card – including eco-friendly people inhabiting this earth.