EU Energy Targets Will 'Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions'

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However, scientific studies increasingly prove that big bioenergy projects produce more greenhouse gases even than traditional fossil fuels.

Amazon Droughts Contributing To Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Scientists from Brazil’s Amazon Environmental Research Institute and from Britain’s University of Leeds and University of Sheffield recently analyzed the impact of the droughts in terms of carbon dioxide emissions.

Brazil To Close Dump To Capture Emissions

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Now the country of Brazil will be closing one of their major dumps as well, the Jardim Gramacho. The dump is expected to be fitted in order to capture greenhouse gas emissions, including methane.

Nature’s Climate Solutions

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We have identified three approaches that show tremendous promise, and we are working around the world to expand their scale: Preserve Healthy Ecosystems : Destruction of tropical forests is the source of 15% of current greenhouse gas emissions.

Amazon and Other Regions at Risk as Brazil’s Senate Poised to Strip Forest Protections

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a clear attempt to dismantle Brazil’s environmental legislation. Input from scientists, researchers, family farmers and social groups has been systematically ignored in both the House and Senate,” says WWF-Brazil’s CEO Maria Cecilia Wey de Brito.

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Deforestation In Brazil Decreased Last Year

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Deforestation has been one of the major contributors of greenhouse gas emissions for the country of Brazil, a country plagued for decades with massive deforestation. However, recent years in Brazil have shown a downward trend in deforestation.

Destroying the Planet for Beef

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While the MENA region does not produce nearly as much beef as India, Brazil, China or the United States, awareness of the health and climate consequences has not been given priority in this region even as demand grows.

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Brazil to Study Sugarcane for Jetfuel Production


Brazil, Embraer and the Inter-American Development Bank have announced that they will jointly fund a sustainability analysis for producing renewable jet fuel using Brazilian sugarcane as a feedstock. Brazil is already the world's leading producer of ethanol derived from sugarcane. In an extraordinary partnering, the World Wildlife Fund will serve as an independent reviewer and advisor for the study, Boeing announced on its website.

To Reach Our Climate Mitigation Goal, We Must Grow the Market for Natural Solutions

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This means a commitment to limiting the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by human activity to no more than the level that it can be sequestered. Making choices is what distinguishes us as humans.

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Bill Clinton tells Brazil “Biofuels produced at the expense of tropical forests are no victory”

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Bill Clinton said at the Ethanol Summit 2009 with reference to Brazil that being a world leader in ethanol production is no victory if it is coupled with escalating carbon emissions from deforestation President Clinton was quoted at saying: “What people are worried about Brazil is not whether you have the most efficient biofuel in the world.everybody knows that is true.

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Shocking analysis by country of years left to zero emissions

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We all know that we have to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution and eventually reach zero emissions. Unfortunately Australia (through disproportionately huge annual fossil fuel burning and exports) and Belize (through disproportionately huge annual deforestation) have already used up their “share” of this terminal greenhouse gas (GHG) budget. Australia is fundamentally committed to coal and gas use and exports.

From Paris: Government Leaders Emphasize Protecting Nature

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Protecting, restoring and improving how we manage the world’s forests, grasslands and wetlands can offset at least 20% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. Mark R. Tercek is the president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune.

Massive Twitterstorm demanding an end to fossil fuel subsidies underway

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The campaigners behind the event hopes that the Twitterstorm will flood the social network and help put pressure on politicians and delegates at Rio+20 , the upcoming United Nations conference on sustainable development that is being held in Brazil in two days. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) the world could cut global greenhouse gas emissions in half (PDF) by just ending these subsidies.

Aviation fuel from nonedible plant soars

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Japan Airlines , Air New Zealand , Continental , Brazil’s TAM Airlines and most recently the Mexican carrier Interjet , in cooperation with European manufacturer Airbus , have flown without problems on fuel from this weed-like plant, which grows on land otherwise unusable for farming. The Yale study projected greenhouse gas reductions of up to 60% from Jatropha-based fuel compared to petroleum-based jet fuel. | Green Travel News |.

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Inequality between rich and poor nations helps fuel a climate of mistrust and sabotages efforts to secure a climate deal

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At the major United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992 more than 100 world leaders met to address the question of global climate change. And nine Chinese and eighteen Indians release as much greenhouse gas emissions into our atmosphere as one average American does.

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Climate change: the good and the astoundingly awful bad news

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In a cloud/silver lining way, the global economic crisis has resulted in a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions over the last year, with decreases in travel and shipping, and the shelving or delay of some proposed coal-fired plants. Photo credit: azrainman.

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Ecological unequal exchange is helping Europe maintain its leading role, greenhouse gases and overconsumption

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Semi-periphery nations could for example be China, India, Russia and Brazil. The European Union is a large importer of oil, coal, gas, minerals, metals, biomass etc. The nations in the core are, because of their overconsumption and production scale, the main greenhouse gas polluters.

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Tropical Rainforests Are Part of the Global Climate Solution

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Last Friday, representatives from 175 nations signed the Paris Agreement , which sets climate targets and includes pledges from every country to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – the critical next step in combating climate change on a global level.

How Does Recycling Save Energy?


By utilizing recycled items instead of pulling virgin resources, manufacturers can create and develop the same items with less expense and minimal energy that eventually results in less burning of fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil. Have you ever wondered if the items.

10 reasons to go green starting NOW

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and greenhouse gas emissions from Australia can affect a diminishing rainforest in Brazil. You''ve probably noticed that green is everywhere these days--in the news, politics, fashion, and even technology.

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South Africa to Green its Economy in 2013 with Carbon Tax

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South Africa, among the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases worldwide, plans to introduce its own price on carbon next year. With around 500-million tons of greenhouse gases emitted yearly, the country ranks third in the world on a total emissions per capita basis.

Spiraling Plantagon vertical farms grow more food on a small urban footprint

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Plantagon also offers multifunctional greenhouses or a standalone building. Or we could continue with business as usual, in which case we will need arable land the size of Brazil in order to produce sufficient food. :: Plantagon. Food insecurity is daunting, particularly in cities.

How Israel’s agtech is feeding the world

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So far, Taranis has raised $30 million since its launch in 2014 , mainly from American and Israeli ventures, and it provides its services to large farmers all over the world, in countries such as the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, and Australia.

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Is Oat Milk Ethical? A Breakdown of How Alt-Milks Impact the Earth

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A single cow can generate 200 pounds of methane (a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change) in one day. The US and Brazil account for over half of the world’s soy production, with the United States ranking at no.1. Photo of alt milk by GEORGE DESIPRIS via Pexels.

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15 Strategies to Reduce Deforestation


Vast areas of rainforests in a number of tropical countries, including Indonesia, Brazil, and Malaysia, have been destroyed to make way for palm oil, soy plantations and cattle ranches. In Brazil, forests are cleared to make space for agriculture. Forests are one of the most important.

Israel’s a Top #4 in Clean Tech Investment Performance

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You’d think the top clean tech investments come from the United States, China or Brazil. Look again on the right side of this chart to show how green economies actually perform. Israel is a top 4 with Denmark, Germany, and Sweden.

Reassembling Hydra, Flying Frogs, and Bird-Friendly Windows

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Over-fertilization of crops can be a major source of the potent greenhouse gas nitrous oxide. Scarcity, not just policy , may be slowing deforestation in Brazil. Hydras regenerate many new bodies from just a few cells — even after being ground to bits.

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Wood Might Not Be So Green After All

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Industrialized societies then turned to coal, oil, and gas instead. Compared to countries like Brazil, Japan does not have large quantities of cheap produce for ethanol production. The initiative is in response to Japan’s status as one of the top greenhouse gas producing countries.

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Dozens Of Nations Come Together To Push For Climate Agreement Within Year; Major World Players Oppose Timing

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This decision puts them on the outside of major partners, such as China, India and Brazil, and in contrast to major developed countries as well, such as the United States.

UN report: 2013's extreme weather is consistent with climate change

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The report also shows that during 2013 greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere reached record highs, global oceans reached new record high sea levels, and Antarctic sea ice extent reached a record daily minimum. 2013 with its mixture of record warmth and extreme weather shows a now familiar mixture of natural variability and greenhouse gas induced climate change," said Prof Sir Brian Hoskins, director of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change at Imperial College London.

Fires Increase In Amazon Leading To Further Emissions

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It has been determined that approximately twenty percent of greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans is related to deforestation. In an article published in the journal Science, scientists from the United Kingdom and Brazil have teamed up to study fires in the Amazon.

Smashing Some Green Myths

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Some have an accurate picture, others simply repeat what is told them from factions who don’t want to see the energy/fuel paradigm drift away from coal, oil and gas. billion and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 3 million cars. companies reduce greenhouse gases which will (sooner rather than later) be taxed; Waxman-Markey is neither gone nor forgotten. One of these was a gas-powered alarm clock reportedly the size of a dorm frig!

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How Does It Work: Hydropower

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The world’s largest dam – the Itaipu, which straddles Brazil and Paraguay – generated over 90,000 GWh in 2001: that’s enough to power over 10 million homes! While hydroelectric dams are valued because they don’t rely on fossil fuels (and therefore produce no greenhouse gas emissions), they come with their own set of serious environmental problems. How Does It Work: Hydropower.

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Hydroelectricity: What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?


Despite its lack of greenhouse gas emissions , public concerns over its safety has limited its expansion while hydropower, along with other renewable sources, continue to represent only a tiny fraction of the global production of power [2]. Hydropower, the creation of mechanical energy.

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Quick Take: How we can afford carbon capture right now

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If we get it right, The Nature Conservancy estimates that natural systems could mitigate approximately 25 percent of total annual anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions each year. We are already seeing significant examples of success in Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico , among other countries. I recently came across a thought-provoking piece by Thor Benson on The Verge , in which he argues that carbon removal strategies may be too expensive to be effective.

The Main Causes of Land Pollution


Land pollution, whether it is a barren space where nothing can grow but a few weeds or a site that harbors garbage and debris, like old tires, gas cans and plastic bags is an aesthetic drain. . Have you ever thought about what will. the world look like in 100 years?

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Middle East Shipping Lands Prince Charles in Hot Water

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The prince is an ardent supporter of environmental stewardship, participating in conferences and speaking widely on strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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The Massive Carbon Footprint of Email Spam (And it’s meaty!)

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To give another perspective, it is equivalent to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from 3.1 It looked at the spam patterns across 11 nations – Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, India, Mexico, Spain, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Astonishing Facts About Wetlands


The largest wetlands in the world is the Plantanal extending over somewhere between 54,000 and 75,000 square miles (140,000 to 195,000 square kilometers) in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.

Who Will Pay For Nature? How To Catalyze Private Investment In Sustainability

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Another good example is Brazil’s Forest Code, which requires landowners in parts of the Amazon to maintain 80% of their property under native vegetation. The Nature Conservancy is enabling compliance with Brazil’s progressive Forest Code, while increasing economic opportunity.

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Walt Reid on Conservation Bright Spots & Systems Versus Species Thinking

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“In the 1990s, we would never have imagined that we would see the abrupt turnaround on deforestation in Brazil that took place beginning in 2004.” There were many factors involved — public awareness in Brazil, a political change, international attention, consumer boycotts.

ICLEI Case Studies - Locally-based projects that support sustainability

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USA 10 - Environmental Management - Ottawa, Canada 9 - Waste Water Management - Stockholm, Sweden 8 - Transportation Management - São Paulo, Brazil 7 - Species Conservation - Johnstone Shire, Australia 6 - Environmental Auditing - Lancashire County, UK 5 - Housing Construction - Austin, USA 4 - Energy Conservation-Finance - Saarbrücken, Germany 3 - Solid Waste Management - Bandung, Indonesia 2 - Land Use-Transport - Curitiba, Brazil 1 - Hazardous Waste - Ventura County, USA.

COP 21 is reminding us that everyone’s prosperity relies on nature

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Planted forests border the Sao Francisco Verdadeiro River north of the city of Foz do Iguaçu, Parana state, Brazil. If we get this right, nature can mitigate at least 20% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions.